#POLLs: How Well Am Doing As A Bloger?.

POLLS ENDED. I guess I’m doing pretty well :). Thanks guys for all your tips and advice, I really appreciate. And yes, this post would be removed tomorrow, so if you have anything to add or say, kindly drop a comment before then. PEACe.


Hi SOC readers,

So I’m faced with a little problem.

I’ve been blogging for approximately three weeks and I have over 8000 hits on my blog *WOW*, and I’m doing pretty well as a first timer from my own point of view but at the same time, I still fell I can be doing a lot better.

This poll is just meant for you guys to tell me what you think about sochistar.wordpress.com.

Please before you vote, consider all possible factors you can, ranging from the blog design, accessibility, quality of posts, consistency etc… Then after you’ve voted, please feel free to drop a comment and tell me what you really think about the blog in your own words and how you think I can improve. I’ll appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.


ff @OfficialChistar


29 thoughts on “#POLLs: How Well Am Doing As A Bloger?.

  1. Clemzy

    #TRY TO MODIFY THE COMMENT BOX. Make it more easier for people to comment.

    #IMPROVE ON YOUR DESIGN. I’ll advice you to work more on the background colour of this blog, try to modify it, the plain white has a side-effect on the eyes.

    #TO BE A GOOD BLOGGER YOU NEED TO BE A GOOD GOSSIP. Try to spend more time on twitter following celebrities and when they tweet about going to the toilet, made sure to be the first to upload it online.

    #Try to upload music and videos directly to your blog instead of re-directing people to naijaloaded.

    #HAVE A LOGO. Also, your soChistar design is not fine, try to make it bold and cute.

    #If possible, put forums on this blog which will keep members busy instead of just coming to read a story and leaving almost immediately.

    #BECOME A TROLL. Use every means possible to advertise your blog in all social networking site.

    #MAKE PEOPLE ADMIN/MODs. You can’t do the work alone.

    Wish you all the Best!!

    1. WOW… Priceless advice, thanks, let me reply all your points anyway.

      1- the comment box is at it least complicated state. Just your name, email and comment is required. If u want to just be able to comment easily, u have to create a wordpress account. But I’ll still try and see how I can remove the “email” option so it would be a lot more easier.

      2- the desktop theme colour is blue, its the mobile theme that’s white but unfortunately, I can’t edit the mobile theme, its default. I activated the mobile theme so that it won’t exhaust too much data.

      3- frankly, I already had someone who would handle the gossip gist for me and had already made her first post but after viewing the blog with the content, I noticed it deviated from the blog main purpose. This blog is meant to be entirely filled with original contents, I.e figment of the author’s creative imagination. Posting stuffs like “wizkid buys new car” and “tonto dikeh buys new car would attract more traffic but kill the blog main purpose.

      4- okay, this wud cost money oh! Plenty money, but I think I’ve got to spend money to make money.. So I’ll work on that.

      5. A logo.. Hmmm, yes! That’s a great thought, I’ll work on it ASAP.

      6. The “soCHISTAR” logo you are referring to is definitely the mobile theme version and once again, I can’t do anything about it. The “full site” or “destop” version is cooler.

      7. Err.. Sadly it’s impossible, unless I create a forum on a “forum host” and link it up to the blog, I’ll give it a try.

      But I’ll make this blog more lively by creating more topics that requires people to talk and I’ll start “give aways” once the blog gets 10,000 hits. I hope it wud attract more people to the blog and make you regulars win stuffs like “recharge card and other stuffs”

      8. Lol, this is my speciality, but I don’t troll on NL for personal reasons, I might start now… At the same time, you guys can help me out.

      9. I’m not doing the work again, I have 3 people on my admin list, but they have been busy of recent. I’ll have a conditional talk with them to know if they are still interested or not.

      Thanks a lot, by next week, you would start seeing some new changes on the blog.

      Thanks once again ;D

  2. Chuksemi

    Like clement said, become a professional gossip. Besides I cant give any concrete criticism without knowing what your aim is for starting this blog, is it to make some cool cash? Or just for the fun of it? Because I read somewhere, sometime, that you cant make money from wordpress blogs.

    1. I love writing and I do it easily so this blog is just like my little space where I write and show it to the world. Its basically for fun but if musicians can be paid for doing what they love doing, I don’t mind making money from it too.. ;D. And “wordpress” blogs are as good as “blogspot” and “blogger”, if not better, I can make money from it but I need the “traffic” first. I’ve replied your “gossip” suggestions on clemzy reply.


  3. Gabriel

    Hi chistar,

    Am a silent hardcore fan of urs from Nairaland.

    Let me start by saying this, you are definitely going to go places because this ur creativity with the pen, you make writing seem so easy.

    Also, your attitude towards criticism is admirable and your flair to improve is great, I know this because I read MCLS and am currently following B.I.T.C.H now, the difference is clear.

    So now to the topic. For a first timer, you’re indeed trying big time but let me drop my suggestions.

    * Your blog is like a “novel” which we read and drop immediately, try to give us a reason to stay and probably get addicted. Since you don’t want to post gossip gist which attract traffic, give us another reason to stay apart from your write ups.

    Just like clemzy said above, try and create a forum section or atleast a disscussion section where “we” your fans can talk with one another and make new friends + enemies(lol).

    If you can do that, your blog hits would increase drastically beyond how it is now, it would be like a nairaland outside nairaland.

    * you said something about give aways, that’s a great idea because “nobody wey no like awuf” but at the same time I know this blog is not bringing in money yet and you need money to run it properly. I visited Zubby of NL site and saw he has a donation option, you can create an option like that too, I for one would want to donate something that would help this blog grow and just to say “thank you” for keeping me entertained for over 4 months now.

    * involve us more in the activities of the blog. I.E make us feel we are part of the blog progress by making at least one of us an admin and not just your own friends. I recommend “clemzy”(if he is interested) because he seems to be your number 2 fan (after me lol).

    My 2 cent.

    1. Chuksemi

      Gabriel, you just took it out of my mouth. My lawyer will serve you an invitation to court, I am charging you for gross and premeditated stealing of pre conceived thoughts of another person.

  4. Okay oh. Make I drop my comment and run to yaba left before mynd ban me.
    I don’t think I need to talk more; they’ve said it all.
    Just to add to what has been been said already, if you can switch your blog to a paid host, it will be better. You can also meet people you’re into wordpress blogging for long, they can help you design your blog and make it more easy for us to drop comment. You can also make it a .com blog; I usually find it out typing long web addresses on my phone. About the comment ish, I don’t know if it’s possible to remove the email field, if possible, remove it. And also create a platform where we can register and drop comment. Zubby is trying to do that, you can contact him for some help too. Before I forget, you must add that donation feature oh, it’s high time we started making monies from writing. I might decide to share my new story here, just that I’ve not gone far, just three chapters.

    1. Chuksemi

      With all this suggestions, its best you just create a forum already, not even a blog. Besides if you continue with the blog, biko add pm features.

  5. Ms Spaqs

    We want 2 see your picture*tongues out*.I totally get where you are coming frm n i agree.I dont want 2 c ‘whizkid finds Caro’ as d main reason why i’m coming 2 d blog it differentiates you 4rm other bloggers.I like d fact that you are giving us a little bit of everything.As 4 improvements am sure there’s still time.Visit other sites find their weaknesses n use it 2 improve yours.I rest my case

    1. My picture.. Hehehe, I’m shy 🙂 and thankfuly, each time I post a picture it shows as “black”, I’ll try and upload one later.. Don’t expect much though :).
      I’m doing that already, I follow quite a number of popular blogs and learning from them, plus looking for their loop holes. Thanks.

  6. m003

    hi chistar if u ask me i will say ure doin good at what u do & just like odas said ur blog will b better if u have forum nd pm for WE the fans to make pals and haTers lol ……..but right now i feel like chassing u wit a hammer for trying to kill me wit suspence

  7. princesa

    i dont have much to say than that You’re great and talented, plus passionate, i couldnt have achieved this fezt myself. Even though you find out that am not a great fan of urs, i still say Weldone…

    And My recommendation: i think if you could liase with Tunde Leye to run a short but interesting series on his blog, at the end of which he would name your blog, that could yield more traffick to yours.

    He has over a million hits and his burnt series currently running attracts so much viewers.

    Well that’s if you know the blogger am talking about and that he wont be so cranky about it. If you can, try with him.

    Atleast a blog am currently following was gotten from there after the blogger featured his own series.

    Welldone dude;)

    1. Hmmmm… Wow, don’t tell me you are a TL fan too. I’ve been following the dude since “finding hubby” although I left during “Tricia Nightmare” (didn’t like the story that much). thanks for the advice. I think I’ll do exactly what u just said and maybe forward the same series to some other popular literature blogs. Thanks for the advice, my mind didn’t go there 4 once. But the one problem is I don’t have a short series… Guess I have to start writting one ASAP.

      Thanks once again 4 d encouragement and advice.

      1. princesa

        Okay, u’re welcome… 🙂

        just try to come up with a short, but suspense filled series that can run for 4 weeks simultaneously, then put forward the idea to him…

        Wish you the best 😉

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