#SingleLady – Episode 4.



‘Damn!, this guy has some nerve’ I said to myself as I stood there obviously rattled by this guy’s ‘supposed apology’. I thought of lots of obnoxious words just to get back at him. When I had prepared myself, I started raining all sorts of abusive words on him, he got pissed and joined in. Caroline came in just in time as the bouncer threw us out of the club. She walked out calmly and joined me in the parking lot then asked;
‘What was that all about?’

‘I’ll rather not talk about it, lets just go home’ I said

‘Okay’ she said as she stopped a cab.

The cab ride seemed longer than normal because I wasn’t talking and just kept staring through the windows. I knew this made Caroline a little uncomfortable, so she asked again;

‘What happened back there, Jenny’

I replied this time; ‘the buffalo of a guy thought I was an ‘ashewo’ and asked how much for the night’

Caroline just started laughing, she laughed until she had tears in her eyes and I joined in after sometime because it now to seemed funny to me. When she had composed herself she said;
‘So na wetin they make you vex, na you find trouble na. See the length of the gown you wear, then the ‘rocking’ you finish am with. Wetin you expect??

I just started laughing again and this time she joined me. We kept on talking until we got home.

It was 3:10am when I made it to my room. Caroline had dropped me off and gone to her own hostel. I used my keys and tiptoed into the room so I wouldn’t wake Deedee. I switched on the light there she was sitting and waiting up for me.
‘What the heck is wrong with this girl? What’s with the overly protective attitude?’ I said to myself

‘Hi Deedee’ I reluctantly said

‘You are back’ she said

‘Obviously’ I said

‘Well…?’ she said, as if asking a question.

‘Deedee please I no get strength, just let me be, I’m not in the mood’ I said

‘Jenny, I don’t mean to be this way but let’s just say I…’

I interrupted her saying; Deedee, you used to be fun to hang out with. What happened to you?

‘I found Jesus dear’ Deedee replied.

I rolled my eyes and said;
‘So predictable, Goodnight Jhur’

Few hours later, it was sunday morning. It was bright and sunny, a good day to act holy and go to church- at least that’s how I saw it. The truth is I needed to find solace in church because tomorrow was the ‘dreaded’ monday, the day I get to face Dr. Amadi who I haven’t called since then. Deedee seemed delighted that she didn’t have to drag me to church or give one of her speech.

We got to church on time, the priest was about saying the opening prayers. Deedee rushed to the front and some how squeezed her self in an obviously full pew while I just stayed at the back.
The sermon seemed to be directed to me. I was so sure the priest had a vision of me and my sinful ways and composed the sermon to spite me in the presence of the congregation. I kept turning in my chair and looking at my watch.

Just so you know, I am not evil or anything. I was brought up in a Christian home but I just can’t tell what happened. The service came to a close as the priest said the benedictions ;
‘Go in peace brethren, may the sun not smite you by day nor the moon by night. Have a blessed week.’

I got up to leave the church grinning from ear to ear just as I saw Dr. Amadi with his wife and children. They looked cute together. An idea came to my mind, ‘why don’t I go say hi to him and his family?’, I thought.

‘Good morning sir, how was the service? Madam, you are so wearing that dress. Damn!, You look so good.’

‘Thanks dear, do I know you?’ she asked.

‘No ma but your husband does, he is my lecturer in school’ I replied.

‘Oh… hello, how is school?’

‘Fine ma, my name is Jennifer. I would have really loved to keep talking to you but I have to go now. See you next sunday.

‘Ok dear, take care’

As I walked away I could imagine how upset and probably perplexed Dr. Amadi would have been. I even added an extra sway to my hips as I walked because I knew he was still staring. I could hear his wife talking in the background about how she liked me. I thought to myself; ‘who wouldn’t like me, I even complimented her and her dress’. That was so fun and am sure he got my message.

‘Nobody scares Jenny’.


ff @OfficialChistar


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