#AnEveningWithEva – Episode 22

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The Colonel was asleep when he heard the sound of the doorbell. He woke up startled. Who was at his door at this time of the night? He let the ringing continue for a while. When it did not stop, he grudgingly got up and went to the door.

“Who is it?” The Colonel asked pressing a button which enabled the microphone.

“Maintenance.” A voice replied from the other end.

The Colonel peered through the tiny glass visualizer on the door. He saw a man holding a tool box and looking round the corridor. He was wearing a dark blue janitor’s apparel which had the hotel logo on the bosom pocket. He also wore a blue cap which covered part of his face.

“Sorry, I did not call for any maintenance. Wrong room.” The Colonel said and left the door.

As the Colonel was going back to sit, Ahmed came out of the bedroom.

“Hi Uncle. Who was that?” he asked.

“One maintenance guy, He probably got the wrong room. How do you feel now?” The Colonel asked.

“I feel better than I was before. I am ready to go in the morning.” Ahmed replied.

Just then the doorbell rang again.

“Ahmed, please see what that guy wants. I am so angry right now; I fear I may blow his head off.” The Colonel said closing his eyes.

Ahmed approached the door and looked into the glass hole. He saw no one. He shrugged. He left the door and was half way across the room, when he heard the doorbell again. He was furious. He stormed to the door and keyed in the 4-digit pin to open the door.

All the while the Colonel was in deep thought. Why was the so called maintenance person not at the door? Why did the reception not call to inform him before hand? Why was he being persistent after he had clearly been told to go away? As he pondered this things, Ahmed was already at the door inserting the pin code to open the door.

“Noooo!!! Don’t!!! Stop boy!!!” The Colonel screamed at Ahmed, getting up from the couch.

It was too late.

In his enraged state, Ahmed flung the door open and made to scream at the intruder from maintenance when a heavy punch hit him by the side of his face. Before he could understand what was happening, a kick hit him on his chest, sending him sprawling on the floor back inside the house. The Colonel took just one quick look at Ahmed who was clutching his ribs. Ahmed grimaced, turning in pain.

The Colonel’s sharp eyes darted immediately back to the door. He almost knew who it was. He became alert. Very alert. He did not rush to the door like Ahmed did. He waited for almost a minute to see what it was that knocked Ahmed off his feet.

The General walked majestically into the room through the open door with a grim look on his face. He walked past the Colonel, sitting on the chair that he occupied a few minutes ago. Tawo came in after the General. However, he did not follow his father to the chair. He slammed the door shut and folded his arms across his chest, relaxing his heavy frame on the metal door.

The Colonel did not take his eyes of Tawo. His subconscious sensed the General behind him, watching him, trying to predict his move. Ahmed who was groaning on the floor earlier sat on the ground, surprised at the effrontery of the intrusion of these two men. Ahmed looked at his Uncle and what he saw scared him. There was a particular look he saw on the Colonel’s face. He knew that look. It was a look of rage and blood. His Uncle was now angry beyond reason yet calculating and careful. Ahmed shifted away from his Uncle, resting his back on the wall leading to the bedroom. He did not want to be caught in the cross fire. The Colonel’s eyes did not move. He continued to glare at Tawo.

Tawo had killed his only son albeit indirectly. Tawo and the Colonel’s son Abbey attended the same Spy Academy. Tawo was two years ahead and had achieved the status of Chameleon Prime. He was now responsible for recruiting younger members of the academy and training them into Chameleon Spies. The Chameleon Spies were members of the Spy Academy who had performed excellently over their first three years. The Colonel’s son had a fantastic record. He was always topping every category. By his third year in the Spy Academy, he had rubbished every record that Tawo had set. Twice Abbey was heavily recommended to partner Tawo in his missions. Tawo had declined. He had not met the boy but he already hated him.

So when Tawo met Abbey for the first time during the Chameleon Recruits Orientation, he made up his to do everything in his power to wreck Abbey’s career.

He engaged Abbey in all kinds of mini-missions too high for his level of clearance, but Abbey scaled them all excellently. All the while The Colonel continued to encourage his son, telling him that Tawo meant him more of good than harm.

However, Tawo had had enough. Abbey’s success appalled him. He was no longer comfortable because he saw Abbey as a threat to his supremacy. In the second year of Abbey’s training, Tawo sent Abbey on a deadly infiltration mission, deliberately including fake extraction details. Abbey finished the subtle infiltration superbly and was ready for evacuation. The radio link he was given to call came back as static. No response on the other end. Abbey had no choice but to find his own escape route. He had not been trained to that degree. He fell into enemy hands and was killed.

During the debriefing, it was discovered that Tawo had provided incorrect extraction details. The penalty was dismissal and death if found guilty by the Spy Court. The General had intervened and shielded his son from justice. He made Tawo disappear and swept the case under the rug.

The Colonel however was undaunted. He dug relentlessly into the family of the General in his attempt to unravel the location of Tawo. He was not ready to let his son’s death go by without justice being served. The General found out the Colonel was digging too deep into his privacy and had the West African Intelligence force send him undercover to infiltrate and bring down the Marine Cartel. The General hoped he would not come out alive.
All these thoughts flashed through the Colonel’s mind in seconds. He squeezed his fingers into a fist. He had been looking for this opportunity for a long time. Tawo had to pay for taking the life of his son. He had to die.

“Giwa, I know what you feel. I know how you feel. No one has to die tonight.” The General said in his cold, baritone voice.

The Colonel did not look back.

“Marcus, I am not sure you know how I feel. My son was murdered. Yours is still alive. You know what I think? I think you would understand how I feel when your son is dead.” The Colonel replied.

His eyes were still on Tawo. His eyeballs were fiery red. Tawo felt uneasy. His fingers caressed the .43 automatic that was inside the janitor overall he wore. He felt the need to use it but his father’s warning replayed in his mind.

The Colonel saw the tiny movement of Tawo’s fingers inside the overall. His instincts took over. He ran towards Tawo in a zigzag motion. The Colonel’s action took him by surprise. As Tawo saw the Colonel approaching him, he quickly brought out the pistol, aiming at the Colonel. He was not quick enough as the Colonel was in front of him in a flash. He landed a huge right to Tawo’s cheek while simultaneously giving a powerful left punch to his lower biceps. The pistol went off Tawo’s hand falling on the ground.

With his rage and anger, the Colonel rained punch after punch at every part of Tawo’s body. Tawo tried to ward off some of the Colonel’s punches but the Colonel was too fast for him. Tawo held up his arms to block the Colonel’s punches. The Colonel threw a strong swinging right punch to the side of Tawo’s face. Tawo fell on the ground disoriented.

Just then, the General got up. He took out a gun from his hips and aimed at the Colonel. The Colonel turned, facing the General. He was panting strongly, his countenance still filled with rage and anger.

“I did not intend for this to end this way. Obviously you are not ready to be sensible. Bye Giwa.” The General said, turning off the safety of the gun.

A gunshot was fired.

The General fell on the couch holding his chest.

The Colonel turned.

Ahmed was holding the gun that fell from Tawo’s hand. Ahmed looked scared. The Colonel went to his nephew, helping him up from the ground.

Instinctively, the Colonel had this strong feeling to look back. As he did, he saw Tawo pulling out a gun from his hips. The Colonel immediately grabbed the gun from Ahmed and pushed him away from the line of fire. Ahmed stumbled to the side of the room, almost hitting his head on the wall.

The Colonel bent on one knee and fired two shots at Tawo. The bullets hit him on the chest. Tawo fell, surrounded in the pool of his own blood.

“Let’s get out of here” The Colonel said, helping Ahmed up.

They took their belongings and hurriedly left the hotel room.


Thirty minutes later, the General stirred. He came to slowly, touching his chest. There was a little blood stain on his shirt. He took off his shirt and took off the bullet proof vest he wore. He threw it aside and assessed his chest. The bullet had pierced the vest but did not really get into his body. It grazed his skin and had caused him to bleed. He got up slowly, looking around the room.

Just then, he saw his son lifeless in a pool of his own blood.

* * * * *

Shina got out of his beautiful silver coloured convertible Hyundai Envy. He was parked outside a small bungalow in the exquisite Northern Foreshore Estate. Leaning against the driver’s door, he pressed the horn twice. He was waiting for Eva. He checked his wrist watch impatiently. It was three minutes past noon.

Eva opened the glass window of her sitting room and called out to Shina,

“Just a minute please.” She said waving at him.

She blew a kiss at him as she closed the window. Shina shrugged.

Eight minutes later, Eva came out of her house carrying just a sling bag across her chest. Her beautifully conditioned hair tumbled in waves at her shoulders as she walked towards him. She wore a pink silk semi-transparent blouse which had white polka dots. A short black mini skirt and white flat ballerina shoes completed her outfit. Her black lacy half bra was slightly visible under her blouse, her huge br3asts struggling against the tight fabric. Shina felt his heart skip a few beats. He really was crazy about this girl. He fought the urge to walk up to her and sweep her off her feet. He was afraid. Afraid of how she would react. Afraid of what she might say. Afraid of losing her forever. Like they say, half a loaf is better than none at all. He was content with just being in her life in the current capacity that he was, rather than lose her forever because of his feelings.

“What took you so long? We are far behind time. See the time na.” Shina said as Eva opened the passenger door and got in.

“Ahn Ahn na. Shebi it was just five minutes now. You know I have to look good. You never can tell if it’s another job I have to do, you know.” She said putting her arms around Shina as he started the ignition.

He glanced at her and she winked. He had butterflies in his tummy. He could not help feeling all mushy mushy around Eva.

“It was not five minutes my dear. It was eight.” Shina countered and eased the car slowly into the road.

“Ehn five minutes oh, eight minutes oh, it is still the same. Could you please close the roof? I’m a bit cold.” Eva said.

“Why won’t you feel cold? When you are dressed so provocatively” Shina said pressing a button.

The roof unfolded from the back of the car and stretched itself over their heads.

“Happy?” Shina asked nudging Eva gently.

“Yes daddy.”

“Seat belt please.” He said to Eva.

She obliged, strapping herself on the leather chair.

They drove in silence for a while till they got to an intersection on the road. The traffic light turned yellow, and then red as Shina slowly brought the car to a stop. The road before them spread out into two different paths.

“Destination please?” Shina asked.

“Hotel Paradise.” Eva replied.

Shina knew the place. It would take them about three hours to get there. He shifted the car into gear and turned left as the traffic light went green.

“As your Royal Highness commands” Shina said with a gentle bow.

They sped away on the freeway.


Sean drove into a petrol station at Ore.

“How much sir?” The attendant asked.

“Six thousand five hundred.” Sean replied, turning his window down halfway.

The attendant finished selling the required amount of fuel and hanged the nozzle back in its cradle. Sean handed the attendant seven thousand naira, telling him to keep the 500 change as tip. He made to drive off, then suddenly remembered something.

“Excuse me. Yes you.” Sean called at the man who just sold him fuel

“Yes sir?” The attendant answered eager to help.

“How do I get to Hotel Paradise? I seem to have lost my way” Sean asked.

“Oga mi, you never lost your way o. You never lost your way at all at all. In fact na the correct way na him you face so. If to say you don go chook your head for road like say you wan enter Akure, na that time your way go lost o. He go lost finish. You no go even fit find the way again. To come outside ehn, e go hard you like person wey wan swallow big stone o. And when person lost way for this kain area, e dey hard to see road come out o. E go just dey do like canoe wey no see road comot for water. Oga mi, I remember the day when I lost my way, I just dey…” The attendant rambled on.

Sean did not have time for his spectacle. He had a job to get to.

“Excuse me, I am really in a hurry. Do you know how I can get there or not?” Sean asked impatiently.

“Oga mi no vex I just wan explain as the thing be for you. Na inside Ore GRA the hotel dey. Just dey go straight. You go see one big signboard wey them say slow down. Make sure say you slow down o. Because I remember my sister husband. Na speed kill am for that same place. He see say them say make e slow down e no gree. Na so him motor enter gallop. The car tumble tumble tumble tumble so tey…” He was saying, demonstrating the tumbling motion with his hands.

”Can you just tell me how the heck I can get to the place?” Sean said infuriated.

“Oga mi, you sabi vex o. Na wetin I do now wey you don dey vex for me? Anyway, Na the next turning after the signboard be the street of the hotel. U no fit miss am at all. When you enter the turning, na the last building for the road. The hotel big well well.” The attendant stated.

Sean mumbled an inaudible appreciation, wound up his window and sped off the petrol station.

“Oga no speed for there o!” The attendant called after Sean.

Sean did not hear him.

Sean was directed to the parking lot as he drove into the huge five-star hotel. He found a free space in the already filled parking lot and parked his ash coloured Infinity Audacity jeep. He checked his gold Hublock wristwatch. It was exactly 11:56am. He was required to be at the hotel by noon. He was four minutes early. He decided to wait in his car till noon to see if Shina would be on time. At exactly noon Sean received another message:

“Target is en route. ETA is 3 hours. Stay Alert.”

The message deleted itself as usual after Sean finished reading it.

There was nothing to do for three hours. He decided to explore the hotel; possibly he may extinguish the target in the premises.

He went to the reception. A man wearing horn-rimmed glasses looked up at him.

“Good afternoon sir. How may I help you?” He said with a welcoming smile on his face.

“Yes please. Is there any reservation for Alexander Bashorun? It should have been made by now.” Sean said with an air of arrogance.

“Just a moment please.” The receptionist said.

He checked the computer in front of him, searching for a reservation in the name that was provided. He found none. He checked again just to be sure.

“I am sorry sir, no reservation has been made in that name. I wish there was a way I could help.” The receptionist said.

“It is okay. I will talk to my agency. Thank you.” Sean said and left.

He had wanted to play a smart one. The instruction was to go into the hotel after he had smoked Shina. He wanted to know what was in the west wing of the hotel. He left the reception and went to the Cinema section of the hotel.

At two-thirty, Sean was in his car watching for Shina. At exactly 2:53pm, Shina drove past him to a parking space six cars away from him. He watched as Shina walked with Eva into the reception of the hotel. Sean quickly got out from his car and walked towards the convertible. He was turning his car keys in his forefinger as he approached Shina’s car. When he got to Shina’s car, he spun his car keys so fast such that they fell beside the convertible’s rear left tyre.

As he bent to pick the keys, he planted a tiny tracking device under the car. He got up and quickly retraced his steps. He got into his car and waited patiently.

Shina came out the hotel twenty minutes later. Alone. He got into his car and drove out of the hotel. Sean started the car and the tracker came on. A tiny red dot blinked on a navigation screen on his dashboard.

He traced Shina carefully for hours. Shina stopped by a petrol station to buy fuel. Sean zoomed past and parked 100meters ahead of the petrol station. He waited till Shina zoomed past then got into his car and followed the tracking beacon in his car.

Shina was overwhelmed by what he felt for Eva. He needed to clear his head and only a drink could do that. After driving for two hours, he parked his car at a bar at Ogudu and went in. He watched the champions league final between his favourite team InterMilan and Arsenal. It helped him take his mind of Eva.

Three hours later, He was on his fourth bottle on beer when Sean walked in with two pretty girls in tow.

“Rambo my man!!! What are you doing here?” Sean said, hugging Shina.

“It’s a dull Saturday. I just wanted to have a few drinks.” Shina said waving at the bottles on his table.

“Well, I am here and no more dulling!!!” Sean said.

He introduced the two girls and had one keep Shina company.

They talked, chatted and had a lot of fun. Sean continually slipped poison pills in Shina’s drinks while the girl danced with him, making sure he was engaged and arous3d.

At 9pm, Shina got into his car and headed home. He had not moved for more than twenty minutes when he began to vomit, He parked his car and began to throw up, spilling a lot of blood through his mouth from his intestines. He opened the door to get fresh air. He fell on the floor and into the gutter. Blood came out from his eyes, ears and nostrils.

Three minutes later, his heart stopped. Shina was dead.


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