#AnEveningWithEva – Episode 6



Sophia was shocked. Bruno was covered in dirt and mud. He had a small cut on his cheek. There was dried blood on his forehead. His shirt was bloody and messy. He staggered into the room and sat on the long couch. He looked really bad.

“What in hell happened to you?” Sophia asked.

“We got attacked. Some heavily armed men ambushed us as we entered Lokoja. I had to create a diversion. I made myself the bait while I asked Marshal to proceed as planned.” Bruno replied.

Sophia picked her phone and made a call. She called Gbenga to call off the search party. She had found Bruno. She also asked her personal assistant to get her private doctor to come to the mansion. She hung up. Bruno looked a mess. She asked him to go clean up. She called the General and informed him of the recent development.

“I want to know exactly what happened. Have you asked about the boy? Where is Marshal?” the General queried.

“Bruno was badly wounded. He was almost passing out. My doctor is currently seeing to him. I will get him around and have him tell me everything.” She replied.

“S, you are really beginning to irk me! Don’t contact me unless you have something tangible to tell me. I gave you a mission. You had your orders. You have made a mess of it. I do not need crumbs. I need results. You have 24 hours.” The General said and finished. The line went dead.

Marshal drove like a mad man. Their driver had just been shot and he had taken hold of the wheels. He looked in the rear view mirror. The boy was scared as hell. The green Kia Optima was still in pursuit. Damn it! He took a sharp left. The tires screeched. He was driving at 100km/hr. He was not scared. His adrenaline was pumping. He needed to shake off these guys. He took another right and got on to a lonely path. His attackers were nowhere in sight but he knew they were not far behind. He stopped the car in the middle of the road, opened the door and got out. He pulled Sean out from the back and walked with him into the bush. He pushed Sean ahead of him as they walked through shrubs and bushes. Marshal heard a car stop in the distance behind. His pursuers had found the car. There was a chance they would find them if they were smart enough. Sean was slowing them down. He brought out a syringe. Sean was walking ahead, trying to find his way through the covered bush path. He was tired. Marshal quickly got close to him, injecting the contents of the syringe into Sean’s neck. Sean fell in a heap.

Marshal heard voices. His assailants were getting closer and he had Sean to deal with. He slung Sean on his shoulders and walked faster, making sure he hit his legs firmly on the floor with each step. He had walked for a while when he felt himself step on a metal.

“Thank you Bruno.” He said to himself.

He put Sean down carefully and opened the metal lid. It opened into a small hollow tunnel that led to a secret outlet across town. He descended the ladder into the tunnel, carrying Sean with him on his shoulders. He closed the lid shut. He locked it with a huge padlock that had been there and continued away from the place. He did not expect to be followed. It was the perfect detour. There was a car waiting for him when he got out of the 15minute walk out of the tunnel. He was exhausted. He had been through a burdened night and early morning. He dumped Sean at the back of the car and got into the passenger seat. He pulled the lever by his seat and the chair moved backwards. He relaxed on it and heaved a heavy sigh. He tried to call Bruno. Switched off. He sent a text.

“Package secure. Took the detour. Heading towards safe house.”

He closed his eyes and drifted into a much needed sleep.

Bruno woke up to find Sophia staring at her. He got up painfully and sat up, caressing his head. He felt much better now and hungry. He looked at Sophia.

“How long was I out?” He asked.

“Six hours. How do you feel?” Sophia asked, getting up and pouring herself some wine.

“I feel better. Can I have some of that?” He asked pointing at the bottle Sophia was holding.

Sophia poured another glass and handed it to him.

“I need to know what happened. Everything.” Sophia said. She settled down in a chair opposite Bruno and crossed her legs. Bruno cleared his throat.

They were driving in cruise control when they saw a car parked in the middle of the road. It was a blood red Toyota Quest. As they slowed down, a bullet pierced the wind screen and hit the driver on the forehead. Perfect hit. The wind screen cracked. Blood splattered everywhere.

“Duck!” Bruno whispered as the three of them huddled beside each other at the back. They heard footsteps approaching. A gun was cocked in the distance. Bruno signaled to Marshal that he was going out of the car to meet the three men who were almost at the car. Marshal was to get the wheel, start the ignition and drive away with the package as fast as he could. Marshal nodded. Sean was about to throw up. Marshal looked at him with a cold stare. Sean swallowed the phlegm that was in his throat. Bruno opened the door and came out of the car, his hands stretched out.

“I’m unarmed.” He said, crawling out of the car and assessing the situation.

From the corner of his eyes he could see Marshal moving stealthily to the driver’s seat. The three men approached. Heavily armed.

“Where is the package?” One of them asked. He was almost near the car now. A few yards away from the driver’s side of the car.

In one swift move, Bruno put his hand at his back and pulled out a pistol. He shot the approaching man on the leg as he ducked and rolled on the ground into the bushes. At exactly the same time, Marshal started the engine, shoved the dead driver out and drove wildly at the other two assailants. They did not expect this sudden surge and left the road in time. Marshal drove into the push, passed the car that was parked in the middle of the narrow road and back onto the road. He was pursued by the other assailants who entered their car and followed him. The man Bruno shot was cursing and looking for him in the bushes. Bruno was at a vantage point. He could see the man approaching. He quickly sent Marshal a text on the location of a secret hide-out. He also sent another text to the driver who would pick Marshal up. The driver replied his text. Marshal hadn’t. The man was getting closer, cursing as his left thigh oozed blood. He said a quick prayer and hoped Bruno would read his message. His phone rang. It was Bruno. The id1ot had given away his location. He cut the call, put off his phone and slipped it into his socks. The man looked in his direction and moved faster towards him. The man saw the weeds move. He shot rapidly in the direction of the movements where Bruno was trying to escape. The bullet got him in the arm. He groaned.

The man stumbled forwards. Bruno saw him just in time. He aimed carefully and shot the man in the head. His brains splattered as he slumped on the ground. Bruno was in pains. He took of his jacket and tied it around the wound. He tried to crawl out of the bush until he got tired and decided to rest. He slept off till the very early hours of the morning and found his way to the mansion.

Sophia sighed.

“Where is your phone?” She asked.

He brought it out and put it on. He saw Marshal’s message. He showed it to her.

She smiled.

She called Shina.

“Shina. Beauty has spilled as we suspected. She is the mole. She took the bait. Take care of her after the operation.” She hung up.

Just then she felt relieved. As she got up to refill her glass, Bruno’s phone rang. It was Marshal.

“I am down. Package jumped me. He is on the loose. I am at the safe house.” Marshal said.

Bruno got up to leave.

“Where are you going?” Sophia asked.

“I have got to take care of business.” He said, relating Bruno’s message to her.

“The boy knows you. He might jump you too. I guess this is where I step in. I’ll handle this.” Sophia said and smiled.

She grabbed her car keys and headed towards the safe house.


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