An Explaination and A Job

Hello guys,

Yes, I have changed, yes, I I don’t post as often as before, yes I’ve been writing Cell 6 and My Complicated Love Story 2 since like forever, yes, I have a big head etc.

I agree to all accusation up there and its all my fault but I have a reason, a quite good one.

I am a writer, and allow me to flatter myself to say I’m a fairly good writer at that and I really want to entertain you guys but I’m human and I’ve got my flaws.

I am at that point in my writing career where my “head is full.” Don’t mistake this phrase with the popular Writers Block, let’s just say I’ve over tasked myself to write and well… Its complicated.

Bottom line is I’m at a point where I’m considering quitting writing but you guys mails which I surprisingly still receive still keeps me going so I’ve decided to fight the urge to stop writing and do the exact reverse.

And this brings me to the job part of this post. I want to compile My Complicated Love Story and create an E-book out of it but the work is really “rough”, thus I need a proof reader. If you are interested, send me a mail to

Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to post My Complicated Love Story here, on my blog since I’ve removed it from Nairaland. I also plan on continuing My Complicated Love Story 2 and Cell 6 simultaneously, I’ll confess that Cell 6 is a really tasking story for me so its going to be posted at well spaced intervals because I don’t want to fuck up the plot.

Well, that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say, I’ll be posting random short stories too. So keep you fingers crossed.

Welcome Back To Sochistar’s world.

… Before I forget, I’ve got huge love for shoes, clothes, accessories, bag et all. Just got me a new shoe, its called Wallabies, made by Clarks. Just had to share it with you guys, that’s the picture up there… Hehehe.



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