#SingleLady – Episode 6.



‘Some dark forces are trying to rob me of my moment. They are just sitting there mocking me and I wouldn’t keep allowing them do that to me. I finally find a guy I was really feeling and he just had to have a comma,’ I said to myself.

‘Nne the baby, is something disturb you? I am more than capable, ‘gwam’, I mean tellu me the plobrem.’ Oga JB said

I gave him the default smile and said;
‘Nothing is bothering me, please excuse me.’ Then, I got up to leave the table

‘ngwanu, I would be here waiting for you my ‘asa nwa,’ Oga JB replied

I left the table quickly in search of Caroline. I saw her at the host’s table and signalled her. She came straight to me and said;
‘babe, wetin happen?’

‘Can we go now?’ I said

‘Ah ah, why the hurry? Or you think I didn’t see you with that hunky?’ she said

‘That’s the problem. If that guy opens his mouth and talk to you, you would be appalled. Caroline, some evil forces are mocking me o. See that guy, he looks even edible but with the way he sounds. I wouldn’t be caught dead with him,’ I said

‘Aww, sorry dear but your standard self too high. I doubt if any guy could cut it. Why not just relax and go with the flow? JB is well-to-do, has a superb body. You gaining a little extra change isn’t all that bad you know’ Caroline said

‘Since you can see all this good qualities, why not go for him?!’ I barked.

‘Hey calm down na,’ She said laughing then continued saying, ‘its you he obviously wants. He has been staring at you since you walked in. I watched you dance with him, you didn’t mind much before o’ she said

‘Whatever, just go and say your goodbyes so we can go,’ I said.
Caroline chuckled as she left while I walked back to my table to get my purse.

‘Nne, you come back. Chai! Sit down na’ Oga JB said

‘Errmm, I can’t. I have to go, its late.’ I said

‘No problem, I’ll use my ‘Murano jeepu’ to drop you,’ he said.

‘Alright, let me call my friend. We came together. That’s if you don’t mind,’ I said.

‘Okay O, anything for you’ JB said.

I walked off to find Caroline.

JB dropped off Caroline at her lodge and took me to mine. He stopped in front and parked his car, then said;
‘Mummy, I rike you and would lealy want us to become good fliends. Is it money you want? I would spoil you with ‘ego’. Just glee to be my fliend.’

‘JB, we would see how things go. Its too soon to tell.’ I said

‘Ngwanu, give me your number so I can callu you later’ he said
I gave him the number and was about getting out of the car when he called me back. He opened the pigeon hole and brought out a wad of one thousand naira notes and gave it to me.

‘take this, use it for lecharge card. I would callu you. Bye bye’ he said and he drove off before I could even decline.

‘this guy means business o, maybe it wouldn’t harm to hang with him afterall,’ I said to myself as I walked to my room

Deedee was asleep when I got in. ‘Thank goodness, my school mama don dey tire. She for continue na,’ I said to myself
I was obviously pleased about how the night turned out.

‘When did you get in yesterday night?’ Deedee said as she woke me up

‘Don’t tell me that is why you woke me up,’ I said.

‘Partly and you would be late for lectures if I didn’t, so tell me,’ she said.

‘This girl, you dey find who go kill you abi? How it you business? Please stay out of my business and leave me alone. Ah ah, who said I wanted a school mother?’ I said

‘You are my business na, and I’m minding you,’ she said

‘Come we no be mate o, respect yourself. Leave me alone,’ I said and turned to continue sleeping.

‘Get up jare, don’t you have lectures this morning? Its 8am o,’ she said.

‘Shit, for real? That means no chair for me today except Caroline makes it on time,’ I said as I jumped out of bed. I hurriedly prepared for school and left the house by 8:45 am.

I got to my lecture hall by 9:15am after trekking from registry to C.C.E building. I was panting and sweating profusely when I got in. The lecture had began, in fact it was almost over. The lecturer happened to be Dr. Amadi.

‘hmmm, Miss Jenny decided to grace us with her presence. What do you have to say for your self?’ Dr. Amadi said

‘sir, I… I started to say but was interrupted by my ringtone. I searched for my phone in my hand bag so that I could silent it.

‘Get out of my class and come back when you are more composed’ Dr. Amadi said as he turned to face the class and continued his lecture.

I walked out and found the phone finally at the side zip. It was JB that was calling.
‘Hello’ I said

‘Honey m, how was ya night? ‘ he said

‘Fine, please I’m having lectures. I’ll call you back’ I said

‘No plobrem, just frash me when you finish’ He said

‘Okay,’ I said as I dropped the call and put my phone on vibration. As I tried to walk back into the class, Dr. Amadi packed his books and announced;
‘You would be taking my test next class, let me have my attendance sheet.’ then he left.

‘ est ke? Wetin I know wey I wan write test,’ I murmured.

* * * * *

‘I have to pass Dr. Amadi’s test, I wouldn’t have him get under my skin or give him leverage over me,’ I said to myself.

‘Hi Jenny, you and your grand entries’ Caroline said as she walked out of the lecture hall unto the corridor where I was standing. I smiled then sighed.

‘What’s up with you? Why the long face? Caroline said

‘Babe, I must pass that upcoming test o, but I don’t know how to go about it,’ I said

‘Then you have come the right person, you know I know everything. I can link you with a few ‘efficos’ that could prep you in time for the test but on one condition..’ Caroline said.

‘Really? What is the condition?’ I said

‘I would sit beside you on the day of the test. I no get your kind of brain but I no sabi dull myself either.’ Caroline said

‘Ah ah, is that all? You na my person. Just show me who to meet and that’s all.’ I said

‘Ok, I would make arrangements with one of the guys and take you to his lodge in the evening’ she said

‘Ok, now I feel better. I am hungry, let me call JB self. He said he is capable’ I said

‘Remember me in your paradise. Can I tag along, I dey hungry too’ Caroline said

I laughed and said;
‘why not? He said I should Just ‘frash’ him. I think I should put him on speed dial’

Caroline joined me laughing as we walked off to meet JB for lunch.

Later that evening, Caroline took me to the guy’s lodge. His lodge was in the same village with mine so we just had to walk down. The lodge is named ‘peace villa’ and its painted red.

As Caroline and I approached the place, we could perceive a strong smell of weed coming from the bushes around us. We couldn’t see anyone but could see the smoke coming from the bushes indicating some one was in there smoking.

‘Where did you say we are going again?’ I said gripping Caroline’s hand tightly

‘Relax, we are almost there.’ Caroline said

We got to the front of the lodge and met guys playing football. They turned their attention from the game and tried embarrassing us with some vulgar jokes. Caroline called the guy to tell him we were in front while I felt awkward just standing there.

Not long after, I had settled down and was being tutored by Emeka. Yea, that was his name. He had sent his room mate on ‘exile’ knowing he had chicks coming over.

Emeka was really tall like 6ft7, not so built could be called lanky. His hair was afro-like. He looked cute but had ‘zero’ level of swag. He was one of those guys that wouldn’t have clothes if all these brand names do not do promos. He had all the polo shirts: blueband, Nokia, visafone, gino, nutri-c etc. He had somehow acquired them all and wears them monday to friday with one plain trouser that has seen better days.

‘I’m bored, I want to go. Emeka can see you off to your lodge when you are done, or can’t you? Caroline said

‘Ermm, ofcourse’ Emeka said

‘Ok, you can go. I’ll see you later na’ I said
Emeka continue tutoring me for another three hours and I was beginning to get the hang of it.

‘Its getting late, thank you so far. I appreciate but can we continue this tomorrow?’ I said

‘Ok, let me see you off’ Emeka said

Thirty minutes later, I was back at my lodge. Then my phone rang;
‘Hello’ I said

‘Hello Jenny, sorry I haven’t called all this while. How are you?’ the caller said

‘Fine, who am I speaking with please?’ I said

‘Ah ah, don’t you recognise my voice? He said

‘I don’t have time for your guessing games, who are you?’ I said

‘Ok, its me. Famous’ he said

‘Mtcheew, what does this broke pikin want now?’ I said to myself

‘Okay? Hi’ I said

‘We were supposed to hang out remember? Is now a bad time?’

‘Hmmm, I’m not so sure I can tonight’ I said

‘please now, you wouldn’t regret it. Allow me make it up to you’ he said

‘I hope not, ok. Where do we meet?’ I said

‘Meet me at ‘eaismann’ in one hour’ he said

NB: Eaismann is an eatery with a bar attached to the side. It is very close to the school, and its opposite ‘pioneer garden’. It has a hall connected to the bar where people could rent out and use as a birthday venue. Sometimes, it could be a make-shift venue for shows.

I dressed casually and carried my ‘vex money’ i.e the amount that could pay for what ever you would order in case your date annoys you. In case Famous acts funny, I would pay for my meal and walk out on him.

I got there and met him sitting at a table so I joined him.
‘What would you like to eat’ he said

‘Snacks and drinks would be alright’ I said

‘Any specifics’ he said

‘Well, meat pie and any apple drink would do’ I Said
He walked to the counter and came back with the order.

‘So where were we?’ he said as we ate. We talked on for about one hour and thirty minutes. By this time, we had finished eating. Then he said;
‘Lets go back to my place’

‘Why, don’t you like this place?’ I said

‘Of course I do but I want you to know my place and get to know you better. I want to really really know you.’ he said

‘So because you buy meat pie for me, you don get liver. How else would you know me again?’ I said


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