#SingleLady – Episode 1

lauren-ridealgh-22181-1280x800EPISODE 1

Beauty, charisma and elegance;
All these and many more are the attributes I possess but for some strange reasons, I’m single. Is life really this complicated or is it that we humans somehow complicate it with our different approach to life itself?

* * * * *

Am a Delta chick, bred in Lasgidi – so you can imagine the extent of my swags.
You would have heard people say ‘Warri no dey carry last’, and that’s so true in all aspect of my life but relationship-wise. I’ve met almost all kind of guys that exist but for some reasons luck hasn’t been fair to me.

My name is Jenny, Jennifer Richards. I am purely Nigerian so dont be fooled by the english last name.

I met this ‘dude’ some years back when I was being frustrated by J.A.M.B – most of you who have experienced this would relate to this. I wrote that examination repeatedly for three consecutive years until my parents were advised by friends to send me to the school of my choice to run the pre-degree program because they somehow believed that being in the school premises would aid me to be more focused and ginger me to work harder towards gaining an admission.

So few days after, I was bundled and shipped off to school without being asked any question, not like am complaining but its funny how our parents make almost all the decisions in our lives without putting our opinions into consideration.

The Federal University of Technology – ‘FUTO’, Owerri was my school of choice not because of it has always been my dream school – which it isn’t, but because I had and still have relatives and friends: those who wrote J.A.M.B with me year after year, got admission and left me at home. So I’ve got roots there. Don’t get it wrong, I’m smart, I get good grades but I really have no idea why I missed getting admission each year.

I was so excited leaving the house, in fact leaving the city of Lagos because the whole ‘sitting at home’ thing was beginning to depress me.

I got to FUTO on a rainy sunday night. It was one of those pitch black nights that you wish you had a very large bible with you.

I was asked to stay with a family friend until I get into the school properly, her name is Diana but I simply call her ‘Deedee’.

You see, Deedee is a root … MY ROOT. She was in her third year, we both attended same high school and wrote our first J.A.M.B together, the only difference was that, that was her first and last J.A.M.B. A little too ‘geeky’ or is it ‘book-wormish’ and add ‘churchy’ to the mix, all of this equal to my Deedee.
Maybe that’s why my parents insisted I stayed with her so that she could influence me and turn me to a book worm – mission impossible *wink*.

* * *

It was about 4:16am when I woke up on my first school day, I immediately attempted to wake Deedee up but she refused to wake up until I had to use a broom to hit her – lol, she reluctantly opened one of her eyes and subconsciously said;
‘Go back to sleep jhur! My alarm hasn’t gone off yet’

So I laid down and tried to sleep but it seemed like an ‘herculean task’ maybe it was due to the excitement of finally being in school, or so I thought.
I woke Deedee immediately I heard the alarm and she reluctantly got up so we could prepare for school.

I support the mentality that ‘first impression counts’ so I had to look my best. I brought out my box of clothes and started digging through looking for the appropriate outfit. I found this lovely top and discovered it needed ironing and immediately ‘P.H.C.N’ reminded me they weren’t on my side nor were they going to make things easy for me, so they seized power. I was so exhilarated to let anything get to me so I just kept search and finally decided on a dressy top, pant trousers and a nice pair of flat shoes.

Damn!!! As I took a finally looked at myself in the mirror, I fell in love with myself all over again – I was so so so and so fine.
As I was admiring myself in the mirror, I saw Deedee at one corner, she looked red with annoyance. She just held my hand firmly and dragged me out of the room and locked the door – you can’t blame me na.

I knew I was going to turn heads … unfortunately, I turned Iyke’s head. He saw beauty at its peak and he followed.

PS – TO BE CONTINUED next week wednesday.

ff @OfficialChistar


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