#B•I•T•C•H: The Story After The Story

So as expected, I got mixed reactions from most readers who said there were some “unfinished” business in the story. I hate to say it out loud but I guess you guys were right. So I decided to write this short follow up on “the story after the story.” Please note that this isn’t exactly part of the story, just clearing the air. View it as an Epilogue. Enjoy.



Well, it pretty easy to see that after her multiple flings and dating travails, Zainab finally found someone who she was compatible with and was willing to go the extra length for her like wise.

Whether she got married to the person or not is a question I can’t really answer. But I can tell you confidently she found true love.

Currently, she still works at TOP and doesn’t miss any opportunity she gets to co-direct Henry’s movie.


Jummy Jummy Jummy… The comedian of the story who love made “less funny.” At the beginning, Jummy was a free spirited lady and comedian of the story, until the issue with John came up.

Jummy finally openly confessed her love to John after all he did to her and well, I think she gave John a second chance, although I’m not sure (I hear rumors that they had a secret wedding). Well, I can’t blame her, its kind of hard to stay mad at someone who took a bullet for your best friend all because he wants to see you happy.

Work wise, things are cool.


When I first created this character. What I had in mind was to twist Jummy’s life a little which I think I did well… Hey! I know I went a little too far but Jummy was too free spirited and happy, I had to give her a reason to cry. I believe life isn’t a bed of roses and it would have been too fake for Jummy to go through the story without any tough challenge.

So the ‘bi-sexual’ issue was just a twist to the story and well, I think I also touched another aspect of our everyday life that can’t be ignored.

Just in case you are still wondering, he didn’t die from the gunshot as it narrowly missed his heart and well, he got to the hospital early enough.

I’ve said all I need to say about his relationship with Jummy in Jummy’s paragraph.

Also, his self owned business isn’t booming yet, but it’s growing at a steady pace.


Just as there is always a hero and villain in every story, I think we can all agree to one fact; Richard was the. major villain in this story.

He pushed Zainab to the length and tried all he could to make her life a living hell, he almost succeeded but I guess at the end, the hero always wins.

He is currently based in Ghana and ironically, he is now an “up-coming” musical video producer still trying to make a name for himself in Ghana and building his brand all over again… Its been hard without finance.


This is one character who unlike 90 percent of my other characters, isn’t a sucker for love. Through out the story, I made sure I avoided mentioning anything about love when it comes to him, well, except his “romantic” breakfast of akara and bread with Jummy.

After the whole kidnap incidence, he got called up to a legitimate company he submitted his CV to and well, he is currently working there and he is well paid. He even has a house at FESTAC just like Henry, Zainab and Jummy.


Boniface is a smart man, so his relationship status is quite obvious.

Currently, his firm is one of the most successful one in the city and yea… He is still a cocky asshole.


How his matter died still amazes me. But I guess you can buy your way out of anything.

He is currently based in South Africa with his family and currently works as a sales man… How ironic.


Stephen finally became a full time manager and was transferred to and GNP branch in Abuja. He still sends Jummy strange messages in which he think are romantic.

PS: for characters I didn’t mention, you just have to fill in the blank spaces yourself 🙂

Thanks for reading.

“CELL 6 – Origin” COMING SOON!!!


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