#B•I•T•C•H: Office politics – Episode 17



Unlike the first time she walked into the office of Mrs Ogbonaya anxious and scared, this time, she felt the exact opposite of how she felt the first time.

As Jummy approached the office, she started hearing voices from Mrs Ogbonaya office and thought it would better for her to wait before she knocked or walked it, so she stood at the door waiting, and unintentionally eaves dropping.

“I thought I told you to sack the girl?” She heard a male voice say.

“Sack her? Why would I do that? She’s arguably the best employee in this company!!!” A female voice said.

“Cynthia! You have been daring me for too long in this company, just so you know, you are just a co-acting branch manager, I am an acting manager too and I can choose to file a report of incompetence to the board in a minute and you’ll be out!” The male voice replied.

“Stephen, I really don’t have time for this you chit chat! You can go ahead and file the report as a matter of fact, I’m curious about what you would write in it. That I promoted our best staff to a position she merited? Yea! Good luck with that!”

Stephen seemed to have calmed down a little, “You didn’t even consult me before promoting her, is that how it is now? We don’t tell each other things anymore?”

“Hey! Don’t even go there oh! You didn’t tell me that you had a wife and two kids when we were dating did you?”

“For crying out loud! Look at the luxurious name tag on your table! It says ‘MRS OGBONAYA,’ You are now happily married, why can’t you just let the past be the past.” Stephen paused and watched Cynthia facial impression change for the angry one to a sober one, “That was personal and this is business, you letting your personal feelings get ahead of your professional feeling. Don’t worry, I assure you that this won’t go like that!” Stephen replied.

“Whatever! I’ll be here waiting for you to do your worst!” Cynthia fired back.

Stephen stormed out of the office, he suddenly walked into Jummy at the door, and nearly ran her over, he adjusted his suit and added, “Oh! Great! She has even heard everything, now the whole company would know about us! Thanks a lot Cynthia, thanks!” And he walked away.

Cynthia walked to her door and gave Jummy a deadly stare, “if you speak just one word about what you just heard to another person, I’ll make sure you’ll be sweeping the office and cleaning the windows by monday!” Cynthia said and slammed the door on Jummy’s face.

Jummy was speechless, “funny to think that this so called co-acting manager, Stephen, was hitting on me when I first resumed work at GNP,” she thought and walked to the personnel office, she knew better than to knock at the door.

* * * * *

Everyone in the studio seemed to be in a trance, even the camera had stopped rolling in surprise, the question in everybody’s mind was, “did 3face just yell cut? Or are we hearing double?” Their question was answered soon enough as 3face broke the silence.

“What’s all this JAMB questions on my personal life? Zainab, what you told me was that this show was just a casual interview on relationship talks. In fact am out of here,” he stood up and walked out of the studio, leaving everyone still in shock.

It took the question of Prosper to bring back every one to life, “Are we still shooting this or what?” He asked.

E.A saw the opportunity slipping from his fingers so he replied, “Yes, we definitely are, we just have to start all over again since we can’t feature 3face on the show again, thank God it was a live show,” he replied.

“We have a show at UNILAG by 8pm, so I’m not sure starting all over would be possible since we’ve got to consider traffic, Akoka isn’t exactly at the back yard of the Island, you know?” Philip replied.

“So what’s going to happen now?” E.A answered.

“I dunno, maybe we would come over some other time, Prosper, let’s go now, the time is almost 7PM and we would need to head home to prepare before going,” Philip said and stood up.

“Going home isn’t such a good idea, let’s just drop by any good boutique and buy something nice to wear, you know as UNILAG students are na?”

“Sure sure.. That’s a better idea, good thing I brought enough cash with me, let’s go then…” Prosper stood up and they both walked out of the studio without saying any word to anyone else.

E.A glared at Zainab and felt like shooting her, he looked away and screamed, “Okay, we are done for today, everyone pack up! I guess there won’t be any special edition anymore thanks to someone here,” he was glaring at Zainab now.

Zainab was transfixed on her chair and couldn’t move, she just looked down at her feet and waited for everyone to pack up and leave before going to talk to E.A, she knew he was really pissed at her.

After 20 minutes of continuous noise of pissed staffs, the studio was empty with just Zainab and E.A in it, E.A picked up his bag and walked to the door, he looked at Zainab and said, “lock up when you are done, we wouldn’t want to find our gadgets next time we are here, good night”

Zainab wanted to say something but couldn’t find the nerve to, she just looked at E.A walk away.

It took her a minute for her to gather enough courage to run after E.A, she was lucky to have caught him just as he entered his car.

The first thing that came out of her mouth was rather silly, “aren’t you taking me out to dinner again?”

E.A looked at her and if his eyes had guns, then Zainab would have been shot, luckily for her, it didn’t, he didn’t reply her but inserted the key in the ignition and zoomed off, leaving Zainab standing in the middle of the road looking “stewpeed”.

She walked back in to the studio, picked up her stuffs, locked the studio and drove home.

* * * * *

After an hour that seemed like it didn’t want to end, work hours was finally over and Jummy walked out of company excited, she had just been instructed by the personnel manager that she would resume ASAP, and ASAP for Jummy meant the next day, she was dying to tell Zainab the good new so as she waited for a cab to take her home, she called Zainab on her cell.

It took Zainab four rings before she finally picked up, she had been on her bed sulking, she still couldn’t believe how bad her day went.

“Hello,” Zainab said in a low tone.

“Hey babe, how far na.. Or wait, that’s not important. You won’t believe what happened today at work!!” Jummy yelled.

Zainab assumed it was one of Zainab boring gist about some guy she was crushing on and hoped would talk to her one day, “what?” She asked reluctantly.

“Guess!” Jummy replied excited.

“I hate guessing, I know you have been dying to tell me so just go ahead and tell me before you explode!”

“Ohhh.. Just try and guess na, please”

Jummy just said please? Okay, that’s a first, Zainab thought, “okay, if you insist, errr… Obama proposed to you?” Zainab replied mischievously.

“Be serious jhur! Try and guess!”

“Ohhh, Jummy now you have made me curious, you know am a horrible guess, just tell me,” Zainab replied calmly, Jummy surely made her calm or laugh without even trying.

“Okay okay! I just got promoted to assistant branch manager!!!” Jummy yelled.

“Wow! Go girl!!! Yea!!!!” Zainab yelled.

“Yea!!!” Jummy joined her and they kept on scream “yea” over the phone for the next five minutes.

“Hope you coming to pick up in my house now? No sleeping tonight oh!!!”

“Ahh.. Am coming girl, but I’ll have to sleep oh, I resume duty tomorrow and wouldn’t want to be late on my first day as assistant branch manager!!” Jummy replied, they both seemed to be screaming at each other over the phone.

“Who sleeps on her night of promotion? Jummy don’t dull me oh!” Zainab replied.

“Taxi!!” Jummy suddenly yelled at a taxi that was zooming by, it stopped and she quickly hopped in.

“Hello! Are you still there?” Zainab asked.

“Yes yes, I am, am heading to your house now, just go and put on something hot!!! I have a feeling I might reconsider sleeping tonight.”

“Confirmed girl!! Okay! Just holla when you around, I need to go and dig out that my mini skirt that I haven’t worn for ages,” Zainab replied and hung up. She went to her wardrobe and started throwing stuffs out of it all around the room in search of the miniskirt, she had already forgotten about all that happened in work.

* * * * *

TIME: 9:42PM.

About an hour later, Jummy got to Zainab house and ran inside, she quick grabbed the pair of clothing she left in Zainab house for emergency partying situations like this.

In another twenty minutes, both ladies were packed in Zainab’s car as they drove to the island in search of any nice club the could spend the night in, little did they know that things don’t always go the way we planned.


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