#MyComplicatedLoveStory: first encounter with Sandra – Episode 2


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The test tube thing gave me a hard time but somehow I cleared the blood part with a nurse and headed to the toilet to do the urine thing because I had no other option. On getting there the toilet was empty, I was so glad, that I rushed in, but …

I forgot to lock the door.

I brought out my ‘D’ and tried placing it in the tube, which was very hard because I have a … *clears throat* well never mind – I guess you know what I mean *wink*.

While I was doing my thing, someone just pushed the door open and came in. That was the most embarrassing moment of my life! At that moment I wished the ground would open and swallow me, although the person quickly locked the door back with the speed of light I’m pretty sure she saw something.

What made it so bad was the fact that it wasn’t a guy but a girl who opened the door. I tried to console myself with the conclusion of probably never seeing the girl again since ‘UNIPORT’ is a big school, but I was wrong, dead wrong.

I finished up and cleared the urine thing finally, then headed home. It was a Friday so I made plans of going clubbing to clear my head and forget about the earlier incident, I told Tayo and Uche who liked the idea, so they invited their chicks and since I didn’t have any ‘chick’, I just made up my mind to go and pick up a girl I’ll take home not knowing fate had a different plan for me.
It was about 11:36pm when we got to the club, we headed straight for the VIP section where some of Uche guys were, and they hailed him screaming ‘URCH MONEY!! URCH MONEY!!!’, I don’t get why almost all the Uche I know automatically bear Urch as a nickname, anyway, we shook hands, exchanged pleasantries and joined them. Without wasting much time Uche ordered for drinks and I figured out why ‘money’ was attached to his nick name. This guy bought drinks that the money could buy a car and fuel it for two years conveniently. I was happy that the drinks part was covered; little did I know that we are in for a night of many adventures.

While I was just sitting and observing the babes in the club, I saw a girl doing something I hate and assume every guy hates too, she was with her phone, probably pinging.

‘For crying out loud, if you want to ping, stay at home! You don’t come to a club and do that’ I thought out loud.

The alcohol was already kicking in so I had what they call a ‘drunk man’s courage’, I stood up, walked up to her, but instead of being a gentleman and sit down then talk to her or something like that, I snatched her phone from her, kept it in my pocket and dragged her to the dance floor. Funny enough, she didn’t complain, just followed me.

The DJ probably read my mind and changed the song to;
‘Young girl, you don’t know the thing am teaching you the thing, you are playing with the thing …’

Still in my ‘drunk man’s courage’ mode, I whispered to her; ‘lemme teach you something’, then turned her and started rocking her from behind, and strangely again, she complied.

We danced for quite a long while then slowly my eyes cleared up and I got back to my senses, I strained my eyes to see who this ‘hottie’ was, even in the dark, she looked hot with her killer curves, to my greatest surprise it was the same chick that had busted into me in the toilet when I was doing this medicals thing!. I was super embarrassed this time, she noticed what was going on and then said;
‘Maybe we should talk and clear things out’, and I agreed of course.

So we headed out of the club because the music was too loud and unless we were going to scream, talking in the club wasn’t a good idea. We got out and found nowhere to sit, so we just decided to stroll.

There was a quite long awkward silence between us until she finally spoke;
‘am sorry’

‘For what?’, I asked pretending not to know what she was talking about

‘For this afternoon, bursting into the toilet like that, I should have knocked’

I was feeling really uncomfortable so I just tried to quickly change the topic;
‘oh, that?, it’s nothing, shit happens … anyway I am Michael’

‘Hi, I’m Sandra’

‘Ok, hi Sandra, you school in UNIPORT right?’

‘Yea, I’m a fresher though, how about you?’

‘Err, fresher too, what department are you, or wait, lemme guess, err … medicine?’ I asked with a wide grin.

She laughed then replied;
‘No oh, medicine ke? U want to kill me?, I am studying economics’ – at that point I actually knew I had gotten a girl for the night. The thing with girls is that they like a guy that isn’t boring, one who can make them laugh and make them feel comfortable, if you can do that well, you can have ‘almost’ any girl and Sandra fortunately is among the ‘almost’.

Funny how time flies, we had talked for about two hours when it happened.

Tayo called;
‘Guy where u they?’ he asked

‘Around sha, wetin they happen?’ I replied

‘Rush come the club side, now now!, kasala don burst’, before I could ask any more questions, he hung up.

Sandra who was already getting worried then asked if all was well, all I could say was; ‘I hope so’.

We headed back to the club as fast as we could, not knowing what to expect.


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  1. walewunmi

    Hun bt y did u remuv ur updates of dis story on nairaland i got d link bt frm episode 3 upward it wax saying ‘post hidden’ or do u wana make a book of d story ?

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