#Play – The Fall Of The Amaechis

Hi guys,
I’ve been reading a lot of stories recently and I realised two things about we writers. One, we rarely write “Plays” and two, most of our stories don’t pass any moral message. I decided to challenge myself and do what we rarely do. This play is my first play ever and I’m not so familiar with how exactly to write one so kindly ignore the un-professionalism of the piece. I want to pass a quick message so I tried to keep it short and precise.





MR and MRS Amaechivery rich but busy parents. Mr Amaechi works at an oil company and Mrs Amaechi works at a bank.

Chibuzor, Ify and Onyekachildren of Mr and Mrs Amaechi.

Dayo and Stanley and OlamideUniversity school friends of the children.

CaroA Prostitute.

Uncle BenA wayward Neighbour

A lecturer, A principal, policeman and a Jailer.

SETTINGS: lagos, Nigeria.



In the house of the Amaechi’s. 7AM in the morning.

(Mr. And Mrs. Amaechi are both dressed and ready to go to work so they go to the chidren room to check on them before leaving.)

Mr. Amaechi: Children, your mum and I are off to work. We are leaving so early so that we would beat the traffic.

Children: Okay dad.

Mrs. Amaechi: After school today, make sure you stay at home and read your books, you know your exams are around the corner.

Mr. Amaechi: oh! That’s even true. Infact, I’ll take the three of you out if you do well in this exam, so better stay at home and read.

Onyeka: Okay dad, I’ll make sure we all stay at home.

Mr. Amaechi: (sighs) That’s my boy. Okay we are going, bye.

Children: Bye bye.

(Mr. And Mrs. Amaechi exits the stage)



(The Children – Chibuzor, Ify and Onyeka, walking back home from school and having the usual customary conversations)

Chibuzor: School was stressful today, was really bored, our teachers were boring, and to top it all they gave us a very hard assignment.

Ify: My day was fun, played with friends, got 10/10 in my classwork, I ran during P.E session and came first. I….

(Chibuzor and Onyeka cut her short by laughing.)

Chibuzor and Onyeka: We have heard o! Everytime, nerd, I too know.

Then they laugh at her once more.

(As they approach the house they see Uncle Ben)

Children: Good afternoon uncle Ben (the boys in excited tones and Ify in a low tone because they just teased her)

Uncle Ben: Children, how are you? Who wants to go with uncle Ben to the game house to play snooker? Make small money and also buy Ice cream?

Chibuzor and Onyeka: Yes! We want in.

Ify: But daddy and mummy said we should stay at home and…

(the boys cut in again)

The boys: Shut up jhur! Stupid girl, nerd!

(Uncle Ben takes the boys away while Ify goes to the house)





The boys are in their third year in CONVENANT UNIVERSITY, Ify is in her first year, Olamide her friend is in his first year too, while Dayo and Stanley are in their third year too like “the boys”.

(On campus, during lectures. The lecture is over)

Lecturer: So this class is over, you all shouldn’t forget to do your project because you would submit it in our next class. Have a nice day students.

All students: Yes ma! Have a nice day too.

(the boys and their friends have a conversation as the leave the lecture halls heading to the cafeteria to eat)

Dayo: So Onyeka, you and your brother as per omo olowo would call your parents to send you the money for the materials you’ll need for the project shey?

Onyeka: (in a proud tone) Send ke? Our parents are going to come and deliver it their selves this time. They promised us that they would make it up to us after the last time they sent the driver. I know they are never around but this time they would make time for us.

Chibuzor: (adds in an excited tone) As in ehn! They dare not miss it oh.

Stanley: just tell them to bring chops and plenty money o, Owu dey blow guys.

Onyeka: (laughing) no lele, I’ll tell them to bring the jeep so that there would be enough space to pack all the stuffs.

Dayo: shey you no fit tell them to bring the project material for me too? You know say the material dey very scare for school.

Chibuzor: No wahala, that one na small thing.

Onyeka: (He sights the cafeteria) Guys lets and get something to eat na.

All guys: Oshey! Confirmed guy!

(They enter the cafeteria.)

(Ify and Olamide are having lunch in the cafeteria)

Olamide: But I really like you, I know Christianity doesn’t permit this at this age and all the immoral acts that comes with our kind of relationship but I like you, I really do.

Ify: Olamide, its ok, I like you too but lets just be friends for now.

(Ify sees her brothers and goes to meet them)

Ify: I heard you guys are going to finally make mummy and daddy come on saturday because of your project, I hope they have time oh, you know they are always busy.

Onyeka: shut up jhur! Pessimist.

Chibuzor: No mind am, daddy and mummy go even bring the jeep so that stuffs go plenty, just farabale smallie.

(Dayo and Stanley murmur as Ify has cast a cloud of doubt about Saturday)

Ify: Okay o, I’ll see you guys later.

Onyeka: See you later, baby oshi.

(the boys talk about sexy girls as the curtain falls)




(Saturday evening, 10pm, the boys parents didn’t show up and the driver didn’t even come, rather, their parents sent them some money to buy the project materials because they had no time. so they are in their room, disappointed while their friends mock them.)

Dayo: (mimicking Onyeka) Send ke? Our parents would come and deliver the materials their selves?

Stanley: (laughs and mimic Chibuzor) Asin eh! They dare not miss it.

(Stanley and Dayo laughs uncontrollably while Chibuzor and Onyeka try their best to ignore them)

Dayo: (looking serious) But on a more serious note, how are we going to do this project now? We need to work on it tomorrow because we are submitting it on monday morning.

Stanley: Its true oh, you know that lecturer doesn’t accept late submission.

Onyeka: (speaks with confidence) Way go dey, no worry.

Chibuzor: (gets an idea)Dayo! You be town boy na? You know where we go fit buy those materials na?

Dayo: Them dey sell for town na, I know one guy wey dey sell am.

(Olamide enters)

Onyeka: Make we dey go now.

Chibuzor: Olamide, how far na, shey you go follow us go town?

Olamide: I dunno o sha. (after contemplating, he reluctantly follows them)

(Scene 4 ends as boys file out and the curtain falls.)

(They jump the school fence since its too late to go and ask for permission which might not be granted.)



(It takes about an hour to get to their destination, they purchase the materials and start heading back to school. All the boys are excited and feeling cool except Olamide, he is not used to stuffs like that so he is uncomfortable and scared)

(They spot a small club)

Dayo: Make we go groove small na.

Chibuzor: (excitedly) Oya na.

Olamide: ermmm.. Lets not.

Onyeka: If you like dey go school, we dey go club. You go dey do like small pikin and na why Ify never gree for you, after you don dey toast am for like a year now (laughs)

Olamide: (obviously surprised that Onyeka knows about him and Ify) ermmm…… But..(scratches head)

Chibuzor: (cuts in) but you are going to follow us to this party now whether you like it or not.

(they enter the club, party and dance to loud music, Olamide sits through out everything)

(Onyeka meets carol, a prostitute who hangs out with rich men. The song Caro by Wizkid starts to play in th background)

Onyeka: Hey baby, I like you, can we spend the rest of the night together?

Caro: (bursts into laughter) I’m waiting for the chief to arrive, I don’t do small boys.

Onyeka: (gets angry but holds it back) Small boy? I’m not a small boy na. (He calls other guys)

Caro: (hisses) You people should leave me abeg.

Chibuzor: How much do you want?

Caro: Una no fit pay and you can’t handle me. (laughs harder)

Chibuzor: Four of us would pay 100k for you!

Caro: (surprised, her jaw drops) *in her mind* (chief pays just 20k o, am dead! See this small boys o, they are even fine self, make I collect this offer, na better money)

Caro: Oya come.

(she takes them to a room, they take turns on her and while others wait for their turn outside the room, they make certain conversations concerning how hot Caro looks like)

(Olamide meanwhile, sits on a chair through out the whole thing, finally enjoying the music, at some point he goes out to urinate and then…)

(POLICEMEN ENTERS; RAID THE CLUB on grounds that a criminal is partying there, everybody runs and there is panic everywhere. It is an almost successful raid as they arrest almost everybody in the club, including the boys)

(Olamide sees from afar and runs back to school scared and frightened)



(Olamide meets Ify and tells her everything that happened, Ify calls her parents who panicked and comes as soon as possible, which is three days later)

(Three days later the boys are bailed out by their parents and principal, Onyeka had already fallen ill.)

(They were all expelled from the school for breaking bounds and Onyeka was hospitalised)


Onyeka is still ill and Chibuzor has joined him, they heard that Stanley is dead. After both of them have been treated for several possible ailments and aren’t responding, the doctors suggests they take an hiv test, the parents reluctantly agree, but at the end it is discovered the boys are positive

Onyeka knew he didn’t have much time to live and was depressed so he commits suicide. Chibuzor on the other hand gets worse and he needs to be given antiviral drugs which are extremely expensive.

The parents lost their job due to excess absence, they get broke and sell properties just to keep Chibuzor alive.

Ify and Olamide gets lucky and gets a scholarship to study abroad in the university, same school.

At the end, only Dayo is saved, he becomes a born again christian and vows to spread the gospel till his last breath.

The question now is: Who is to be blamed for the downfall of the Amaechi’s?

A. The parents for putting their jobs first and forgetting about their kids, plus spoiling them with too much money.

B. The friends and uncle Ben for influencing the children negatively.

C. The boys themselves for not knowing what to do and what not to do.

D. Olamide for not convincing the boys to stay in school and be good boys.

E. Ify for not trying all her possible best to help her brothers, there is a probability that if she had told her parents about the boys unruly behaviour, something might have been done.

F. Caro for not even knowing her HIV status before having sèx with under ages.

G. The school authorities for not paying attention to their students.


Hey! don’t go yet. Kindly click the “share this” button and drop your thoughts.
Ff @OfficialChistar

Hey! don’t go yet. Kindly click the “share this” button and drop your thoughts.
Ff @OfficialChistar


7 thoughts on “#Play – The Fall Of The Amaechis

  1. Oguejiofor

    A : the parent for putting their jobs first and forgetting about their kids, most especially I blame the woman because she is saddle with the responsibility of taking care of her children. Thanks

  2. clemzy


    They’re all to be blamed except ify.

    • chibuzor na ode
    • olamide na zombie
    • caro na olosho
    • the parents na intelligent fools
    • uncle ben na really wayward fellow
    • onyeka na dogmatic modafucker

  3. walewunmi

    Waow hmmmmn I tink d parent are 2blame firstly 4nt avin tym 4deir children den secondly I wud blame d children 4 behaving in an unorthodox manner there is a proverb in yoruba wich says ‘ti won ba bi eyan,eyan ma tun ara eyan bi ni’… Dis means wen dey give birth 2u n trained u or nt one shud learn 2train oneself as one grows…d boys shud av known wats rong n wats right…bt d parent takes most of d blame 4nt training d children accordingly.

  4. Anonymous

    The story is somewhat short and it was too predictable….ans. 2 ur question…I think d parents as well as the boys…big ups chistar u r doing a great job

    1. Predictable? Its supposed to be, I’m trying to pass a message we all know but packaging it in a differnt way. Short? Yea, its supposed to be short too, its meant to be acted in occasions or churches within fifteen minutes or less. Thanks though. I really appreciate.

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