#AnEveningWithEva – Episode 24

Hectic day. I know I owe you guys one episode of AEWE, so I’ll still post another update later on today.
SPOILER ALERT: someone is going to die in this episode. Read to find out.
Post of new episodes of #B•I•T•C•H resumes on monday, I need the short break. I wrote a short story that I’ll post next to keep you guys busy through out the weekend. PEACe



The Hotel bubbled as music blasted from highly powered surround speakers. Half naked girls paraded the dimly lit bar, looking for clients to patronise their willing bodies. It was the perfect way to spend a Friday night, away from all the hiding and looking behind his shoulders. Ahmed smiled as he blended with the already teeming crowd in the bar. He walked to the barman and requested for his favourite beer. While he waited, he turned and watched as the girls on the iron poles did their thing, grinding their bodies against the cold metal and pulling acrobatic stunts to the sheer amazement of lewd customers. So this was what his Uncle wanted him to miss? He hissed and shook his head mockingly. Collecting his beer after generously tipping the bar man, he walked to an empty seat in the far corner of the bar. It was going to be an evening to remember

Sadly for him, it was going to be his last evening alive.

“Target green. Visible from this point. Awaiting orders.” The barman texted Ope, who was now inside the hotel, begging the receptionist for a room to spend the night.

“Copy that. Keep target in focus. Wait for my orders.” Ope texted back.

The barman got the text and immediately deleted it off his phone.

“Na wa for una o. Just ordinary room una no fit give person. Shey I tell you say I no go pay ni?” Ope queried the receptionist.

“No sir, we are fully booked. I am so sorry but there is nothing I can do.” She replied.

“Shey I sha fit go the bar go take one or two bottles?” Ope asked.

“Of course sir. Right that way.” The receptionist said, pointing to the direction of the bar.

Ope winked at her and she blushed. He made a mental note to check on her when he was done with the current mission.

“I am moving in sir. I would like to confirm the code of this operation sir. Take out or delivery sir?” Ope said, pressing his left hand into his left ear.

“I have changed my mind. Deliver him to me at the Mansion. It has to be a clean job. I will do the rest.” The General replied.

“Copied.” Ope replied and took out the tiny white transmitter in his left ear. He crushed the device with his boots and entered the bar.


Sophia looked at the General as a smile beamed across his face. He had never seen him smile since she was 15. Even when he promoted her to a lieutenant in his Corporation, he had a grim look on his face.

“That’s a look one doesn’t get to see every day sir. What is the secret?” Sophia asked dropping a glass of cold water on the table by which he sat.

“Let’s just say, I am going to have my pound of flesh.” The General replied.

“I thought you said you do not do desperation. If you kill the boy, is that not exactly what it is? A desperate act at revenge?” Sophia questioned.

“I lied.” The General replied and continued.

“Cheers sweetheart.” He finished pushing his cup of water at her.

She just smiled and blew him a kiss.

She was beginning to get worried about this man.


Eva yawned and stretched as the rays of the early morning sun peeped through the slightly opened curtains. She was completely nak3d as the duvet fell off her body as she sat up. She remembered what happened the night before. She felt good. Just then a shirtless Sean walked in with a tray which had a warm cup of coffee and sandwiches.
“Rise and Shine sweetheart.” He said dropping the tray beside her and kissing her softly on the forehead.

“Did we?” Eva asked surprised, a look of lust in her eyes.

“What do you think?” Sean replied and then continued

“Come on, gobble up. You need your strength. I will be back. I need to use the gym.” Sean finished.

Eva watched as Sean went of the bedroom. She could not stop staring at his perfectly curved body and his suave. She felt herself tingle below and she chuckled.


“Hey bro, is this seat taken?” Ope said to Ahmed who was on his third bottle of beer.

“No it’s not. You can have it.” Ahmed replied.

They shook hands. As they pumped and snapped, Ope lodged a tiny tracker in Ahmed’s hand. They talked about the country, the improvement, and the failures. They got round to the subject of women and how filled the bar was.

“So what if your wife call you now, wetin you go do?” Ope asked Ahmed, opening his second bottle of beer.

“I no get wife o. That is why I come here. All these girls just dey enter my eyes and I no know which one I go fit choose sef.” Ahmed replied.

His eyes darted to and fro the large room, falling on different pretty girls. He did not have enough cash to spend.

“You like that yellow one there? Wey get big yansh and bosoms?” Ope asked

“Ah, na dat one dey my mind since! Brother, u get eye o.” Ahmed replied smacking his lips.

Ope signalled to the girl and she came over to their table. She was among one of the hookers already bought by Ope. She sat on Ahmed’s laps and began to touch him in places that drove him crazy. He was on his sixth bottle of beer and was already drunk. His eyes were blurred and his utterances were slurred. With the girl on his left and Ope on his right, he was guided out of the bar.

The Colonel was worried. Ahmed had not called or texted. He was supposed to check in every half hour. But three hours had gone by and he hadn’t heard from him. He decided to go see for himself. As the Colonel got off the stairs, he looked left and saw Ahmed been taken out of the premises. He was shocked. His gun was not on him. He ran and screamed. By the time he got to the gate, they had zoomed off in a waiting car. The Colonel was furious. He held the gateman by the collar and threatened to kill him. He wanted to know where they were taking his nephew to. He was choking the gateman now, stifling him to death. Four heavily built bouncers in black fitting tops and tight pants suddenly appeared from nowhere. The Colonel eyed them one after the other. He could take all of them out conveniently without breaking a sweat. However, he decided the drama would not be necessary. He apologised, left the gateman and went back to his room. He had only one thing on his mind. Getting Ahmed back.

He woke as a bucket of water was splashed on his face. He tried to adapt his eyes to the darkness of the dimly lit room. He could see figures of two men but his vision was blurred. Gradually he could see the two men. He recognised one as his friend from the bar the night before. He didn’t know who the other man was. He tried to get up from the bed he was in but discovered that his legs and hands were tied to the small bed in the middle of the room. He still had a little hangover but the current fear he felt had sent a cold shiver down his spine.

“What…wha.. what.. am…i..doing…here. Wh…who…who…are…you…people?” Ahmed stammered as the other man approached him.

“Shhhhhhh. Quiet. The General hates noise.” The man said.

He gave Ahmed a hard slap to the right side of his face. Ahmed yelped in pain.

“Did that hurt?” The man asked.

Ahmed kept quiet, his head turned away from the man. He was sobbing quietly. He was afraid. He didn’t plan to die like this.

The man bent low and turned Ahmed’s face back towards him. He squeezed Ahmed’s cheeks with his thumb and forefinger.

“I said, did that hurt?” He said to Ahmed menacingly.

Ahmed nodded slowly.

“Good boy. Because what you just experienced is nothing compared to what is going to happen to you pretty soon.” He finished and backed away from Ahmed, heading for the door and going out.

Ope came to Ahmed and patted his hair gently.

“I am sorry bro, but I don’t call the shots. See you in hell.” Ope said and left him.

Ope knocked twice on another door within the same room and stepped out, locking the door behind him.

After what seemed like an eternity, the door that Ope knocked opened and Ahmed almost shit his pants.

The General strode out of the room gallantly. He smiled as he approached Ahmed.

“How are you boy?” The General asked looking down at the scared man tied on the bed.

“Pppp…le…aa…seeee. Ppppleeeaaasssee.” Ahmed begged.

“I am sorry but that word does not exist in my dictionary. I need to send your Uncle a souvenir.” The General said and continued,

“Then I am going to take off every toe, every finger, pluck out your eyes, your tongue and dismember you gradually till you die. Now which toe do I send to your Uncle?” The General threatened, bringing out a huge sharp plier.

“I think I will just take the two big toes. Don’t worry boy, I am quite skilled at this.” The General finished.

Ahmed wet his pants. The General did not let that affect him. He cut off Ahmed’s big toes in swift snaps of the plier. Blood poured from the wounds. Ahmed shrieked in pain. The General’s black shirt was stained with blood. He kept the cut toes on the floor.

“Now, to the main course.” The General said, snapping the plier in the air.

Ahmed’s cries and shrieks pierced the air and went through the hallways. No one would hear him. No
one would help him. The General left him barely alive and exited the room with his exhibits. He planned to send them to The Colonel later. Ahmed was breathing very slowly. His heart gradually gave way. He died a slow and painful death.

* * * * *

The Colonel paced the Hotel room, deep in thought. He was upset, angry but not disoriented. His original impulse was to react immediately. Follow the trail Ahmed had laid down and eventually catch up with the abductors. He had seriously been contemplating taking rash action when he got a delivery. It was a small pocket sized package with no posting address.

“Who sent this?” The Colonel asked the delivery boy.

“I have no idea. My job is to deliver what I am given. Please sign here sir.” The delivery boy replied.

The Colonel acknowledged receipt and locked the door as the boy left. He scrutinised the parcel wrapped in a pretty blue foil. He was wary. He did not know what it was. Could it be a bomb? He held the package close to his ears, expecting the ticking sound of a countdown timer. He heard nothing. As he turned the parcel around trying to ascertain the contents, something caught his eye.

He saw a very faint black ink. It looked like some form of hurriedly scribbled words. Or carefully concealed information. He got his magnifying glasses and read the scribbled information on the bottom right of the parcel:

“ отмщению ”

“Payback” in Russian.

Only one person knew ever used that with him, The General. Immediately, he feared the worst. He quickly tore the parcel open. What he saw broke his heart into a million shreds. The toes, eyes and heart of Ahmed were neatly arranged inside the parcel. He fell on the chair, holding the parcel in his hands. He could not believe his eyes. Ahmed was dead. He felt like opening fire on the Corporation. He had had enough. First it was his only son. And now, the just took Ahmed. He was done running. He was done playing nice. He was done being the victim. He made up his mind. They had taken too much from him. Marcus was going to pay.

As he remembered all the loss he had suffered from the hands of the Corporation, anger got the better of him. He dropped the parcel on the table in front of him, got up suddenly and screamed at the top of his lungs.


With clenched fist and his teeth gnashing, he walked forwards and punched the concrete walls until his fists bled and the pain became unbearable. Tears fell freely from his eyes. Breathing heavily, his chest heaving, he walked dejectedly back to the couch and sat. He held his head in his bloodied hands. He had to do something. He knew the General was expecting a reaction from him. The General knew everything about him. The General taught him many of the things he knew. There would eventually be a face-off but when? He continued to think, raking his brain for any possible subtlety that Marcus would not see coming.

He found it hard to think. Anger, pain and sadness made it difficult for him to plan a proper course of action. He decided to take a nap. As he lay on the couch, his eyes fell on Ahmed’s newspaper clippings on the wall. He began to feel bad all over again. He turned on the couch, facing the west wall away from the newspaper clippings.

Suddenly, there was a glint in his eyes. He had a brain wave. The sadness in his eyes immediately disappeared and was replaced by excitement and anticipation.

He got up from the chair and went to the newspaper clippings on the wall. He had never given much thought about Ahmed’s obsession with finding a mystery killer. For all he cared, The Colonel believed that the slain political officers were greedy criminals who deserved their fate. But now, as he studied the clippings he came to a shocking realisation. Ahmed’s work was actually his ticket to finishing off the Corporation. He studied the patterns Ahmed had drawn, improved on the inferences already suggested and connected the dots Ahmed had failed to see. He made calls and begged old friends for favours and access into surveillance archives. The Colonel traced calls, decrypted emails and intercepted a few.

With each passing hour, he got closer and closer to finding the target. He worked like a maniac, working the phones, asking for favours, eliminating possibilities. He followed up on past leads and made reasonable progress.

Ten hours later, he was done. Cans of Coca-Cola littered the room. He now had eight different images on the screen of the computer that he had been working with . One of the images in the mix shocked him. He could not believe what he saw.

He took his phone and dialled a number.

“Frankenstein. Its Da Vinci.” The Colonel said.

“You promised never to contact me again.” Frankenstein replied with a cold voice from the end of the line.

“Frank, you know I would never come to you if it was not a matter of immediate attention. My nephew is dead.” The Colonel said.

“What can I do?” Frank asked

“Remember those blueprints of the Ghosts organisation I gave you six years ago?” The Colonel asked

“What about it?” Frank said

“I know what a curious mind you have my friend. I intentionally sparked your curiosity when I handed you that chip years ago. I gave you very skinny details just to whet your appetite. Although you showed no signs, I was very sure you would dig. I know you have done extensive work on that Chip. I want to collect Frank.” The Colonel said.

Seconds went by. Silence. No reply from the other end. This was a battle of wits. Whoever speaks first concedes defeat.

Thirteen seconds later, Frank spoke.

“You had me bugged?”

“No my good friend. I had my chip bugged. I need to collect immediately. How do I get it?” The Colonel asked impatiently.

“I am going to deliver the Chip to you tonight. Here is your passkey. Alpha Alpha Singleton Open Zigabyte zero”

“Thanks Frank. Now we are even.” The Colonel said.

“If you contact me again Da Vinci, the next time you wake up will be in hell.” Frank replied

And the line went dead. The Colonel knew that Frankenstein did not threaten. He promised. He copied out the passkey that he had just been given


He scribbled the passkey and transcribed:

A A 1 O Z 0.

The Zero meant he had to take the passkey from the back so he re wrote the key

0 Z O 1 A A.

He folded the paper he wrote the key on, putting it in the inner pocket of his jean. He took one last look at his laptop and shook his head.

The pictures of Eva, Sean, Bruno, Sophia, Tawo, Shina, Ambrose and the General starred him in the face. He typed a code to initiate the self-destruct option to permanently wipe away all the contents of his computer. When that was done he took down the newspaper clippings, burning them in a small tray. He had everything he needed. He carried his knapsack and stepped out the hotel.


Eva and Sean sat on the Veranda of the penthouse. They had been talking the whole day. They spoke about their missions, their fears, what they had been through, how they felt about the killings. They bonded. They took a break in the afternoon to have lunch and go at each other again. It was more explosive this time as they now had more intensity between them.

Eva’s head was on Sean’s chest. Her fingers were picking the smooth hair on his chest. He caressed the hair on her head. None of them spoke but the chemistry between them was evident. Sean wondered why he was so comfortable with her.

“when do you think all this would end?” Eva asked out of the blues.

“When would what end?” Sean asked feigning innocence.

“Go jor. You know what I am talking about. The Corporation. Will we work for them forever? I don’t know about you but I think I am tired of killing people. It used to be fun. But now, I’m not just into it anymore.” Eva lamented.

“It is what we signed up for. We have no choice. Are you ready to live the rest of your life on the run? Constantly watching your back? Afraid of even your shadow? The food you eat? The next person beside you? Is that what you want? Sean asked.

“I don’t know. I just…” Eva started but was interrupted by the doorbell.

“Did you call for room service?” Eva asked as the ringing continued.

“No I didn’t. Let me see what they want.” Sean said, kissing Eva lightly on the forehead.

Dressed in only his boxer shorts, Sean walked to the door and peeped in the keyhole. He saw a man in his early forties looking away from the door. He wondered what the man wanted. He looked very harmless.

Sean opened the door.

“Yes, is there something I can help you with?” Sean asked.

The Colonel launched a fierce and powerful kick to Sean’s ribcage. Sean spiralled to the floor, holding his stomach. He was not expecting such.

Eva heard the crash and ran into the sitting room. As she entered, the Colonel brought out two .45 semi-automatic silenced pistols from his hip and pointed them, one at Eva and one at Sean on the floor.

“Dad?” Eva said recognising the man whom she had only seen in pictures.

“Hello Eva. Our family reunion is long overdue.”


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