#SingleLady – Episode 2



Deedee and I got into the school premises just in time for my first lecture. I was so excited and was about rushing into my lecture hall when Deedee pulled me back. I stopped, turned looking at her like some sort of hindrance;

‘What Deedee?’ I said trying to pass the message across that I wanted to join the class. She adjusted her top and started the ‘motherly lecture’. I gaped at her and couldn’t believe my ears. Just so you know, am a year older than Deedee and here she was forming ‘parent’ for me. She went on and on about me avoiding trouble and how I would gain admission if I followed her rules.

While she talked, I slipped into my own little world so that I could control my temper that was sizzling at that point in time. She kept on talking for another five minutes while I swallowed my pride and drifted further away.

‘Jenny! Jenny!’ said Deedee as she shook me vigorously. I snapped back to reality and realized she had finished her speech.

‘What again Deedee? I have to join the class. ‘Abeg’ we would talk later’ As I walked away leaving her looking surprised. Deedee shrugged and left after few seconds remembering she had her own lecture to catch up with.

At this point, my excitement had disappeared. All I felt within was rage;
‘Little Deedee giving me advice all because she gained admission before me’.

I walked into the lecture hall and noticed most of the front seats were occupied – not that I would want to sit there, wouldn’t want the lecturer asking me questions I might not know the answer to, thus embarrassing myself on my first day. So, I decided to hide somewhere at the back.

I sat at the edge of the row, plugged in my ear piece and selected an old time classic, ‘Dance with my father’ by Luther vandros. I put my head on the table and drifted off in my thoughts once again.

This time the thoughts were not of rage anymore but of self-pity. I was so deep in my thoughts of how things would have been different if I had gained admission earlier that I didn’t notice when the lecturer walked in.

Students rushed to take their sits and the lecturer started his class.

He wrote his name on the board ‘Dr. Amadi Ikechukwu‘ and turned around. He scanned the class and noticed me – I still had my head on the table. He told the lady sitting close to me to tap me which she did. I looked up and saw like a hundred pair of eyes on me. I quickly removed the ear piece and adjusted in my chair.

‘what is your name?’ Dr Amadi asked

‘Jennifer Sir’ I replied timidly

‘Why are you sleeping on a monday morning?’

‘Ermm, Sir I wasn’t sleeping. I had my ear piece on and didn’t notice when you walked in’

‘offense number one, come to the front of the class, I would not tolerate laziness in my class’ He roared.

I got up and walked to the front.

‘Give me your phone and the ear piece now’ He ordered

I looked at him like he had just asked for my liver.

‘But Sir, I…’

He interrupted me before I could complete my sentence;
‘Give me the phone or leave my class, I do not have time to waste’ He said

I reluctantly gave him the phone and tried to return back to my seat but he stopped me and pointed to a seat in front and started the lecture.

The lecture went on for another one hour and thirty minutes. I kept looking at my watch and counting down to the end of the class. Finally, it came to an end. I watched students stand up and leave the lecture hall while I waited for the lecturer to pack up his books so I could follow him and get my phone back. He finished up and started to leave, I walked briskly towards him and said;

‘Sir, please I’ll be needing my phone back.’

He turned around and and said;

‘come with me.’

So I quietly followed him wondering what he might be up to while I formed rebellious replies in my head because I was bent on collecting my phone.

We walked down the hall and got to an office, he brought out the keys, opened the door and went in. I followed him in and waited for him to settle down and tell me what I was doing there. When He finished he asked me to sit down which I did. Then He started talking;

‘what did you say your name was again?’

‘Jennifer sir’

‘nice name but I’ll call you Jenny baby’ he said

I looked at him and smiled sheepishly.

‘Why are you smiling like that or did I say something wrong’ He asked

‘No sir’ I said

Then He continued, my name is Iyke and I like you. You are pretty and just what I need for this semester.

I looked at him like he had three heads, before replying;

‘Thank you sir, please I have another lecture so I’ll just collect my phone and be on my way’

He laughed and said ‘yes your phone, I’ll give that to you if you would promise to see me again’

I looked at my time piece and nodded saying ‘ok sir’

then he stretched out his hand and gave the phone to me but not before dialing his number on it and said;

‘call me’

‘Men!’ I murmured.

TO BE CONTINUED on tuesday.

ff @OfficialChistar


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