#SingleLady – Episode 3



I walked out of Dr. Amadi’s office in a daze. I said to myself;
‘What else could go wrong?’

Deep in thought and worried sick, I somehow found my way back to my lecture hall. The next lecture had begun so I quietly took a seat at the back. I tried to concentrate but I couldn’t so I just kept on staring at the lecturer like a zombie while she talked. Thirty minutes later, the lecturer packed her books and left the class. I watched her go but I made no attempt to leave the class.

Other students started to leave in groups while sat there just staring. I was barely a student and here I was in a deep mess. I thought to myself;
‘Maybe if I had listened to whatever Deedee was trying to tell me, all of these wouldn’t have happened.

‘Hi Jenny, why are you sitting down looking so pale? Is everything all right?’
I looked up and saw the girl that tapped me in the morning for Dr. Amadi. A part of me said;
‘Don’t talk to her, she’s the enemy. After all she tapped me and helped cause all of these’. I knew I was just being paranoid so I quickly put my thoughts away and smiled. Then i replied her;
‘ermm, nothing, hi’

She smiled back and stretched out her hand for a hand shake and said;
‘My name is Caroline’

I shook her and said;
‘Well, you already know my name. You and the entire class know my name’ I laughed and she joined in.

She sat down and asked again ‘is something wrong? You don’t look so good.

‘Well…’ I began to say then stopped.

She looked at me waiting patiently for my reply.

‘No nothing is wrong, I am waiting for someone; I lied
If she had suspected that I lied, I couldn’t tell cause she just smiled and nodded

‘Ok, I just thought you could use a little company but since you say you are all right. I’ll be on my way then. See you tomorrow Jenny.
Then she got up and left.

Once again i was alone with my thoughts. This didn’t last long because my phone rang immediately. It was Deedee.

‘Hello Deedee’ I said
‘where are you’ she said
‘my lecture hall’ I replied
‘are you done with lectures for today?’
‘yea’ I said
‘ok, me too. Meet me at the school park so we can go home together’
‘ok, I would meet you there in a jiffy.
Then she dropped the call. I carried my bag and left for the park.

Few minutes later, we were home. Deedee started preparing lunch while I tried to take a nap. I was hungry, worried and stressed out. Who was I deceiving that I would sleep? I kept turning and tossing until I gave up and got up. I looked at phone and scrolled through my contacts, there it was ‘Dr. Amadi’s’ contact. I had to talk to someone because I didn’t know what to do.

‘Maybe I should try Deedee, she might understand and know what to do’ I said to myself
‘nah, wouldn’t want her judging me or giving me long motherly speeches.’
As I kept going back and forth in my mind, I concluded that I’ll just have to handle it my way and see how it plays out.
‘after all na guy e be, nobody can make me feel so uncomfortable or I’ll put them in their place. I said.
I felt a little relieved after my little chat with my subconscious.

‘Jenny, food is ready’ Deedee screamed from the kitchen.

The rest of the week passed uneventfully. I had plans to do something fun during the weekend. After all, ‘all work and no play makes Jenny a very dull girl’. Caroline and I had become a little close during the week. I found out she was my kind of person, balanced in three aspects ‘fine, fun and funny so it wasn’t hard for us to click.

On Saturday night, Caroline called to ask if we could hang out at a club in town and I said yes. So, I jumped up and started dressing up before she would come pick me . Deedee looked up at me;
‘where are you going?’ she asked

‘out’ I replied

‘what’s the name of the place?’ She said

At this time, I was so fed up on having Deedee on my neck all the time, so I ignored her and continued preparing.
She got pissed and start the ‘award winning’ talk. I just continued until I heard a knock on the door.
That’s my cue to leave hon, I’ll see you later.
I opened the door and left with Caroline. Off to the club *wink*

Not long after, we were in the club. We sat at the bar and ordered drinks. After a couple too many drinks, we were high and got up to dance. We moved towards the dance floor and started dancing, guys around probably suspected we were high and took their positions at our backs. Damn!!, see ‘rocking.’ Caroline shouted above the music that was blaring from the speakers;
‘I have to go to the bathroom’ she said

I nodded my reply because I was having so much fun to follow her, she left without me while I continued dancing. I’m sure I was doing damage to the guy’s ‘D’ because of the way he started groping me. I turned to caution him because he was passing boundaries and I wasn’t too drunk not to notice. I expected an apology or something but the guy pulled me towards the door and whispered something else.
‘how much for the night’ he said

He continued to dance while he waited for me to reply.


ff @OfficialChistar


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