#B•I•T•C•H: Beginning of the end – Episode 21

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*At The Front Of Zainab’s House.*

“Should I still delete your number?”. – Henry.

“Your choice.” – Zainab

“Okay, I’ll call you later on, maybe to make your hair,” Henry replied in a sarcastic tone and drove off before Zainab could think of a suitable reply.

* * * * *

*At the WheatBaker bar*

“Is this the latest trend?” – Richard.

“Pardon?” – Bukky.

“Oh! I was just wondering if its now a trend for beautiful ladies to sit alone in a bar,” – Richard.

“Is this seat taken?” – Richard

“No, not at all, please seat,” – Bukky.

“Okay, enough chit-chat, why don’t you follow me up to my room and let’s get down to business?” – Richard.

“I was wondering when you would say that.” – Bukky.

*Richard looked down at the bulge on his trousers and smiled.*

* * * * *

*In Richard’s suite, WheatBaker hotel*

“Go, go, go, go/ Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down/ Go longer, you can last more rounds/ Push harder, you’re almost there now/ So go lover, make mama proud/ And when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs…” – Kelly Rowland

“Where did you learn how to unhook a bra so fast?” – Bukky.

“That not really important? Is it?” – Richard.

*In a few seconds… Paw paw paw!!! They both climaxed.*

Richard and Bukky were still having sex when out of nowhere, there was a knock at the door.

“Can I help you?” – Richard.

“”Good, am Agent Ambrose and my friend here is agent Emeka, we are both from the new Lagos state investigation agency, and we have a court order to arrest you,” – Agent Ambrose.

“I don die!!” – Richard.

* * * * *

*At Jummy’s Office*

*She picked up the flower and perceived it, she had no idea what type of scent it had but it sure had a nice scent… What can possibly go wrong? She asked herself rhetorically* – Jummy.

“Oh! I see you’ve already gotten my flowers?” – Stephen


When she started working at GNP, Jummy had an issue with Stephen. Stephen was interested in her and made multiple moves at her but Jummy shunned him each time until he got tired, or so she thought.

At that time, they were both just regular employees and didn’t have much authorative positions like they now did. Stephen had started working at GNP before Jummy so it was only natural his promotion came first. Ever since his promotion, Stephen didn’t bother Jummy about anything and Jummy was glad he had forgotten about her.

So she was surprised when she over heard Stephen and Mrs Ogbonaya arguing over her promotion, she just didn’t get why Stephen wanted her out of the company. But the major surprise came as she discovered Stephen sent her flowers. Wasn’t he the same person that wanted her out of the company? She wondered.

It took Jummy several seconds before she could think of what to reply Stephen as she figured the flowers was from him and not John as she had expected.

“Why did you send me flowers?” She asked sternly.

“Hey! You are welcome,” Stephen replied sarcastically, ignoring her question.

Jummy wasn’t please or moved by his sarcasm, “I asked you a question,” she repeated herself.

“Do I need to have a reason before I send my personal Jumoke flowers?” Stephen asked, grinning widely, he seemed to be enjoying the conversation.

“People only send send flowers to friends, and when last I checked, we were good friends” Jummy replied, staring sternly at Stephen.

Stephen got the irony in Jummy’s message and he rose an eyebrow, “we are friends na, or aren’t we?” He asked.

Jummy bursted out in laughter, “you and who are friends? As far as am concerned, you are an immature nobody.” She said in between laughters.

“Why are you acting this way and saying all this cruel things?” Stephen asked with a somewhat pitiful look.

“Have you forgotten I overheard you conversation with Mrs Ogbonaya?”

Stephen lips curved into a smile, “don’t tell me you took that personal? It was all just acting and I did it for your own good.”

Jummy became curious, “for my own good? What do you mean by that?” She asked.

“I and Cynthia or Mrs Ogbonaya as you guys know her both had a little ‘something’ in the past but it just didn’t work as she had both planned so she became mad at me and vowed to hurt me somehow. Cynthia don’t play with her threats and I knew she knew you were the only one I cared about in this company, so obviously if she hurt you – which she can, she automatically hurts me. So what I did was make her think I don’t care about you so she won’t hurt you,” Stephen coughed and continued while Jummy listened with rapt attention, “I compiled a list of incompetent staffs that I want to be transferred or fired and I included your name. It worked as I had hoped, she transferred other staffs and promoted you thinking it would hurt me, but unknown to her, she just made me a lot more happy, so you see, I am truly your friend,” Stephen concluded and grinned at her.

Jummy wasn’t impressed by the explanation. “You are still at fault for putting me at risk in the first place. And let me remind you that you are a married man,” Jummy said. “And if you don’t mind, I have some work to do so please kindly leave my office and if possible take your flowers with you, I don’t need them.” She concluded with a tone of finality.

“Jummy, but I…” Stephen tried to say but was shunned by Jummy.

Angry, he stood up from the chair and stormed out of her office.

Jummy picked up the flowers and walked to the door side where the waste bin was, she took a deep breath and dumped it in the waste bin, she hated doing that but had to pass a message across.

She went back to her seat, sat down and after transferring all the files she copied in the flash, she walked out of the office, as the new “Assistant branch Manger”, she was going to perform the part of her duty that required being a pain in the arse towards lower level employees.

She smiled at this thought.

* * * * *

Richard was still trying to understand what was happening to him.

Few minutes ago, he was having the time of his life but now he was stucked in a police van, surrounded by two macho police officers who claim to be from the Lagos State Investigation Agency. What does that even mean? Richard wondered, he didn’t know such a agency existed to start with and what do they want to do with him? The only crime he had ever been caught committing but an officer of the law was stealing meat from his mother pot and the ‘officer of the law’ was his own dad, ever since then, he was been very careful and made sure he left no stone unturned.

The silence in the van was deafening and it had a sinister effect. Richard was uncomfortable.

“Where are you people taking me?” He asked with a low tone, he somehow felt that if he spoke too loud one of the macho agents beside him might beat him up for shouting at him.

“When we get to the station, all your questions would be answered to you satisfaction,” Agent Ambroose replied without even looking at Richard.

“You can’t just barge into my hotel room, arrest me and take me to your station without at least giving me a reason first. I have the right to know!” Richard replied, gradually raising his voice.

“We know it is your right to know the reasons, but we have our orders and it was simply… ‘Go and bring Richard Anderson to the station’,” Agent Emeka replied.

“As you said earlier, its my right to know and I demand to know now or I’ll call my lawyer!” Richard yelled suddenly becoming confident.

“Sir! I would say this just once, calm and nicely. With all due respect, KEEP QUITE! All your questions would be answered when we get to the station,” Agent Ambroose replied.

Richard was about to say; “You can’t tell me …” When Agent Ambroose suddenly turned to face Richard for the first time. He wasn’t smiling.

Richard got the message and kept quiet for the rest of the journey.

They got to the station in about fifteen minutes time. It was a casual bungalow which had a symbol of the Nigerian Police: -an elephant and an eagle. The symbol was drawn on drawn on a sign board close to the main entrance.

The van was parked at the front of the station and all its occupant walked out of it.

Agent Ambroose had the hunch that Richard might try something silly so he held him tightly on the arm and walked into the station.

Richard was taken straight to the commissioner office and once the door was opened, a man seated at on of the vacant seat opposite the commissioner turned and smiled.

“Oh, Richard, am so glad you could make it, you welcome,” he said.

The man was Barrister Boniface.

* * * * *

Zainab finally woke up by 12:53PM after sleeping for roughly 15 hours, her head ached, her legs were weak and she just felt like going back to bed and sleep more, but she knew her body a little too well, she knew if she slept more, she would wake up by 8PM in the evening and even though she had no serious plan for the day, she didn’t think it would be cool to sleep all day, so she reluctantly and sluggishly stood up from her bed.

She went straight to the kitchen and filled a glass cup with a refrigerate pack of orange juice and literally gulped down the entire contents in one big gulp, the juice did wonders and she felt a great surge of energy boost, she felt like working out. Its been weeks since she did any sort of work out and she could feel she was getting fatter.

She picked up a towel and walked straight in an empty room where Richard kept his treadmill.

Zainab could still smell and picture Richard running on the treadmill shirt – less, sweating and his abs exposed for he viewing pleasure, she felt a tingle in-between her thighs, she missed Richard.

She waved the thoughts out of her mind and went to work. She set the thread mill at average speed and started jogging on it when she heard her phone ring all the way from her room, she let it go to voicemail. But it rang again and again and again, she new it was either Jummy that was calling or it was something important. She switched of the treadmill and went to her room to pick the call.

She picked it on the sixth ring.

“Hello,” she said.

“Hello, is the Zainab Anderson please?” The caller asked.

“Yes, this is her.”

“Okay, good. This is Agent Ambroose of L.S.I.A and your presence is needed at our station immediately.”

Zainab was alarmed, “presence ke? For what now? Any problem?”

“No, not at all. You lawyer, in person of Barrister Boniface requested I call you and he also said I should add its really important and you need to come right away.”

“Okay, where is the station please,” Zainab asked, looking worried.

“I’ll text you the complete direction from you house right away, thank you.” Agent Ambroose hung up.

Zainab dropped the phone and went to shower, by the time she was done, the text had been sent, she called for a private cab which arrived fifteen minutes later and in a total fifty minutes from when the call was made, Zainab arrived at the station.

She had no idea why Boniface needed to see her so urgently and why at the police station of all places.

She walked in to the station and was directed to the commissioner office by sergeant Yemi who manned at the front desk.

She knocked and walked into the office only to see a full room, filled with five men.

She looked at them all clearly, she identified the one on suit to be Boniface. The fat one wearing the custom black and black police uniform was obviously the commissioner. She saw Richard at one end of the room looking at her with surprise written all over his face but what really caught her attention where the two men who looked like they had just survived a bomb blast. The both wore just boxers and had huge scars and injury all over their body.

Zainab needed some explanations. She turned to Boniface and asked, “What the hell is going on her?”


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