#AnEveningWithEva – Episode 18

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Two men walked into a huge bakery. One of them was tall dark and huge. He looked like a thug. His biceps and chest rippled and struggled against his tight black body hugging t-shirt. He walked behind the other man who was plump, had a bulging stomach and was dressed in a suit. He was below average height and smoked a cigarette. Smoke filled the whole atmosphere as sweaty workers mixed flour. They divided the mixed flour, cutting it into different sizes and panning it. They did not bother to acknowledge the men as they walked past them, opening a small door that led into a corridor. One of the men was the Boss and had previously warned that the workers always carry on with their work anytime he came by. He detested recognition.

They closed the door behind them. There were in another room now. It was a very tiny room with pipes carrying water lining the walls on both sides. They walked quietly for a while till they got to the end of the room.

There was yet another man sitting on a chair by the wall. Bloodied face, swollen lips and one black eye that was now temporarily half closed. The man looked up at his visitors, his hands tied to his sides on the metal chair he sat on.

“Water. Wa..tttt..ee..rrrrrrrr” The man muttered almost out of breath. He was barely audible.

One of the two men, who was the Boss, brought out a plastic bottle of water from his jacket and handed it to his partner.

“He want’s water. Shark, Let’s give him some water.” The boss said.

“Yes Boss.” Shark said.

Shark opened the water and approached Sean. As Sean opened his mouth, Shark bent the bottle in a vertical position and began to gently pour. As Sean began to gulp, Shark moved the bottle away from his mouth. He slowly and deliberately poured the water on the floor beside Sean, laughing wickedly as the contents of the bottle emptied on the dirty floor. Sean almost cried. He leaned his head backwards and closed his eyes. He knew he was going to die there. When it would eventually happen, he had no idea. But he was very convinced it would happen pretty soon. The room was very small, cramped with pipes on the walls on both sides. The only source of light was a small bulb on the ceiling that came on only when he had visitors. There was a fan on the ceiling that croaked and worked at an agonizingly slow pace. He was sweaty most of the time. The whizzing of the pipes when water passed through them was now music to his ears. His only companion was his thoughts.

He had lost track of day and time and had no idea where he was. A very frail old man who seemed in his late 70’s had brought him food before his current visitors arrived. He did not know if it was twice a day or once a day. The last time the Old man visited seemed like an eternity. He had tried to converse with the man. The old man did not speak English or any of the languages Sean had mastered. It sounded to Sean like he spoke Tiv. The Old man eventually managed a little, “me don’t hear. Me speak” before feeding Sean with the usual meager bowl of tasteless rice just enough to sustain him. He was not even strong enough to question the old man or to strain his brain, so he let the Old man be. He knew they were keeping him alive for a reason. Maybe these two men were going to tell him.

Shark dropped the bottle of water, squatting in front of Sean.

“Did you kill the Governor?” The Boss asked just behind Shark

“Who? What Governor? Is he dead?” Sean said slowly.

Shark landed a heavy punch to Sean’s stomach just below his rib cage. Sean yelped in pain as spurts of blood escaped his mouth. He tried desperately to catch his breath.

They waited for Sean to get himself together.

“I am going to ask you one more time Sean. Did you kill the Governor?” The Boss queried.

Sean looked up at the man. He was feeling faint. He just wanted to die and give everything up. It was not worth it. He wanted to just spill everything but he thought about his mother. She had done nothing and she did not deserve to die for his crimes. He was going to do this on his own. The Ghosts always keep their word. As long as he kept mute, his mother would be safe. They had honour. These men interrogating him did not. He had no doubts about that. He was ready to die.

“I.. do… not… know… what…you… are… talking about.” Sean said very slowly.

“Are you crazy? You are talking back at the Boss like that? What the fucck is wrong with you boy?” Shark said irritated at Sean.

He made to hit Sean again but the Boss stopped him.

“Stop. Easy Shark, easy.” The Boss said.

Shark moved away for the Boss, going farther away from Sean. The Boss now took Shark’s position. Only he did not squat.

“Sean, you are within an inch of your life right now. We can protect you. Change your life. Give you a new identity. Anything you want, just name it. It would be documented and signed. Its full proof, fail safe and very genuine. We need people like you on our side Sean. But first we need to bring down the bad guys. And we need your help. We will make you disappear. The whole government is behind you on this one. You can disappear anywhere in the world. It’s totally your choice. The man you killed had a family. A wife, kids. A duty. He was loved by everyone. The Government is working at super speed. We have a lot of good clues. The people won’t rest till they have the killer’s head on full display. That head doesn’t have to be yours Sean. Do you understand me?” The Boss asked.

Sean nodded.

Sean closed his eyes. He smiled within him. These men were very good, but not good enough. If he was a rookie, he might have been bought over. He knew this routine the way he knew his name. Good cop, bad cop. The bad cop comes first, threatening and abusing. Tries to scare the living daylight out of the suspect. Then when that doesn’t work out, then the good cop comes in. He acts like he really cares, tries to be reasonable. Offers a bottle of water, coffee or food. He tries to warm up to you. He is the deadliest.

“Are you with me Sean?” The Boss asked.

Sean opened his eyes. Slowly he said “Yes, I am”

“Good boy. Now who sent you to kill the Governor?” The Boss asked.

“I do not know what you are talking about.” Sean repeated.

The Boss kept his cool and walked to Shark. He whispered something in his ears. Shark gave Sean another trademark punch. Sean’s chair rocked. They left him there and closed the door.

The visits continued and the torture increased. The food reduced and he hardly got enough water for a day. Every time, they asked him the same question. Every time they got the same answer. He had emaciated so much.

The sixth day came. They visited him as usual. He had sores on his skin. He could barely talk. His breathing was laboured.

He could not open his eyes.

They met a pool of vomit and blood by his feet.

“He won’t make it. He can’t die here. Take him to the electric room. Let’s end his miserable life there. What a waste!” The Boss said to Shark spitting beside Sean.

Shark untied Sean and carried him like a groom lifting his wife for bedding.

Sean said a short prayer in his mind.

The end had finally come.

* * * * *

Sean woke up in a very comfortable bed. He felt the drip in his right hand as he shifted on his side. He closed his eyes and opened it again. He was not dead after all. He was not in a hospital. That much he knew. He was in a prepared room. The walls were padded with white wallpapers. He needed to ease himself of the pee that now filled his bladder. He felt stronger than he ever been a few days ago. He got up slowly from the bed and grabbed the iron stand that held his drip steady. He opened the bathroom, eased himself and came back on the bed. He closed his eyes and slept off.

As the days went by he got stronger and his bruises healed. He got back a lot of lost weight and looked as handsome as he once was. He had begun doing exercises now. On the eight day he started doing ten push-ups. He gradually increased to twenty and then fifty. He thrived in the pain. He loved the strain in his muscles. In his entire life he never really exercised. He was just a computer geek who loved the keyboard. Now he added a little muscle in his game.

A pretty nurse came to the room twice daily. She was his gossip companion. She brought him food, checked his vitals and made sure he was okay. He had tried without any luck to get her to tell him how he got there. He asked her who employed her and where he was. She had told him that she did not know anything and was just a nurse. Every day she was picked from home, blindfolded in a car and the blindfold was taken off only when she was in the flat. She was being paid handsomely for her job and she did not mind the blindfold. Her father needed the money for the treatment of his arthritis. She was blindfolded on the way home too and released at her door step.

“How did you get the job?” Sean asked.

“I got a call from a strange number telling me about a job offer. It was too good to be true so the man planned a meeting. We met at KFC Yaba and reached an agreement about the fee. He told me about the blindfold. I did not hesitate. I have not seen the man since then” The nurse said

“How many men pick you from your house and drop you off every day?” Sean had asked on the eleventh day.

“A black Mercedes E Series pulls up outside my gate every morning. I go in the back seat and have small talk with the three men in the car. I get blindfolded till we enter a compound. I am guided into a living room by one of the men and then the blindfold is taken off. When I am done with you, I walk back into the sitting room and knock on door that leads outside. Someone comes in, blindfolds me and leads me to the car. I have never seen the same person twice. Why do you ask?” She asked

“Nothing really, I was just curious.” Sean answered.

Sean had previously wandered out of the room he was in. The house was a mini flat which had just a single bedroom that served as his ‘hospital’, and the living room. The door that led out of the living room was securely locked from the outside. He had been carefully planning his escape. But he needed the girl.

He had developed a soft spot for the nurse. She was intelligent, pretty and sexy. He had always dreamed of dating a nurse. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get her off his mind. She was the only person he had contact with for about two weeks. Their conversations had gotten more personal and he was freer around her. He was no longer on drips so she only brought him food and kept him company.

On the sixteenth day, Sean had just finished working out and decided to have a shower. He got out of the shower and came into his room clad only in a towel to meet Bimbo the nurse in his bed. She turned as he closed the bathroom door. Her jaw dropped when she saw his wet body, his muscular chest and his tight six packs. She almost wanted to run her hands around his torso. He looked so fit and handsome.

“Ehmmm…Ehmmm… I did not know you were going to be ehmmm… wow” Bimpe said.

“It’s okay jor. It is not like I am totally nak3d or something.” Sean replied and continued

“What brings you here so early?”

“I just came to inform you that I would not be coming here after today. I came to say goodbye.” Bimbo said.

Sean sat beside her and took the card she gave him. It was a very pretty card which described how much she was going to miss him.

He took her hands and looked into her eyes.

“Thank you so much for everything Bimbo. I will never forget you.” Sean said.

As Sean finished his statement Bimbo leaned forwards and kissed him lightly on the lips. The kiss lasted for a little less than five seconds. Sean looked pleasantly surprised. He broke the kiss and eyed her suspiciously.

“I have been dying to do that for a very long time.” She said and blushed.

“And I have been dying to do this…” Sean replied.

He leaned forwards and kissed her lips. He held her face in his hands as her lips swallowed his. They rolled on the bed, their bodies intertwined; their lips still locked in a kiss and proceeded to take themselves to heights of unimaginable ecstasy.

Three hours later, Bimbo was dressed and ready to leave. She smiled at Sean as though acknowledging that she had a wonderful time. As she made her way to the sitting room, she noticed footsteps behind her. She turned and saw Sean following her.

“What do you think you are doing Sean? You cannot be seen with me!” Bimbo whispered

Sean walked up to her.

“Do you trust me?” He asked holding her hands.

“I do but…” Bimbo started but Sean cut her short.

“Then please believe in me. Go ahead. Knock on the door.” Sean urged her.

“Are you sure about this?” Bimbo asked, fear in her eyes.

“Yes baby. I am sure. Now go.”

Sean sandwiched himself beside the door. Bimbo composed herself and knocked twice on the door. He heard a lock open and then the gate squeaked as the door opened. A man stepped into the room. He saw Sean. Before he could react, Sean hit the light switch. The room went dark. With lightning speed, he dashed to where the man was. He disarmed the man and twisted his neck from behind.

Sean went back and flipped on the lights.

What he saw scared him.

Bimbo held the man’s gun and pointed it at him.

“We have been waiting for you to make this move for days now. What took you so long?” Bimbo said.

Sean was dumbfounded. He was sure that there was something else at play here.

Bimbo picked the man’s phone and dialled a number.

“This is Brenda. Yes. He has made the move. He is ready.”

She dropped the phone and lowered the gun.

Sean did not move.

“What the hell is going on Bimbo?” Sean asked.

“You just passed your test Sean. We are on the same side. Let’s get out of here.”


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  1. Rex

    hmm….i knew it!….ryt 4rm wen his expectations of his mission extract wasnt wat he expected….knew he was being tested…..Ghosts sha…dy can go 2far 4just a test

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