#SingleLady: Episode 7.

I know this is short but the original writer of this story has been really busy, so I try to post it once weekly so that the story can run for a reasonable time.



‘No, its not like that,’ Famous said.

‘Its how? So in exchange for meat pie, I should go to your house and get to really really know you. Ok, explain this ‘your really know you’?’ I said obviously pissed

‘Are you a child? Did I do anything wrong by suggesting we have a good time together all alone?’ He replied.

I gasped and gawked at him as he went on and on. Then I got up, opened my purse brought out enough money to cover whatever Famous could have spent for both our meals and probably enough tip for his transport fare. I dropped it in his plate then said;
‘Don’t ever speak to me or even think about dialling my number. I don’t hang with people that try to take advantage of my nice attitude,’ and stormed off.

As I got to the front of the eatery, I stood for a little while to composed myself.

‘I have never been so insulted in my life, that guy has no manners. Did i send the wrong signals by mistake that I can sleep with any guy that just shows me little attention?’ I thought to myself.

While I stood there, my phone rang. I looked at the screen, it was JB.

‘I’m so not in the mood for your calls,’ I said as I silenced the ringtone and stopped a bike.

I was back at Emeka’s place the next evening. Emeka had been so helpful and I was picking up fast. He is indeed intelligent and had patient while teaching. I think he would make a superb professor if he decide to veer into that career.

As he saw me off that evening, we talked. For some strange reasons, I felt comfortable in his company and like it. I feel its because for a change, I’m in the company of a guy and he doesn’t have the urge to grope me or talk nasty. He was just himself.

‘I want to show appreciation for all you have done, what would you like me to do?’ I said.

‘Oh, I’m just glad I could help. I want nothing in exchange.’ He said

‘That’s just what I like about you, but no don’t say that. Everybody wants something. Be free, tell me,’ I said

Emeka laughed then said; ‘then brand me different, I want nothing.’

‘Talk jhur, drop your ‘hyper-modest’ acts,’ I said

‘Okay, if you insist. I just want to be your good friend,’ he said

I laughed then said; ‘that’s not a demand, we are already friends. Ok, leave that to me. I’ll surprise you after the test on wednesday.’ I said

Its wednesday morning, I woke up by 5:30am. It was early unlike my normal ‘8:00am’ hurried preparation’. I wanted today to be perfect, so I started my preparation on time.

At exactly 7:00am, I was set to leave for school. Then I woke Deedee up so she could get ready.

‘Babe, wake up o. I’m going to school already,’ I said

Deedee rolled and rubbed her eyes.
‘Wow, where are you going so early?’ she said

‘I thought I just said I was going to school?’ I said

‘Yea, I heard you the first time. Just wanted to be sure. So, why so early?’ she said

‘Nothing, can’t I decide to go early? Well, I have a test. I need to go and get a comfortable seat.’ I said

‘Now you come. Alright, God’s grace dear.’ she said

I got to my lecture hall by 7:30am. It was almost full with people by then.

‘don’t these people sleep in their houses? Or do they sleep here?’ I said to myself as I found a comfortable spot.

‘I would shock Dr. Amadi out of his pants then he would know I’m not just a pretty face on an empty head,’ I thought.
Emeka and Caroline walked in.
‘who am I seeing this early?’ Caroline said

‘is that how they greet where you come from? Your mum would be appalled by your behaviour. Come on, get on your knees and greet properly,’ I said jokingly

‘Wow, pigs must be flying out side. She isn’t even cranky for waking so early, she is even making jokes. Emeka, this is a day indeed. I think we should video this event and take pictures. Where’s my phone?’ Caroline asked

‘Emeka don’t mind this girl, she is a character. Come and sit jare. Caroline, your ‘mumu’ don dey pass be careful o. Come and sit before someone else takes your seat.’ I said

‘eh, who wants to block my success? Let the person try me and sit in my rightful position besides you.’ Caroline said jokingly

Emeka just kept smiling as we talked. He seemed fascinated by our little ‘drama’.

Dr. Amadi walked in by 9:00am.
‘I’m sorry am late. I had a little car trouble but I’m here now. Put away all books and tear a piece of paper,’ he said
He waited for few seconds as the students put away books and bags then he turned to the board. He wrote just three questions on it and announced;
‘You have thirty minutes.’

I saw the questions and was so pleased. I made eye contact with Emeka and mouthed ‘thank you’, then faced my paper. I finished within fifteen minutes and allowed Caroline copy then got up to submit.

‘Jenny, why are you standing up? And no you can’t take permission to go anywhere. Sit down and write or submit and don’t come back’ Dr. Amadi barked.

I walked to the front and said; ‘I want to submit sir, I have finished writing,’ and gave him my paper. Dr. Amadi seemed dumbfounded as he scanned my paper noticing I had actually done justice to his test.


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  1. walewunmi

    Hmmmn…dis is geting interesting.update oh fast n i undastand ur plight bt d writer more power 2 his/her elbow…wich eva dat suits best lol

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