#AnEveningWithEva – Episode 28

TWO MORE EPISODES TO GO. How do you guys think this story would end because frankly speaking, I have no idea.



There were a few agents in the room in strategic positions and a handful outside the building. Sophia wore a gold necklace with a golden Versace head pendant. It was not just a pendant. It was a tiny but powerful indoor camera. There were five agents in a black ford van six buildings away from the Galleria, working the phones and watching every single surveillance footage within a kilometer radius of the vicinity. Ope was in the van and he was responsible for Sophia’s safety. He had access to the tiny powerful camera embedded within her necklace.

“A lovely couple, aren’t they?” Ope said

The golden studs that Sophia had in her ear holes were not just earrings. They were audio receptors to listen in on whatever information Ope and other agents had for her.

“Ope. You really want to look for trouble don’t you?” Sophia replied, walking towards the cinema entrance to join the already long queue of waiting people. She spoke very subtly, barely opening her lips. Nobody noticed anything.

“Pardon me ma’am. It was just a harmless observation.” Ope replied.

Sophia cleared her throat, making soft grunting sounds. Ope understood what she wanted.

“It’s a code green. Targets are visible and the weather is good enough to tango. We are keeping close watch on the two lovebirds. If we get a point of entry, we will pass the information to you at once.” Ope said.

“Okay. Good. What can you see from CAM 2?” Sophia said again, very quietly covering her lips with her left palm

CAM 2 was the surveillance camera attached to the door allowing entry into the viewing room.

“All clear. Sean has been whispering into Eva’s ears too often. I’m thinking they may be scheming something. Be careful Agent S.” Ope said.

Sophia did not reply.

She reached into her pretty diamond studded purse and took out a small lipstick. It had a button attached to it. It was not a lipstick but an ultra sound disrupter. When activated, it sends very high pitched frequencies through the radio waves, disrupting any kind of signal for the 50 meters. She had brought the ultra sound disrupter just so that she could ascertain if Sean was having help from outside. She had earlier warned all agents working with her that when Ope gave the sign, they should all deactivate their ear buds so that they do not get affected by the disrupted signal.

Sophia brought the lipstick to her chest level so that Ope could have a good view. She held it there for three seconds. It was more than enough time for Ope to warn the others. As the queue began to move slowly she pressed the button.

Immediately Sophia pressed the button, Sean held his head in his hands. He was in excruciating pain. Eva tried asking him what the problem was but Sean was in too much pain and unable to reply. He tried to control the pain, but it was sharp and tore through his head. The device in his ear was delivering a very high pitched sound and only he could hear it. The people behind him wondered what was going on. Eva tried desperately to talk to him but he would not reply. Still in pain, he put his left forefinger into his left ear and pulled out the tiny round device. He felt relieved. He held the tiny device in his hands as they entered the very dark viewing room.

“I think it’s faulty. It almost turned me deaf.” Sean said to Eva, handing the device to her.

Eva collected the device from him, keeping it in a small area of her handbag. As they climbed the stairs in the viewing room and walked through the row of seats, Sean looked round and backwards. The room was dark but he was hoping that he could pick out a familiar face. He could not.

Sophia smiled. She had witnessed the small drama. Her instincts had been right after all. Sean and Eva were not working alone.

The Colonel opened a plastic bottle of Coke and drank the contents up till half. He had lost contact with Sean a few minutes back. At first he almost panicked. But when the transponder came on again, he understood what had happened. Someone had used a Sound Disrupter. Before the connection went off, there was a brief static. He had heard Sean’s barely audible groan before the connection came back on. He had tried to re-establish contact, calling Sean’s name several times to no avail. Some one knew that Sean was not alone. The Colonel knew that if he decided to go in, the whole operation would be jeopardised. That was exactly what they wanted him to do. Draw him out of obscurity and nail him. Sean was going to have to find a way out of this one on his own. Deep inside him, The Colonel had no doubts whatsoever of what of Sean was capable of.

He sipped his coke and prayed that all would go well.


Ambrose was sitting in a chair inside a large and beautifully furnished office. He was laid back and relaxed, his back resting on the swivel chair and his legs crossed on the desk. He had his hands behind his head as he listened to the soft jazz that played from his very old Ipod Unlimited. The office formerly belonged to Tawo. Upon his recovery Ambrose had been instructed to take control of the Operations of BeeHive. The current objective was to isolate The Colonel. Ambrose was also monitoring the Galleria Operation, serving as a back end last resort if things got out of hand.

“Incoming message from BeeHive Agent Ambrose.” An electronic voice said from the 42 inch computer screen on the wall in front of him.

“Let’s hear it Iris.” Ambrose replied.

“The Colonel left target coordinates eighteen hours ago. He was spotted in a black Mazda Mpv Le with unregistered plates. Sean and Eva were in the same car.” Iris finished.

Ambrose jerked from his chair and got up immediately. He pressed a button on his table.

“Tell me you have more than that.” Ambrose said.

The button was a direct connection to BeeHive working in the floor below him.

“Actually we do.” Someone replied.

“Is that Agent Nedu?” Ambrose asked.

“Reporting sir. After we sent that mail, we tracked the car carefully, noting all landmarks that it had passed through. It stopped S70W degrees and has not moved beyond that for fifteen minutes now. We tracked the coordinates and it is just half a kilometer before the Galleria. The images are being transferred to your screen as we speak” Nedu replied.

Ambrose turned and faced the huge monitor, hung on the wall. The satellite image of a map on the computer zoomed in on a street. It automatically got out the image of the car and its surrounding.

“Nedu, deploy the micro sensors and give me an automatic scan of the whole car. Fingerprints, hair samples, saliva, fart, anything! I need to know who and who were in that car. Get me the footages from the nearby CAMs. Streamline them and pick out any relevant information that may be of use to us. I want that report immediately. I’m just got a cup of warm coffee from the mug. I’d better get that report before this coffee gets cold.” Ambrose threatened.

“Roger that sir.” Nedu said and went off the line.

Ambrose opened the drawer to his desk and took out a long white ear piece. It had a single cable that connected his ears and his lips. He pressed a button on it and waited as it rang in his ears.

“Ambrose. Any updates?” Ope said as Ambrose listened in through his earpiece.

Ambrose was pacing the room now, one hand on his hip while the other swiped an ipad.

“The Colonel is near you. We spotted his transport not too far from you. Bee Hive is currently looking for additional info. Be on the alert.” Ambrose warned.

“Copy that Ambrose. I will keep a watchful eye on proceedings although I think Agent S has an idea already. She has frozen the communication between Sean and The Colonel by activating the Ultra Sound Disrupter. Sean was wired and he fell out. I don’t know what she has planned and I haven’t been able to talk to her. I guess she wants no interference whatsoever.” Ope replied.

“So we wait?” Ambrose asked

“No. Nobody waits. Just keep a tab on BeeHive. Be our eyes out here. We have five Cams around this 1kilometere radius. You can hack into them and control the surveillance system. Have Bee Hive maintain a constant trace, looking for matches between the exhibits they have and the available frames the surveillance would produce. If the Colonel makes a move you should be able to see it before I do. Then we can counter.” Ope advised.

“Alright then soldier. Over and Out.” Ambrose replied and the line went dead.

As Ambrose sat back in his swivel chair, the door to his office opened.

“Hello Ambrose. Thank you for holding forte. I will take it from here.”

It was the General.


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