Hi guys,

Thanks for all your advice and suggestions on the polls yesterday. The poll would be on for the rest of the week and open to you guys suggestions.

I want this blog to be “user friendly” for all of us and the prospective new members.

In response to the few suggestions I got yesterday, this is what I have to say:

1. Someone suggested I designed a blog logo and I’ve done that, the picture of the logo is attached to this message… What do you guys think about the logo?

2. Concerning the “commenting” option, I have worked on it and its good to go now, I have made the necessary amendments to it now. All you need to drop a comment now is your name, you can ignore the email and website box, they are for optional usage, if you want to remain anonymous, just drop your comments and ignore other boxes.

3. Some of you guys want to be admin? That’s fine by me.

If you are interested in becoming an admin here are the criterias: (A). You MUST be active on this blog. (B). You MUST have a stable internet supply, and please, you MUST either a computer or a smart device – BB, Android or IOS. (C). You should either be a creative writer, or good at making researches for good posts. (D). You can signify your interest here or email me.

4. Some of you guys want this blog to be like an interactive site i.e like a forum. I don’t know how possible that is but I’m working on it. I assure you that I’ll find a way to somehow make you guys fully involved in the blog. Someone suggested I go and create a forum instead of blog, I can do something cool, maybe I’ll create a forum on a forum host site and link it to this blog, making it the best of two worlds (I hope it works).

5. Am in need for articles and more stories, if you have got one you want to share with SOC readers, please send me an email and we would talk better.

6. Some of you said the site graphics is poor. Please note that the site has a Mobile version and a Full version. The Mobile version is designed to minimise data consumption, if you want the full feel, you can click on the “FULL SITE” button below the homepage.

7. In responce to another suggestion concerning making sochistar a self host site, okay, I’m working on that. http://www.sochistar.wordpress.com might soon become http://www.sochistar.me or http://www.sochistar.com.

8. I’m also badly in need of funds, because of its quite expensive to create and run the blog. 1. almost all post designs are paid for. 2. If I’m going to make this site a self hosted site i.e make it “www.sochistar.com” I’ll have to pay for it, its $25 per year so that’s roughly N4000. 3. Data plans need to be bought. And many more, so I’m calling for you guys help. I’ll drop the donation button soon and shine more light to it later.

Okay, that’s all I’ve to say. All other amendments would be made on this topic. I’ll update from time to time.

Please drop comments on any additional suggestions or response to any of the issues raised above.

UPDATE: I’ve tried all possible options concerning in “forumising” this blog but its impossible. The only option a webmaster gave me was I should create a free forum using “createaforum.com” and link it to this one. I can do that but then, its like I’m creating a new site entirely and that would loose the major concept of the blog. So here is what I plan on doing. I’m going to create a Topic titled “MEET SOC READERS”, in the topic, you guys can chat with one another by commenting. This is the best I can do for now. Please, If you have a better idea, I’m open to suggestions. Thanks. I’m still thinking and making research on the “PM” functionality.

Secondly, I made a slight adjustment to the blog logo. Obviously, the theme colour of this blog is “BLUE” so I changed the big “C” from pink to Blue, hope its still cool?

ff @OfficialChistar


11 thoughts on “#READ ME: IMPORTANT INFORMATION *updated*

  1. m003

    hi chistar on behalf of WE the fans of #SOC we wnt 2 say tnk u ……..nd 4 d forum if ure good wit HTML and CSS u cn create a free forum wit PM chatroom and download on (wapka.mobi) and if ure good in PHP u cn use simple machine forum (SMF) u cn search for it on google. For free domain u cn use .tk domain (dot tk) good luck

  2. clemzy

    Firstly, i’ll say nice logo you’ve got there.
    Secondly, is there a way we can create an account in this blog?

    Thirdly, i think you should make it possible for us to edit our comments interms of mistakes and prolly quote somebody’s comment just like it is in nairaland.

    Lastly, we all should contribute our quarter to publicize this blog by clicking the share button. Also, invite your friends plus enemies to come check out this blog cause right now they’re definatelly missing out on the best thing happening on the internet.


    1. 1. Thanks.

      2. Yes, on the “fullsite” there is a register button.

      3. No, its not possible to modify a post, only an admin can do that. You can click on the “REPLY” button below the particular post you want to “quote”. It automatically replies that post in particular.

      4. Thanks 4 d support

  3. Princesa

    You people should take it easy on chistar na, this is a blog, a what? A blog! Not a website like nairaland.com asking for features that belongs more exclusively to sites like that, is being unfair on him. Readers of other thriving writing blogs do not keep demanding this from the blogger. You guyz should relax Jo and let him breath.

    Just Come here, read a story, be kind enough to drop a comment and then buzz off!

    End of story! Jeez, where do you get this people from? 😦

    And in another development, i totally love the logo, so mature and cool. Weldone chistar. 🙂

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