#B•I•T•C•H: Shocked – Episode 30.

In today’s episode, you won’t believe what would happen, I can bet my money that no one saw this coming, read to find out what I mean. If you are from NL, just scroll down and you would see the continuation



In life, there are certain inevitable things. Things like falling in love or hating someone, things like having friends and enemies, things like having a heartbreak and being betrayed. Sometimes, we get to experience this things once in a life time, other times we don’t, but the major point is they must happen to all of us.

* * * * *


The ridiculously loud sound of the bed-side alarm, blaring like a hysterical police siren woke Jummy up the next morning.

Without opening her eyes, she stretched hands to the bed-side table and pushed the alarm of the table so vigorously that it flew an incredible distance away from from its initial position. It immediately went quiet and it was certain that it had broken into pieces.

Jummy sighed, that was the third alarm she was buying this month and the previous two had all spoilt in the same pattern. She knew she needed to wake up early and her idea of early was 6 – 7AM, not the usual 5AM she seemed to be waking up more often nowadays, thus the alarm.

She stretched her arms and rolled on the bed only for her body to collide with someone else, then she recalled the whole event of the previous night with John, she smiled. They hadn’t had sex persay, but what they did gave almost the same pleasure, John sure knew how to ‘work’ her.

She sat upright and picked up her white Blackberry 9780 in which the led was already blinking which only meant she had a message, she unlocked it and saw she had over six messages from BBM, thirty two from whatsapp, three from wechat and four emails, all in one night.

What’s wrong with all this whatsapp people? Don’t they sleep at night? Jummy lamented in frustration, there was no way she was going to read all those messages now, she went to her mail instead.

One of the mails was from Zainab who just wanted to check on her, Jummy guess Zainab must have pinged her and when she got no reply, she sent a mail, she quickly replied the mail telling Zainab a summary of everything that has been happening in her life, work had been tedious for both of them and they didn’t have much time to hang out as often as before.

The next two were from a certain Bridget Handson, with the topic “Donations.” Jummy smirked, she knew it was a scam message from all those hungry scammers who lacked new ideas. She read it anyway and noticed she was right as the message contained something about giving Jummy six million US dollars to donate to churches and orphanage because the supposed owner, Bridget Handson was about to pass on and wants to help people with her money before she died, Jummy deleted the message immediately.

The last mail was from Stephen, and it contained all the details of their trip that was that morning, Jummy quickly scanned the message and ran to the bathroom, she had almost forgotten she had to be at the airport by 6:30AM.

In less that thirty minutes, she was dressed and set to go, she dropped a note telling John where she was going and how sorry she was.

She went out of the house, entered her car and zoomed off to the airport.

* * * * * *

They both stared at each other in silence for a long minute in silence, they seemed to both be people of very few words as just the other day they did a similar thing over the phone. The competition of who would talk first. But this was a slightly different case.

“That question wasn’t rhetorical,” Zainab said as she noticed Henry obviously wasn’t planning on answering her anytime soon.

“Err.. What question?” Henry asked, looking serious.

Zainab sighed. “are you stalking me?” She rephrased and summarised the previous question.

Henry bursted out loud into an uncontrollable laughter, his laughter was infectious and Zainab found herself laughing too even though she didn’t really get what was so hilarious.

“Me? Stalking you?” Henry asked in a mocking tone. “I told you I was a writer the last time we saw, didn’t I?”

“Yes you did, and you also said you were an hairdresser, you never said you were and actor too, so are you stalking me?”

“Well, apparently, I wrote this screenplay and Mr Tunde instructed that I directed the movie myself since no one else would understand the plot as the person who wrote it.” Henry gave a proud grin that reminded Zainab about Barrister Boniface. “Just so you know, I’m not really acting any important role… Hell!” He exclaimed, “I’m not even going to say a word.”

Zainab wasn’t convinced yet, “so why are you wearing an armour costume and I recall that you were swinging a sword when I walked into the studio.”

“Its a war movie, and war movies need warriors and warrior are made up of people. I’m not taking any serious role, I’ll just fight in the supposed war and I’ll probably be one of those that would be killed.” His tone was low, he didn’t seem to excited about dying in his own movie.

Zainab smiled and gave a sigh of relief, she had been convinced, “so how long is this movie going to be shot?”

“Its meant to take three months, but considering the fact that we have been acting this movie since nine weeks before you came, I guess we have just three more weeks before we would be done with the blockbuster.” Henry grinned.

Zainab went mute for a minute, thinking about something.

Just as if Henry had read her mind, he said, “so I guess this means we would be seeing a lot of each other for the next three weeks?”

Zainab didn’t reply and looked away as Henry grinned in excitement.

“Ma’am, If that would be all, I’ll like to return back to duty.” He said in a mocking tone.

“You don’t have to call me ma’am.” Zainab replied.

Henry just winked and walked away leaving Zainab standing there, probably perplexed.

“Step two accomplished.” Henry murmured inaudibly as he picked up his sword and continued swinging it.

* * * * *

John finally woke up around 9AM. He let out a record breaking yawn which lasted for almost two minutes then just as he closed his mouth, her farted and quickly grinned at the thought of Jummy hearing that or at worst, perceiving it.

He had expected a punch or instant reaction from Jummy who he thought was still by his side so he braced himself for whatever she had under her sleeves, but after a few seconds of waiting and nothing happened, he stretched his hands to Jummy’s side of the bed and tapped it but felt no one, he quickly opened his eyes and looked at the bed side only to find out that he was the only one in the room.

“Jumoke!” He yelled, thinking she was somewhere in the house.

Getting no reply, he stood up and walked round the house in search of her, convinced she was definitely not in the house, he walked back to the room wondering where Jummy had gone so early.

He decided to call her and that was when he saw it. Lying comfortably on the table, with his phone placed on top to make sure it isn’t blown away, was the note Jummy wrote.

Jummy wrote:

Hi J,
I don’t know exactly how to say this that I won’t sound unfair so I’ll just be very blunt and direct.
I’m off to China for an important official meeting, recall the one I told you of yesterday on phone? Well the date was changed to today. I’m so sorry for leaving so early without even telling you about it. I wanted to tell you last night but we were having such a good time that I didn’t want to spoil the moment.
I’m really sorry and I hope you forgive me. I’ll try and call you when my flight land, please don’t be mad at me, with love – J. (Isn’t it funny how our names both start with J?)

He read it and with a great sigh of disappointment, he tore the letter and leaned back on the bed.

* * * * *

Jummy got to the airport on time and met with Stephen who was already there waiting.

Unfortunately for them, there was a delay due to bad weather conditions so they had to wait till the weather got better and became plane friendly.

The airport was cool due to the massive airconditorners that were placed at strategic places all over the airport and Jummy was feeling cold and felt the need of being cuddled, she kept her distance from Stephen to make sure she didn’t even give him a hint.

Stephen noticed this weird behaviour of Jummy and decided to tease her a little.

He turned to his right and spotted a lady sitted all alone just two chairs away from his, he waved at her and she smiled back. She was obviously cold as she wrapped her arm round herself while wearing a thick fur coat.

“You cold?” Stephen asked her loudly, making sure Jummy could hear everything he was saying.

She nodded in approval.

“Do you believe in magic?”. Stephen asked.

The lady was confused, she wondered what that question had got to do with her being cold, she shook her head in disapproval anyway.

“Well you should because I’m a magician. I can make you feel warm instantly if you want.” He said with a grin.

She looked at him interested, and gave Stephen the go ahead nod, merely out of curiosity, she knew there was no way Stephen was a magician. She also needed the company.

“You have to do two thing for me first for the magic to work.”

“What’s that?” She finally asked, she had a nice voice and Stephen noticed this.

“Well, one is, I can’t do magic without the person being close to me and two, I’ll need your name.” Stephen grinned widely.

Jummy who had been eavesdropping sighed in disgust, what a lame pickup line she thought.

The lady smiled and asked him to come over which he did, she turned to him and said, “You aren’t really a magician, are you?”

Stephen shook his head to signify “NO,” he was still grinning.

The lady giggled, “you men sure have your ways, I’m Amaka anyway.”

“Hmmm, Amaka, that’s my junior sister’s name.” Stephen lied, he had not sister at all, let alone a junior one.

“Really?” The lady asked sarcastically, she had heard that line before.

“Yea, and I’m Stephen. What are you doing here at the airport anyway?”

“I’m waiting for my flight.”

“Where are you heading too?”

“That’s too much info.” She replied and winked at Stephen.

The conversation seemed to be getting more interesting and it annoyed Jummy, she stopped eavesdropping and picked her phone.

Zainab had replied her mail and Zainab also told her about Henry and their plans this weekend, she asked if Jummy could come with her to the date with Henry, bringing John of course.

Jummy loved the idea, a double date was something she had fantasised about severally but it seemed far-fetched as they never really had the time or the perfect guys… Now they did, or so she thought.

She knew her trip to China would make it impossible this weekend but there would be other times.

Stephen phone suddenly rang as he spoke to Amaka and after a few ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir,’ he hung up and turned to Jummy, “the trip has been postponed till next week. I’ve just been told the Chinese investors are trying to concluded a project before embarking on ours.”

“So what would have happened if we were on the plane already?”

“Well, we aren’t on the plane. You can take the day off and resume work tomorrow, when I get more info about the trip, I’ll let you know.” Stephen said and turned back to Amaka, “so where are you from?” He asked.

Jummy picked her trolley and happily went out of the airport, she was going straight to John’s house to apologise.

* * *

Jummy had considered calling John first but she knew he would probably not pick, so she decided to surprise him. Besides, what’s the use of him giving her a spare key to his house if he didn’t want her to pop in any time she felt like.

As she parked her car at the front of his house she smiled at the thought of eventually having that double date with John, alongside Zainab and Henry, she felt it would be nice.

She quickly stepped out of the car and walked straight into the compound, the gate man already knew her so he let her through without any complains.

She walked into the apartment and saw the sitting room was empty, she called John’s name out twice and got no response so she assumed he wasn’t home, she decided to go and freshen up at the bathroom in his bedroom.

She removed her jacket and threw it on the chair, she headed to the bedroom.

She heard weird sounds but the sound was too low for her to predict what was going on, she opened the door and got the shocker of her life.

John and Samuel were doing what made God destroy Sodom and Gomorah with brimstone and fire. Standing stark naked, Samuel bent over on all four while John slowly inserted and withdrew his private organ from Samuel’s rare end.

They were both sweating and seemed to be enjoying every bit of it.


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14 thoughts on “#B•I•T•C•H: Shocked – Episode 30.

  1. Sunny

    “In today’s episode, you won’t believe what would happen, I can bet my money that no one saw this coming, read to find out what I mean”
    You sure got me there. My predictions were totally way off what happened! Guy your write ups are superb and suspense filed.

  2. Oma

    Noooooooooooo!!!! Neva saw ds coming! *though i had a lil weird feeln abt their dialogue in John’s house… John seemed so laid bk ova samuel’s lazy attitude*

  3. Anita

    Wow!!!! Chistar!!!!! Why did you do this to John???? I liked the guy, but now I hate more than I hate the devil.
    On a more serious note, your imagination is off the hook, I’ve never successfully and correctly predicted any part of this story. Thumbs up boo.
    I’m wondering what Jummy would do and I have no idea whatsoever. Isn’t it possible for you to post d next episode today? Please…

  4. walewunmi

    What….blood of God…can’t believe dis john is a gay geez…ewww…jummy’s hart wud b shatered.chistar u got me dere neva imagined dix…

  5. Anonymous

    in as much as its a good story u cud av gotten something else to make Jummy feel dissapointed,not gay!!! jeez!!! I really hate dat.
    good story anyways.

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