Hello dear,

… Okay, I admit it, using “hello dear” sounds too stale and old school, why don’t I just use “hi pumpkin?”, after all, that was the pet name I used to call you before I caught you and that annoying dude who sits at my back in class doing… Errr, never mind, that’s another story.

So, let me start all over again.

Hi pumpkin,

How you doing? As I write this letter, I’m quite uncertain about my feelings for you, as a matter of fact, I don’t think I even feel anything for you anymore, but I don’t want you to know that yet, so I’ll probably never send this letter to you. Don’t bother asking me why because I don’t even know – I really don’t understand myself at times.

I still recall the very first day I met you or is it “chat with you?”, whatever. Anyway, I was dead bored as usual, and needed to browse so as to keep myself busy – frankly speaking, when I say browse, I actually mean tweet because I was a twitter addict and so were you.

So I picked up my phone and tried to log on to twitter but it was one of those random days when MTN decides to go on an unannounced strike and leave every on who uses their network on their blackberry with the “GSM” thing at the top right corner of their screen, which only signifies that the blackberry phones are temporary useless.

My eyes were getting red, my throat getting dry, and many awkward things were happening to me because of my inability to tweet so I became dead desperate, I sneaked to my elder sister’s room and stole her phone while she slept, I was sure she was going to kill me when she woke up but who cares? After all, am not the one who sent her to stay awake all night to make night call with that dude who only calls her at night when the call is free, #BrokeNiggazBeLike… – not like its my business but I wonder what she saw in him.

Luckily for me, she wasn’t a member of the MTN family and her network was great, 3G tho badt!!! I made a mental note to port to whatever network she uses after my current MTN subscription expired – I couldn’t let my 1•5k waste so it has to expire first!.

You really need to see as my heart leaped for joy as I logged in and my beautiful timeline opened right before my eyes, it was as if a huge rock had been lifted of my shoulder – whatever that means. I follow the funniest set of people so I was laughing my arse out and rolling on the floor barely a minute later after I logged in.

After a while of just scrolling through my timeline and replying “LOL” at almost all the tweets I could lay my eyes on, I decided to take a chill pill and chat with someone, and that was when I saw it, I’m not so sure what your handle is now, but it used to be something like “@Miss_Understood419”, the handle was catchy and I just had to view your profile, I clicked on your handle and waited for it to load quickly in high anticipation.

As I viewed your avatar, “OMG!!!” I think my heart skipped a beat, why am I even lieing? My heart skipped about five beats and not one! You were the most beautiful creature I had ever seen.

Subconsciously, I punched the “follow” button and tweeted “NFF @Miss_Understood419, KFB miss”, at exactly 1min 26sec – yes I counted, I got a mention, I quickly clicked on the “mention” icon (@) and saw “@DatBlaqBoy95 done!”, I ran round my room like a mad man on rage, I stopped at one point and started dancing skelewu in excitement, I know that single word meant nothing to you but it meant everything to me – don’t bother trying to understand why, I can’t even explain it.

So I decided to push my luck, I sent you a “DM” which had only one word in it; “Hi”, I didn’t expect a reply from you, and even if I did, I didn’t expect it to be so fast but you replied;
“hello?” almost immediately. I felt the urge to run round the room once more but I somehow controlled it.

“Am Michael” I replied you.

“Oh, hi Mikey, do I know you?” I nearly had a heart attack, “did she just call me Mikey?” That’s was the question which rang in my head.

I wanted to reply; “no you don’t, but I would like to *wink*” but then, I thought that would sound too flirty, so I went with the usual line we guys use when asked such questions;

“No, I just saw your handle and profile somewhere around and you seemed quite nice, so I decided to follow you. PS: Thanks for the follow back!”

This time you took over five minutes to reply, only doubling my anxiety, I thought I had done something wrong.

“Oh, u’re welcome, am Sharon”
After reading your reply, I let out a huge breath of air I didn’t even realize I was holding.

“You have got a really nice name ;)”

“Thanks ;)”.

“So, am seventeen and I school at Queen Maris” I replied.

“Queen Maris? The one at Jakande estate?”

“Yea, do you know it?”

“Yes! I do! That’s my school!!!” You replied and to be frank with you, I ran round my room and started jumping on my bed in excitement.

“Yay! Wow, what class and how old are you?” I asked.

“Am sixteen and am in SS1”

“Yay! I’m older that you with a year!” I replied stupidly in joy.

“Its just a year oh, don’t get too excited” you replied, that’s one thing I’ve always loved about you, your constant serious attitude.

“Yea yea, so do you have any hobby?”

“Yep, sure, I love swimming and reading novels”

“Really? Swimming? You must have a swimmer’s body right?”

“Yea, why, you wanna see it? ;)”

I think my face turned “tomato red” when you said that. I knew you were joking but come on! That would make any guy blush.

I didn’t know what to say so I typed the first thing that came to my mind. Of course, now that I think back on it, I feel really stupid.

“Um…?” See.. I told you, stupid right?

“I’m just playing with you, ease up Mikey!”
When you said or wrote,whatever, my name the second time, I nearly had a seizure! You should have been there.

“I know, I just didn’t know what to say…”

“How about yes? ;)”

“Wow! Wait a minute, are you flirting with me?” I asked.
Why the hell did I ask such a silly question?.

“Not really, I only do it to guys I think are cute ;)”

I couldn’t believe you just called me cute, I just froze, and stared at your message, I must have read it about a hundred times before you replied me and snapped me out of my dream world.

“Hey! Mikey, are you still there? Am just teasing you o, don’t take the stuffs I say personal” you replied and denied the whole thing you just said, but I knew there was more to it than that.

“Lol, I was just in a little world of my own;)” I replied.

“Aiit, err.. Am sorry but I’ve got to go to school early tomorrow, maybe we would see at school tomorrow?”

The earth stopped spinning for a split second at this question, the lady I was crushing on wants to see me?.

“Yea, sure. We would” I replied, mentally dancing skelewu, azonto, etighi, makosa and probably every dance I know at once – come to think of it, why do all this dances have funny names?.

“Aiit, sleep tight Mikey <3"

I had to force myself to start breathing again when I saw you added a heart smiley after my name, I knew you didn't mean anything by it but it still made me happy, really happy.

"Awww.. Alright Sharon ;D, nitty, see ya tomorrow :)"

"Bye *kisses*"


I didn't know it then, but that few minutes of chatting with you, changed my life – forever.

With love,


*squeezes letter and throws it in the waste bin.*


ff @OfficialChistar


8 thoughts on “#ALetter2My”Ex”.

    1. princesa

      I love that you’ve upped your writing and getting matured with it. Leaving behind those bracketed side comments, using the hyphen symbol is matured and presentable. Well done! Just so you know I’ve bookmarked your blog along with others am following and am gonna be reading your series here. I will pop into your nl thread soon enough and tell you the blog business ish, i previously mentioned about. That has got to be in my time, okay? Well done again.

  1. clemzy

    Nice letter, it’s a good think you decided to write something sweet about your ex. Unlike the general believe of people that ex’s are bad and stuff like that.

  2. @Princesa – thank bae, I actually started using the hyphen because of you judges analysis at the short story competion. A lot of you judges seemed to disappro e of it so I decided to try and infuse the side comments into the story so as to make the story flow, although I still use the bracket quite often because it inevitable attimes. Glad my blog is now on your “blog roll”. About the blog business, am quite curious about what you mean but I’ll let you take your time, u can DM me the details if you feel like, My twitter handle and email is probably attacched to all my posts ;D.

    @hisexeclency – lol.. Its fictional writing na ;D, and the point of the story is I’m just lamenting, like I stated in the first paragraph, I never planed on sending the letter to Sharon.

    @Joy4mi – Glad you loved it, don’t worry, more would come your way soon ;D.

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