#IMPORTANT INFO – Naija Life Stories.

Sup Y’all,

As I write this blog post, I’m so excited and feel the urge to run round the streets of Lagos stark naked with my pant on my head due my excitement :).

What’s making Chistar so excited?

Well, MTN in association with M-tech and yours truly presents to you – Naija Life Stories.


What’s this all about?

We are aware that not everybody has the ability to browse the internet daily just to read and follow your favorite stories, and for those who can, we know its really expensive, stressful and not to talk about the issue of bad network. So MTN, M-Tech and Yours truly locked ourselves in a room in other to brainstorm and think of a way to make reading and following your favorite stories easily and after consulting the oracle, we got the perfect solution

How do we plan on doing this?

Simple! By sending you the stories directly to your mobile phone as text messages (both in MMS and SMS formats)

How much is it?

This is the most interesting part about this whole initiative. You won’t believe how affordable it is. *drum roll* For the “chicken” change of 30 naira, you get fresh new episodes of stories sent to your phone for a whole week, YES! You heard me right! 30 box for a whole. Week. I’m horrible in mathematics so correct me if I’m wrong, but I think with just 120 naira, you’ll be covered for a whole month. Isn’t this just great?

How do I subscribe?

This is easy, even an illiterate can do it, just send NLW as an sms to 4900 and you would get a confirmatory text sent to you immediately.

Now, the whole initiative is still being tested so we are starting with a few short stories so as to know what you guys think about it and also gather enough fan base before we start the main series. The only reason I’m telling you guys this before its officially released to the whole Nigeria and beyond is because you guys follow the best literature/ writing blog ever known to man :).

So basically, what I want you guys to do for me is simple.

1) Subscribe to the package.

2) Tell your friends and enemies to tell their children and wives that they should tell their own uncles and aunties to subscribe to this wonderful package.

3) Like I said earlier, its still being tested, so your feedbacks in all forms, be it suggestions, complaints or even approvals would be appreciated and welcomed so as to make it a success.

For additional info, send me a mail to snipesmoney@gmail.com.


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