#B•I•T•C•H: Time Would Tell – Episode 23A

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Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up. – James A. Baldwin.

* * * * *

Zainab stood transfixed on that spot, trying to assimilate what was happening and at the same time trying to tell herself that it was all a lie and hopefully a misunderstanding. She just couldn’t really believe that after she had agreed to give E.A a chance, she had to see him with another woman.

“Zainab, why didn’t you call before coming over,” E.A asked again as he saw Zainab probably didn’t hear him the first time.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know you have a guest,” Zainab replied. She knew she didn’t have any good reason to be disappointed or angry but she just couldn’t help it.

E.A chuckled, he could read Zainab thoughts. “I know what you are thinking at the moment but its not true. This small girl here is my sister,” the lady at the front of E.A turned and playfully tapped E.A on the shoulder, “am not small,” she said.

“Yes, you are small, don’t think because you now have two tiny oranges on your chest that you are now big oh,” E.A then turned to Zainab, “as I was saying, she is just my sister and ignore the ‘honey’ I called her earlier, we just tease ourselves a lot.”

Zainab was a smart lady and didn’t entirely believe what E.A just said, so she kept quiet and patiently waited for some kind of confirmation.

The confirmation eventually came, as E.A’s sister opened her mouth to talk.

“Wait a minute,” she said turning to E.A, “is this by any chance the Zainab you’ve been giving headache with? Telling me about her every second?”

E.A was embarrassed, he was blushing, “firstly, I don’t talk about her that often and yes, this is Zainab.”

“Yes you talk about her too much, anyway,” she turned back to Zainab, “am sorry for my rude attitude earlier on, just that in this hood, we get strange visitors often and the only way to deal with them is being rude.”

Zainab just smiled in response, she wasn’t entirely convinced yet.

E.A’s sister then stretched her hand for a hand shake and said, “Am Diana by the way.”

And that did the trick, that was the confirmation she had been waiting for, E.A had mentioned the name “Diana” to her a couple of times, “oh, so you are the Diana?” She asked.

“I don’t really like the way you make it sound but yes I am, so are you going to shake my hand or would I have to fry akara for you first?” Diana asked jokingly, or maybe she was serious.

“Oh, am so sorry,” Zainab replied and took the hand. “I guess you already know me so no need for introduction.”

“Yea, so why don’t you come in? Or you are still admiring the staircase?”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to…” Zainab was about to decline when Diana cut in.

“If you say no, I’ll have to drag you in,” she said.

“We aren’t exactly in talking terms at the moment,” E.A whispered into Diana ears.

“Good, you just gave me another reason to make sure she comes in,” Diana replied, then turned to Zainab, “so am I going to have to drag you in or would you make it easy for the both of us?”

Zainab just smiled and walked pass Diana and E.A into the house, she knew her way around so she went straight to the sitting room and sat on the couch. E.A joined her few minutes later and they both stared at each other in silence.

Diana went to the bedroom and after five straight minutes of consistent noise making, she finally came out fully dressed to go out.

“E.A, I wanna assume you guys would be needing a lot of privacy since you obviously have a lot to talk about so I’ll be on my way, I won’t come home tonight so don’t expect me, so for crying out loud, don’t blow this opportunity,” she turned to Zainab and smiled, “I now see why he like you so much, you are almost as beautiful as me,” Diana replied and walked out of the house leaving both Zainab and E.A laughing uncontrollably.

“Your sister is really funny and nice, you know?” Zainab said after they were done with laughing.

“Yea, I know, she is the only sibling I got. After my parents gave birth to her, they decided to start using c0ndoms,” E.A replied mischievously.

“At least your case is better, I’ve told you about my family right?”

“Not really, all I know is that they are all based at Canada,” E.A replied.

“Well, I have two siblings, an older brother and a younger sister, after I finished schooling, I was the only one who decided to come back to Nigeria, my brother decided to work for my dad in his company and my junior sis just stays at home and grow fat,” Zainab said pitiful.

E.A smiled, “I guess I’m kind of better off that you.”

“Yea, you are.” A brief silence followed.

Even though he was supposed to be mad at Zainab, he just couldn’t really stay mad at her, he liked her too much and with her sitting beside him at the moment, he felt the urge to do something crazy.

Zainab on the other hand felt the same way but as the lady, she didn’t think it would be right to make the first move, so she decided to give him a sign, “E.A I’m sorry,” she started, “I don’t really know what I did that hurt you the most but for whatever it is, I’m really sorry,” she paused before adding, “and I need you… Back.”

E.A was having a mental crises and weight his options, what could be the possible worst thing that could happen if he does what his mind tells him to do, Zainab would probably just walk out of the house, he concluded that it was worth the risk.

As Zainab silently waited for a response, E.A leaned over and pecked her, then he quickly withdrew and stared deeply in her eyes, waiting to see what would happen next. Then it happened. Zainab leaned over and kissed him back, and before the could say “Jack Bauer” they were tossing and turning, kissing like teenagers who just found love for the first time.

Like magic, Zainab top flew from her body and E.A’s shirt disappeared too, the Zainab’s bra and skirt somehow found their way out of her body. By the time E.A carried her to the bedroom, they were both naked and well… I think everyone knows what happened next *wink*.

* * * * *

It was already 8:45PM when the ringing of Zainab’s phone woke her up from a short sleep, she couldn’t feel her legs as E.A had done a good job, so she rolled and picked up her phone which was on the floor beside the bed, she had no idea how the phone got there.

“Hello,” she reluctantly said.

“Hey! Hi, this is Barrister Boniface, I just called to tell you that a court date has been fixed for Richard trial.”

“Good, so when is the date?” Zainab asked excitedly.

“Tomorrow by 2PM,” he replied.

Zainab was surprised, “so fast?”

“Yea, I happen to know a few people,” Boniface replied, feeling pompous.

“Okay, email me other detail.”

“Okay, I’ll do that, but brace yourself, the case isn’t going to be as easy as we thought. Your husband hired Barrister Anthony Okili and they seem to have some sort of new witness who claims he knows everything that happened, and he has proofs,” Boniface replied unsure of himself.

“Hmmm, who is Barrister Okili and who is this new witness?”

“Barrister Okoli is one of the best lawyers to come from this country and I’m not sure but I think the new witness is a certain Doctor.. Doctor Daniel or something like that,” Boniface replied.

“We have the tape, and our own witness of our own, so I guess we just have to wait till tomorrow.” Zainab replied, she sounded unsure too.

“I’ll email you the full details right away, time would tell,” Boniface replied and hung up.


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  1. walewunmi

    Ahan dis update is 2smal it aint fair…bt wait a minute i tot dr.daniel av left d country n e also wanted 2tich richard a leson y kum in as a witnes…hmmmm dis is intriguing nxt update

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