#B•I•T•C•H: Run or stay? – Episode 8.



John or better known as Johnny Adebayo, a dude of average height – not basket ballers tall and not Maltina bottle short, just somewhere in between. By his foreign accent, one would think he isn’t from this part of the world and he isn’t, or perhaps not fully, he is an half cast – Canadian mum and Nigerian dad, till date, he still finds it surprising how his dad who had never left Nigeria before meeting his mum, actually met his mum and married her, so much for internet dating. Not so well built like a wrestler, but he sure has his own fair share of muscles and abs, also, he has this confusing complexion, whereby you can’t exactly say if he is fair or dark, and to top it all, his eyes are a rare shade of blue.

Being a genius, John, at the record breaking age of nineteen was already a graduate of theater arts, from the University of Michigan, located in the U.S.A and by twenty one he relocated back to Nigeria where he started working as a branch manager for one of his dad’s textile company, “ADE WAX”, therefore dumping his degree in theater arts, although he planned on leaving the company one day and pursuing a career in theater art he has been working in his dad’s company for ten years and still hasn’t shown any signs of leaving yet. If you do the math well, you’ll figure John is thirty-one years old now, and is still as smart as before, or maybe smarter, judging from how fast he memorized Zainab’s number and that brings us back to the story…


John picked up his phone and dialed the supposed Zainab’s number, after it must have rang for a minute, the recipient picked the call and replied;

“Hello? I was hoping you would call again…”

All John could reply in his confused state was;

“Yes! Or aren’t you the one who called me some minutes ago?”

“Err.. What are you talking about?” John asked, getting more confused.
He then looked at Jummy and whispered to her if she was sure about the number, Jummy nodded in response.

“You called me some minutes ago and was telling some trash about my husband, didn’t you?” Zainab asked, already getting quite confused too.

“Please is this Zainab? Zainab …” John gave Jummy an inquiring look and she got the message, she whispered the name “Anderson” to John who completed his statement, “Zainab Anderson?”

“Yes, this is she… Who am I speaking to?” She finally asked.

“This is John, John Adebayo, am with a friend of yours in the hospital and she needs you help.”

Zainab became alarmed, “friend of mine? Which friend are you talking about?”

“Err.. Her name is Jumoke, do you know her?”

“What?!! My Jumlistic Jummy is in the hospital? For what, why? What has she done this time?” Zainab asked a million questions at once.

After John heard Zainab call Jummy, Jumilistic, he was convinced he was talking to the right person.
“Calm down, she had a little accident but she is fine now, all she needs is for you to come and pick her up from the hospital tomorrow”

Zainab was everything but calm, even though she was in a hospital too and should probably be resting, she became restless;
“Err.. Can I speak to Jummy now?” She asked in a hoarse tone.

John replied in the affirmative and handed the phone over to Jummy, who was eager to speak to Zainab.

Ah! Babe Ki lon shele na?!” Jummy asked in an excited tone.

“Am cool oh..” Zainab replied, but after rethinking her reply, she added, “Err.. Not exactly cool, what’s all that B.S that John guy was saying now about you being in the hospital?”

“Oh! Its nothing jhur, I had a small accident, and I want you to come and pick me up tomorrow morning, I don’t know the hospital name but it can’t be far from your place, I’ll text you the address when I find out” Jummy replied, she was strangely excited.

“Err.. I don’t know how possible that would be oh, am kinda stuck in a hospital now and I really don’t have any idea what am doing here” Zainab replied.

Jummy who thought Zainab was just kidding, bursted out in an uncontrollable laughter leaving both John and Samuel to wonder if they were still safe.
“Babe, I’ve been away just for a day and you have suddenly grown a great sense of humor, I need to be disappearing more often oh, maybe you might actually get really funny” Jummy teased.

“Jummy, am not joking, am really at a hospital, that Lagos State Teaching Hospital, to be precise” the tone Zainab used was more than enough to let Jummy know Zainab wasn’t kidding.

“What are you doing there?” Jummy asked.

“You they wear wrapper for ear?” Zainab asked, already loosing her patients, “you no hear when I talk say I no know?”

“Err.. Okay, how bad is your situation?”

“I feel great and normal but am on drip and yet to see any doctor, I was about to call a nurse when I received a strange call and that made me forget and now you called, babe, am just confused” Zainab replied.

“You know what? You said you are at teaching hospital of Lagos right?”

“Lagos State Teaching Hospital actually” Zainab corrected.

“Whatever, I’m coming over there now, try and get some answers before I get there oh” Jummy replied and hung up leaving Zainab quite baffled at her friend, she was wondering if Jummy wasn’t still in a hospital.

Jummy looked at John and said, “I need to get to the teaching hospital of Lagos now…”

“Do you mean Lagos State Teaching Hospital?” Samuel asked.

“All join!!! Sha take me there now!!” Jummy replied, almost jumping out of the bed.

“But the doctor said that…” John was about to say when Jummy cut in;

“If you are not going to take me there just say so, I’ll find my way there, and don’t worry about the bills, I’ll refund you down to the last penny” Jummy replied.

“Hmmm… Okay, let me just call the doctor first”

“Shey I resemble person wey need doctor? In fact I no even want una two help again!!” Jummy yelled and stood up from her bed, and started walking towards the door, John and Samuel just starred at her in amazement, they somehow knew she was going to come back.

Jummy walked out of the ward and after a few minutes of wandering around the small private clinic, she spotted a door which had the word “EXIT” right above it, she smiled and headed for it. She had barely gotten outside when she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window of a parked car, she immediately came back to her senses and walked back into the hospital and straight to her ward.

John and Samuel were both sitting on the bed with there legs crossed and they had a comical look on their face.

Jummy walked into the room, and without looking at them she said;
“On second thoughts, maybe I still need you guys help, I need some new clothes…” She was wearing the hospital patients clothe.

John and Samuel bursted out in laughter, they hadn’t seen anyone who was more complicated, confused and funny than Jummy.


For some strange reasons, Richard sensed his end was near. He knew he would be sued by Zainab once she wakes up, that is if Dr. Daniel had resuscitated her as he threatened.

He paced round the suite 4 of the WheatBaker hotel deep in thoughts, he was weighing his options, not like he had much options though. From the way things stood, he had just two options, stay and face the consequences which would be severe or leave the country and keep on running till he dies or caught. From Richard’s point of view, running sounded more suitable, but the question is, how long can he run and come to think of it, what exactly was he even going to run for, he hadn’t committed any serious crime that he couldn’t manipulate his way out of with the help of a good lawyer, so he thought.

With a tone of confidence, he finally voiced out;
“I’m not going anywhere! Let me see what Zainab and that Dr. Daniel would do?”


Zainab was faced with a minor problem, she didn’t have enough energy to stand up and go look for someone to question and screaming for help seemed to be a hopeless venture as her voice somehow failed her each time she tried to voice out the word “Nurse!!!”.

After ten minutes of struggling, luck shone on her as a nurse came to her ward to check on her, Zainab smiled.
The nurse walked into the room and without really looking at Zainab, she walked to where the drip hung and checked the regulator, she was writing down something on the file in her hand when Zainab said, “hello nurse”, the nurse was startled.

“You are awake?” She asked after getting her composure back.

“Why do everyone seem to ask me that question?” Zainab asked rhetorically, “anyway, yes, am awake and I want to know what the hell am doing here, I don’t remember being sick or even coming here!” She added.

“We received an anonymous call and the emergency ambulance was sent to pick you up”

“Hmmm, so there is even an emergency ambulance in this country?” Zainab asked in surprised.

“Yes na, its just that people don’t…” The nurse was about to explain when Zainab cut in.

“Don’t bother explaining, what’s important now is, what’s wrong with me? Why am I taking a drip and what the hell is happening here?”

“Well, you case isn’t serious, the report in your file states, you passed out probably after you hit you head on something hard and whoever made that call probably injected you with something to stabilize you until we arrived. The drip you are receiving now is just some Multi – Vitamins.”

“You say my case isn’t serious but why I can’t feel my limbs? and why can’t I really remember what really happened to me?”

“Don’t worry, all you have to do is rest for a day or two and your memory and strength would come back after you take a few drugs?”

For some strange reasons, Zainab remembered that nothing goes for free in Nigeria, so she had to ask how much she would have to pay and was. Even more surprised when the nurse told her its a state hospital and all the services were free, then she went on to talk about something related to tax but Zainab had already stopped listening.

“So I’ll be good to go by tomorrow?” She asked.

“Yes! But that would be after you file a police report, there seems to be something fishy about your case so we called the police, its just hospital policy”

“Hmmm, No problem self, I was already planning on paying a visit to their station, I have been receiving some weird calls” Zainab replied.

“Well, that would be between you and the police, if that would be all, then my work here is done. I need to check on other patients” the nurse replied and once Zainab nodded, she left the hospital with her file under her armpit.

Zainab was quite glad she had some answers her millions of questions, but there were more question left to be answered, she could only but pray her memory comes back quickly.


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