The question up there might be on most of you all mind, well, I’m here! I told you guys that I’ll be very busy once I get to school, and busy is what I’ve been. Now, I sincerely apologize for my total absence from you guys (not the writing scene cause I still write for quite a few blogs and other platforms) and I’m pretty sure you guys have forgiven me.

Anyway, I’ve been up to a lot of things writing wise, thanks to you guys support and publicity, I hardly have time to write my own story. And yea, a story of mine is currently being shot as a movie (I’ll tell you guys about this when the time is right), I’m still looking for more movies scripts offer though, so if you know any way I can get my stories down there kindly let me know.

Also, after considering how much that has gone on in my Love Life since the conclusion of My Complicated Love Story, I felt that there is need for a part 2 to the Story and maybe a part 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and so on and so forth, so I picked up my phone and typed a few paragraphs. I’ll post it later on this week so you guys can either ginger me to continue or just let laying dogs lie. I’ll likely title it “My Complicated Love Story II (the story has only just begun),” so anticipate. There are new and interesting characters in my Life.

CELL 6 – The Origin is still on board. Since its very different from my preferred genre of writing, I’m having difficulty in writing it, I’m done with just two episodes and the prologue and I’m scared of actually posting it for several reasons. One of them being I’m not sure I can vouch for my consistency since my exams are starting next month and I plan on graduating with a 1st class (can I hear an amen?). And another reason being I’m scared I might not execute the story properly and therefore spoil my reputation in delivering high suspense and fun to read stories.

I want to build my Twitter/blog fan base, so if you love me and you are on twitter, follow and mention me on twitter so I can add you to my list. What would you gain from joining the list? You get a twitter mention whenever I make a new post with the link to the post.

On a brighter note, did you guys hear that UNIPORT, my current school, came first overall in the just concluded NUGA games? As in, the kind of gap we gave UNILAG who are the second eh! I had to reload the page twice to be sure that I didn’t open the olympics page or something like that. As in I’m still wondering how we happen to bag 63 gold medal while the second closest school got just 13 or something that, as in what were they doing when we were carrying all the medals na?. Anyway I guess that’s why we are refereed to as Unique Uniport… Greatest Gba Gba! Greatest Gbo Gbo! Ever Conscious Kpoin!!!… (If e dey pain you, knack your head for wall, lol.)

Well, I think that’s all I have to say for now. I’ve got lectures by 9am this morning so I’m going to try and grab some sleep right now. Your comments and responses are highly welcomed because I’ll need them to know that you guys still have my back.

Till we meet again, I remain your one and only CHISTAR, the only Star with a “chi.” Get it? If not, forget it. Lol.


8 thoughts on “WHERE IS CHISTAR???

  1. mcpexo

    lol….u guys won all d gold medals 4 d swimming competitions now… to b serious, everyone was amazed at d gap btwn first and second position… we(OAU) eventually came 3rd….it really pained me cos unilag had just one gold medal than us…una make sense sha… we’d b expecting ur story o…

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