#GIVEAWAYS: HowWellDoYouKnowB•I•T•C•H.

gift%20boxPREDICT AND WIN.

So, I made a promise sometimes this week that I’ll start giving away stuffs once my blog hits get to 10,000. Well, good news! Its gotten to 10,000 and even passed it.

I don’t think there can be a better timing, today is a the beginning of a new month, Happy New Month to you all by the way, and I think we just entered the fourth week since I launched this blog.

So enough of my story, am sure most of you aren’t interested in it, lol.

Here is what is going to happen.

This is how this “give away” is going to work.

1. I ask a question.

2. You guys reply.

3. I pick a winner and give him/ her the gifts.

So here is the question.

Most of you claim you know my series: B•I•T•C•H (Babe In Total Control) very well and think you can predict it. So I’m going to give you a chance to be win something for just doing what you think you know how to do best.

In the next episode of #B•I•T•C•H, there would be a court scene where Richard is going to have a trial. What I want you to do is, predict what the verdict would be. Would he be found “Guilty” or “Not Guilty.?”

Please note that if you choose “Guilty” you are to tell me why you think so and what you think his sentence would be but if you choose “Not Guilty” you are to tell me why you think he was found “Not Guilty.”

The person whose answer is the closest to mine becomes the winner and wins the following:

1. A 20 minutes private chat with me via Twitter, BBM, 2GO, or Whatsapp. During the chat, you can ask me whatever question you want and I’ll reply with the truth.

2. You would be the first to read my first E-book. I’m working on a short four/five episode series that would be published strictly as an E-Book. I would personally send the E-book a day before it is released to the public directly to your Email for free.

3. You get a 200 naira recharge card top up in any network of your choice.

NB: please, I’m aware the gifts ain’t enough and very little, but its just for the fun of it and my little way of saying thank you for supporting #SOC (me) for the past one month.


1. Only predictions made on this topic would be considered, other predictions made on other topics would be considered invalid and ignored.

2. Normally, you can choose to comment(reply) with out filling in your email address, but if you want to win, you have to fill in the “Email Address” box.

3. All predictions should be posted on or before 6:00PM (GMT +1), 1-11-2013. And prediction after 6:00PM would be ignored.

4. The winner would be announced during tommorow’s update.


Oya! dont run yet! kindly drop your thoughts before you leave ;D, thanks.

ff @OfficialChistar


11 thoughts on “#GIVEAWAYS: HowWellDoYouKnowB•I•T•C•H.

  1. olupentane

    Richard would be found guilty.
    REASON …..
    Dr. Daniel has already made up his mind to ruin Richard so he accepted to be his witness at the court, but unfortunately he witnessed against him.

  2. Ella

    Richard will be found not guilty. REASON: Zainab has no witness bcos Dr Dan has left the country so she has no witness just the tape and Richard’s lawyer will say the is a frame up .Dr Dan won’t want to be called as a witness cos it will mean digging into his past

  3. @Jeffrey_Jamez

    Well I say NOT GUILTY because Doctor Dan only wanted to teach him a lesson and Doctor Dan believes Richard has learnt enough so he is back to free him!!

  4. Rex

    hmm…NOT GUILTY….Richard has the ever cunning and crafty Dr.Dan witnessing for him with tangible PROOFs,Zainab would be left with jst a recording(nt dat its a clip which wudda been better) and probably the issue of car theft,being very affluent(Richard),a bail would solve the whole ish afta the verdict

  5. clemzy

    Firstly, I envisage the following options will sprung up. . .

    – Richard haven caught Zainab having sex with Clement when she is not divorced. (Adultery)

    – The tape with Zainab will magically happen to be fake. (loss evidence)

    – Richard is going to impersonate someone as Dr. Daniel because the REAL Dr. Daniel is far away in south-africa.

    – Richard will be meant to remain in prison whilst Barrister Anthony Okili (his lawyer) will look for a way to bail him out as the case proceeds.

    NOW TO MY ANSWER, Richard will neither be found guilty nor not guilty in the next update because the case will be adjourned.

  6. tomisin

    NOT GUILTY………..
    The testimony of the two boys who stole Zainab,s car isn’t enough to send him to jail. He will probably manouvre his way through his lawyer and the testimony of the witness will not be accepted.

  7. Incredible me !!!

    Richard would be found guilty. He was linked to the car theft and would be sentenced based on his offence. As for the attempt murder case the imposter Doc. Daniel would do the magic. Simple nd short.

  8. Anonymous

    Horpe132….@last…….I fink Richard z gona walk & not go to
    jail..Past will come 2present “How Zainab was
    been banged in her Matrimonial Home”…….I
    fink Richard & Dr Daniel will deny the Tape
    with Zainab by saying it waz Scripted…..All
    Boniface will have against Richard is the Car
    Theft issue….The court grants Richard a bail
    out,,,,,Case Adjourned.
    …………………………………………….If i win……I’ll like to differ my prize/gift to theROCK Of writer of the Preachers Son on NL…………..thanks

  9. clemzy

    In addiction to my previous comment. . .

    • The court will rule-out the Car-Theft charge filled against Richard because he bought her the Car in his name.

  10. chistar

    Firstly, let me say a big thank you for participating in this prediction contest, even though the prices are small. I really appreciate.

    Now, I’ve read you all comments and am starting to wonder if you all are writers, highly creative or just entered my head to know what I was thinking because all your predictions are quite similar to what actually happened, so you all are winners in your own different ways.

    But unfortunately, only one winner can be picked and the winner is supposed to be the first person with the closest answer.

    I was confused at first but after much consultations with friends, and co-writers, Clemzy, emerged as the winner.

    My reason being that, Clemzy was the first person to give the closest and also the most similar answer. He broke down the whole case and gave a verdict to all the counts.

    Let me quote the part of his predictions that were correct.

    1. “The tape with Zainab will magically happen to be
    fake”. (loss evidence)

    2. “Richard will be meant to remain in prison whilst
    Barrister Anthony Okili (his lawyer) will look for a
    way to bail him out as the case proceeds”. (I haven’t stated if his bail would be paid or not, but the fact that he mentioned bail, makes it similar)

    3 – “Richard will neither be
    found guilty nor not guilty in the next update
    because the case will be adjourned.” (I agree this point isn’t entirely correct, but won’t you agree it is very similar to the final verdict?)

    4 – “The court will rule-out the Car-Theft charge filled
    against Richard because he bought her the Car in
    his name.”

    So I hope this convinces you all that this was the best entry?.

    Thanks for participating once again. And congrats to you all, because you all are winners. (If any of you want the private chat with me, its open to you guys, just email me. PEACe)

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