Everybody loves a good movie. We have all at one point or the other downloaded a movie and deleted it immediately or gone to the market to buy a movie that we ended up feeling the urge to break the disk after we watched it (that is if we actually endure watching it to the end) but at the same time, we have also watched that movie that we couldn’t help but watch all over again and would probably never get tired of watching.

I’m a very selective person when it comes to movies and a lot of things and easily get bored, as a result of that, I hate Nollywood with passion (to the extent that I blocked African Magic on the cable at home), their plots are too predictable and their graphics are thousands of miles from the word “good” (don’t get me wrong, I know with the introduction of Phone Swap, Last Flight to Abuja, that Chiamanda Adichie’s book that is now a movie and a couple of other recent movies Nollywood seems to have improved a little in the graphics scene but I still hate Nollywood).

Anyway below is a list of my top 10 movies that I’ll probably never get tired of watching even if I become blind.



Yeah yeah! I know you already expected this movie to be on the list so I may as well just go ahead and write about it first.
George R. R. Martin, the authour of A Song of Ice and Fire which also happens to be the original book version of the movie is in one word, a genius. The dude is extra creative and he showed (he is still showing) it in the book. The movie is being broadcast on HBO and thus HBO is the creator or at least that’s the term Wikipedea uses *rme*.

Game of Thrones is set in the Fictional Seven Kingdom of Westeros, and the series follows the struggles of the noble families as the try to get power and rule while sitting on the Iron Throne (the funny thing about this Iron Throne is that you might think its just a figurative name but its really made of Iron in reality or at least that’s what HBO wants us to believe… Lol).

Game of Thrones is one of those movies that its best to not try and predict or like a character because once you do, the Character might just be killed in the next episode, but irrespective of that, I’m still rooting for two people to win the “Game of Thrones” though, even if they might die soon. They are Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi as most of you might know her… You know that chick that has dragons right? Yeah that’s her (SPOILER ALERT!!! You guys remember Jon Snow the bastard shey? Well he isn’t really a bastard, in fact he is everything far from a bastard as he has both Targaryen and Stark’s blood flowing though his veins, don’t ask me how I know just keep watching). And secondly, Arya Stark, this babe visually experienced as her dad, mum and brother was killed so as a result of that I’ve always pitied and at the same time loved this chick but assumed she wouldn’t last long because of her rather infant age but I was wrong… Dead wrong! Have you guys seen the season 4 Arya? My baby Arya has actually had her first taste of blood that last scene of episode 1 was da bomb and her smile as she rode her pony? Epic!!!


This is the first and only Indian movie on the list and I’m pretty sure most of you all are like, “what the fuck is a movie where a dude attempts committing suicide and his friend starts to sing and dance in the middle of the road and everyone around suddenly knows the exactly song he is singing with the dance steps,” well 3 Idiots isn’t just an Indian movie… I like to refer to it as “The Indian Movie.” Most scenes of the movie is set in the Imperial College of Engineering, one of the best college in India. In my opinion, 3 Idiots is majorly a comedy movie but my sister thinks its a love story and she is sorta right in her defense. The movie basically covers the adventures of three friends, I really can’t say much about the plot if I plan on writing on other movies so you just have to watch it to get the full picture.


Imagine a movie where Elves, Dwarfs, Hobbits, Wizards and of course, Humans all coming together to fight an evil force? Epic right? Well that’s exactly what Lord of The Rings is all about. Rings of powers which were supposed to somehow maintain peace and order of Middle Earth (I don’t exactly get how that works though) were made and shared amongst men, dwarfs, wizards and elves and then in secret, a ring that could rule them all was made by the Dark Lord Sauron who then tried to use the ring to enslave all living creatures and he nearly succeeded until a last alliance between Elves and Man was formed to fight against Sauron’s army… Long story cut short Sauron was defeated but the One Ring which should have been destroyed that day wasn’t destroyed. Few years later, one thing led to another and Frodo Baggins, an Hobbit was sent on a mission to go an destroy the ring in no where else but where it was made, Modor (just so you know, that where Sauron lives)… So yea, that’s basically the whole plot.

I totally love Legolas (an Elf) and Gimli (a dwarf) who are among the lead characters in the movie. They somehow managed to keep calm and make jokes when at the face of death.


Nobody who has watched this movie can sincerely tell me that he/she didn’t feel at least a little remorse while watching certain scenes in this movie. What really makes a great movie isn’t about setting and breaking box office records but its ability to somehow affect the emotions of its viewers and no movie has actually done it better than Titanic (many has tried though).

The plot theme is one of love and portrays love in a rather extreme way as Jack (the lead male character) gave Rose (the lead female character) his life jacket even though she was already sitting on a platform that floated on the water (they were both somewhere in the atlantic ocean after the ship had sunk), in my opinion that is the world’s dumbest act but then again, what do I know?

In fact, writing about this movie makes me angry so I’ll just stop here, go and watch it if you haven’t.


Do you believe in magic? Are you a fan of Michael Angelo? If your answer is yes to either of both questions then you need to see this movie… In fact even if you answer is no, you still need to see the mudafcking movie!!!

The movie features our very own The Social Network star Jesse Eisenberg as the ring leader of a gang of Magicians known as the Four Horse Men. The plot is quite complicated and I can’t really summarize it but please I’m on my kneels begging… Go and watch this movie.

So that’s all I have for you guys for now! Watch out for my top 5 songs of all time later on.