#B•I•T•C•H: the end of the first quater – Episode 25



You never really can run away from karma. Its just like the sun. At night, you can do whatever you want freely without the rays hitting your skin, but when morning eventually comes, it comes with the sun.

* * *

Richard was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. Before now, he never really understood what that phrase really meant.

So here he was faced with two almost impossible options. Go to prison for five years or pay a fine of hundred million naira. The money wouldn’t have been such a big issue If his account and assets weren’t frozen but sadly, they were.

He had a lot of friends but its times like this we know our true friends. He decided to go ahead an make some calls. A lot of calls actually.

It wasn’t easy but after calling more than a hundred friends from his cell, he finally raised the money and he actually got to know the true meaning of friendship because the friends who helped him were does who he never thought would.

He paid the bail and after a month, he was set free.

As soon as he was out, the divorce papers were signed. He didn’t bother fighting it, he knew there was nothing he could do.

As Zainab opened her newly bought brand new Nissan Murano, she turned to stare at Richard who was still standing hopelessly at the front of the court. That was the last time she saw Richard, or so she hoped.

Just for the record, Richard moved to Ghana and with the help of Tony, he started up his video company from the scratch again.

Zainab and Richard finally went their separate ways. E.A and Zainab just didn’t work. Jummy and John got closer. And this is where our story really begins.


PS: Today episode is just a round up of the first part of this story, that’s why it’s this short. Babe In Total Control resumes tomorrow in a whole new style. PEACe.

Oya! dont run yet! kindly drop your thoughts before you leave ;D, thanks.

ff @OfficialChistar


6 thoughts on “#B•I•T•C•H: the end of the first quater – Episode 25

    1. Thanks. Firstly, this isn’t the real end, its just the end of a part. And secondly I’m not the writer of single lady, and apparently, the original writer has been busy as hell.

  1. Temitope

    Nice job Chistar though i was beginning ti wonder who d bitch or is it babe in control was nd wat she was controling bt nw i get it. Wit a hundred million bucks,my namesake is in d driver’s seat. Nice twist nd more of God’s blessings upon u. Amen

  2. Sunny

    Hello Chistar,
    I must really say you are a chi “STAR” indeed. To say that I am really impressed thus far is an understatement. I came across this on Nairaland for the first time Thursday last week and over the weekend I was glued to my Lappy till I got all the updates on the story. Your story is really a thriller. More power to your elbow.
    You get talent oh! I wonder wetin u dey wait for?????
    Please keep this up.

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