#B•I•T•C•H: Sex in the room – Episode 20

Hi, this post would contain raw sexual and explicit contents to be warned. Read at your risk. The sexual content is in italics so you can easily avoid it. I apologise for any inconvenience.



The alarm which blared like a hysterical police siren truck woke Jummy up at exactly 7:30AM the next morning. For the first time ever, since Jummy bought the alarm, she actually regretted buying it because of the headache it gave her that morning.

She recalled buying the alarm. She had walked into the market in search for a normal alarm but after the salesman had some how manipulated her, she left with a made in China alarm, and just like our everyday made in China mobile phones, the alarm was so loud that it woke up the neighbours who lived at the next block. Jummy was certain the salesman used juju on her.

NB: juju means charm.

She slammed her hand on the alarm and it abruptly stopped it’s noise.

She was expected to be at work by 8:00AM and usually set her alarm at 6:45AM but after the events of the previous night, she thought it would be wise to add a few more minutes to her nights rest. After all, it was her first day as the assistant branch manager and wouldn’t want to sleep all day in her office, come to think of it, she hadn’t seen her new office yet, she thought.

The thought of her actually having an office of hers and not just a small cubicle excited her and she suddenly sprung out of her bed and stripped. She literally flew into the bedroom and showered, the splash of the water echoed round her two bedroom apartment. Zainab had told her times without number to rent a cheaper one bedroom apartment since she almost never uses the spare room but for some strange reasons, Jummy just never obliged.

In a total of ten minutes, Jummy stepped out of the bedroom with just a towel wrapped round her body. She walked to the dressing table and applied all the things every casual lady applies on her body and face. Satisfied, she walked to her wardrobe and that was the tricky part.

She looked at all her clothes in the wardrobe and felt irritated, she just didn’t think it would be nice for an assistant branch manager of GNP to wear such old clothes, she made a mental note to go shopping during the weekends, after all, “she had to look what’s she was worth.”

She picked wine coloured plain t-shirt and a milk coloured plain trousers to match. When she done dressing, she looked at herself and she nodded in approval. She might not have new clothes, but the old ones weren’t bad at all.

In her attempt not to rush to much and not to be two slow, Jummy was ready to leave her house at exactly 8:00AM., unlike most ladies who spend days and months just to prepare for work or any outing, Jummy didn’t spend much time at all, as a matter of fact, she wondered why her fellow ladies spend so much time to prepare, she just didn’t get it.

Luck seemed to be on Jummy’s side because as she stepped out of her house, and empty cab cruised by and all she had to do was wave it down, in another thirty minutes, she was at the front of the GNP building. She settled the bills with the cab driver and watched the cab zoom away.

She took a deep breath, puffed her chest upward and held her hand bag firmly. Nothing can possibly go wrong today, she sighed to herself as she walked into the building.

The security guard was the first to greet her,”good morning ma, welcome,” and it surprised Jummy because in her five years of service at GNP, he never looked at her more than once and here he was, greeting her, Jummy smiled at him in response and kept on walking with swagger.

But then, the cleaners started greeting her too, one by one and Jummy started wondering whether it was “world greeting day.” She smiled at them in response and doubled up, trying to quickly walk into the office so that the strange greetings would stop, she was getting uncomfortable with it.

In no time, she was inside the office: a vast hall with thousands of cubicles perfectly arranged and few offices at the extreme end, opposite the main entrance. She walked past the first cubicle and it was empty, as the new assistant branch manager, she knew it was her duty to ask where the supposed occupant was, but she felt there would be enough time to torture the employees later, as for now, she just want to clear her desk and move everything into her office… Her brand new and well furnished office with a TV set, she smiled at this thought. Nothing can possibly go wrong, she murmured.

She got to her cubicle… Her former cubicle and sat on the chair. She switched on her computer and inserted a flash drive into it, she tapped some buttons and tampered with the mouse, in a few minutes, a box showing: “copying files… 5 minutes remaining” appeared on the screen, Jummy once again, smiled in approval, she hadn’t smiled so much for a very long time and it sure felt good… Nothing can go wrong, she sighed once again.

While the files copied, her phone rang and one look at the screen told her how bad a friend she was, she gave her self a mental knock for not remembering to call him back before picking up the call.

“Hey John.. Am so sorry for not calling you back as promised. I was so occupied that I forgot, I went to celebrate my promotion yesterday and can you believe Zainab’s car was stolen?” Jummy said immediately as she picked the call hoping that would soften John’s heart towards her.

John initially had the intention of complaining but after hearing that, he calmed down, “oh! I’m so sorry about that… So you and Zainab have no car now?” He asked.

“Yea, but don’t worry. Once I receive my first pay, am going to get one, I don’t like this taxi idea,” she complained.

“Anyway, am kind of on the road now and just wanted to check on you since you’ve been quite scarce… Maybe we could go out tomorrow night, its friday night you know?”

“Yea! Sure… I’ll call you later on after work today so we can talk better,” Jummy replied excitedly, she just couldn’t believe how everything was going in her life. The promotion and now a handsome, rich guy who is interested in her, wow! She mentally exclaimed.

“Okay.. Got to go now, I’ll be expecting your call,” John replied and hung up.

By the time this call was ended, the files Jummy was copying had be completed, so she removed the flash and stood up from the chair. She picked up the picture frame of her and Zainab which was the only property of hers on the desk, and walked down to the extreme end of the building, towards a door which had: “ASSISTANT BRANCH MANAGER” boldly written on it.

She stared and the writings on the door for a few seconds smiling, before she walked into the office.

Immediately, she she walked in, she saw something on the desk which caught her attention and the smile she had on her face widened. It was a bouquet of flower.

Naturally, she assumed it was from John, and she just couldn’t help but feel excited about how lucky she was to have a guy like him, even though it wasn’t confirmed yet.

She picked up the flower and perceived it, she had no idea what type of scent it had but it sure had a nice scent… What can possibly go wrong? She asked herself rhetorically.

Just then, someone knocked at her door and she instructed the person to enter, it was the least person she expected to see, Stephen- co – acting manager of GNP.

“Stephen!” Jummy exclaimed in surprise. Was he here to tell her she has be fired like he has wanted, she thought to herself.

“Oh! I see you’ve already gotten my flowers?” He grinned.

* * * * *

After laying on his bed for close to five minutes waiting for Bukky to come out of the bathroom, Richard finally stood up from the bed and walked towards the music player. He switched it on and played “Motivation” by Kelly Rowland featuring Lil wayne, he put the song on repeat. What an ideal song for what he was about to do, he thought.

The provocating lyrics from Kelly only made Richard more horny: “Go, go, go, go/ Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down/ Go longer, you can last more rounds/ Push harder, you’re almost there now/ So go lover, make mama proud/ And when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs…”

The bulge in Richard’s trousers only grew bigger and at long last, Bukky finally came out of the bathroom wearing just her panties and bra.

Richard smiled and he stood up from the bed and walk towards her, he admired he perfect curves for some seconds, she had the perfect size of curves Richard loved, not to small and yet, not to big… Just perfect.


As he stood at her front, Richard let his hands wander on her stomach and he playfully used a finger to tickle her left bosoms right above the bra and Bukky moaned in approval, she loved when guys played with her bosoms.

She didn’t think it was fair for her to have all the fun so she placed her hands on the bulge on Richard’s trousers and Richard moaned in approval. He became more Hot… He slowly allowed his hand to wander to the back hook of Bukky’s bra and unhooked it in one swift move.

“Where did you learn how to unhook a bra so fast?” Bukky asked seductively as she applied more pressure on Richard’s dicck.

“That not really important? Is it?” Richard replied and smiled. He slowly removed the bra from Bukky’s shoulder and behold! The twin towers were let loose.

Bukky’s bosoms were as big as a #100 agege bread and as soft and firm as a ballon filled with air, *wink*. Her Tips were already hard and stretched fully.

Richard took a deep breath as he grabbed the both of the at once, he squeezed them so hard that they hurt.. Just like clock work, the kelly Rowland track that was playing in the back ground was at the part where Kelly said: And when we’re done/ I just wanna feel your hands all over me/ baby but you can’t stop there, music still playing in the background/ And you’re almost there/ You can do it, I believe in you, baby/ So close from here.

Bukky suddenly held Richard’s hand and pushed him to the bed. She bent down and undid his belt, slowly she removed his trousers and boxers… His dicck was already erect and at full length, Bukky sighed in approval, the thought of his dicck in her excited her.

Bukky held the dicck firmly and leaned on it, it slipped perfectly into her mouth and the warmth of her tongue on his dicck made Richard moan out loud: “ahhh!!” He exclaimed.

Slowly, she started moving up and down, increasing her pace and her grip on the dicck, the sensation was overwhelming on Richard and in no time, he felt the urge to release…

“Stop! Am about to cum!” He exclaimed as he just didn’t want to release before the main fun started, she smiled and stopped immediately.

She crawled up to his lips and kissed him hard. Bukky definitely knew what she was doing and Richard knew he made the right choice.

Richard slipped his mouth into one her bosoms and stared sucking it hard. He used his free hand to remove her her panties and she gladly let him.

Once the panties was removed, she turned over and bent on all four like a dog, Richard knew what he was supposed to do.

He bent down after admiring her perfect Bottom for a while he navigated his dicck into her pusssy and started slowly.. Slowly.. And slowly… Then slowly.. He started going faster… Faster..

The scream of Bukky, “Ah!! Fucck me harder! Faster! Fucck me!! Faster!!” Gingered Richard and he started pumping in and out of her like his life depended on it.

He did the canine style for quite a while before he somehow carried her from the bed to the wall and turned her.. He pushed her Bottom and back to the wall and raised on of her legs for easy entry, he slotted his dicck once again and started pounding her..

“Yes! Yea.. Awww… Ahh.. O my gosh! Faster babes..harder.. Fucck me!” She moaned.

Richard went harder and soon enough Bukky was about to climax, “am about to cum,” she yelled. “Me too!” Richard replied. “Cum in me,” she replied.

In a few seconds… Paw paw paw!!! They both climaxed and came on each other.

Richard brought out his dicck from Bukky’s pusssy and slumped to the floor week, she slumped right on him and let her bosom land directly on his face.

The rested for a few minutes before Bukky the sex machine slipped her hand on Richard dicck and started caressing it. In response, Richard slipped his index finger into Bukky’s pusssy and watched as her lips curved into a smile.

“You don’t get tired, right?” Bukky asked.

“I’ll get tired when you get tired,” he replied.

“I don’t ever get tired,” she replied.

“Let’s watch and see,” Richard replied and he dragged her to the bed and without any warning he inserted his dicck into her pusssy roughly and Bukky screamed… Richard smiled.

He started pounding on her for round two and the bed was already shaking, at the rate the went, the bed legs would have broken soon but a knock at the door saved the bed.

Richard ignored the knock the first time and kept on banging Bukky, until a second knock came, he reluctantly stood up from the bed and walked to the door.

He opened the door and saw two hefty looking men at the door, they could pass for bouncers.

“Can I help you?” Richard asked irritated.

“Are you Mr Richard Anderson?” One of the hefty men asked without even smiling.

“Yes I am, who are you?” Richard asked.

“Good, am Agent Ambrose and my friend here is agent Emeka, we are both from the new Lagos state investigation agency, and we have a court order to arrest you,” Agent Ambrose flashed his I.D card to Richard and showed him a piece of paper which showed contained the court order.

Richard was confused. “Arrest? What did I do?” He asked.

“All your questions would be answered when you get to our station, you have the right to remain silent because everything you say now can and will be used against you in the court of law,” Agent Emeka replied as he brandish his hand cuffs.

“I don die!!” Richard murmured as he stared at the two hefty men and the hand cuffs


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