#AnEveningWithEva: Episode 14



The Colonel sat in the living room, scrutinising the sim cards that the detective had just gotten. With his personal phone, he called Customer Care and complained that his number was not going through. He could not make calls neither could he receive calls. He was asked to call the digits of his phone number so that they could help ascertain what the issue was. He called the digits on the new sim and was put on hold. After a while of holding on, he was told that the number was not in use. It could be a new number or an incorrect number.

“How long have you been using this line please?” the Call center agent asked pleasantly.

He hung up.

He tore the sim from its pack. He was going to insert it into Ahmed’s phone later, probably at midnight. He relaxed on the couch and touched his groin, rubbing his ball5 gently. The kick Ahmed gave him had hurt. He was surprised himself at how he was able to fake the absence of pain. But such sacrifices were necessary. He needed Ahmed to be ready. There was still a lot of work to be done. The Colonel’s eyes moved to the small table in the center of the room. The bugs he had taken out of Ahmed’s bedroom and also the ones he took out from the living room lay scattered all over. He had forgotten about them.

The bugs were powerful high functioning cameras. But they could only be deployed and monitored over a 200 meter radius. The Colonel was in deep thought. This meant that whoever was watching Ahmed had to be close by. Very close. He had not seen or heard any strange sounds in the house. This meant that the control device was not there. Ahmed walked lazily into the sitting room, holding his waist. He sat on another couch, a considerable distance away from the Colonel. He did not want another lesson so soon.

“Son, have you noticed anything strange or out of place in the attitude of your neighbours? Or estate residents?” The Colonel asked.

Ahmed almost asked why but thought better.

“I have not Uncle. I do not have the time to monitor my neighbours. I don’t speak to anyone. The Old woman who lives two houses away says a greeting every time I drive by. I always murmur a reply. I barely hear myself. I am not concerned about their affairs.” Ahmed replied.

“Detective Ahmed Haruna! Don’t just say whatever comes to your head boy! Think! Have you noticed anything strange lately?” The Colonel insisted.

“If I had said the first thing that came to my head, we would be having another fight by now.” Ahmed thought to himself.

“Uncle, nothing strange has happened. Believe me, I would know. Other than a new resident moving in the next house beside us, and then the reconstruction of the drainage system, nothing has happened over the past 7 weeks.”

“You have a new neighbour? Since when?” The Colonel asked suddenly very interested.

“I don’t know. A couple of days back or so. I was coming home from work and a truck blocked half of my gate because it was trying to off load furniture into the new house. I asked for the owner of the house but whoever it was wasn’t available. I haven’t seen or heard anything since then.” Ahmed finished.

The Colonel’s brain was at super speed. He was thinking deep and trying to draw logical conclusions. Patterns formed in his subconscious. Ahmed watched his with keen interest as the Colonel drummed his fingers on the table.

“From the moment you heard the gunshot and the moment you got to the veranda, how much time do you figure had passed?” The Colonel asked.

“About two to three minutes. I even checked the streets. There was no sign of any one. It seemed like they just disappeared into thin air.” Ahmed said.

He was thinking in the same direction as the Colonel now. The escape was too quick and perfect. It must have been planned and properly rehearsed. His assailants had to be close. Perhaps, too close.

“There is only one way to find out. My guts tell me they are the occupants of that building. We will have to draw them out. This is what we will do. You are going to make a call with your old sim. Let us hope it is still being monitored. You will call Sheila. Tell her you were attacked. Your dogs were killed. You went out today and you noticed suspicious men trailing you. You shook them off. You know where their hideout is and you will need back-up to take them out.” The Colonel said.

“How does draw them out sir?” Ahmed asked.

“These people have a zero tolerance for failure. The only reason they are called The Ghosts is because they do not exist. They leave no trails, no clues, and no souvenirs. The do not make mistakes. They are thorough and highly trained. The best part is, they do not respond well to threats. If they sense a threat, it is quickly neutralised.” The Colonel said.

“And my call to Sheila is a threat they will not be willing to let lie fallow, thus bringing them out and then we nab them?” Ahmed asked.

“Exactly, my boy!!! The phone call to Sheila is a threat. They will make a move after your call. Now this is the detective I know!” The Colonel answered happily.

“I will send a cryptic message to Sheila after you call her, telling her not to respond to your phone call. We are on a trip together and we just decided to play a fast one on her. We will laugh over it. I have already ‘photoshoped’ you into a picture I took during my visit to Massachusetts, USA. I will send it to her as proof to calm her.” The Colonel said.

“I still do not understand sir. When are we doing all this?” Ahmed asked.

“You will call her two hours from now. I will send the message immediately after. Any moment from then, we should expect company.” The colonel finished.

“How many agents are they likely to send?” Ahmed asked suddenly jittery.

“They are silent assassins. They do not draw attention. Maybe one or two. They would want to act quickly before Sheila’s fake back-up arrives. Then, we’ll have them for dinner!” The Colonel finished and showed his spotless white teeth.

Ahmed did not have cause to smile. The very thought of the assassins coming to get him made him shudder with fear. The Colonel noticed this.

“Suck it up boy. I did not raise a coward! Be ready when I ask you to.” The Colonel scolded.

Ahmed could only nod.


Bruno was sleeping on the chair in the bungalow when Tawo called. He acknowledged Tawo’s orders and dropped his phone on the table after he hung up. He had underestimated the detective. His men had lost the detective for over an hour and saw him later when he approached the estate gate. Where he was and what he went to do was a mystery. Bruno did not like mysteries. He was still pondering how he was going to unravel the detective’s past hour off the radar when Tawo called telling him to ready himself for the kill. He woke Marshal and told him to get himself ready to take out the detective. Marshal grinned. He had not killed anyone in a while. He was really happy he finally had a chance to. When Tawo ordered for the trigger to be readied, it did not take long before the target was wiped out. The longest it ever took was 18 hours.

Bruno relaxed in his chair and noticed a red indicator on his transmitting device. Ahmed was making a call. He quickly plugged in the earphones and listened to Ahmed’s voice.

“…found out their hideout. It is beside my compound here. I cannot say for sure how many they are. Send back-up just in case so we can move in tonight. 2 hours. Good. I’m ready. Bye.” He heard Ahmed finish and hang up.

How the heck did this happen? How did Ahmed know? Bruno was never one to throw blames. He now needed to act. And fast! He checked the time. 8:14pm. Marshal was fixing the silencer to his .45 automatic pistol. He called Tawo. It rang for a while and there was no response. He tried to call Shina. It was switched off.

This was his call. If he decided to wait, the whole operation would be blown. If he decided to flee, he would be ‘discharged’ by the Ghosts. He had only one option. He had to take out the detective.

He got his gun from a hostler strapped to his waist. He fastened a silencer to the gun and put the gun in his trouser by his waist and covered it with his shirt. He picked his phone and sent a text to Tawo.

“Operation at risk. New development. Moving to take out target.”

He waited for the message to deliver. He put off his phone.

Marshal was so happy. He would finally get to shoot and kill someone. He was ecstatic. He grinned at Bruno. Bruno’s mind was racing. This could be the end of them. It could as well be the best move he could take. But he could not afford to sit idly by or to flee. It was against The Code.

“It’s going to be a clean sweep. Get in, get out. No trace. No mistake. Copy?” Bruno asked.

Marshal nodded.

They packed their bags, wore their gloves and got out of the bungalow.

* * * * *

Tawo got out of his 2 hour self-psyche feeling very refreshed. Every day he dedicated two hours into self-meditation and communication with the cosmos. Nothing was allowed to distract him. No phone calls, no knocks, nothing. His steward had barged into his Psyche Room one day while he was meditating. His legs were crossed under him, his palms on his knees and his head was raised.

“Master, master, you get visitor.” The steward said from the door.

When there was no reply, he moved to where Tawo was and repeated himself. Tawo hated the interruption but kept calm. He did not move nor open his eyes. Later that night, he almost had the steward ‘wasted’ but decided against it. He called him and gave him stern instructions never to disturb him when he was meditating. The Steward never made that mistake again.

So when Tawo’s phone kept on ringing incessantly, the steward almost took the phone to him in the Psyche Room. He was already on the stairs when he remembered his Master’s strong warning never to invade his privacy. He shrugged and went back downstairs, dropping the phone on a table in the sitting area of the house. Tawo came down an hour later whistling. He was in a terrific mood. All he had to do was wait for The Colonel to make a move and target would be history. The day’s session was magnificent. He had soared beyond the cosmos and was gaining higher levels of understanding. He picked his phone at the same time talking to his steward.

“Was my phone ringing?” Tawo said as unlocked his phone.

“Yes Oga. I been wan bring am for you when…” The steward was saying when Tawo’s rage caught him unawares.

“Shittt!! No!” He shouted.

He had just read Bruno’s text.

He tried to call Bruno back but his number was switched off. Bruno had no idea that the Colonel was now with the Detective. Tawo knew that Bruno was very capable and had never been found wanting. He was the best field agent The Ghost Corporation had asides from The Deadly Quartet. He was being considered to understudy Ambrose and maybe get promoted to a Super-Agent. Yet he did not have the level of clearance to be privy to that sort of information. Only the Super-Agents were in the know of The Colonel and his operations. Bruno did not qualify. Tawo had spoken to Shina and Sophia earlier about informing Bruno of the new developments so he could be better prepared. The agreement reached was that Ambrose should be at the Bungalow at 02:00hrs to support Bruno. The Colonel would be taken out at 05:00hrs.

Tawo wanted to call Bruno immediately the decision had been taken but it was already time for his personal meditation session. Now Bruno had taken matters into his own hands and gone in without up to date information on the target. Tawo was sure that whatever it was, Bruno had a good reason to go in all by himself.

He thought for a few seconds. He switched on his Ipad.

“Please give command” A voice prompt came from the device.

“Open Damage Control on Mission Ahmed.” Tawo spoke to the Ipad, folding his hands behind.

The program opened all possible methods of invading Ahmed’s compound and taking out the Colonel. It also provided him with a brief outcome of every method, giving each a certain percentage of success or failure.

After watching the program for a few minutes, he took out Ambrose and Shina from the simulation and pushed in Bruno and Marshal as replacements. He ran the program from the beginning a second time.

In all the possible methods, the average success was at 23%. The possibility of failure was 89%.

He was disturbed. He was not really worried about the safety of Bruno and Marshal. They were agents and they could handle themselves. He worried about losing The Colonel. He had a difficult time catching up with him before. Tawo did not want a repeat performance.

He called Sophia.

“The Colonel Mission is on a code red. Of the four of us, you are closest to the detective’s location. Please move in. Your protégé Bruno’s life depends on it.” Tawo said.

“What? You call me at this time of the night and expect me to jump at your instructions? Who do you think you are talking to one of your dogs?” Sophia asked irritated.

“Please S. I really need you.” Tawo pleaded.

Sophia knew that Tawo had a reputation for being arrogant, proud and cruel. So when she heard him beg, she had no choice than to help him out.

“Send me the details.” Sophia asked.

“No details S. Bruno is going into the detective’s compound to decommission Ahmed. He is not aware that The Colonel is there. And I have a hunch that he is falling in to a very big trap. If we don’t move fast, he may not survive it.” Tawo explained.

“No. Nothing is going to happen to Bruno. I will send a report in 90 minutes.” Sophia finished and hung up.

She got up from her bed and opened a small closet hanging on the wall beside her bathroom door. There were different guns, cartridges and bullets on the shelves inside the closet. She picked a gold embroidered pistol and a .45 silenced automatic.

She faced the mirror in her room and applied a pink lipstick. She touched up her face and was looking very pretty and sexually provocative. She wore a very short and tight purple mini skirt, put on a white tank top and wore a purple net over the tank top. She put her guns in a medium sized purse. She entered her Benz E280, began the ignition and drove out of the mansion.


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