#AnEveningWithEva – Episode 23

Hy guys, I’m slowly overcoming the writer’s block and I wrote a short new episode of #B•I•T•C•H which I’ll post later in the day, my battery is already read and I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to post this successfully. Read and enjoy.

Also, I have a new short story which would be completed tonight, so anticipate! Because it would be somthing you didn’t expect. PEACe



Eva was bored. She had been in the hotel for six hours now, yet there was no word from Corporation. She knew she would be contacted. One of Eva’s strengths was her patience. She was never in a hurry. She had kept herself company with a bottle of red wine from the well-stocked fridge. She opened her email for the umpteenth time to check her messages. Still nothing. It was a few minutes past 9pm. She couldn’t take another second of the boring hotel. She went on the internet and searched out the nearest club. The wine was beginning to have effect on her and she needed to unwind. There was a strip club about 30 minutes south of the hotel. It was the perfect way to unwind and let loose. Wearing a provocatively short mini skirt and a chiffon see through blouse, she stepped out of the hotel. Eva routed all her emails to her mobile phone just in case Corporation decided to send her a message. She had not had fun in quite a while. She had every intention to let loose and go wild.


Sean passed by the Redeemed Camp at exactly six minutes past ten. He put off his air conditioning and wound down the windows. He needed the gentle wind that blew him as he sped through the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. About an hour earlier Sean had driven by Shina’s convertible. A small crowd had gathered around the car. He knew what had happened but he had to be sure. Parking his car away from the growing crowd, he had walked over to the scene. He managed to make his way through the barrage of bodies and got to the front. Shina’s lifeless body lay face up in a shallow gutter, both hands on his stomach. Sean looked round at the faces of the different people that gathered. Gloom, sadness and fright could be seen on every one of them.

As he walked back to his car, he heard tiny whispers of how it was possible that the man in the gutter was a ritual killer and had met his waterloo. Still others whispered in low tones that he must have done something terribly evil to have met that kind of fate. If only they knew.

As Sean got into his car and sped away, he had a slight feeling of guilt and remorse. Shina did not do anything against him to deserve to die. He had pondered for hours, how he would take Shina out. He had settled for the poisoning, feeling that poisoning him would give him a quick, painless and private death. It was not his intention for Shina to be humiliated this way. Shina was a very good man. A man of honour. Class. Taste. Finesse. Sean was even in awe of him sometimes. There were times that he wondered how a man could be so meticulous. Shina was good at noticing every single detail. Pity he did not see his death coming. Orders were just what they were; orders.

As Sean connected Ikorodu road to the Lagos Ibadan Expressway, he called Sophia.

“Voice recognition. Make me one blabber blubber bulging bunch of balderdash.” Sean spoke to his high device phone now connected to the sound system of his car.

“Voice recognition initiated. Welcome Agent Bravo.” A mechanical feminine voice replied from the speakers of his car.

“Thank you Iris. Call S.” Sean said, not taking his eyes off the road.

He wound up the windows and put on the air conditioning.

“Calling S… Do you want to block all incoming transmissions?” The Voice replied.

“Yes Iris. This is a Code Call.” Sean replied.

“Call Connected. Call Secure.” The voice replied.

The next voice that came on was Sophia’s.

“Hey baby. You miss me?” Sophia said smiling.

“I wish I did. Sadly, I do not.” Sean replied and continued

“Target is deactivated. What next?” Sean finished.

“Good. Can you come over? I really miss you inside me.” Sophia said sounding er0tic.

“I am currently en route Hotel Paradise as the instructed in the Mission Command. I guess I’m next on the hit list, aren’t i?” Sean said with deep seriousness in his voice.

“Sean, I recruited you myself. No one touches you. Besides, if you are going to die I will have to do it myself. And I don’t see that happening anyway. You, my love are in the master plan of the Corporation.” Sophia assured him.

“Why did Shina have to die?” Sean asked.

He had been dying to ask that question ever since he read the Mission command. However, bringing up such questions at the time would mean he was questioning authority. It had happened before. Mission commands were switched and the initial target had automatically become the executioner. He knew better. Now that he had achieved ninety percent of his mission objective and was now heading to the hotel, he felt it was safe enough to ask.

Besides, he and Sophia had developed a bond.

“Shina was compromised. He made contact with the other side. Four years ago we noticed his unusual distaste for Execution Missions. He rejected three execution missions, preferring Extraction Missions. He was the best Extractor the Corporation ever had and one of our best agents, so we really did not think anything of it. However, when he rejected the last mission to take out the Governor, the General had me look into him. So I planted Eva in his care. I knew he had a soft spot for her right from the first day he extracted her. He dotted on her and took her in his wings. So when I made him take up Eva as his protégé, he was more than happy to. What he did not know was that Eva had her instructions too. She was to spy on him and make him fall madly in love with her. However, she had to be subtle about it and make sure he was scared enough to tell her his true feelings. She passed in flying colours and delivered Shina to our hands. Are you still there Bravo?” Sophia said.

“Go on S.” Sean said.

He slowed down to 80km/hr. and kept to the right lane of the road.

“The Governor Mission was a very important one and we needed it to be very clean. Only a Super-Agent could perfectly execute it. Shina’s refusal to take it up only shone more doubt on his loyalty. The rest of the Super Agents were busy with other assignments, so no one else was available”

“Then you guys decided to hang the mission on my neck. What if I had flopped? What if I could not pull it off? The Super-Agents have 56 years’ experience combined. I had a meager two. You surely were betting on the wrong horse, weren’t you?” Sean interrupted.

“We took a huge risk. We had no choice. But deep inside, we had this confidence you could pull it off. You are the fastest risen agent ever in the Corporation’s hundred year history. That was the little hope we held on to.” Sophia replied.

“So after I had taken out the target, who the hell came up with the idea of torturing me?” Sean asked

“Actually, that was my idea. I needed you to be strong. Besides, I can’t have a weakling as my right hand man. I fell for you the first day I saw you, when I picked you up on that lonely path. Ever since then, all I wanted you to be is what you are now. Besides, is this not supposed to be about Shina?” Sophia asked.

Sean was passing through Ogere now. The once very busy road had now become isolated. During the day, scores of young lads would flock around the window, advertising different kinds of edibles. There was usually light traffic and cars moved at an agonizingly slow pace, coupled with the policemen who were conducting searches and checking vehicles.

Now, Sean just cruised through. No hindrance.

“What did he do exactly?” Sean asked.

“Shina became born again. He wanted out. He did not want a part of crime anymore. How that happened, I cannot tell. Eva intercepted one of his phone calls. He was watching football with friends and had left his phone in her room after one of his visits. A certain number had been calling him continuously. She picked his call, acting like she was his wife. It was the Superintendent of Police and he wanted them to meet at the usual place. Eva began to keep track on him and eventually had him bugged. We have six tapes of different meetings. He wanted to confess everything in exchange for protection and 100million USD. He even squealed out that something big was going to go down. He did not know what it was yet and was waiting for the information before he finally spilled his guts. That is why you had to take him out.” Sophia explained.

“Serves him right anyway. I have to go now. I’m already behind schedule. See you soon sweetheart.” Sean said.

“I’ll be waiting dear. Be safe.” Sophia said.

Sean waited a few seconds then said more audibly,

“Thank you Iris. Terminate Call.”

“Call terminated Agent Bravo. Anything else I can do?” The computer asked

Sean thought for a while.

“Iris, how long is it from my current location to Hotel Paradise at current speed and altitude?” Sean asked

“Processing Data… please wait.” Iris replied.

After thirty seconds, Iris replied

“Approximately forty five minutes, Agent Bravo.” Iris said.

“Thank you Iris. That would be all” Sean said.

“Have a safe trip sir.” Iris replied.

Sean shifted gear and increased his speed to 120km/hr. He wound down the window again and put off the air conditioning.

He just wanted to get everything over with.


The General stood at the back of his house, rain pouring on him. He wore a long black mafia suit and gazed on the ground before him. His hands were behind him as he stood motionless, his dark shades protecting his eyes from the drops of water that fell from the heavens. He did not shed a tear as he stood alone as he had done for three days now. He bent on one knee and dropped a single hibiscus flower on the tombstone.

On the tombstone the epitaph read:

“Here Lies The Remains of Tawo Marcus Kushim. Brother, Friend, Son.”

The General got up and took off his glasses. Not a single tear dropped from his eyes. His eyes were red. Fiery Red.

He walked to the head of the tombstone and kissed it gently. He smiled.

“You had it coming, didn’t you T?” He said to himself.

“But guess what? Our code still remains. An eye for an eye. An arm for an arm. A tear for a tear.”

The General walked away from the tombstone and moved towards the huge brick house.

As he opened the door, he turned and took one last look at where his son lay buried.

“A life for a life.” He said.

He entered the house, shutting the door behind him.


Ambrose got to the Capital where he was ushered into a dimly lit office. He waited for a while before he was joined by a grim looking man with three tribal marks on each cheek. He got up to greet the man but the man waved him off, asking him to sit. He presented his special letter to the Head of the Presidential Security.

“I see that you come highly trained and recommended. Your statistics are really impressive. Why do you think we should bring you in?” The HOPS asked.

“It has always been my dream to serve my country in a special capacity. I only want to help my country in the way my talents can be fully utilised. What better opportunity than to be in the Special Presidential Protection Squad? None sir.” Ambrose replied.

“Have you been interviewed?” The HOPS asked

“Yes I have sir. I have been interviewed in archery, sniper shots, hand to hand combat, gun slinging and infiltration.” Ambrose replied

“How long did that take?” the HOPS asked

“Four hours sir.” Ambrose replied.

“Are you sure you went through all the prerequisite interview drills?” the HOPS asked amazed.

“I did everything that was presented to me sir.” Ambrose replied.

Just then his computer beeped informing him he had an email.

“Your interview results just came in. You were in the 99th percentile in all drills. Really Impressive. How soon can you resume?” The HOPS asked.

“In a week’s time sir. I would want to clear with my family back in Lagos sir.” Ambrose replied.

“Alright then. When you are in the Capital, call me directly. Congratulations Peter.” The HOPS said and gave his mobile number.

“Thank you very much sir.” Ambrose replied.

They shook ends and Ambrose left the office.

As he prepared to board a plane to Lagos, he sent an email to Sophia.

“I’m done.”

* * * * *

Sean got to the hotel at midnight. He met a different person at the reception this time around. In his most exquisite manner he asked.

“Good Morning. Is there a reservation in the name of Alexander Bashorun please?”

“Just a minute sir.”

She checked her computer, looking up at Sean a few times. Sean kept smiling pleasantly.

“Sir, there is a reservation in the name of Alexander Bashorun. It is on the west wing of the hotel sir. The password for entry into the room is your year of birth sir. The password allows only two attempts sir.” The receptionist said.

“Okay. How do I get there? You know this hotel is massive.” Sean said getting his wallet from the hip pocket of the jeans he was wearing.

She printed out a hotel guide and gave it to him.

He got to the west wing of the hotel and located the suite that was prepared for him. He typed his year of birth if the keypad that was beside the door. The door clicked open and he walked in. He had been through a long day. He fell on the couch and slept off.


Eva had a wonderful time at the club she went to. She danced, and flirted with a few girls. She met new guys and was amazed at the beauty of the strippers. She was conscious of time and did not want to be too familiar with any of the people in the club. So at about two thirty, she left. There was a certain handsome hunk that would not let her leave without some form of contact detail. She liked him. He was bold, straight to the point and wanted just s3x. She wanted it too but she knew that once he had tasted her, he would not be able to let go. She knew how crazy she was in bed, most especially when she had not gotten laid in a while. She got his number and promised to call him. She intended to, maybe after everything was all over.

She got to the hotel, and went straight to her suite. Immediately the door opened, she knew something was not right. Eva was very careful with her belongings and knew exactly how she left the room. But now the room was in disarray. The throw pillows were scattered on the floor. The magazines on the coffee table where not stacked. And there was a glass of wine on the table. Who was in her room? As she shut the door gently behind her, she heard the sound of the shower in the bathroom.

“So the intruder is still here?” She thought to herself.

She went to the couch and lifted it up gently. She took out a .23 calibre automatic pistol beneath the couch, laying the couch down noiselessly. With gun in hand beside her face, she tiptoed to the bathroom, listening carefully for any change in sounds. The shower was still running and the smoke from the hot bath clouded the bathroom.
She got to the entrance of the en suite bath and yanked open the door in one swift move, pointing her gun threateningly.

The bathroom was empty.

Before she could turn and decipher what was happening, the gun was slapped from her hand, pushing it near the sink. A strong hand grabbed her neck from behind, while another held her firmly on the stomach. He pushed her to the bathroom wall and pinned her steady, the side of her face grazing the tiled wall.

“Shhhhhhhh….It is me. Don’t do anything rash Eva.” Sean said quietly and smoothly into her ears.

His grip on her was so strong. She tried to fight herself off his grip but he was just too strong and she was hurting herself in the process. She could see his bulging biceps from the corner of her eyes.

“Who the hell is this guy?” she wondered

“There is no use fighting my lady. I would not want a repeat of our last meeting dear. I am going to let you go now. Be a good girl.” Sean pleaded

He felt her tense and stiffened body loosen up. He released her gradually and took three steps, backing up away from her

He did not see the slap coming till it was too late. Her right palm landed on his left cheek. He grimaced as the pain seared through his body. He felt a little blood on the tip of his tongue.

“That was for leaving me in a Male Toilet for hours. Couldn’t you think of somewhere else to put me?” She said her hands on her hips.

Eva’s anger turned him on. And when she put her arms on her hips, her br3asts popped out making them larger than they seem. He was not angry. He was arous3d. She saw the look in his eyes and the bulge in his jeans that now appeared from nowhere.

She now realised that he was actually shirtless, his fine body glistening in the radiance of the fluorescent bulbs. She noticed his abs, his muscles and his huge, broad chest. The hair on his chest was smooth and fine, and ran through his torso, disappearing inside his jeans.

“You should not have done that.” Sean said smiling and taking two steps towards Eva.

She kept quiet and kept her eyes on him. Her mind was running wild. Her heart was beating faster than normal. She saw the look in his eyes. She knew that look. She prayed silently that her legs do not give way and that he would really take her.

As he approached her he had only one thing in mind. It was that same thing he had in mind since the evening he met her at the Brigadier’s party. He held her neck with his right hand almost choking her. She did not resist him. He kissed her with his blood stained lips, taking her tongue in his mouth and sucking on them. He took her two hands, impaling them above her head with his, while they kissed and sucked each other’s lips. Their eyes were closed.

Eva rescued her hands from his and grabbed his head as they kissed. He lifted her with brute strength, his hands in her armpits, pinning her on the bathroom wall above him. She looked down and circled his waist with her legs as she pinned her body to his. Without warning he tore her blouse to reveal a pretty pink bra. She smelled sweaty and in the mood.

Carrying her in that position, her legs circling his waist, her arms around his neck and her lips in his, he took her to the bedroom and did what he been wanting to do for a long while. Scratching, nibbling and gasping for air they pleasured themselves with no inhibitions whatsoever.


The General picked his phone and dialled Ope’s number.

“What is the status of The Colonel?” He asked

“I have been watching him for three days as you instructed sir. Bee Hive traced his location to the suburbs of Festac town. They were lodged in a hotel around Old Ojo road and I am currently outside the place. All exits have been covered and I am positive that he is still within the premises.” Ope replied.

“Good. What else do you have for me?” The General asked.

“I have placed some hookers on red alert and have them working for us. I have concrete information that Ahmed fancies a particular chubby girl. She can be bought. I have three agents inside. They have taken up positions as bartender, housekeeper and gateman respectively. The Colonel and Ahmed are in room 407. Tomorrow night is going to be a really wild one because there is going to be a strip party in the lounge of the hotel. We know Ahmed will be attending. That is where we are sir.” Ope finished.

“Good. Stay alert. Nobody makes a move. If this slips by, I will have all your heads. It is a promise. Ease out soldier.” The General finished and hung up.

He turned and looked at Sophia. They were in Sophia’s room in the big Mansion.

“You are getting desperate sir.” Sophia said.

The General was on the bed, his legs crossed. He looked at Sophia who was standing before his, her hands behind her.

“You underestimate me girl. I don’t do desperation. Never. I made a mistake with Giwa once. I never make the same mistake twice.” The General retorted.

“I am sorry sir. What is the plan?” Sophia said

“What is the status of the operation?” The General asked

“Ambrose has effortlessly blended into the SPPS and did great at the interview. He resumes in a few days. Shina has been smoked. Eva and Sean should be getting acquainted right about now. All we need to do is wait sir.” Sophia replied.

The General got up and paced the room. Sophia did not move from where she was. He came back to his former position.

“I am pained by the death of my son, really pained. Even though he had it coming, I was not expecting it to happen so soon. However, I am looking at the grander picture. This final mission is more important than revenge. I need a cool head to prosecute this. Do you think I do not feel the urge to tear down this town just to prove a point? Sometimes, revenge is best served cold. Don’t forget that, Sophia. You have done tremendously well and I am happy at your progress.” The General said.

“Thank you sir” She replied.

“How did you smoke Shina?” The General asked.

“I didn’t. Sean did.” Sophia answered.

“Are you scared to get your hands dirty, Lieutenant?” The General asked.

“Negative sir. I just felt that Sean needed to prove himself and kill all emotional pull backs he may have.” Sophia replied.

“I also know that you have been sleeping with him. Remember, he is going to have to die. And you are going to do it. So do not get too attached.” The General said and moved to the door.

“Sophia. It’s going to be you and I left standing when all this is over. Don’t disappoint me.” The General said and left the room.

Deep inside, Sophia doubted if she was going to make it out alive. She was worried. Very worried.


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  1. Rex

    hmmm…..nw it jst dawned on me…dis General is a wicked fellow!…Jst S and him ryt….dey wntu kill presido n smoke e’ri agent,even S too isnt safe…d man must die oo!

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