#Music Review – Skelewu


Music Review: SKELEWU by Davido

First of all, let me start by saying this: Davido keeps on proving me wrong with each new track he releases, and I find that quite annoying.

When he first came out with “Back When” featuring Neato C, I gave the song an “okay” rating and assumed he would not really “blow,” but then, the whole Nigeria started screaming “Damiduro” few months later and even though I joined in singing the song, I assumed that he would be one of those people who sing one hit track and run to their mother’s house, but then again, the hit banger – “Gobe” came, even though the video was quite funny with Davido jumping up and down like a frog, he still proved me wrong once again which only made me to no longer undermine Davido’s talent and therefore convince me beyond all doubts that he is here to stay.

So talking about Skelewu, I’m sure most of you have heard the song already, but if you haven’t, you can CLICK HERE! to download it.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t like the song the first time I heard it, as a matter of fact, I deleted it almost immediately after I downloaded it, but I found myself downloading it once again about a week later when I somehow fell in love with it without knowing why, silly me.

So basically, I’m going to review the song in the following categories:- lyrical content, delivery, instrumentals, publicity and video.


Skelewu is a “dance” song, something like “Azonto,” so the lyrical content isn’t deep at all and just talks about how to “dance the dance.” It would be unfair to actually give the song an actually definite rating so I’ll just say, “it is okay.”


Great delivery, Davido knew the right places to scream and the right places to tune down his voice, he controlled the song and killed the track!!! The producer also helped in this aspect by adding an “echo” in certain parts of the song.


Damn! Whoever that made the instrumental of this track is highly creative, I’ve searched the whole internet for the producer’s name but I didn’t get a reply. Am aware Davido makes beats too so it might be safe to say he made the beat himself, but who knows? I might be wrong.

With the superb instrumental, Davido didn’t even need to stress himself on the lyrical content or even the delivery, after all, most of us Nigerians – not all, don’t even listen to the lyrics of the song, if its “danceable” then that’s all that matters.


Talking about publicity, I’ll just say a few words: “I don’t think any song has been publicised more vastly than Skelewu since D’banj’s Oliver Twist.”

It seems this “Dance Video” competition thing is the trendy way to publicise a song. This way, people who don’t even want to listen to the song would be forced to not only listen but dance to it all because of some few changes, creative right?


CLICK HERE! to download the instructional video.

CLICK HERE! to download Sesan’s version.

CLICK HERE! to download Moe Musa’s version.

Finally!!! The main reason I wrote this whole review was because of its controversial video, or should I say videos? I’m sure most of you all have been hearing so much stories about it so let me summarize the whole gist for you guys.

Firstly, if you aren’t aware, Davido released three videos for this song and in my opinion: they are all cool, but what do I know? Afterall am just a blogger who loves to do “amebo.”

NB: Scroll up for all the download links.

The major controversy started when Davido released the first “official” video which was directed by Sesan and went ahead to tweet the video was a leak and not up to his expectations, he then went ahead to shoot another video which was directed by Moe Musa and then said that was the official video.

In his defence, Sesan released a statement.

This is what he said:

My attention is drawn toward the. chaos surrounding the release of the Skelewu video .

Myself and my team shot the video for Davido in Nigeria and to the best of my knowledge my client and his team were very happy with the result, when they watched/ and approved the video. If he has since had a change of heart, that is ok.

I am not in any way responsible for the release of the video. I believe Davido and myself did a very good job regarding the video production and as a professional of over 10 years. I find it very irresponsible and immature if my client and his management publicly put out false statements/comments, in an attempt to tarnish my name, credibility and reputation.

I remain dedicated, humble, focused and as hard working as ever. Thank you to all my fans and industry professionals –

Stay blessed.

And to support Sesan, Wizkid tweeted: “Jaiye Jaiye Video looks mad!!!!!! Directed by Sesan!!! Awa frosh!!!!!! We no be smellos! hahahaa!! . I don’t see why Wizkid had to tweet that since a statement had already been release by Sesan but then again, what do I know?

Moe Musa also then went ahead to defend himself in a series of tweets.

This is what Moe Musa said:

“soo I have travelled back n forth from U.K to Nigeria all year round and i have kinda seen all the music video directors at work. All u haters out there are full of shit, lol. I think if I am correct there are about 5-15 music video directors out there and all work very flipping hard. Luv to the supports and even more luv to the haters god know u need it more. Just to clarify I am not in any way angry or frustrated to be honest i am just sitting in my hotel room in Portharcourt chilling”

Also, a certain Tunde ‘Phoenix’ Babalola has also voiced his opinion, commenting on an article – the report identified the concept of Davido’s video as a direct copy of LMFAO’s ‘Party rock anthem’.

This is what Phoenix said:

Mr writer i just had to respond to this and i really hope to see this. It clearly shows you are a learner and your level of exposure is very minimal. 1st the video was inspired by 28 days later which also inspired party Rockers. To put is very blunt Mr there is no idea new under the sun and any video you see is inspired by something my friend.

With regards to being a “creative thief” as you put very cheap and vindictive headline by the way. I guess that makes every single video Director in Nigeria thief because i can compile you a list of videos on Nigerian TV by Acclaimed Nigerian Directors that fit that profile and that would make everybody a Thief is that what you are implying?’.

Phoenix goes on to suggest popular Nigerian director Clarence Peters should receive the same strokes of rebuke going on to compare two of his videos: Ayoola’s “Ochanya” to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred lines” and Psquare’s “Alingo” to Ne-Yo’s “Let me love you”.

Finally Davido tweeted a childish tweet in my opinion by saying something about there being three videos and watch anyone you want and blah blah blah.

Abeg I don too talk self, below are some of the pictures of their tweets which I could lay my hands on.




There is an issue going around which concerns Davido being the brother of Leo in turtle ninja, if you doubt me, view the pics below.


Still in doubt?

NB: Unfortunately, I can’t upload songs and videos on my blog yet so all links would redirect you to Naijaloaded.com

Reporting live from yaba left,
Chistar :D.

ff @OfficialChistar


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