#B•I•T•C•H: Can things get any worse? – Episode 4

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Enjoy today’s episode of “B•I•T•C•H”, the story has only just begun.



“You don’t know what you have until you loose it”
Those ten words quoted above makes up the deepest sentence known to man, its meaning and relevance to the everyday society can’t be overlooked. At some point or the other, most of us have actually had reasons to agree with the statement because we’ve been there.


… As Richard refused to answer her, Zainab then tried to run toward him and pull him out of the fight before he killed his opponent with his all those kind of punches that would scare even “Muhammad Alli”.

Richard paused for a second and said;
“Woman, Stay out of this!”

But Zainab just couldn’t let him continue, she kept on pulling Richard who at a point got fed up with Zainab and he pushed her away with full force, he didn’t see that coming or he didn’t plan for it to happen that way but Zainab staggered backward due to Richard push and she slipped and fell, hitting her head at the edge of the bed so hard that anyone who saw it would have assumed her skull had broken or at the very least “cracked”.

And that was how Zainab died, or so Richard thought.

Confused about what’s happening? Let me rewind back to fifteen minutes ago …

“Zainab!” Richard called out. He knew what he just saw but he was sure his mind was playing a trick on him, how can his “good and faithful wife” be screwing some other dude in the house and on their matrimonial bed for that matter? Was the question he asked himself. Technically speaking, Zainab wasn’t on the bed, she was on the floor kneeling and moaning loudly as Clement had his hands on her waist and was … Well, that’s a story for another day.

Both Zainab and Clement were too engrossed in “whatever” they were doing that they didn’t even notice Richard who was standing at the door talk less of hear him murmur Zainab’s name.

Richard on the other hand stood still for about five seconds after he had called Zainab’s name the first time, he was trying to gain his composure back and also hoping he was dreaming, he blinked twice, but nothing changed, Clement was still busy with Zainab.

He decided to face reality and take action, he consciously let the bouquet of flowers slip from his hands and before Clement could at least attempt to defend him self, Richard ran towards him with rage and pounced on him, in one quick movement, both of them were on the floor tossing and turning like babies playing, the only difference was, each toss and turn was accompanied with a punch from Richard to Clement’s face.

Zainab who was taken unawares didn’t know what to do or say at first, but after looking at how Richard was beating Clement, she figure Clement might soon pass out or probably die if she did nothing, so she did what any lady in her shoes would do when two men are fighting – although this isn’t really a fight, perhaps a good beating. She started screaming at the top of her voice;

“Richard don’t kill him oh! Richard! Don’t kill…” She wanted to call Clement’s name but realized she had forgotten it or maybe she didn’t even know it in the first place, whatever that waiter had given her must have been conjured from the lakes of hell by the devil himself.

So as Richard refused to answer her, she started throwing pillows at him, but she soon ran out of pillows as there were only four in the room, Richard wasn’t distracted. Zainab had only one last option, pull Richard out of the fight by her self. She took a deep breath before she ran towards Richard and I guess you know the rest.

“Oh my God!! What have I done?” Richard exclaimed, asking no one in particular, he was in a state that can’t be described by any english word.

At first, Clement was too weak to understand what was going on, the punches he had received had paralyzed him temporary but as soon as he saw what had happened to Zainab, a suddenly boost of adrenaline flowed through his body and just as if he was on drugs and the drugs just kicked in, he stood up, picked up his clothes and zoomed out of the house at the speed of lightening – he was able to grab just his trousers and singlet, but that was all he actually needed, ain’t it?.

Richard was a little too devastated and still in shock so he didn’t bother going after Clement, all he had on his mind was how the hell was he going to hide Zainab’s body – Yes! Hide! Its no news that he never really loved Zainab, he just loved what she had to offer him, and now that he had gotten it, what was the point of keeping her around?.

He sat down on the floor close to Zainab’s body, chewing his finger nails out of anxiety and then an idea popped into his head, he recalled he had a friend at speed dial who might be able to help him.

He brought out his “Iphone 4” and scrolled through his contacts, he stopped when he got to the name “Dr. Daniel”, and clicked on the call button then he waited for the call to go through.

The problem now is, Dr. Daniel isn’t really the kind of doctor you are expecting.


As she drove home, Jummy had a kind of mischievous smile on her face, she noticed she was smiling sheepishly and tried to kept a straight face but the stuff on her mind was too good a news for her to keep a straight face.

Mentally, she thought;
“At long last! That my daft bestie has decided to move on and am glad she’s lucky to have such a cute guy to spend her first night as a single lady once again with” her smiled widened as she pictured Clement’s firm body against Zainab’s. “Maybe I shouldn’t have set the ‘P’ for Zainab, I could have set it for myself” she thought in regret, although it was nothing serious.

NB: P could mean many things ranging from Parole to Peniis and many other things, but in this context, it means Package.

“I just can’t wait for Zainab to holla at me and give me the full gist… In fact let me call her.” Jummy concluded and stretched for her hand bag at the back seat of the car.

As she stretched, she lost control of the wheels and nearly collided with a Range Rover that was approaching her;

“Olori buru ku! Ode oshi! You no dey see for evening?” She cursed the driver who just ignored her and drove away.

But then, that was just God’s way of telling her to focus on her driving but she didn’t listen.

She stretched for her hand bag the second time and got it this time, she brought out her phone and with on hand on the wheel and the other holding her phone, she held the number ‘3’ since that was the speed dial for Zainab’s ‘Glo’ number.

It rung the first time and wasn’t answered, so she dialed it again, this time the call was disconnected, Jummy smiled.

She murmured quite loudly;
“My bestie is in action, what a sharp …”

Her thoughts were obstructed by the current happenings. She was obviously staring at the road but had her mind elsewhere so she didn’t see when a “Dangote Cement” truck flashed its head lamp at her from a distance as it approached from behind in an attempt to over take her, the driver of the truck thought he had gotten her attention, so he horned just once before pressing his feet on the accelerator in other to gain up some speed, co-incedentially, Jummy had gotten to a junction where she had to turn right and enter the avenue her house was located.

Before she saw the truck and could press the breaks, she had already steered the car half way at the turn and the truck driver was too close to press his breaks too.

One moment, Jummy was filled with life, smiling with the thoughts of Zainab moving on and the next moment she was on the floor just beside her car which had damaged beyond repair. She was bleeding furiously, and at the rate she was loosing blood, her body couldn’t take it anymore, she passed out. The last thing she saw was the truck driver trying to navigate the truck past her in other to get away.

She didn’t even get the chance to say her last prayers.


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3 thoughts on “#B•I•T•C•H: Can things get any worse? – Episode 4

  1. Rex

    woa……Boss Mi wen nxt u go upd8 na….i had2 travel 4rm NL 2 hia wen i saw u alredi posted hia by 3…..Nyc…Veri Nyc Bro!!….Nxt 1 Puleez

  2. @Rex, the basic idea is I update once daily and if you have noticed, each updates have two or more scenes. I could update more than once if only God wills it. Thanks for travelling ;D, my views just increased by 1, lol.

    @Clemzy, hehehehe.. To be frank, I never planned for such to happen but as I started typing, I don’t know what caused it, but I thought it would be more intriguing this way. 😀 🙂

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