#B•I•T•C•H: Things getting twisted – Episode 7.

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In today’s episode of B•I•T•C•H, it seems things are getting better for Jummy, but I can’t really say the same for Zainab, read, enjoy and drop your thoughts.



Ringing like an hysterical fire-alarm, Zainab’s Blackberry Z10 ring tone snapped her out of a deep sleep and for the first time ever, she was grateful that someone had disturbed her beauty sleep. She was having a terrible nightmare where Richard – her husband or perhaps soon to be “EX-husband”, had pushed her so vigorously that she slipped, hit her head on something hard and passed out, at least, that’s what she thought it was, a nightmare.

She squinted her eyes in an attempt to have a clearer view of her current environment, right above her head was a white ceiling plate, if she didn’t recall anything, she at least recalled her room ceiling was made up of brown Ivorian wood and not mere white normal ceiling plates, she turned to her right and saw a needle had been inserted into the back of her right palm, and tracing the straw-like pipe that was connected to the needle, she saw a yellowish liquid in transparent bag that was suspended in the air by a metal gauge.

Suddenly, her immense confused observation of her surroundings was interrupted by Olamide – the musician, who from the speakers of her phone yelled “Take it outside! Basket! Take it inside! koroba… Them they feeling us, now them they famz just to be with us!…” It was her ring tone, so obviously, the person who called the first time was calling again.

She spotted her phone on the bedside table and she grabbed it, the ray of light from the phone took her unawares and she was forced to squint her eyes. At first, she could barely see the writings on the screen of her phone, but her eyes later regulated the ray of light and she saw the writing on the screen of her phone clearly, written in bold “Ariel” font, the word “Unknown Number” glared at her.

The first thought that popped into her head was, who in their right senses named their child “Unknown Number”? But she immediately snapped out the thought and smiled at how silly she was to think “Unknown Number” was someone’s name.

She picked the call.

“Hello!” She said.

“Good! You are awake?” The caller asked rhetorically, but somehow expected a response.

“Awake? Yea, obviously, who am I speaking with?”

“That doesn’t matter for now, just pay attention to what I have to say to you.”

“Am all ears…” Zainab grunted.

“Firstly, I expect you to be in the hospital by now, I made the anonymous call to the Lagos State Teaching Hospital after I injected you with something that would make you stay alive for a while longer. Secondly, Richard, your husband tried to kill you. I dropped a recorded audio of our little conversation which we made when you passed out inside your brown Ralph Lauren bag which is in your cupboard. Do whatever you like with it, I recommend you hand it over to the police so he can be convicted, and before I forget, you have a nice collection of hand bags by the way. Good bye” before Zainab could voice out the thousands of questions that she had in mind, the caller hung up, he made sure he was the last to speak.

Zainab dropped the phone and lay on her bed as confused as hell.

“Richard tried to kill me? Why would he want to do that? Who just called me? Where is Jummy?” She asked herself multiple questions which only ended up in confusing her more.


Jummy must have been unconscious for over twelve hours before she finally regained her consciousness. She was obviously still at the “Owolabi Private Clinic”, and had just gone through a minor surgery. The truth of the matter was, she hadn’t really sustained any serious injury during the accident but she was just one of those people who bled a lot, and the excess blood loss made her case look more delicate than it really was. All Doctor Owolabi had to do was remove the huge piece of glass that had pierced her shoulder and stitch it up, he was glad that he didn’t have to go through much trouble.

Jummy had barely opened her eyes when her angel in an armor walked into the room with a smile on his face, it was indeed the cutest smile she had ever seen in her twenty seven years on planet earth.

“Hey! You awake!” He exclaimed.

Jummy was sure about what exactly she was meant to reply so she just kept mute and smiled at him.

“Err.. I really don’t know what to say or do, maybe I should just go and call the doctor first, okay by you?” He asked, still retaining his charming smile. Jummy wanted to say something he should just stay and talk to her but instead, she involuntarily nodded and watched him leave the room to go get the doctor. She sighed.

Dr. Owolabi appeared at the front of Jummy minutes later and he carried out some examinations on her the said;
“Everything seems to be in order, you really need to thank this gentlemen for bringing you here immediately” he said, pointing at the two good samaritans, “if you had lost more blood, you probably wouldn’t have made it. If you like, you can be discharged tomorrow?” He concluded, as if asked a question.

Jummy murmured; “that would be great” in response. And watch the doctor leave the room.

“She then looked at the two guys and said;
“Thanks a lot, I really didn’t know people like you guys still existed in Nigeria…” She was obviously trying to crack a joke.

“Don’t mention, we weren’t really heading anywhere important in particular” one of them replied, “what’s your name by the way?”

“Am Jumoke, but you can call me Jummilistic but most people just call me Jummy” she joked.

They all laughed at her joke and the angel in an armor, at least that’s how Jummy saw him before she passed out then replied;
“Okay, I think I’ll just call you Jummy, Jumilistic don’t sound so nice coming from my mouth. Anyway, am John and my friend’s name is Samuel, do you have anyone we can call to come pick you up? We might not be able to stay till tomorrow.”

“Oh! Sure, I have a best friend, we can call her and am sure she would come even though she is in the belle of a whale” she replied, attempting to crack another joke which wasn’t so funny this time.

“Okay, good. Hope you know her number by heart because we are not sure of the where about of your phone, maybe its still at the crash scene” John replied.

“Yea, sure. Her number is 08139998888” Jummy mischievously replied, she knew the weren’t ready to dial the number yet, but decided to go ahead and say it anyway.

Surprisingly, John got the number and repeated after her, “08139998888, right?”. Jummy was speechless.

“Okay, good, we would call her right away!” John added, he had a naughty smile on his face, he knew he had surprised her, but Samuel wasn’t surprised, he knew his friend had a photographic memory.

All Jummy could say was “okay”, she still couldn’t figure out how John had memorized the number so fast, it had taken her over a month before she learnt it.

John picked up his phone and dialed the supposed Zainab’s number, after it must have rang for a minute, the recipient picked the call and replied;

“Hello? I was hoping you would call again…”

All John could reply in his confused state was;


After driving for almost an hour, Richard finally got to his destination, the WheatBaker hotel.

He had been driving at a neck breaking speed as he always did whenever he was emotional unstable, he couldn’t believe how much had changed in his life just within the time span of two days or there about.

The last event that still rang like a church bell in his head was still that of Dr. Daniel threatening to call the police and as Dr. Daniel had picked up his phone to dialed a number, Richard had sneaked out of the basement and out of the house, straight to his car. And without know where else to go to, he drove back to the hotel he just lodged out from few hours ago.

He walked straight to the receptionist who wasn’t excited to see him this time unlike the first time she did.
“I need a room” he said calmly with a tone of authority.

“I need some money” she replied sarcastically and calmly.

If Richard eyes had a gun, the kind of stare he gave her would definitely had shot her dead on that spot. He wanted to yell at her to give her a room once more but he figured it wasn’t worth the stress, he dipped his hands into his back pocket and brought out his Credit card, then he handed it over to the receptionist.

“Can I have a room now?” He asked sarcastically.

“I’ll have to check if you have sufficient funds in your account first, then you can have as many rooms as you want” she replied coldly, she seemed to be determined and Richard saw the look in her eyes, he kept quiet and glared at her as she punched some buttons on her computer.

“Now, you can have a room, which type of room do you want?” She asked with some level of respect after she had checked the funds in his account and saw he could buy the hotel if he wanted.

“Just give me something comfortable, I might be staying here for quite a long while… A very long while” he replied a sinister tone, like he had an evil thoughts in her mind.

“Okay then, then you can have one of our executive suites. Suite 4. Its just right along…”

“I know where the suite is just give me my card and the keys” he cut.

She said nothing again, just gave him what he asked for and watched him walk away, she noticed something was fishy or just different about him, but just couldn’t spot it.


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