#MCLS Episode 7 & 8



Barely a minute later, I heard another knock on the door, this time I wasnt so anxious to open the door after my first experience so I went to put water on the fire just in case some people didn’t understand English, so I’ll teach them a lesson.

I opened the door and this time it was Sandra.
It seemed like for a moment there I died I went to heaven. Sandra was looking so sexy in a nasty way.
She had on a mini jean skirt that’s the length of two belts and a top that showed her navel to go with it, for the first time since I 1st saw her, she didn’t pack her hair, just let it all flow.

I had instant attention with and froze before she brought me back to reality and asked…
“are you going to let me in or what?”

with a mischievous smile on my face and really naughty thoughts on my mind I replied..

“Sure, come in”

,she walked past me and head straight to the couch while I closed the door, and joined her on the couch. Then said the first thing that came out of my mind

“hi, good morning…I must confess, you look really nice!”

She gave a shy smile and replied
“awww, thanks..How was your night?”

“it was great, spent half of it talking with you and the other half dreaming about you”

she was really blushing now and replied
“stop teasing me jhur, you couldn’t have dreamt about me”

“no, I’m serious I did, ill have loved to tell you what the dream was about, but you won’t believe so don’t bother”

“hmm, ok if you say so…but ill you would tell me the dream later on tho”

“ok,no p. So what can I offer you anyway?”

“ermm, anything would be fine, thanks”

“ok, we have got kerosene, garri, matches, soap and rat poison, which one do you want me to bring for you?” I gave a sarcastic reply

and she laughed again of course ..

“Kerosene would be just fine” she got the joke and played along

“hmm..Ok; gimmie a minute,1keg of kerosene coming up” I replied and left for the kitchen.

“alright, bring two straws oh, so we can enjoy together, my mum told me not to drink alone”
she replied while I was at the kitchen door already

“ok, no problem”

a minute later I came back with a tray which had a bottle of red wine and two glasses on it, I open the wine and filled our glasses the two glasses, picked one up and offered her the other, the said…

“lets have a toast”

“hmm, ok, to what?” she replied

“ermm, to US”

“ok, to us then”
we clinged our glasses and I drank the whole glass while she just took a sip and dropped it back on the table then started staring at me, I was feel really uncomfortable with the way she was staring so I asked..

“What’s wrong, don’t you like the wine ,or were seriously expecting kerosene?” trying to be funny.

“no not at all, I love the wine, I don’t just get why you are going through all this stress ”

“process?? What do you mean?” I replied with a confused look

“all of this nah, the wine thing for example, I was expecting a soft drink or just water”

“hmm…no Sandra, its no stress at all, im just trying to prove I’m really a nice guy and can I care” I replied

“I know you care and you are nice, you don’t have to prove it, if you weren’t I won’t be here, and just for the record, I care about you too”
she smiled and leaned forward to peck me but somehow I turned and instead if a peck, our lips jammed and we had a light kiss, but almost immediately she pulled back and said
“am sorry, didnt mean to”

“no no its nothing, its actually my fault” I replied with the “I want more” look on my face.
Just as if she read my face she leaned forward and frenched kissed me and of course I kissed her back…
We made out for quite a while and then I tried taking it further so I slipped my hand under her top and started navigating up to her bosoms, I found it and grabbed it like a hungry baby who hadn’t sucked milk in two days, she moaned in responses to it and then she suddenly stopped kissing me, pulled out my hand,…many things was running through my mind.. Like

“Have I passed my boundary?”

“What does she want to say now?”

“should I apologize?”

“Maybe I should just runaway”

while I was lost in my thought she finally did something that realy shocked me and was far from what I had expected… She stood up and ….


So she stood up and naughty thoughts entered my mind, I could already picture her n*ked, sucking one of her really hot bosoms that looks like 3/4 of mercy johnson’s own while I squeezed her behind and ‘teach her something’ *winks*, my D was already hard and stretched to full length.

But then she didn’t strip oh, infact she did the direct opposite, she picked up her handbag and headed for the door without saying a word to me.

I chased her and was lucky to have intercepted her before she could get to the door, on getting to the door I didn’t know what else to say so I just started apologizing,
‘sandra am so sorry,I dead sorry, it would never happen again, its the work of the devil’ I said, blaming innocent devil.

‘No no mike, you don’t have to be sorry, I should be the one apologizing’ she replied

‘for what?’ I asked already getting confused

‘nothing,just forget it,I really have to go now’

‘ok, I guess ill see you later,right?’

‘yea,am going no where anytime soon’, she replied and walked out.

So I went back to the couch really confused.
‘This sandra girl is really complicated oh, one minute she doesn’t know her she feels, the next minute she’s kissing like she loves me and then she walks out like she don’t’ I thought.

An hour of just sitting and thinking passed before Urch and Tayo finally decided to come back home form church, I teased Urch asking

‘where that your soldier babe nah?’ referring to chisom

‘go ask your papa’ he replied without even looking at me

I just laughed and didn’t reply.

They had eaten outside already so it was just me who hadn’t, I went to the room grabbed my wallet and headed out to ‘GARDEN ROSE’ restaurant, that was on my street.

Now you have to ignore the fancy name of the restaurant, because the restaurant is like every other mama put no extra packaging just the fancy name.

The place was really crowded as usual, not because her food was sweet but the quantity was attractive, and due to the fact I was hungry I had to forget quality and go for quantity. Many people thought the same too.

So after struggling, pushing and biting she finally took a plate and asked for my order,

‘gimme #80 rice, #40 beans ,another #40 spagetting, put like 5 plantain , then put 2 better meat for the top, no pack fat give me or fish tell me sorry oh’ I ordered,

like she had recorded everything in her head she served me, I took the plate and headed to a spare table, ordered for a bottle of big coke to go.

you know that coke sign post that says ‘MEALS TASTES BETTER WITH A BOTTLE OF COKE’?, Well they weren’t lieng, you should try it.

I successfully devoured the whole plate and ordered for a little extra , settled the bill and walked back home a very happy man indeed, the only problem is my stomach was filled to a the brim, I therefore found walking quite difficult, but I somehow survived.

Later on that evening, there was a football match, the almighty ‘el clasico’, madrid vs barca, I am a madrid fan so its was a match I couldn’t miss. Tayo being a barca fan challenged me to a bet which I accepted because it was one of those moments barca wasn’t in top form and pique wasn’t in his prime anymore while Madrid was just in top form, we were on top of the league table to prove it.

We went to a viewing center and after about 90 minutes the match was over and unfortunately, barca won 3-1, no thanks to that silly messi, mtchew!…

As expected we were arguing for hours after the match, Tayo kept mocking me while I kept defending myself saying the referee was biased. While we were arguing, we were cut short by a knock on the door, I looked at the wall clock, it was 11:45pm already, I headed to check who it was, and there she was again, still wearing same thing as this morning but looked like she had been crying, it was sandra.

I was dead worried at the sight of her, so I asked

‘whats wrong dear, whats the problem?’

All she could say was,..

‘we need to talk’

‘about what?’ I asked still looking worried

‘I can’t talk here, lets go somewhere private’ she replied

‘hmm, ok where do you have in mind?’

‘My room, my roommate isn’t around’ she replied

‘ok, you know what? Give me a minute lemme grab a shirt’

I went to my room wore a shirt and headed straight out to meet Sandra.

We got to her room 5mins later, she was my neighbor so it’s not that far.

It was a nice looking room, not as big as mine tho, but it was really homely self contain that was painted pink ‘girls and pink sha’ I thought.
There was big bed place at corner while the 21 inches LCD tv on the wall at the other end.

I sat on the bed while she locked up the door, when she was through; I asked again

‘so whats wrong?’

‘You!, you’re whats wrong with me’ she replied vaguely

‘how do you mean?’

She didn’t reply this time,just removed her top, she had no bra on, so the twin towers were exposed, she looked at me and then said,

“when you said you…”

‘when you said you love me, did you mean it?’

‘Imagine this girl oh!! See question wey she dey ask me, who go say NO for this kind condition not to talk of sharp guy like me’ I thought

then I replied…

‘Yes sandy, I meant it, ive never even meant anything more than this before in my whole life’ I was talking too much obviously because her bosoms were affecting my brain somehow.

On hearing that she removed her skirt or should I just say 2 belts? which wasnt necesary because I knew a style that dont require removing of skirts in other to ….nevermind ,thats a story for another day.*winks*.

She then came closer to me, pushed me on the bed and jumped on me kissing me so roughly I wasnt sure if ill be able to use my lips for anything again afterwards, without much delay I removed my shirts so she could feel my 6 packs but sadly flat chest, but she didnt seem to care about that all she wanted to do was bite up my lips.

Long story cut short, we had sèx.

When we were done I asked;

‘is this how you tell any guy who asks you out yes?’

she just giggled and replied
‘errm..Maybe, or maybe you are just special’

‘hmm, so its now you are knowing am special right?’ I asked just joking

‘hahaha, dont flatter yourself jhur, its kinda not cute’

‘hmm…ok then, mouth zipped’ then I made a sound of a zip just feeling funny.

After about 5 minutes of just cudling she turned and looked me in the eyes and said

‘mikey dont break my heart’

‘that’s the last thing ill ever do’ I replied almost immediately

‘ok, good, because if you do break my heart ill break your neck’

we both laughed and kept quite cuddling.

Just asif fate always isnt on my side or always have a differnt plan… Someone just opened the door and bursted in without even knocking.

We quickly covered our unclad body with the blanket and turned to check who was standing there looking at us…


so we both turned to see who the illmannered monkey who his/her father didnt teach how to knock before barging into peoples house was.

The person was a female, and I must confess, she was a perfect replica of kim kardashian in the sence of she had the exact size of bosoms I love, I.e somewhere inbetween big and small but more of BIG though , and her hips had this ‘HIPS DONT LIE’ kinda shape, I finally understood what shakira meant when she sang that song. And to go with the sexy curves was a very cute face.

After we all finally came back to our sences, Sandra finaly spoke…

‘Michael,I know this is a wierd situation but meet my roommate, Amaka.. And Amaka meet my boyfriend Michael’

I didnt know either to say
‘hi, am Unclad, want to see my Joystick?’
or just smile, so I kept quite but the Amaka girl came nearer to the bed and shaked me saying,
‘nice to meet you’

‘ermm…same here’ I replied realy uncomfortable

‘so you are the guy Amaka has been making noise about, and disturbing my life with for about a week now?’ she asked

‘ermmm, well I…’ I tried looking for the right responce

‘anhan Amaka!, you will not shut up now. When did I tell you about him?’ sandra interrupted ,

if sandra was good at everything bad, she wasnt good at lieing, she unconsciously blinked whenever she lied or cursed ,and yes, she blinked while she made that statement.

‘Hahaha,that one is you own p, anyway I can see you guys were busy before I came, so ill just excuse you guys. Flash me when you are done,ill be at queeneth place’ amaka replied,
I assumed queeneth was a neigbour or something like that.

‘Alright, just give us a few minutes’ Sandra replied.

‘Ok oh, am not chasing you guys tho’ amaka replied and walked out of the room.

As soon as she left I quickly looked for my boxers which was on the TV, I dont know how it got there tho, wore it and dressed up ,while sandra didnt move an inch just stared at me..

When I was done dressing up, I checked the time and it was around 1:35am, I was shocked, funny how time flies when you are doing things that mummy and daddy dont know.

So I just told Sandra bye and headed for the door, just as I opened it she said

‘arent you forgeting something?’
She was seductively licking her lips, so I got the message headed back, gave her a soft kiss and left for my house.

By the time I got there the gen was still on, but Urch and Tayo were already asleep..

‘this people dey mad oh,dem think say dem dey fetch fuel from tap?’ I muttered under my breath as I headed to off the gen.

I got back to my room, didnt have much strenght to shower so I just undressed and jumped on my bed to sleep, after thinking for a while I rememeber it was monday !!! My first ever lecture in uniport Was by 9am and I was still awake by 2am!!!’ ….somehow I forced myself to sleep a dreamless sleep.


Later on in the morning…

‘if na just me, ill be living like I dont care,live my life …’ it was 2face-only me track that was my ringtone which woke me up the next morning..

‘who be dis bastard wey dem dey use hyn destiny play ball for okija shrine wey they disturb my sleep this early morning’ I cursed as I picked up my phone to check who it was and ‘WIZZY(C.R)’ was boldly written on my screen, I picked the call immediately because C.R means course rep and well you know nah… As soon as I picked I didnt even say hello before he went staraight to the point

‘oboy how far nah, where you dey ECO 102 wan start oh’

‘I dey road dey come already, where be the venue?’ I lied, not wanting to admit I had forgetten I had lectures that morning.

‘na U lecture hall 6, you sabi the place abi?’ he asked?

‘enhh, nah that ICTC side abi?’ I replied

‘yea, confirmed, oya do dey come oh, the man no dey take attendance play o’

‘ok thanks’ and I hung up..

I looked at the time it was 8:45am, so I had about 15min to get to class which I knew was impossible but worth a try..

I sprung up from bed and got ready for lectures.

Urch had left already while Tayo didnt have any lecture that morning, so he was going to be home alone, but ofcourse he definitely has other plans, which isnt my business.

I boarded a direct cab straight to the Abuja campus (uniport).

While in the cab my wild imaginition started thinking of stuffs like
‘how this lecturer go be? How all my lectures go be like self?’

‘Shey fine girls go dey my depertment abi na woor woor zone?’

‘Shey confirmed guys go dey or men wey no sabi anything?’

I was lost in my thought when the driver said
‘bros we don reach oh’

I paid, came down, adjusted the adjustables and walked into the building, not know what exactly to expect.




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