#B•I•T•C•H: is Boniface back? – Episode 34



Love is like a very large circle. We can run away from the spot where our “special one” is but at the end of the day, we would definitely go round the circle and come back to that spot where our “special one” is.

* * * * *

Zainab walked straight to her office as soon as she arrived at TOP. Her to-do list was already on her table and she couldn’t help but nod in approval with the thought of how efficient Michael, the intern was. She had been at TOP for more than a week now and so far, she hadn’t any cause to question his ability and efficiency.

She dropped her had bag on her table and brought out her phone from it before sitting down. She quickly launched her phone browser and did some random browsing, checking out sochistar’s blog and some gossip sites, before checking her email. It was filled with spam messages as usual so she sighed as she scrolled through it looking for anyone of the messages that didn’t have a spam-like subject of sender’s email address and then she saw one with the simple topic: “Hello”, obviously a spam message wouldn’t have such subject so she clicked on it and patiently waited for it to load.

At first, it didn’t seem like it was going to load due to the bad network, so she quickly switched on her 3G on the phone and within seconds the message opened and it was from the least person she had expected.

The email was short and precise: “Hi Zainab, been a while I heard from you and I could have called but I somehow lost your phone number. Anyway, I just wanted to check on you and how you have been faring since the case with your ex-husband ended. Kindly reply back. Boniface.”

As soon as Zainab read the message she check the date it was sent and saw it was sent just that morning so she knew she didn’t need to apologize for replying late.

She clicked on the reply button and typed: “Hi Boniface, I never really got to thank you properly for your services during the case and I’m sorry about that, I just couldn’t wait to get over Richard and move on to other things that are more important. Anyway, I’m faring really well and thanks for your concern. I hope all is well with you too.”

With that, she dropped her phone and picked up the to-do list to examine it. And just as she was going through it, a knock at her door startled her and without her replying, the person walked in to the office. It was Henry.

“Hey!” He said in an excited tone.

“Hey you!” Zainab replied, not exactly sure about what she was supposed to reply.

Henry walked towards her desk and asked “can I sit?” But before she could actually reply he planted his ass on the sit and smiled at Zainab. He seemed to have something mischievous in his mind, but Zainab couldn’t pinpoint it.

“What’s so exciting about my face this morning?” Zainab asked looking confused.

Henry giggled, “nothing, you look great. Good morning by the way.”

“Morning.” Zainab replied coldly, anxiously waiting to know what was in his mind.

“How was your night?”

“Fine.” Zainab paused for a second as if she was thinking of a continuation, “I would have asked you how your night was but that would only waste more time, can you tell me why you are grinning this way? I’m not really comfortable with it.”

“You like to cut to the chase right? Alright, let me play it your way. Do you know what today is?” He asked.

“Errr… Friday?”

“Yes! Exactly. And do you know what tomorrow is?”

“If you want me to teach you the days of the week just say so instead of using this weird style,” Zainab replied irritably.

“Okay okay! Calm down. Well tomorrow is saturday and its a weekend…” Henry replied and grinned more widely than before, he expected Zainab to get his point by now but the look on her face told him other wise.

He sighed. “Tomorrow is our date! Remember? You and I… Go out? You even suggested you brought your friend, Jumoke along.”

And that was when Zainab got the whole joke. “Oh! So that’s what making you so excited?”

“If you were in my shoes and had the opportunity to go out with the sexiest female celebrity in the country, won’t you be excited?” He asked.

Zainab hated flattery, but this somehow got to her and she felt her cheek grow red. “I’m not sure Jummy would be able to make it anymore,” she finally replied.

“I would loved to asked why but I’m not really sure I want to know.”

Zainab smiled, he just literally replied the same way she had replied him earlier. He sure had a good sense of humor and that was a pluse on his part, Zainab thought.

“So where are taking me to? I need to know what to wear.”

“Don’t even bother asking me because I won’t tell. I initially planned on taking you to the movies since Jumoke was coming along but now that its just you and I… I have a more special place in mind.”

“So how am I to know what to wear?” Zainab asked alarmed.

“Zain, even if you wear a pant and bra to a dinner party, you would look sexy and really attractive in it so just dress simple and try your best not to out dress me too much,” Henry said with a wink and before she could think of a reply, he left her office leaving her stunned.

The led on her phone, blinking a red light snapped her back to reality as it flashed on her eyes. She picked up her phone and saw it was email alert. She opened the message and saw it was a reply from Boniface which said: “I’m glad to know that you are faring well, and about my well being, I’m fine or that’s what I’ll like to believe. You are on BBM right? Add me up @ 7*******, maybe we could chat better. That is if you don’t mind though.”

Zainab contemplated adding him up but after weighing her options and coming to the conclusion that she had nothing to loose, she went ahead to add him and he accepted the invite almost immediately, as though he was waiting for it.

“Hi :),” he sent her immediately.

Zainab saw the message and ignored it at first, then looked through her schedule for the day. She observed she had nothing important to do that morning so she picked up her phone and replied: “hi, how are you?”

Somehow, she was certain she was in for an interesting chat.

* * * * *

Jummy stood there for a while, starring at John with hate in her eyes. After talking to Zainab, she had come back to to her senses and was even disappointed at herself for even considering John’s offer in the first place.

Who knowing venture into such a situation knowingly? She asked herself in silence.

“Hello! Are you still here?” John asked as he observed Jummy had no plan of replying him anytime soon.

“John, what are you doing here? How did you even get in here?”

“Hey! Calm down now. One question at a time.” John said smiling. “Firstly, I’m here because I wanted to see my girlfriend and hopefully wife to be. And secondly I got in here through the door obviously, I told the security guard I’m your brother and I just came back from the states and wanted to surprise you. Of course he wasn’t interested if I came from the moon or the sun at first, but after I gave him a few thousand naira notes, he directed me to your office and even offered to serve me coffee or tea.” John concluded and smiled that kind of smile someone smile when he or she has achieved a great thing.

Jummy wasn’t impressed. “John, stop playing games with me and tell me what you are doing here,” she said, trying her possible best not to raise her voice above average.

“Hmmm… You seem really tensed up. I’m I making you feel uncomfortable?” John asked.

“Yes you are actually. And I’ll appreciate if you leave my office right away.”

“Why are you acting so cold towards me? I thought you love me and…”

“You though wrong!!!” Jummy cut in suddenly raising her voice, “now if you don’t mind, I’ve got some work to do and would really appreciate if you use the door now!”

John was speechless, he didn’t need to ask her if she had made a decision about the deal he proposed as her actions said it all. He reluctantly stood up from the seat and from the inner pocket of his suit, he brought out a small case and dropped it on Jummy’s table. He walked past Jummy and whispered in her ears, “that’s for you, just a small gift and I’ll call you later on to hook up and talk like old friends… I guess I was unreasonable and have been quite unfair to you.”

Jummy wanted to tell him to pick his gift but for some reasons, she couldn’t say anything.

John walked out of the office and Jummy walked to her table. She used the intercom to call the chief of security office and within minutes he was in her office. She sternly warned him never to let John into the company again.

She pushed the small box into the waste bin beside her table and went straight to work. She worked for thirty minutes straight. Settling accounts and rating progress of GNP over other network providers in various zones. But then curiosity wouldn’t let her be and she found herself searching the waste bin for the box.

She found out and with a deep breath she opened the box only to see the most beautiful stone she had ever seen in her life.

It was a ring with a huge piece of diamond which glittered like the stars at night. The ring was without any doubt really expensive and would have cost even John a great fortune to buy.

Jummy wasn’t going to be swayed by just a ring so she made a mental note to return it to him before he started to get mixed signals. She hated that she had to return it though.

Suddenly, her phone went alive and started ringing as someone called, she glanced at her phone screen and speaking about the devil… It was John once again.


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11 thoughts on “#B•I•T•C•H: is Boniface back? – Episode 34

  1. dupsy

    nice one chistar but It’s like there’s a mistake somewhere if I am right….why does it look as if that was d first time John came to Jummy’s office,if you remember previous episodes where he came unannounced and dragged her for an early lunch and the
    other time where Jummy met him sitting on her chair in her office one morning like that.
    if am not wrong,maybe you should review it.
    How are you doing,Chistar?

    1. Hmmm… You have a valid point, but after the whole “drama” Jummy didn’t expect him at her office and obviously, I expect you guys to assume different security guards were on duty at both times. Thanks for your comment.

  2. walewunmi

    Nice update glued on,hope dis boniface no go spoil henry’s show… Hope jummy wunt fall 4 dis guy trick oh chistar weldone

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