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In our last episode of #RelationshipTalks, I did the “guys” a favour by telling them the secret behind proposing to a girl the normal way, if you missed it, you canCLICK HERE! to read it.

In this episode I thinks its only fair if I tell the ladies a secret about guys too, as the topic above states, I’m going to tell you how to know if a man truly loves you.

I’m a matured lady who has been in this game we call love even before I had two huge contours on my chest and in all these years, I’ve made researches, studies and even experienced what it’s like to be in love from the female perspective.

There is a saying: “women love emotionally and men love mentally”, the saying simply implies that women love with their heart i.e without thinking, while men love with their head i.e they think and calculate a lot. As a lady, I would have loved to deny this fact but I can’t because its totally true.

So this brings about many questions. Questions like: Does my boyfriend/ spouse really love me? Does he have plans of eventually marrying me someday? Are we just fuck buddies? Etc.

I’m going to give you ten points to consider if you want an answer to the questions above.

This simply means he start including you in important life choices and decisions, decisions like where he plans to buy a house and either he should accept a promotion at work. In cases like this, you would discover he asks for your opinion before taking any serious decision

As a bachelor, most men prefer to go out and have fun with their guys. After work, the call their guys over or go to a joint where they usually meet. If a guy truly loves you, this sort of “bachelor outings” would reduce. I’m not saying he would stop it, because that’s impossible, but it would reduce because he would want to hang out with you more often.

This point is quite explainary but just to shine more light to it, he remembers almost everything you tell him. Things like your favourite colour, your birthday, your favourite meal etc.

If your man loves you then he loves you, there is no buts or maybes. When he starts to separate love into categories like: “I love you,” but “I’m not in love with you.” Babe, when your man start to use phrases like that, run away because that isn’t love at all.

We are all human and as programmed by God, we are prone to making mistakes. When you make a mistake and ask for forgiveness, he would forgive you no matter what. Please don’t say aunty Ruby said that every human makes mistake then go and screw his best friend and say that’s a mistake because did your clothes accidentally fall off?. When I say mistake, I mean casual mistakes.

I’ve seen cases where a man builds a house and lock up a room saying that his spouse shouldn’t enter it and that’s his own personal space … That’s bullshit! If a man truly loves you, he keeps no secret from you. How can someone who loves you limit your access. If he truly loves you, he can go as far as telling you his phone security lock code and at most his ATM pin.

If a man is in love with you, he does what you tell he to do, he buys gifts for you, he takes you out for dinner. He doesn’t do all this things because he is stupid or doesn’t have a mind of his own but because your happiness is his happiness.

Most times, after he has had a long day at work and is about to sleep, you cross his mind and he calls you immediately. The reason is this, you help him relax.

If you are in a seriously relationship with a man who claims to love you and you don’t know at least three of his good friends then he either doesn’t have any future plan with you or he just doesn’t love you that much.

This is a very important point. If a man truly loves you, he would want to spend the rest of his life with you and the only to do that is by marrying. This alone doesn’t guarantee he is in love with you, but coupled with the other nine points.

So that’s all I have for you guys today, I hope this tips helps you out in identifying “the one”.

NB: most of this points apply to guys too, so I think its a unisex thing after all.

I’ll appreciate feed backs, comments and questions. If you want to contact me, comment and I’ll reply ASAP.


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#B•I•T•C•H: things getting better? – Episode 22

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Zainab got to the office of the commissioner as she was directed and knocked before walking into the office only to see a full room, filled with five men.

She looked at them all clearly, she identified the one on suit to be Boniface. The fat one wearing the custom black and black police uniform to be the commissioner. She saw Richard at one end of the room looking at her with surprise but what really caught her attention where the two men who looked like they had just survived a bomb blast. The both wore just boxers and had huge scars and injury all over their body.

Zainab needed some explanations. She turned to Boniface and asked, “What the hell is going on her?”

Boniface smiled, “oh, it took you more than an hour to get here but its good you are here anyway.”

“That’s not what I asked you,” Zainab retorted, “who are all these people?” she was really curious.

Boniface sighed, “I wonder why you are always this up tight and can’t take a joke. Anyway, if you must know. That man over there is your Husband and the person who would soon go to prison for a long time” Boniface pointed at Richard, “at my front here, is the commissioner of police, in person of Mr Ajibade. And those two gentle men over are the men who stole your car.” Boniface concluded.

Zainab was surprised, she hadn’t told Boniface about her missing car and here he was, showing her the people who stole it, “stolen car? But I didn’t tell you anything about that…”

“No you didn’t, and we are going to talk about that later. But as for now, all you need to know is that your car is presently within this premises and in perfect condition,” Boniface paused and recalled the car has a slight scratch on the bonnet, “or at least its still exactly how you left it.” He added and smiled.

Zainab wasn’t still satisfied and just couldn’t get why Boniface always loved sounding smart, “so these two men stole my car and that’s why they are here, noted. So what is Richard doing here, I thought we didn’t have enough reasons to get an arrest warrant,” Zainab replied purposely avoiding Richard stare.

“Have enough reasons? What does that mean? You already have some reasons?… I’ve done nothing wrong and I can assure you that I’ll sue all of you once my lawyer gets here,” Richard said, he had already called Tony, his supposed lawyer.

“Oh! That’s what you think,” Boniface replied Richard and then turned to face the two shirt-less men and asked, “gentlemen, can you kindly tell the whole room who hired you both services to steal Mrs Anderson’s car?”

The men both looked at each other as if contemplating on wiether the should speak or not, then without said a word to each other the turned the Richard and said, “him,” in unison.

Richard face went read and he clenched his fist, he had paid them a really insane fee to keep their mouth shut no matter what happened, “me? I have never seen these men in my life!” Richard denied.

“Well, we would leave that for the judge to decide, it would be your word against mine, and mind you, I have a copy of all your bank transactions in the past one week and from what I saw, you transferred one million naira each, to two accounts that co-incedentially bears the name of this two men here, so maybe you should start working on your guilty plea, because that might reduce your sentence,” Boniface gave a contended smile. He loved when he does stuffs like this, he liked out smarting others just as Zainab had thought.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” was all Richard could say.

As all this happened, Zainab had been staring at Richard with hate, she just couldn’t believed her ears, “Richard, did you ever love me at all?” She asked, already at the verge of crying, even with all that had happened, she still felt something for Richard.

Richard couldn’t answer the question, “Zainab, I… I…” He stuttered.

“I thought as much,” Zainab said and wiped her tears, she turned to Boniface and asked, “how long would it take before this bastard is thrown behind bars?”

“Well, it depends on how fast the trial goes, I expect a very fast one since we have tonnes of proof to look him up for life. So maybe in a week or two,” Boniface replied.

“Good, can I have my car keys now? I have somewhere I need to be now, and I can’t stand the presence of this arse hole!” Zainab literally yelled.

“You can’t leave yet, you have to sign some papers first and we might need you for one thing or the other,” Boniface replied.

“I trust that you can handle everything yourself, after all, you are the best lawyer there is. Now where are the papers I’m meant to sign?”

Boniface smiled, at last, Zainab admitted he was smart. He brought out the papers and served it to Zainab who signed it.

“So where are my car keys?” Zainab asked.

“Pick it up from sergeant Yemi at the front desk, I supposed you have met him already?” The commissioner replied.

“Yes, I think so, thanks,” Zainab walked towards the door and opened it, before she stepped out, “and one more thing, don’t contact me until the court date has been fixed, I want to be there when he is sentenced,” she added.

Boniface nodded in response.

Zainab glared at Richard for a bit and then finally walked out. She picked her keys from. Sergeant Yemi as instructed and went to her car.

She smiled as she saw her car, neatly parked beside a couple of police vans, she entered the car and drove E.A house. She had missed E.A endless phone calls and BBM chat, it was time to make up, she needed her friend back.

Ever since she was a kid, Jummy had been in a position of power only once and that was when she was appointed as the class captain of primary two in Kalac Nursery and Primary school. Back then, just as she is now, Jummy was outspoken and bold – two important criteria of a leader. So when her class teacher stood her at the front of the class one faithful monday and informed the whole class the Jummy was now the new class captain, it came as no surprise to her. Well, she was only class captain for just a term as the most brilliant boy in the class took the position from her the next term.

Anyway, all of that was history as she she looked at the name tag on her table: “MISS OLUKOYA JUMOKE.” Below the name, “Assistant manager” was written in italics.

She couldn’t wait to have a little fun with her newly found authority so she stood up from her desk and headed out of the office, she intended on going to make some people regret she was now their boss. She smiled at this thought.

She stood at her door post for a while, looking round the big hall filled with cubicles and customer care agents, she was looking for who to disturb.

Her search was short as she spotted a female staff who instead of picking the call that was probably from a grieved customer, was busy filing her nails and at the same time gisting with another male staff who was sitting on her desk.

“Perfect!” Jummy exclaimed in joy and then straightened her face almost immediately, she knew she can’t smile and go there if she wanted to be taken seriously.

In less than twenty steps, she was an arms length close to the two staffs, she had a quick glance at their I’d cards, the female name was Rita and the male Richard. The male name reminded her of Zainab’s husband and she made a mental note to call Zainab later on to as for an update of her husband case.

“Hi guys,” she said with a grin, a sinister grin, I might say.

“Hey girl, what’s up,” Rita replied, still filing her nails.

“I’m fine oh, I’m just wondering if you are being paid to flirt with the male staffs and file your nails..” Jummy replied, the grin was no more.

Rita paused with the filing and slowly turned to look at Jummy, “I beg your pardon?” She said.

“Oh! You don’t understand english? Or are you just deaf?” Jummy replied.

“Wait oh! When last I checked, you are the one who left your desk and come here, aren’t you guilty too? See if you don’t have anything useful to do with your time, you can pick a broom and sweep the whole office.”

Jummy bursted out in laughter, Mrs Ogbonaya hadn’t informed other staffs of Jummy’s promotion yet.

“Do you know who I am?” Jummy asked.

“Yes I do, you are the person that’s about to leave my presence,” Rita replied with a tint of sarcasm.

“Rita, shut up first,” Richard cut in. “Please tell me you are not the new assistant manager, the rumour has been flowing all morning,” he added, referring to Jummy.

Jummy smiled, “first of all, its not a rumour, and secondly, I am as a matter of fact.”

Rita immediately dropped the file and stood up, “am so sorry ma, I didn’t know you were…”

“Oh! So you are sorry now?” Jummy cut in.

Richard stood up from the desk, “its just an innocent mistake na, you were once like us, just let this slide, I can assure you it won’t happen again.”

The confidence and politeness in Richard tone made Jummy smile, “okay, its all right, you guys should return back to your work immediately before the main manager see you guys.”

“Thanks,” Richard replied and walked away.

Rita just smiled and picked the call that has been ringing all along, “hello, welcome to GNP customer services, how may I help you?”

Jummy sighed and walked back to her office disappointed, she had hoped for more action.

She got to her office only to see the least person she had expected to see.

Why was she receiving strange guests today? First it was Stephen and now this one? She wondered.

“Hello Jummy, how are you doing?”

It was John.

* * * * *

The truth of the issue, even though Zainab would never had accepted it was, she liked E.A very much, but she didn’t fancy office dating so she kept on ignoring his moves. This time, she made up her mind that she needed a new man in her life that would help her forget Richard more quickly, and the only one she had on her mind was E.A. She concluded that she might eventually give him a trial if he forgives her this time.

Zainab cruised into “Rasaki” street in Ajegunle at exactly 4:30PM. The street was tarred and fairly neat thanks to the new governor but like most normal Ajegunle street, it was noisy and filled with people: touts, pregnant girls, kids wearing only pant and pushing “okada” tyres.

Zainab wondered why E.A still lived here, he had the money to move out and rent a comfortable apartment in FESTAC or any better place but he just wouldn’t move. Zainab had thought about suggesting it to him several times but she feared he might take it the wrong way and assume she was insulting him, so she kept quiet and rarely visited him.

She parked at the front of NO 5: a wine coloured five story building with E.A two bedroom flat on the third floor. She had purposely not called E.A before coming because she expected him to ignore her call so she decided to surprise him, hoping he would be home.

She stepped out of the car and looked around, she noticed the group of young “area boy” that were sitted at a corner close by were all looking at her without even blinking.

She sighed, she knew she was beautiful and curvy and like when people stare at her but she didn’t like this particular stare, she just hoped that all the boys would do is just stare from a distance.

She walked into the building, the gate was rickety and at the verge of falling down. The landlord had in the past been warned by his wife to change the gate before it injured someone, but he ignored her.

Zainab walked to the stair way at the side of the building and without pausing for once, she climbed all the way to the third floor and stopped at E.A’s door, a door made of metal. She wasn’t expecting a door bell so she knocked directly.

After knocking for a few minutes with no response, she finally assumed E.A wasn’t home, so she sighed and was about to go when she heard some noise from the door as if someone was trying to open it, she smiled and murmured a “thank God he’s home.”

The door swung open and a lady who wore one of E.A’s shirt, she obviously had nothing under it as the contour of her nippl3 was obvious through the shirt.

“Who are you looking for?” The lady asked with a suspicious tone.

Zainab was surprised, she was already wondering if she was at the wrong flat. But that was E.A shirt, she had seen it on E.A a couple of times, but then again, there are probably over a million of that same type of shirt in the world.

She was still debating on what she was going to do next when she heard a voice say, “babes! Who is at the door?”

“I don’t know, think the person is either deaf or dumb!” The lady replied back.

The person who spoke first walked to the door and looked outside at Zainab.

“Zainab! What are you doing here?”

It was E.A.

* * * * *

Jummy was shocked as she saw John sitting on her seat in her office, when did he pass her? And how did he even know where she worked to start with? She wondered.

“John!” She exclaimed, she was overwhelmed by his presence.

“Jummy!” John exclaimed in response in a mocking tone.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“I get that I’m supposed to book an appointment to see you but I didn’t know who to book the appointment with since you have no secretary or P.A,” John replied. He seemed to be enjoying the moment.

Jummy sighed, “I don’t mean it that way, as in, how did you know where I work? How did you enter without me knowing? And on a more serious note, what are you doing here?” Jummy asked.

“I would have thought you didn’t like as I’m here but you are smiling,” John replied grinning. Jummy didn’t even know she was smiling.

“Oh! John! Am glad you are here, am just curious that’s all,” Jummy replied and sat on one of the visitor’s seat opposite her seat in which John was sitted.

“Okay, well, let’s just say I know a few people and have a few friends almost everywhere,” John replied. “And I think this is weird, you are supposed to be sitting here and I.. There,” John added.

“That doesn’t matter. What are you doing here anyway?” She asked.

“Well, I know we are supposed to go for dinner tonight or maybe tomorrow night but I just couldn’t wait to see your face, so I came to take you out for lunch.” John replied.

“Lunch? Its just 11PM and lunch is by 2PM,” Jummy replied.

“Oh! You are the assistant manager now, am sure you can leave for an early lunch without anyone complaining,” John replied.

“Err.. I don’t know if…” Jummy was about to say.

“Oh! I’ll advice you to not to say no because If you say no, I’ll probably just have to drag you and I’m sure you wouldn’t want your staffs to see me dragging their boss out of the building,” John replied.

Jummy smiled, she was already blushing, “you don’t give up easily, do you?”

John shook his head and hummed a NO.

“Okay, if you insist, I’ll go out with you but I can spare only one hour,” she replied.

“I need only one hour,” John replied and picked up Jummy’s handbag for her.

“You not going to carry that for me, are you?” Jummy asked grinning sheepishly.

“I am, I wouldn’t want my lady to stress herself.” John replied and stood up.

Jummy cheek turned tomato red. She hadn’t seen any guy that’s more romantic than John.

John walked towards her and held her hand, “shall we?” He asked.

“Of course, we shall,” Jummy replied and couldn’t believe her luck. She somehow felt they might be out for more than an hour.


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#AnEveningWithEva – Episode 16

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Sophia was shocked. A million questions ran through her mind. When? Why? How? The General never makes himself available physically. On one hand she could count the number of agents in the Corporation that had seen the General face to face. Whenever the General makes an appearance, something was definitely not right. She opened her mouth but no words came out.

“Hello Agent S” The General said

He was seated on the far left corner in the room on a wooden chair by the reading table. He crossed his legs and smiled.

“Good Evening General. What do I owe this huge visit?” Sophia replied with a little bit of restored calm. She backed the door and folded her arms.

“S. Of all my lieutenants, you are the closest to my heart. I place you even above my son, Tawo. So far, you haven’t given me any reason to regret my decision.” The General said, getting up from the chair.

He walked towards Sophia and stood less than two yards in front of her. His eyes pierced hers. His stare was strong, authoritative, and commanding. She didn’t flinch. She maintained her calm demeanour. She almost smiled.

“Sophia, is anything wrong? Is there something you need help with? I can re assign Project Eva to Shina and give you a long deserved break, maybe a vacation at the Caribbean.” The General said.

Sophia did not break the gaze.

“I am perfectly fine sir. I will deliver the project. Things are looking good. Sean is already on his prerequisite professional training and Eva has been emotionally stabilised for her role. Getting her to give up her emotions, her loved ones and her career was the tricky part, but that has been done. She understands what needs to be done and is ready to begin. We are getting her ready for the physicals.” Sophia replied.

“Okay. Anything else I should be aware of?” The General asked.

Sophia paused for a while. She tried to read the General’s expression but it was blank. The man was as cold as ice.

“I have everything under control General.” Sophia insisted.

The General shrugged and walked away from Sophia. He went to her bed, dipped his hand under the wooden support and dragged out a small bottle of Vodka. The bottle was half full. Sophia was surprised. How did the General know that she kept a bottle under her bed?

“Don’t look so surprised. I know everything about you.” The General said. He took the bottle and walked to the door. He turned.

“I know what you just did and where you went. You did your best. Sorry about Marshal. I have sent an elite squad to pick up his body. I do not expect the Colonel to be around when the squad gets to Ahmed’s residence. But if he is, he would be taken dead or alive. I know everything that goes on with my Lieutenants. If I keep doing everything myself, how would any of you be good enough to become General? I lie low because I need you to prove me wrong. I am disappointed in all of you. You are still on track with Project Eva. I will still leave that to you. But just one mistake from you and you will be sorry. Leave the Colonel to me. I am going to handle him.” The General said and walked out of the door.

Sophia had had enough for one night. She didn’t bother taking off her clothes as she laid on the bed, drifting into a long, much needed sleep.


The Colonel entered the bedroom in exactly 15 minutes, holding a syringe. He grabbed Ahmed’s leg and shook them, waking him up. He sat up sluggishly. He still felt sleepy. The Colonel gently slapped Ahmed’s cheeks several times.

“Wake boy. We have to move!” The Colonel said.

He tapped Ahmed’s wrist. When he got a vein, he injected the serum into Ahmed’s body.

“That should fix you. Do not carry anything that would slow us down. Just your phones, your ATM cards and a face cap. Remember your guns,” The Colonel said.

Five minutes later, both men hurried out of the compound in Ahmed’s Mazda MPV with the Colonel at the wheel. As they turned into the freeway, two black military Ford Vans went passed them and into Ahmed’s street. The Colonel sensed danger and stepped on the accelerator. The Colonel checked his rear view mirror as he drove, looking out for any tracers. He had driven for about 6 minutes when he noticed a black land cruiser jeep tailing him.

“Son, look in the rear view mirror. Notice anything?” The Colonel asked Ahmed.

Ahmed looked in the mirror. He studied the mirror for a couple of minutes.

“We have a tail Uncle.” Ahmed replied.

“Now, this is how you lose a tracker. Watch me” The Colonel said.

The Colonel stepped on the accelerator, increasing his speed to 100km/hr. There were few cars on the express way. The Land Cruiser jeep was no longer in view. Ahmed smiled.

“That was easy.” Ahmed said grinning.

The Colonel kept a straight face and his eyes on the rear view. A few minutes later, the jeep materialised.

“What took you so long?” The Colonel said to himself, a little smile creeping up his face.

“Put on your seat belt Ahmed. It’s going to be a very rough ride.” The Colonel said.

Ahmed quickly strapped himself in his chair.

The Colonel switched to the final gear and hit the accelerator. He sped past other cars on the high way, swerving left and right without reducing speed. The tires screeched as the swerved. Ahmed was surprised at how the Colonel was still able to switch on the trafficator just before he swerved and overtook the cars. The Colonel had completely forgotten that a brake existed.
The jeep was coming very close to them now, as both vehicles moved at high speed. The Colonel swerved to the right lane, taking his feet off the accelerator. As the car’s speed dropped steadily, the jeep got closer. The jeep left the car’s rear swerved left and was coming level with The Colonel.

“Yes. More…Just a little more…” The Colonel said,
“Ahmed, Give me your gun. Now!” The Colonel barked.

Ahmed handed over his .43 automatic pistol to his Uncle. As the jeep reduced speed, the colonel took the gun in his left hand. He rolled down his window, aimed and shot the jeep’s front tyre. There was a deafening sound as the tyre burst and began to wobble. The Colonel suddenly stepped on the accelerator, catching his tracker unawares.

He was about 20 meters away when he suddenly stepped on the brakes and swerved the steering in a U-turn. The tires screeched. The jeep was moving at 40km/hr now, trying to balance and park properly. The Colonel put the car in gear 2, approaching the jeep’s direction. He hit the brakes, got his head out of the window and aimed at the jeep’s driver as the car got closer. The man driving the jeep, sensing danger opened the door and tried to get out. The Colonel pulled the trigger. It was a head shot. The bullet pierced the windscreen, hitting the driver on his forehead.

The Colonel put the car in reverse. As he reversed, he aimed at the fuel tank on the jeep. He fired. The jeep went up in flames.

Ahmed curled up in his chair as he watched in awe at everything his uncle did. The Colonel turned the car around, moved forwards far away from the burning car and parked.

He looked at Ahmed. He smiled as he opened the door.

“Take the wheel. Let’s get out of here.”


* * * * *

Sean’s private jet touched down at exactly 6pm. He wore a white tailored shirt, his black tie slightly loose. His sleeves were folded and stopped a few inches just below his elbows, while his jacket was on the seat opposite him. He looked very handsome and rich. His hair was cut very low and dark with sporting waves flowing on it. He wore finely shaped pretty side burns. As the jet taxied to its hangar, he finished the glass of champagne on his table, looking out of the window. The limited edition diamond watch on his left wrist glittered. A man in black suit walked over from the cabin, handing Sean an Ipad. Sean brought out a Cuban cigar from a small gold case.

“We are here sir. This is a list of five star hotels we have for you to choose from.” The security detail said, swiping the screen of the Ipad.

“Wait. Wait. Go back. Yes. That one. What hotel is that?” Sean asked with confidence, nibbling his cigar.

“That’s WheatBaker Hotel, Ikoyi.” The man replied.

“Take me there.” Sean demanded.

“Wonderful choice sir. I will make the arrangements.” The man said.

“Thank you, Austin.” Sean said.

The door to the jet opened, and the automatic ladder was released. Sean picked his jacket and got up from the leather seat. He put the jacket on, his cigar in his mouth and walked to the door. As the cool evening breeze blew his face, he smiled. He had missed home. He walked down the ladder to a waiting black limousine stretch. Austin who was behind him, got the door for him. Sean got in the luxury car, relaxing his muscular frame in the chair. Austin entered through the opposite door, reading out the itinerary of the evening.

Sean put up his hand, signalling that Austin be quiet.

“I really want to close my eyes for one hour and not have you rambling in my ears Austin. Okay? I would really appreciate it.” Sean said.

“Okay Boss” Austin replied, putting off his Ipad.

He pressed a button and a small black barrier which separated them from the driver opened sideways.

“Hotel number three.” Austin said to the driver.

The driver nodded.

As the compartment closed again, the driver pressed a button on a screen to the right of his steering wheel. Different hotels appeared on the screen with a navigation guide to each destination. He continued to press the button until he got to the third hotel. WheatBaker Hotel showed on the screen. Beside it, a navigation route to get there. The driver knew the place perfectly well. He did not need the navigation system. He shut down the screen, put the Limousine into gear and drove away from the airport.

Sean opened the small gold case he took the Cuban cigar from, got out a small cutter, and took a little bit off the head of the cigar. He put the cigar back in his mouth. Instinctively, Austin got out a lighter, feeding Sean’s cigar. Sean puffed and blew smoke.

He could not wait to really relax. He was happy to be home.


Eva kissed him passionately like her life depended on it. As she kissed, she rubbed his pot belly and pushed her other hand inside his pants. He grunted as she touched him, squeezing her br3ast through her gown and scattering her hair. He was experiencing pleasure from a professional runz girl. He had only his trousers on. Eva used her tongue on the sensitive parts of his upper body, caressing the massive hair on his chest. He almost went into a spasm, blabbing incoherently. She kissed him lightly on the cheek, getting up from his bulky frame.

“No baby, don’t stop.” The man begged.

“Relax honey. The fun is just about to begin.” Eva said, winking and blowing him a seductive kiss.

He licked his lips and rubbed his palms together.

“Baby, let me freshen up. Better be ready when I get back.” Eva said slowly and deliberately, dragging the ‘ready’.

“How about the pool, baby? Do we have it to ourselves? You know how I am with other people in the same water I swim in.” Eva asked pulling off her top over her head.

“Oh, that. Give me a few seconds.” The man said.

He made a phone call.

“Done sweetheart.” The man said.

She blew him a kiss, got her purse and took out a female contraceptive. She brandished it in front of the man seductively and turned. She wriggled her bum as she shut the door behind her. Eva took out a lipstick from her purse. She turned the lipstick anti clockwise. It opened. There were two drugs. A red capsule and a green one. She put the drugs in her mouth, hiding them under her tongue. She stripped nak3d and had a quick shower. Eva got out of the bathroom with only a towel on. Her hair fell behind her shoulders as her sparkling dark skin shone in the bright room. She smiled as she shut the bathroom door. She walked erotically to the bed where the man was lying down, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts. She kissed him again, igniting his whole body with fiery passion.

She kissed his ears, trailing her tongue from his earlobe to his fleshy neck. As she kissed his neck, she kept her eyes on him, waiting for his most vulnerable point. As he closed his eyes, enjoying the tease, she released the capsules from under her tongue and broke them with her teeth still inside her mouth. As the capsule began to melt in her mouth, she immediately went to his lips and began kissing him furiously, passing the contents of her mouth into his. He was too excited to notice. The odorless and tasteless candy capsule melted in both mouths as she kissed and touched his most sensitive parts.

The red capsule was designed to stop the user’s heart 15seconds after melting. The green capsule was going to neutralise the detection of any foul play when the forensics team checked for cause of death. He would be certified dead from a heart attack. They were called Twin Silencers and had to be administered at the exact same time. As Eva kissed him, she began counting down silently. She kissed him faster and kneaded his nippl3s. When she had counted up to 8, she began to feel her heartbeat slowing. She got up from the man.

“Hey baby. Where are you going?” He asked trying to get up

“Hold on baby. Let me get the contraceptive from the bathroom.” She said pushing him gently back on bed.

She felt herself getting out of breath. She hurried into the bathroom and got her purse. Inside one of its very thin pockets, she got out a small syringe about the size of a toothpick. She tapped her arm, got a vein and quickly injected the syringe. It contained the antidote to the Twin Silencers. She was already losing breath when she injected herself. Her heartbeat began to rise and then stabilised.

She opened the bathroom door and got out.

The Chief of Army Staff was dead.

Now she had to leave the premises. Their suite was on the first floor. She went to the balcony and looked down from the railing. The pool was empty and there was no one in sight. She put on her panties and her sexy bra. She had practised diving at this height twice a day for six weeks. Missions like this irked her. They were too simple and straightforward. It did not really give her the kick and adrenalin rush she was used to for eight months now.

She took in a deep breath and plunged from the railing of the balcony, into the pool. She felt tempted to remain in the water and enjoy the cooling sensation it gave. But time was of the essence. She got to the edge of the pool and came out, dripping wet. As she approached the changing room she silently prayed that Shina had her escape route ready. She entered the changing room. She saw a shopping bag on the floor. The bag contained everything she needed. She smiled.

She took out a towel from the bag and mopped her body. There was a waitress outfit in the bag. The exact type as the one used in the hotel. She dressed up as quickly as she could. By now she was sure that the Chief’s body would have been found. She removed the blue contact lens in her eyes and replaced them with green ones. She took out her artificial detachable fingernails and the eyelashes. There was a face contortion, a piece of gum, a lighter, a wig and scissors in the bag. She removed the wrapper of the gum. A small map was designed on the gum. It was her escape route. She memorised the map, threw the gum in her mouth and chewed. She closed her eyes. She loosened the Brazilian hair the chief had bought for hair earlier in the day and cut it into tiny shreds. She wore the wig and the face contortion. The face contortion was like a transparent mask. It changed her facial features, giving her an oblong face and high cheek bones. She put the shreds of hair into the shopping bag and set it on fire. She threw the lighter in the flames and shut the changing room door.

Eva opened the back door. She walked through a long corridor till she came to the kitchen entrance. There was only one Chef on duty and he seemed to be more concerned with the carrots he was chopping. He looked up, saw Eva and continued with his carrots. Eva took an aluminium tray from the cutting table and moved to the restaurant section of the hotel.

There was no one in the restaurant. She went left and opened a door leading to the reception. A pretty lady was at the desk. Eva leaned forwards on the reception table, hiding the tray behind her and mumbled a few incoherent words. The receptionist could not hear what Eva was saying so she came closer. As the receptionist leaned forwards, Eva hit her hard on the side of her face with the tray. The receptionist slumped.

Eva smiled at the cameras. She knew that everything was being captured by the cameras. She cat walked out of the reception, with the tray in hand.

A parked black Lexus Jeep to Eva’s left flashed it headlights twice as Eva stepped out of the hotel. She crossed her hand across her shoulders. The Jeep sped to where she was.

She got in and they sped away.

“How was it?” Shina asked at the wheel, looking sideways at her.

“Piece of cake.” Eva said.


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#InternetScam: Whats your take?

This is an issue that I’ve been pondering over for a while. I’ll try to be precise and straight to the point.



So after a long while, I finally decided to check my spam messages in my email and wow! I saw “awon boys” are not smiling oh. They no dey look face again.

I saw stuffs like this:

1. Hello,
My name is catherine zamba i saw your profile today in this site I will also like to know you the more,and i want you to send an email
to my email address so i can give you my pictures for you to know whom I am.Here is
my email address ( catherinezamba@yahoo.com)
I believe we can move from here!I am waiting for your mail to my email address above catherine (Remember the distance or colour does not matter but love matters a lot in life)
please contact me here: (catherinezamba@yahoo.com)

2. Hello,
This is Jeff Morgan; I really do not mean to waste your time. Considering the fact that this is a 6,000,000.00 Dollars’ deal, I hope you understand why I have been very careful and also because we have not met face to face. You and I do hear of
many Internet frauds nowadays. Now, I want to put my faith in you and if at the end you run away with the money, I will leave everything to God. This is Mr. Asraf’s account information.
Bank name: Royal Bank of Scotland
Bank Address: London, England
Account name: Mohammad Asraf
Account Number: 1103-8022-1351
Account Balance: 6,000,000.00 U.S. Dollars
Date of deposit: 19th December, 2009
Account officer: Anita Morgan
I was with Mr. Asraf as a legal witness when this money was deposited as fixed deposit in 2009. Since his demise, I have visited this bank three times. This is all you need at the moment to contact the bank. If there is any query from the bank, do not
answer them until you hear from me. And our agreement still stands: 40% for you while 60% for me (in our agreement is our faith. Ensure it stands, Please).You asked for the confirmation of his involvement in the plane crash. Now I provide it for you below on this website: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/list-of-passengers-on-air-india-express-flight/article435569.ece


Attorney Jeff
E-mail: attorneyjeffrey50@gmail.com

I read both messages over four times and just didn’t see any reason why someone would fall for it. The first one was simply so silly while the second one was unrealistic, do you know what 40 percent of $6,000,000 is? And someone wants to give that amount to a total stranger saying “I leave it to God.” If it was true, God would even vex and slap me if I don’t carry the whole money and run.

So this is the question.: it just me, or are all this Yahoo Yahoo boys running out of ideas and therefore just wasting their time?

Please share your thoughts and experience on the issue.

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#AnEveningWithEva – Episode 15

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At 8pm The Colonel was ready. He got Ahmed’s phone and inserted the old sim. Ahmed took the phone from the Colonel and dialled Sheila’s number,

“Wait son. Don’t make that call yet. We have got to be ready immediately after the call. How many guns do you have?” The Colonel asked.

Ahmed frowned and shook his head.

“Not much Uncle, about two to three guns. Let me show you.” Ahmed said, getting up.

He led the Colonel to the corridor inside the house, opening the room adjacent the one they were in earlier in the day. It was the last room by the wall. The room was empty. Asides from a stack of plastic chairs by the tiled wall, the room was nothing to write home about. There were no rooms, no entrances, nothing. Ahmed looked like he was lost. The Colonel waited for 70 seconds expecting the detective to say something. Ahmed was mute. He gave the impression that this was the wrong room. The Colonel looked at him.

“There’s nothing in here boy! Is this a joke? We have to move fast!” The Colonel asked irritated.

Ahmed smiled. He had just gotten the expression he wanted from his uncle. That feeling of disappointment. He moved the chairs, dragging them a little bit sideways away from the wall making sure he marked the exact height where the stack of chairs reached. From the point he marked, he counted four tiles north. When he got to the fourth tile, he moved a finger to the edge of the tile and pressed. The tile turned inside out to reveal a small digital screen and a numerical keypad. There was also a finger print scanner and a retinal activation. It was a high tech security safe. He looked back at his Uncle. The Colonel was not impressed. He had broken into more complicated vaults. He could take down Ahmed’s safe in four days max. Ahmed pressed a yellow button.

“Welcome Ahmed. Please provide retinal recognition.” A voice said from the device.

Ahmed leaned closer and a mild infra-red signal scanned his retina.

“Retinal Scan complete.” The voice said and continued. “Please provide fingerprint recognition.”

Ahmed placed his forefinger in the scanner and another infra-red signal scanned his prints.

“Prints accepted. Please enter password or Voice recognition.” The computer said.

Ahmed was dying to impress The Colonel who so far was staring with a straight face. His arms folded across his chest. Ahmed pressed a button on the device.

“Please enter voice password.” The voice said.

Ahmed read out the letters of the alphabet in a song like fashion.

“A,B,C,D,E,F,G…Now I know my 1,2,3. My name is Ahmed Haruna. Take it away.” He finished.

The Colonel laughed hard. What a joke, he thought to himself. He almost turned away to leave the room when the was a soft whooshing sound. A part of the wall where Ahmed stood, caved in and moved to the left, creating a small entrance into a room. Ahmed walked in and turned on a switch. The bulbs came on, illuminating the small room.

“Here we are.” The detective said, pleased with himself.

“I can see where you keep your two or three guns boy. This is impressive.” The Colonel said.

The colonel smiled as he walked into the enclosure. He was delighted at the caliber of artillery he saw. He went to a shelf and picked a rifle. It was a Kalashnikov AK-47 Assault Rifle. One of the best he ever handled. He remembered his time at the military academy 13 years back. It was the perfect weapon. While he stroked the AK-47 in his hand, his eyes scanned the room looking at the other guns. There was a Thompson M1921 Sub Machine gun, an F-2000 Assault Rifle, a 1965 HK416 Assault rifle (a rare spec), an SPG classic, six .43 automatic pistols and a Uzi Sub-machine Gun. Ahmed shared the same taste with him when it came to ammunitions. He turned and nodded at the detective smiling pleasantly. As he checked the cartridge of the AK-47 assault rifle, his eye caught something. He bent low and pulled out the butt of a gun from the lower chamber. It was a DSR 50-Precision Sniper Rifle. His all-time favourite. Every spy loved to have this deadly piece of metal.

“Where did you get this my boy?!” The Colonel asked delighted.

“Scavenged it from a crime scene.” Ahmed asked.

Ahmed picked one .43 pistol and inserted bullets in it while the Colonel took another. They corked their guns and got ready for action. Ahmed closed the ‘door’ after his uncle and pushed the chairs back. They exited the room and went into the sitting room.

“Make that call now.” The Colonel said handing the phone to Ahmed.

Ahmed dialled Shiela’s number. She picked on the first ring.

“Hello ma. My house was invaded. My dogs were killed… I don’t know. I can’t say. I did some research on some clues I got. Unknown men trailed me throughout today. I managed to shake them off. I found out their hideout. It is beside my compound here. I cannot say for sure how many they are. Send back-up just in case so we can move in tonight. 2 hours. Good. I’m ready. Bye” Ahmed said and hung up.

The Colonel nodded at Ahmed.

“They should get here anytime from now. Be ready. I will stand watch by this window and join you later.” The Colonel said.

Ahmed left the bedroom, took station by the bathroom, and waited for the Colonel to join him.


Bruno and Marshal exited the bungalow, walking in the shadows and avoiding the ‘street lights’ shinning on every area of the street. They backed the fence, moving slowly and quietly. Bruno signalled for Marshal to hold on. They had gotten to Ahmed’s gate. Bruno crossed to the other side of the road. He walked past Ahmed house for 10 meters. Marshal watched him. Bruno walked back towards Ahmed’s compound stopping in front of the gate. He looked inside and knocked. No response. He knocked again. There was no reply. The initial plan was to pretend to be looking for number 12 of the street. If Ahmed came to the gate, Bruno would ask him for the street number and directions on how to get there. While they were talking, Marshal would appear from nowhere and take him out. So far Ahmed did not come out. He nodded to Marshal.


The Colonel waited at the window for twenty minutes. His instincts told him to move to the roof. He would have a better view from there and see whatever was happening outside the compound. He climbed the ladder attached to the water tank, continuing up until he was a few inches above the roof. He leaped gently from the ladder, landing softly on the padded roof. He walked to the edge of the roof and prostrated, keeping his jaw in both hands, his elbows acting like a tripod. For six minutes, nothing happened. On the seventh minute, he saw a man cross the street and walk pass the house. He immediately sensed danger when the man crossed back to his side of the road retracing his steps. When the man stopped at Ahmed’s gate and began to knock, the Colonel knew it was time. Immediately, he got up, half ran across the roof and jumped on the ladder. He raced down the ladder and got into the house through the back door. He made it just in time to see Ahmed moving to the front door, about to open it.

As fast as lightening, the Colonel moved to where Ahmed was, dragging him by the hand just as he was about to grab the door handle. Ahmed looked back frightened and almost pulled the trigger of his gun, when the Colonel put a finger on his mouth indicating that Ahmed be quiet. He signalled to Ahmed that they had company and that he should be on the alert. Ahmed nodded. The Colonel signalled again that Ahmed wait at the door and do nothing, while he went to keep watch at the back entrance. The Colonel was as calm as ever. Ahmed’s heart was racing. He swallowed saliva and nodded again like a dummy.


After Bruno nodded his head at Marshal, Marshal leaped over the fence from outside, landing in Ahmed’s compound. As he landed, he simultaneously brought out his gun from his hip area and scanned the area. He did not want anyone to take him unawares, especially dogs. When he was sure no one was alerted, he moved cautiously to the gate and silently opened the smaller area for Bruno to come in. Bruno shut the gate behind him noiselessly and moved ahead of Marshal. They decided to take the back entrance.

Ahmed saw the way the two men entered his compound. He noticed they had military training. Their signals, silent communication and perfect sync scared the living daylight out of him. He watched them move very slowly taking calculated steps toward the back of the house. They moved like they knew where they were going with the heavy one behind looking behind and scanning for aerial and ground threats. He decided he would attack them from behind. Two quick head shots and they would both be dead. They would not see him coming. He smiled.

As the thought crossed his mind, his uncle stole into the sitting room.

“Any luck?” The Colonel whispered, barely audible.

“They are going to the back entrance. I will take them from behind. It would be easy.” The detective said.

“No! Don’t! I will handle this. Just cover me.” The Colonel ordered.

As the Colonel took silent steps towards the back entrance, Ahmed felt disgusted. Why would The Colonel want the glory for himself? For God’s sakes he was retired! His uncle did not completely trust him. He felt he was not good enough. All these thoughts ran through Ahmed’s head in milliseconds. He decided he was going to show his uncle that he was no sissy. He turned and headed for the front door. The Colonel turned and noticed Ahmed heading for the front door. He tried to call him back but he was too late. Ahmed was already outside.

“Shiitt!!!” The Colonel cursed and raced after his nephew.

Ahmed was already way ahead. The Colonel did not want to run. He did not want to draw attention. So he moved fast, but very quietly. Ahmed could now see Marshal. Bruno was right in front of him. Ahmed moved closer taking his aim at the back of Marshal’s skull, moving closer still to get a clean shot. 3 seconds later, he had the perfect shot to take out Marshal. As he took his final step to pull the trigger, his boots crushed some gravel. Marshal turned. Bruno looked back too. Ahmed’s heart skipped a beat.

Marshal brought up his gun to take his aim. Ahmed was quicker. Ahmed pulled the trigger and his bullet caught Marshal squarely on the face. Blood splattered everywhere. Marshal fell to the ground, his brains scattered everywhere. Bruno rolled on the ground and fired two quick shots at Ahmed. A bullet caught Ahmed on his left thigh. He screamed, falling to the ground and holding his thigh. As Bruno ran closer to finish him off, The Colonel appeared from the corner. He fired three perfect shots at Bruno. Bruno rolled on the ground and ducked behind the wall. A bullet caught him on the arm. He was bleeding.

The Colonel approached Bruno, shooting at the wall. Pieces of bricks scattered around Bruno. Bruno moved backwards. The Colonel got to Ahmed and knelt on one knee, not taking his eyes off the wall. He felt Ahmed’s pulse. He was still alive.

“Hang in there my boy.” The Colonel said.

As the Colonel got up approaching Bruno, there were gunshots at the gate. The Colonel backed into the wall. He saw someone jump in from the fence and roll to the gate. She got up and continued shooting sporadically at the Colonel. The Colonel backed away dragging Ahmed with him. He was out of rounds. He did not expect this much firepower. Bruno saw Sophia and ran towards her, shooting at the Colonel’s direction with his good hand. Sophia covered him, her back to the gate while Bruno opened the gate and went out. Sophia moved slowly to the gate still shooting at the Colonel.

She got out of the gate, got into the car and sped out of the estate.

“How are you?” She asked Marshal as they sped along Palm Groove, Ikorodu road.

“I will be fine. Marshal is dead.” Bruno replied.

Sophia did not say a word. Marshal was her cousin. Her eyes were red.

She stepped on the accelerator and bit her lower lip.

Someone was going to pay for Marshal’s death.

* * * * *

Eva spent three days with her mother in the mansion. A separate suite was arranged for them where everything was provided adequately, ensuring satisfaction and comfort. Eva was upset initially that she was not allowed to leave the mansion. She questioned why her mother had to be brought in to see her as that was not the original plan. She got over it after Shina explained that plans had changed. The corporation constantly changed plans and made last minute cancellations just to throw any tracker off guard. Besides, she was safer here than anywhere else.

On the third day, Eva explained to her mother that she would be going on professional course outside the country. The course would span three years after which she would set up her own company. Her mother did not ask too many questions. She was glad that her daughter was moving up the corporate ladder. She admonished Eva to remember her younger brother and to always check on him from time to time. As Eva helped her mother pack her bags, pangs of guilt enveloped her. She knew she had to tell her mother the truth. But she knew her mother could not handle it. Besides, she was afraid of what Sophia would do if she spilled. The very thought scared her to her very bones. She shuddered.

“Eva, please seat down. I want to talk to you.” Eva’s mother said moving on the bed for her daughter to seat.

“What is the problem mama?” Eva asked sitting down, concern on her face.

“I know you have been working hard. And I am very glad that you are doing very well. Your father would be very pleased with you. Only if he were alive.” Eva’s mum started. She sobbed softly wiping her face with the edge of her wrapper. Eva pulled her mother close, hugging her.

“It’s ok mummy. We will pull through.” Eva said, rocking her slowly.

“I know my dear.” Eva’s mum said sniffing and continued,

“I was at the window area yesterday. I saw a number of men in black suits and wearing dark shades. What was happening?”

“Oh, those men. They are the security details attached to my boss mummy. She came into town yesterday.” Eva replied.

“Okay my daughter. God will bless her. I have to thank her before I leave.” Eva’s mum said.

“No problem ma. I will arrange for you to see her mummy.” Eva said.

Eva got up from the bed and went into the bathroom, shutting the after her. She left the shower to run while she sat on the toilet seat. She put her face in her hands and began to cry. She hated the fact that she just lied to her mother. She was sad and scared.

Deep down inside her, she was troubled. She may never see her mother again.


Sophia drove into the gate of The Mansion, parking the car in the garage where there were other very expensive cars. She turned off the ignition. She closed her eyes for a few seconds and opened them again. She unlocked the seat belt around her, looking at Bruno. He held his arm and winced as he unstrapped himself from the seat.

“I think someone should check that out. It looks pretty messy” Sophia said.

“No! I am fine. I just need a few stitches. Can I get first aid in your room?” Bruno asked.

“Yes I do. Let’s go.” Sophia said.

They got out of the car and walked to the front of Sophia’s wing. As they entered the house Bruno collapsed on the couch in the sitting room. He passed out. Sophie shook her head as she sat in a chair opposite him. She took off the holsters on both ankles, setting the guns on the table. She kicked off her flats, walking bare-footed to the bar in the far right of the sitting room. She poured herself a full glass of strong vodka and drowned half the contents. She had not been this shaken in a very long time. She was renowned for her ability to keep her emotions in check, and her clear thoughtfulness in very unpleasant circumstances. But the emotions were flooding in now. This was getting too much for her to bear. She blocked every thought of Marshal from her head. All she wanted to do was to get back at whoever killed her only living relative.

She finished the vodka, looked at the glass cup for a while then smashed in angrily at the wall. It broke into a million pieces. The noise was not even enough to wake Bruno.

She pressed a button by the bar. A young man dressed in a white shirt and black pants came in from a side entrance.

“You rang ma.” The lad said.

“Yes Jeff. Clean up that mess over there and get Emmanuela to attend to that man over there” She said pointing at Bruno.
The lad nodded and hurried out of the house.

Sophia walked sluggishly to her room and opened the door.


The Colonel dragged his nephew inside the house. He lifted He looked for the first aid everywhere and eventually found it in the store. He took the big box into the sitting room where Ahmed lay, groaning and breathing softly. He searched the first aid box and did not really find what he was looking for. He had to make do with was available. He got out some disinfectant and a towel. He sterilised a pick-scissors with warm water and the disinfectant. He dabbed the blood off Ahmed’s wound, cleaning it and getting it ready to be closed. Ahmed winced.

“Steady boy. You are lucky son. The bullet grazed past your flesh. You quite some amount of blood. But you will be fine.” The Colonel said,

“Did we get them uncle?” Ahmed asked

The Colonel kept quiet. He concentrated on bandaging the wound.

“I think we did. But we were outnumbered. So I had to retreat.” The Colonel said.

“I am sorry Uncle. I should have listened to you.” Ahmed said, very sober.

“It’s okay. I will give you 15 minutes to get yourself together. We have to leave here immediately. I will inject you with a serum that will make you feel no pain. It will help you move faster. Pack only the things you need. They would come back. And this time, we may not be so lucky.” The Colonel said.

“I am fine uncle. I don’t need 15 minutes. I can start now.” Ahmed said trying to get up. A tearing pain seared through his body. He screamed and lay back down on the bed.

The Colonel looked at him and shook his head.

“I may be retired son, but whenever I tell you to jump, you jump. And if I ask you to run, or crawl, or hold your breath, you do exactly as I say! You do not know what you are dealing with here. I do. I will be back in 15 minutes.” The Colonel said and walked out of the bedroom.


A black kia optima parked six houses away from The Mansion. A tall man with average build got out of the back seat and strolled leisurely forwards. He walked confidently towards the gate of The Mansion. He knocked.

A very small rectangular part of the gate opened which gave room for the gateman’s eyes only.

“Yes, wetin you dey find?” A rough speaking gateman said, eyeing the man suspiciously.

“Please sir, I am looking for one woman. She said I should ask for Oga, and that you would direct me. She gave me this card to give you.” The man said. He resisted the urge to poke out the red eyeballs that were staring at him

“Which nonsense card? Make I see.” The gateman said.

The man put the card through the small rectangular hole and the gateman collected. After a few seconds of scrutiny, he handed the card back to the man and opened the door for the man to come in. The gateman directed the man to Sophia’s wing of the house and told him he would meet someone at the door. He thanked the gateman and walked to the door leading to Sophia’s wing. He pressed the bell a few times. A very pretty steward opened the door for him. She asked him what business he had and he showed her the same card. She smiled at him, handed back the card and led him to the visitor’s lounge.

“Please make yourself comfortable sir. I will let her know you are around.” The steward said.

Five minutes later, the steward came back.

“I am sorry sir. She is not around. She will not be back till tomorrow.”

“Okay.” The man said, raising his head from a magazine he was reading.

“Can I show myself out when I am done please?” The man asked, showing all the charm he had.

“Okay sir.” The steward replied, chuckling.

Ten minutes later the man got up. He did not go outside. He climbed the stairs and went into Sophia’s room.

Sophia felt weak and exhausted. She decided to just relax a bit after taking that much liquor. She climbed the stairs, heading for her room.

She opened the door to her room, shut the door behind her and switched on the light.

She almost jumped out of her skin at what she saw.

“Hello Agent S”.

It was the General.


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#B•I•T•C•H: Beginning of the end – Episode 21

I apologise for not posting a new episode of this story for a while it was due to the fact that I have been trying to work on making the blog more user friendly. Please if you haven’t voted and dropped your thoughts on the poll above please do. The poll runs till the end of this week.

I’m aware I’ve not posted for a while and some of you might have forgotten where we were so I added a “previously” that summarises it all. Enjoy today episode and drop your thoughts.




*At The Front Of Zainab’s House.*

“Should I still delete your number?”. – Henry.

“Your choice.” – Zainab

“Okay, I’ll call you later on, maybe to make your hair,” Henry replied in a sarcastic tone and drove off before Zainab could think of a suitable reply.

* * * * *

*At the WheatBaker bar*

“Is this the latest trend?” – Richard.

“Pardon?” – Bukky.

“Oh! I was just wondering if its now a trend for beautiful ladies to sit alone in a bar,” – Richard.

“Is this seat taken?” – Richard

“No, not at all, please seat,” – Bukky.

“Okay, enough chit-chat, why don’t you follow me up to my room and let’s get down to business?” – Richard.

“I was wondering when you would say that.” – Bukky.

*Richard looked down at the bulge on his trousers and smiled.*

* * * * *

*In Richard’s suite, WheatBaker hotel*

“Go, go, go, go/ Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down/ Go longer, you can last more rounds/ Push harder, you’re almost there now/ So go lover, make mama proud/ And when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs…” – Kelly Rowland

“Where did you learn how to unhook a bra so fast?” – Bukky.

“That not really important? Is it?” – Richard.

*In a few seconds… Paw paw paw!!! They both climaxed.*

Richard and Bukky were still having sex when out of nowhere, there was a knock at the door.

“Can I help you?” – Richard.

“”Good, am Agent Ambrose and my friend here is agent Emeka, we are both from the new Lagos state investigation agency, and we have a court order to arrest you,” – Agent Ambrose.

“I don die!!” – Richard.

* * * * *

*At Jummy’s Office*

*She picked up the flower and perceived it, she had no idea what type of scent it had but it sure had a nice scent… What can possibly go wrong? She asked herself rhetorically* – Jummy.

“Oh! I see you’ve already gotten my flowers?” – Stephen


When she started working at GNP, Jummy had an issue with Stephen. Stephen was interested in her and made multiple moves at her but Jummy shunned him each time until he got tired, or so she thought.

At that time, they were both just regular employees and didn’t have much authorative positions like they now did. Stephen had started working at GNP before Jummy so it was only natural his promotion came first. Ever since his promotion, Stephen didn’t bother Jummy about anything and Jummy was glad he had forgotten about her.

So she was surprised when she over heard Stephen and Mrs Ogbonaya arguing over her promotion, she just didn’t get why Stephen wanted her out of the company. But the major surprise came as she discovered Stephen sent her flowers. Wasn’t he the same person that wanted her out of the company? She wondered.

It took Jummy several seconds before she could think of what to reply Stephen as she figured the flowers was from him and not John as she had expected.

“Why did you send me flowers?” She asked sternly.

“Hey! You are welcome,” Stephen replied sarcastically, ignoring her question.

Jummy wasn’t please or moved by his sarcasm, “I asked you a question,” she repeated herself.

“Do I need to have a reason before I send my personal Jumoke flowers?” Stephen asked, grinning widely, he seemed to be enjoying the conversation.

“People only send send flowers to friends, and when last I checked, we were good friends” Jummy replied, staring sternly at Stephen.

Stephen got the irony in Jummy’s message and he rose an eyebrow, “we are friends na, or aren’t we?” He asked.

Jummy bursted out in laughter, “you and who are friends? As far as am concerned, you are an immature nobody.” She said in between laughters.

“Why are you acting this way and saying all this cruel things?” Stephen asked with a somewhat pitiful look.

“Have you forgotten I overheard you conversation with Mrs Ogbonaya?”

Stephen lips curved into a smile, “don’t tell me you took that personal? It was all just acting and I did it for your own good.”

Jummy became curious, “for my own good? What do you mean by that?” She asked.

“I and Cynthia or Mrs Ogbonaya as you guys know her both had a little ‘something’ in the past but it just didn’t work as she had both planned so she became mad at me and vowed to hurt me somehow. Cynthia don’t play with her threats and I knew she knew you were the only one I cared about in this company, so obviously if she hurt you – which she can, she automatically hurts me. So what I did was make her think I don’t care about you so she won’t hurt you,” Stephen coughed and continued while Jummy listened with rapt attention, “I compiled a list of incompetent staffs that I want to be transferred or fired and I included your name. It worked as I had hoped, she transferred other staffs and promoted you thinking it would hurt me, but unknown to her, she just made me a lot more happy, so you see, I am truly your friend,” Stephen concluded and grinned at her.

Jummy wasn’t impressed by the explanation. “You are still at fault for putting me at risk in the first place. And let me remind you that you are a married man,” Jummy said. “And if you don’t mind, I have some work to do so please kindly leave my office and if possible take your flowers with you, I don’t need them.” She concluded with a tone of finality.

“Jummy, but I…” Stephen tried to say but was shunned by Jummy.

Angry, he stood up from the chair and stormed out of her office.

Jummy picked up the flowers and walked to the door side where the waste bin was, she took a deep breath and dumped it in the waste bin, she hated doing that but had to pass a message across.

She went back to her seat, sat down and after transferring all the files she copied in the flash, she walked out of the office, as the new “Assistant branch Manger”, she was going to perform the part of her duty that required being a pain in the arse towards lower level employees.

She smiled at this thought.

* * * * *

Richard was still trying to understand what was happening to him.

Few minutes ago, he was having the time of his life but now he was stucked in a police van, surrounded by two macho police officers who claim to be from the Lagos State Investigation Agency. What does that even mean? Richard wondered, he didn’t know such a agency existed to start with and what do they want to do with him? The only crime he had ever been caught committing but an officer of the law was stealing meat from his mother pot and the ‘officer of the law’ was his own dad, ever since then, he was been very careful and made sure he left no stone unturned.

The silence in the van was deafening and it had a sinister effect. Richard was uncomfortable.

“Where are you people taking me?” He asked with a low tone, he somehow felt that if he spoke too loud one of the macho agents beside him might beat him up for shouting at him.

“When we get to the station, all your questions would be answered to you satisfaction,” Agent Ambroose replied without even looking at Richard.

“You can’t just barge into my hotel room, arrest me and take me to your station without at least giving me a reason first. I have the right to know!” Richard replied, gradually raising his voice.

“We know it is your right to know the reasons, but we have our orders and it was simply… ‘Go and bring Richard Anderson to the station’,” Agent Emeka replied.

“As you said earlier, its my right to know and I demand to know now or I’ll call my lawyer!” Richard yelled suddenly becoming confident.

“Sir! I would say this just once, calm and nicely. With all due respect, KEEP QUITE! All your questions would be answered when we get to the station,” Agent Ambroose replied.

Richard was about to say; “You can’t tell me …” When Agent Ambroose suddenly turned to face Richard for the first time. He wasn’t smiling.

Richard got the message and kept quiet for the rest of the journey.

They got to the station in about fifteen minutes time. It was a casual bungalow which had a symbol of the Nigerian Police: -an elephant and an eagle. The symbol was drawn on drawn on a sign board close to the main entrance.

The van was parked at the front of the station and all its occupant walked out of it.

Agent Ambroose had the hunch that Richard might try something silly so he held him tightly on the arm and walked into the station.

Richard was taken straight to the commissioner office and once the door was opened, a man seated at on of the vacant seat opposite the commissioner turned and smiled.

“Oh, Richard, am so glad you could make it, you welcome,” he said.

The man was Barrister Boniface.

* * * * *

Zainab finally woke up by 12:53PM after sleeping for roughly 15 hours, her head ached, her legs were weak and she just felt like going back to bed and sleep more, but she knew her body a little too well, she knew if she slept more, she would wake up by 8PM in the evening and even though she had no serious plan for the day, she didn’t think it would be cool to sleep all day, so she reluctantly and sluggishly stood up from her bed.

She went straight to the kitchen and filled a glass cup with a refrigerate pack of orange juice and literally gulped down the entire contents in one big gulp, the juice did wonders and she felt a great surge of energy boost, she felt like working out. Its been weeks since she did any sort of work out and she could feel she was getting fatter.

She picked up a towel and walked straight in an empty room where Richard kept his treadmill.

Zainab could still smell and picture Richard running on the treadmill shirt – less, sweating and his abs exposed for he viewing pleasure, she felt a tingle in-between her thighs, she missed Richard.

She waved the thoughts out of her mind and went to work. She set the thread mill at average speed and started jogging on it when she heard her phone ring all the way from her room, she let it go to voicemail. But it rang again and again and again, she new it was either Jummy that was calling or it was something important. She switched of the treadmill and went to her room to pick the call.

She picked it on the sixth ring.

“Hello,” she said.

“Hello, is the Zainab Anderson please?” The caller asked.

“Yes, this is her.”

“Okay, good. This is Agent Ambroose of L.S.I.A and your presence is needed at our station immediately.”

Zainab was alarmed, “presence ke? For what now? Any problem?”

“No, not at all. You lawyer, in person of Barrister Boniface requested I call you and he also said I should add its really important and you need to come right away.”

“Okay, where is the station please,” Zainab asked, looking worried.

“I’ll text you the complete direction from you house right away, thank you.” Agent Ambroose hung up.

Zainab dropped the phone and went to shower, by the time she was done, the text had been sent, she called for a private cab which arrived fifteen minutes later and in a total fifty minutes from when the call was made, Zainab arrived at the station.

She had no idea why Boniface needed to see her so urgently and why at the police station of all places.

She walked in to the station and was directed to the commissioner office by sergeant Yemi who manned at the front desk.

She knocked and walked into the office only to see a full room, filled with five men.

She looked at them all clearly, she identified the one on suit to be Boniface. The fat one wearing the custom black and black police uniform was obviously the commissioner. She saw Richard at one end of the room looking at her with surprise written all over his face but what really caught her attention where the two men who looked like they had just survived a bomb blast. The both wore just boxers and had huge scars and injury all over their body.

Zainab needed some explanations. She turned to Boniface and asked, “What the hell is going on her?”


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#AnEveningWithEva: Episode 14



The Colonel sat in the living room, scrutinising the sim cards that the detective had just gotten. With his personal phone, he called Customer Care and complained that his number was not going through. He could not make calls neither could he receive calls. He was asked to call the digits of his phone number so that they could help ascertain what the issue was. He called the digits on the new sim and was put on hold. After a while of holding on, he was told that the number was not in use. It could be a new number or an incorrect number.

“How long have you been using this line please?” the Call center agent asked pleasantly.

He hung up.

He tore the sim from its pack. He was going to insert it into Ahmed’s phone later, probably at midnight. He relaxed on the couch and touched his groin, rubbing his ball5 gently. The kick Ahmed gave him had hurt. He was surprised himself at how he was able to fake the absence of pain. But such sacrifices were necessary. He needed Ahmed to be ready. There was still a lot of work to be done. The Colonel’s eyes moved to the small table in the center of the room. The bugs he had taken out of Ahmed’s bedroom and also the ones he took out from the living room lay scattered all over. He had forgotten about them.

The bugs were powerful high functioning cameras. But they could only be deployed and monitored over a 200 meter radius. The Colonel was in deep thought. This meant that whoever was watching Ahmed had to be close by. Very close. He had not seen or heard any strange sounds in the house. This meant that the control device was not there. Ahmed walked lazily into the sitting room, holding his waist. He sat on another couch, a considerable distance away from the Colonel. He did not want another lesson so soon.

“Son, have you noticed anything strange or out of place in the attitude of your neighbours? Or estate residents?” The Colonel asked.

Ahmed almost asked why but thought better.

“I have not Uncle. I do not have the time to monitor my neighbours. I don’t speak to anyone. The Old woman who lives two houses away says a greeting every time I drive by. I always murmur a reply. I barely hear myself. I am not concerned about their affairs.” Ahmed replied.

“Detective Ahmed Haruna! Don’t just say whatever comes to your head boy! Think! Have you noticed anything strange lately?” The Colonel insisted.

“If I had said the first thing that came to my head, we would be having another fight by now.” Ahmed thought to himself.

“Uncle, nothing strange has happened. Believe me, I would know. Other than a new resident moving in the next house beside us, and then the reconstruction of the drainage system, nothing has happened over the past 7 weeks.”

“You have a new neighbour? Since when?” The Colonel asked suddenly very interested.

“I don’t know. A couple of days back or so. I was coming home from work and a truck blocked half of my gate because it was trying to off load furniture into the new house. I asked for the owner of the house but whoever it was wasn’t available. I haven’t seen or heard anything since then.” Ahmed finished.

The Colonel’s brain was at super speed. He was thinking deep and trying to draw logical conclusions. Patterns formed in his subconscious. Ahmed watched his with keen interest as the Colonel drummed his fingers on the table.

“From the moment you heard the gunshot and the moment you got to the veranda, how much time do you figure had passed?” The Colonel asked.

“About two to three minutes. I even checked the streets. There was no sign of any one. It seemed like they just disappeared into thin air.” Ahmed said.

He was thinking in the same direction as the Colonel now. The escape was too quick and perfect. It must have been planned and properly rehearsed. His assailants had to be close. Perhaps, too close.

“There is only one way to find out. My guts tell me they are the occupants of that building. We will have to draw them out. This is what we will do. You are going to make a call with your old sim. Let us hope it is still being monitored. You will call Sheila. Tell her you were attacked. Your dogs were killed. You went out today and you noticed suspicious men trailing you. You shook them off. You know where their hideout is and you will need back-up to take them out.” The Colonel said.

“How does draw them out sir?” Ahmed asked.

“These people have a zero tolerance for failure. The only reason they are called The Ghosts is because they do not exist. They leave no trails, no clues, and no souvenirs. The do not make mistakes. They are thorough and highly trained. The best part is, they do not respond well to threats. If they sense a threat, it is quickly neutralised.” The Colonel said.

“And my call to Sheila is a threat they will not be willing to let lie fallow, thus bringing them out and then we nab them?” Ahmed asked.

“Exactly, my boy!!! The phone call to Sheila is a threat. They will make a move after your call. Now this is the detective I know!” The Colonel answered happily.

“I will send a cryptic message to Sheila after you call her, telling her not to respond to your phone call. We are on a trip together and we just decided to play a fast one on her. We will laugh over it. I have already ‘photoshoped’ you into a picture I took during my visit to Massachusetts, USA. I will send it to her as proof to calm her.” The Colonel said.

“I still do not understand sir. When are we doing all this?” Ahmed asked.

“You will call her two hours from now. I will send the message immediately after. Any moment from then, we should expect company.” The colonel finished.

“How many agents are they likely to send?” Ahmed asked suddenly jittery.

“They are silent assassins. They do not draw attention. Maybe one or two. They would want to act quickly before Sheila’s fake back-up arrives. Then, we’ll have them for dinner!” The Colonel finished and showed his spotless white teeth.

Ahmed did not have cause to smile. The very thought of the assassins coming to get him made him shudder with fear. The Colonel noticed this.

“Suck it up boy. I did not raise a coward! Be ready when I ask you to.” The Colonel scolded.

Ahmed could only nod.


Bruno was sleeping on the chair in the bungalow when Tawo called. He acknowledged Tawo’s orders and dropped his phone on the table after he hung up. He had underestimated the detective. His men had lost the detective for over an hour and saw him later when he approached the estate gate. Where he was and what he went to do was a mystery. Bruno did not like mysteries. He was still pondering how he was going to unravel the detective’s past hour off the radar when Tawo called telling him to ready himself for the kill. He woke Marshal and told him to get himself ready to take out the detective. Marshal grinned. He had not killed anyone in a while. He was really happy he finally had a chance to. When Tawo ordered for the trigger to be readied, it did not take long before the target was wiped out. The longest it ever took was 18 hours.

Bruno relaxed in his chair and noticed a red indicator on his transmitting device. Ahmed was making a call. He quickly plugged in the earphones and listened to Ahmed’s voice.

“…found out their hideout. It is beside my compound here. I cannot say for sure how many they are. Send back-up just in case so we can move in tonight. 2 hours. Good. I’m ready. Bye.” He heard Ahmed finish and hang up.

How the heck did this happen? How did Ahmed know? Bruno was never one to throw blames. He now needed to act. And fast! He checked the time. 8:14pm. Marshal was fixing the silencer to his .45 automatic pistol. He called Tawo. It rang for a while and there was no response. He tried to call Shina. It was switched off.

This was his call. If he decided to wait, the whole operation would be blown. If he decided to flee, he would be ‘discharged’ by the Ghosts. He had only one option. He had to take out the detective.

He got his gun from a hostler strapped to his waist. He fastened a silencer to the gun and put the gun in his trouser by his waist and covered it with his shirt. He picked his phone and sent a text to Tawo.

“Operation at risk. New development. Moving to take out target.”

He waited for the message to deliver. He put off his phone.

Marshal was so happy. He would finally get to shoot and kill someone. He was ecstatic. He grinned at Bruno. Bruno’s mind was racing. This could be the end of them. It could as well be the best move he could take. But he could not afford to sit idly by or to flee. It was against The Code.

“It’s going to be a clean sweep. Get in, get out. No trace. No mistake. Copy?” Bruno asked.

Marshal nodded.

They packed their bags, wore their gloves and got out of the bungalow.

* * * * *

Tawo got out of his 2 hour self-psyche feeling very refreshed. Every day he dedicated two hours into self-meditation and communication with the cosmos. Nothing was allowed to distract him. No phone calls, no knocks, nothing. His steward had barged into his Psyche Room one day while he was meditating. His legs were crossed under him, his palms on his knees and his head was raised.

“Master, master, you get visitor.” The steward said from the door.

When there was no reply, he moved to where Tawo was and repeated himself. Tawo hated the interruption but kept calm. He did not move nor open his eyes. Later that night, he almost had the steward ‘wasted’ but decided against it. He called him and gave him stern instructions never to disturb him when he was meditating. The Steward never made that mistake again.

So when Tawo’s phone kept on ringing incessantly, the steward almost took the phone to him in the Psyche Room. He was already on the stairs when he remembered his Master’s strong warning never to invade his privacy. He shrugged and went back downstairs, dropping the phone on a table in the sitting area of the house. Tawo came down an hour later whistling. He was in a terrific mood. All he had to do was wait for The Colonel to make a move and target would be history. The day’s session was magnificent. He had soared beyond the cosmos and was gaining higher levels of understanding. He picked his phone at the same time talking to his steward.

“Was my phone ringing?” Tawo said as unlocked his phone.

“Yes Oga. I been wan bring am for you when…” The steward was saying when Tawo’s rage caught him unawares.

“Shittt!! No!” He shouted.

He had just read Bruno’s text.

He tried to call Bruno back but his number was switched off. Bruno had no idea that the Colonel was now with the Detective. Tawo knew that Bruno was very capable and had never been found wanting. He was the best field agent The Ghost Corporation had asides from The Deadly Quartet. He was being considered to understudy Ambrose and maybe get promoted to a Super-Agent. Yet he did not have the level of clearance to be privy to that sort of information. Only the Super-Agents were in the know of The Colonel and his operations. Bruno did not qualify. Tawo had spoken to Shina and Sophia earlier about informing Bruno of the new developments so he could be better prepared. The agreement reached was that Ambrose should be at the Bungalow at 02:00hrs to support Bruno. The Colonel would be taken out at 05:00hrs.

Tawo wanted to call Bruno immediately the decision had been taken but it was already time for his personal meditation session. Now Bruno had taken matters into his own hands and gone in without up to date information on the target. Tawo was sure that whatever it was, Bruno had a good reason to go in all by himself.

He thought for a few seconds. He switched on his Ipad.

“Please give command” A voice prompt came from the device.

“Open Damage Control on Mission Ahmed.” Tawo spoke to the Ipad, folding his hands behind.

The program opened all possible methods of invading Ahmed’s compound and taking out the Colonel. It also provided him with a brief outcome of every method, giving each a certain percentage of success or failure.

After watching the program for a few minutes, he took out Ambrose and Shina from the simulation and pushed in Bruno and Marshal as replacements. He ran the program from the beginning a second time.

In all the possible methods, the average success was at 23%. The possibility of failure was 89%.

He was disturbed. He was not really worried about the safety of Bruno and Marshal. They were agents and they could handle themselves. He worried about losing The Colonel. He had a difficult time catching up with him before. Tawo did not want a repeat performance.

He called Sophia.

“The Colonel Mission is on a code red. Of the four of us, you are closest to the detective’s location. Please move in. Your protégé Bruno’s life depends on it.” Tawo said.

“What? You call me at this time of the night and expect me to jump at your instructions? Who do you think you are talking to one of your dogs?” Sophia asked irritated.

“Please S. I really need you.” Tawo pleaded.

Sophia knew that Tawo had a reputation for being arrogant, proud and cruel. So when she heard him beg, she had no choice than to help him out.

“Send me the details.” Sophia asked.

“No details S. Bruno is going into the detective’s compound to decommission Ahmed. He is not aware that The Colonel is there. And I have a hunch that he is falling in to a very big trap. If we don’t move fast, he may not survive it.” Tawo explained.

“No. Nothing is going to happen to Bruno. I will send a report in 90 minutes.” Sophia finished and hung up.

She got up from her bed and opened a small closet hanging on the wall beside her bathroom door. There were different guns, cartridges and bullets on the shelves inside the closet. She picked a gold embroidered pistol and a .45 silenced automatic.

She faced the mirror in her room and applied a pink lipstick. She touched up her face and was looking very pretty and sexually provocative. She wore a very short and tight purple mini skirt, put on a white tank top and wore a purple net over the tank top. She put her guns in a medium sized purse. She entered her Benz E280, began the ignition and drove out of the mansion.


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