#AnEveningWithEva – Episode 13



Ahmed shut the gate behind him as he got out of his compound. He walked towards the bus stop to join a bus going to Ajah. As he was about to turn the corner that led to the main road, someone bumped into him. The person was a female. Tall, light in complexion, busty and very pretty.

“I’m sorry sir. I wasn’t looking. Please.” She said pleading and making eyes at Ahmed.

Ahmed had a weakness for fair skinned women. He could give his right arm for such women. He smiled at her and told her it wasn’t a big deal. He tried to flirt with her a little but she was in a hurry. She gave him a fake number. He smiled as she hurried along and left him to continue his journey. After walking a few meters, she put her left forefinger in her left ear and said

“Bug planted.”

As Ahmed walked towards the shade at the bus stop, he tried her number. The number did not exist. He smiled. He turned and got into a mild run. He wanted the girl. He figured that since he still had about 2hours to spend, he might as well while out time trying to get the girl. He turned the bend and was walking stealthily close to the fair skinned lady when he saw her put her finger in her ear and say those words.

He was angry with himself for falling so cheaply. He decided he was going to play them at his own game. He turned and walked back to the bus stop. The girl had hit him by the shoulder when they collided. He checked his collar and both sleeves. There was nothing. His watch was on his left wrist. He took off his wrist watch and scrutinised his hands. Something caught his eye. There was a very small silver dot covered by his wristwatch. It looked very foreign. He scratched the surface of the object. It came off his wrist and came on to his palm. There were two very tiny pins attached to it. The pins were barely visible. The pins tried to fasten themselves onto his wrist. He quickly shook it off and stepped on it with his heavy boots. He crushed the bug.

He entered the Ajah bound bus, sitting by the window in the middle row. It was a 14-seater passenger bus. The bus moved at snail pace and picked some more people at Lekki Phase 1. They looked very smartly dressed and smelled good. One sat behind him and another beside him. He was not comfortable. He suspected them. He got down at the next bus stop. He crossed the road and took a bus going to Obalende. He got down and began to walk very fast. He passed the Obalende canal and walked towards the round-about. He stopped abruptly, acted like he forgot something and turned quickly walking back the same way he came. He saw someone quickly dodge behind a parked danfo. He grinned. He was beginning to enjoy this. He walked towards the parked danfo, acting like he was innocently looking for someone. His stalker continued to back off slowly. From the corner of his eye, Ahmed could see the agent moving back slowly and slowly.

He turned and crossed the road to the UBA bank. He walked along the street, stopping at intervals to buy a bottle of water. There was a glass panel covering a building beside him. With one eye on the bottle and one eye on the glass panel, he saw a man in a black mafia suit walk past him. He was staring at Ahmed. He did not know Ahmed saw him. Ahmed finished gulping the water and rushed to the bridge. He heard a bus call “Ajah, one more chance”. He quickly got on it. He got down at Falomo and took another bus back to Obalende. The guys trailing him were lost. They continued their journey to Ajah. He circled Obalende a few times to be sure he lost them. When he was sure he had, he saw an umbrella shed. He sat down and got a new sim card. The attendant insisted Ahmed had to register the sim card before he could leave the place. He brought out three 1000 naira notes and handed it to the attendant. He smiled and allowed Ahmed to leave.

Ahmed circled Obalende twice again taking a different route this time around. He made sure he stopped abruptly at intervals, turning and walking back the same way he came. When he felt someone was trailing him, he would enter very cramped streets and crannies, going through places he knew from his 14 years in the area. No one could keep up. After minutes of circling, he walked to Onikan Round-about. He stood at the place for close to four minutes. There was a long stretch of road on both sides of him. There was nowhere to hide and it was impossible for anyone to pretend not to be trailing him. He entered the bus and headed home.

Eva woke up to find herself in a beautiful bedroom. The room was large and decorated with flowery curtains. The walls were painted pink and almost everything else was in pink. The huge king-size bed rested majestically in the middle of the room. She was nak3d. She saw her clothes littered on the ground. There was a pink coloured candy panty beside her leg. It was not hers. She recalled the events of the past few hours. She bit her forefinger seductively. She had not experienced such intimacy with anyone before. It was explosive. She had multiple satisfactions and did not want it to end. The alcohol played its part too in the experience.

She got up from the bed tying just the duvet around her body. She admired herself in the mirror and smiled. She stilled looked good. She had a bath, dressed up and waited for 8pm when Shina would take her to see her mother. She was in high spirits. At exactly 8pm, there was a gentle knock on her door.

“Finally.” She said to herself.

“Come in. It’s open.” She said loud enough for whoever it was that was at the door to hear. She had a huge hunch it was Shina coming to take her to her mum.

A strange face appeared at the door. He came in, put his hands behind his back and said,

“Ma’am. There is someone here to see you.” He said.

“Who is it?” Eva asked already worried.

“Your mother.” The man replied.

“Where is she?” Eva asked, suddenly animated and full of life.

“She is in the waiting room.” He replied.

She got up, brushed past the man and headed for the Visitor’s room.

Sean had not heard from Sophia. He had called her number and left her messages. He did not want to barge in on her in her room but now he had no choice.

He left his room and crossed to the other side of the huge Mansion where Sophia’s wing was. He passed by the Fortress where the dogs were backing crazily. He remembered last night’s events and felt a shrill down his spine. He half jogged to Sophia’s wing and entered without ringing the bell. He got into the small corridor and decided to go to the Visitors Room first.

He stopped dead when he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Eva looked up as he entered the room. Their eyes locked for seconds.

As he made to approach her, a voice called from behind him.

“Sean! Over here.”

Sean turned momentarily.

It was the devil herself. Sophia.

* * * * *

Ahmed got home to see the Colonel sleeping in his bedroom.

“He must be exhausted. Tired Old man.” Ahmed said quietly to himself.

He dropped the small bag he was carrying on the floor, turned and made to exit the bedroom. As he opened the door, he felt a sharp pain at his back. He looked behind him as he turned trying to touch his back where he was hit. He felt his back soaked. He brought his hand to his face. There was a reddish liquid on his hand but it was not blood. It was some form of poster colour.

The Colonel who he thought had been asleep was arched on the bed, a toy gun in his hand. He had a raised eyebrow and the gun was aimed at Ahmed’s chest. He fired again. Another poster colour ‘bullet’ hit Ahmed in the center of his chest.

“Ahhh!!!!!” Ahmed shouted in pain. “What the hell was that for?” he finished, wiping the stain from his shirt and moving towards his Uncle.

The Colonel sat upright and patted the free space on the bed beside him.

“Sit, son.” The Colonel said.

Ahmed obliged him.

“Son, the fact that you need to be very very vigilant can not be over emphasised. What if it was the enemy, on the bed with a real gun? We would not be having this conversation. You have to be very very alert Ahmed. Everybody is a suspect. Even me. Trust no one at this point in time.” The Colonel finished.

“But Uncle, I left you in the house. I knew you would still be here. There was no need to be over zealous about this sir.” Ahmed replied defensively.

“Keep quiet Ahmed!” The Colonel barked, getting up. He was furious.

“What is wrong with you? Think boy! Think! They got into your house, planted bugs and you did not know. They even planted a banner on your bedroom door while you were busy snoring! Where is your sense of guard, boy? You are lucky they did not want you dead! You are being very careless and I will have none of that boy. Just listen to yourself. You knew I would still be here. What if I decided to go get something outside the house and someone else came into the house? Just look at the way you came into the room. Totally clueless and without any sense of guard! What if they came in here and overpowered me? You are a dead man. A dead man!” The Colonel finished angrily.

He was upset and his face contorted with rage. He had lost his son due to negligence and saw Ahmed as a carbon copy of his deceased son.

“Get up boy. I want fifty push-ups. Now!” The Colonel said angrily.

Ahmed began to protest. The Colonel came in front of him, pulled him by his collar, dragging him to his feet. Ahmed used the back of his right hand to hit the Colonel’s wrist attempting to free himself from the choking grip of the Colonel. The Colonel saw the move coming just in time and released Ahmed. Ahmed’s hand hit the air and he staggered backwards. The Colonel moved closer to him. Ahmed was angry. Why would the Colonel hold him like he was a criminal? He was not the least happy. He moved forwards too to attack the Colonel. He threw his fists at the Colonel. His right fist, then his left in a swift one-two-jab motion. The Colonel weaved Ahmed’s right punch and ducked the left punch.

In his ducking position, the Colonel landed a straight hard right hand punch into Ahmed’s stomach, knocking the air out of him. Ahmed moved backwards, gasping. He was out of breath. He fell on the bed, holding his stomach, turning and trying to catch his breath. The Colonel towered above him.

“Have I not told you never to go into a fight without a clear head? Always have a clear head, you’re your anger is good but you do not know how to channel it. I have always told you. You should…”

The Colonel was still speaking when Ahmed turned on the bed and kicked the Colonel with all the strength he had. The kick landed on the Colonel’s groin. The Colonel grimaced but it lasted only a few seconds.

“Impressive try Ahmed. But the mind is always lord over the body.” The Colonel said.

Ahmed got up very quickly and tried a left hand punch to the Colonel in the stomach. It was meant to be just a decoy. Ahmed knew his punch would be stopped. But he had other plans. As the Colonel used his palm to deflect the punch coming to his stomach, Ahmed immediately swayed left and launched another punch to the Colonel’s face with right hand. The Colonel did not expect the punch but saw it just in time. He countered the punch with his left arm, wrapping his arm around Ahmed’s punch and twisting the arm. Ahmed yelped in pain. He kicked Ahmed by the feet and swept him off the ground. He landed on the ground with a very loud thud. Ahmed turned and tossed groaning in pain.

The Colonel bent over him.

“You are very rusty boy! And as long as I am here, I would have none of that. Training commences at 04:00hrs. You’d better be ready.” The Colonel said.

He picked the nylon bag from the floor and left the bedroom.

Sean followed Sophia into a very small room. He caught a glimpse of a small aluminium caption on the room before they entered.


Sophia sat behind a desk and motioned Sean to seat opposite her.’

“There are a lot of things going on that many of our citizens are blind to. The current government is corrupt. Its very bane is corruption. I belong to a very strong organisation that seeks to end this corruption and bring smiles to the faces of every disgruntled citizen. We are raising a team to help us with this. You have been selected to be a part of this team. That is the major reason you are here Sean.” Sophia said.

“What organisation? What am I supposed to do? How will you achieve this feat of ending the corruption which permeates every fiber of the nation?” Sean asked.

“Have you perused the file I gave you?” Sophia asked

“Yes I have. It’s quite a lot of work.” Sean replied.

“What you have on that file is nothing compared to what we have in store for you. We just want to see if you have what it takes to be a part of this team.” Sophia answered.

Sean looked at Sophia. She was really cool when she was not blowing up heads and asking him to chop off limbs. She was actually very pretty. She looked amazingly s3xy in her short rimmed glasses and her ponytail. She wore a blood red lipstick and no earrings. Sophia could read his mind.

“What’s going on in that slurty little head of yours, Sean?” Sophia said removing her glasses. She leaned back on her chair, her bosoms heaving and her ambience relaxed.

“Nothing really. Just some progesterone stuff. You know how it is.” Sean replied.

Sophia unlocked her Ipad and swiped a few screens.

“The last time you had s3x was two weeks ago. With your girlfriend who travelled to Canada. On the average, you have s3x every 3 days. That is not acceptable. And sorry, your charms don’t work on me.” Sophia said and smiled.

“You are free to go.” She finished.

Sean got up and left the room.

Tawo got an email alert on his computer. It was from Bee Hive. It contained all the routes that the commercial van plied as he had previously requested. He transferred the information from his computer to the large screens on the wall. There were four detailed pages, showing the four different routes he plied, how many people got off and on the bus. He was particularly concerned about when the Colonel got off the bus. He got off on the third route at Oshodi bus stop. There were timestamps to every route.

Tawo shouted at Ope.

“Access the traffic surveillance at Oshodi intersection. Rewind the recorded footage and get it to 7:15am. That is the point where the bus dropped the target.”

After a few minutes of fumbling, Ope spoke.

“Sir, I cannot seem to override the access codes for the surveillance cameras. I keep getting blocked out.” Ope said, sweating.

“Let me see.” Tawo said.

Ope moved his chair sideways as Tawo came closer. Tawo bent low, inspecting the screen for a few seconds. He touched his beard. He was thinking.

“This is a complex firewall. You have to first mimic the algorithm, and then unlock its psuedocodes.” Tawo said.

Tawo pressed the keys on the keyboard very quickly, mimicking the algorithm of the surveillance camera. He battled with it for a while and then was prompted for a password override. He got up and paced the room. The password was just a one trial option. He had to get it right the first time.

He faced Ope.

“Ash, question mark, Shift Delta, Raven, Orange, Peter, twenty percent Gamma.” Tawo called out.

Ope entered the password and the screen changed. Ope smiled. Tawo kept a straight face. He slowly retraced the video footage till he got to the time stamp. They saw the Colonel getting off the Bus. 6 minutes later he boarded a taxi.

Tawo got the plates of the taxi and asked Bee Hive to track its routes and location. Minutes later, Bee Hive sent back its report. Fortunately, the taxi made just one trip that morning. The only place the taxi went to that morning was Ahmed’s Estate.

He called Bruno.

“Target is now red hot on the radar. Get ready to pull the trigger.”

For the first time in a long while, Tawo smiled. A genuine contented smile.


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7 thoughts on “#AnEveningWithEva – Episode 13

  1. Rex

    exactly wat i said few weeks back.
    Tawo=Birkhoff..all dis special ops u c in Nikita n XIII….i rili luv d story line of this work

  2. walewunmi

    Rex na xo d comparison fit wela bt wo kum b nikita n micheal sumtin just dey tel me its gonna b eva n sean respectively loool abi no b xo at rex n chistar:-)

  3. Rex

    hmm…walai u hav a point die!…..buh Eva n Sean no sabi fyt…mayb The Ghosts will train dem….wonda what dah General wants them for

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