#MCLS: Episode 9 & 10



The ULCH building is a quite big bungalow, it had a confusing color due to maybe old age.
It’s made up of a total of 6 halls with 3 on the ground floor and 3 above, with two staircases.

As I walked into the building looking lost, I quickly figured out how the halls are differentiated because right above the doors of each hall was a number.
I could see 1,2,3 downstairs so it was obvious that 4,5,6 would be upstairs, since I was looking for ‘6’, I headed up the staircase.
As soon as I got up I found out I was right with my calculations because at my immediate right hand side was a door with the number ‘6’ boldly written right above it.

I kinda first peeped into the hall to check if I got spot wizzy (c.r) ,luckily enough for me the guy was standing up for reasons best know to him. So I gathered enough liver and just walked into the class,I saw an empty sit at the back and sat down.

There were about 80 students in the hall. I noticed most of the girls occupied the 1st 3 rows of chairs with only the course rep and another really black dude in their midst.
I was just staring at the lecturer blankly, not really paying much attention to what he was saying when…
“Who can differentiate between change in the demand and change in quantity demand” the lecturer suddenly asked
Unlike other questions in which literally all the girls would raise their hands alongside a few guys in other to answer the question the lecturer had asked, nobody lifted his/hand this time, not until the lecture said
‘5marks..4..3marks…’ naturally the whole class assumed he wanted to give free marks, so a few hands were lifted, then he noticed how unsure the were from the way their hands were raised, so he threatened them saying
‘if you fail the questions,ill deduct the 3 marks from your final score, so if you are not sure drop your hand’
just like magic work they all dropped their hands, then he smiled and asked
‘So none of you went to a good secondary school or what? Demand in general is something my daughter who is in SSS 1  would answer with ease infact I would…’

I couldn’t take the insult anymore and besides I knew the answer ,he was right when he said its a secondary school question, and I myself was shocked that nobody in the class knew it. So I raised my hand to cut him short

‘Yes, any problem?’ he asked

‘No sir, I want to answer the question’ I replied while standing up

‘Ok, you are aware of the consequence if you fail the question right?’ he reminded me trying to discourage me.

‘Yes, I know’ i replied boldly.

‘Ok then, what is the difference?’

‘Well change in demand is a total bodily shift of the demand curve which is caused by a change in price while change in quantity demand is a movement along the demand curve due to non-price factors’ I replied almost immediately.
Something funny happened, the whole class didn’t wait to know if the lecturer would stone me his marker for saying such silly thing or give me my two marks for answering it correct before they all stood up and started clapping for me.
I was a really nice scene and I became really shy. I was enjoying my short moment of glory when the defeated lecturer finally said
‘you all should sit down and keep quite’
the obeyed him then he faced me and asked for my name.
‘Michael sir, Michael Odoh’ I replied.

‘Ok, you can sit, you have your two marks’

‘Thank you sir’ i replied. I sat down feeling really relieved.

Some minutes later the lecturer time was up and he left. Naturally the whole noise started again ,that’s when another chapter of the story started.

A girl walked up to me and said

‘Hi, I am  Ify, I can see you are good with economics, I have a problem understanding it, mind helping me out?’

‘Ermm,sure why not?’ was my reply nah, or wetyn una expect?

‘Okay can I have your number so i’ll call you to make plans’

‘Ok, bring your phone, i’ll punch it in’

‘No p’ she replied,dropped her really big hand bag on my laps and started searching for her phone in it. She brought out an Iphone first and just when i was about to grab it to punch my number in, she dropped it back in the bag and brought out a BB bold 5!!!, this time she offered me the phone.

I didn’t need any soothsayer to tell me this girl has ‘ego'(money) Scatter!!, because an Iphone and a Bold 5? Hian!! Even if she wanted to use two good phones she could have used the Iphone and a small Nokia torchlight.

Anyway i typed my number and returned the phone, she just took it an promised to call me later on and left, while she was walking away i had a clear view of her back side and i was totally impressed *winks*, while i was trying to picture my hand on her a*s doing wonders to it Wizzy brought me back to reality when he wanted to address the whole class..
‘Hello class, my name is Wizdom but y’all can call me Wizzy, I’m acting as a course rep, and in other for us to know ourselves better I’ll like us to introduce ourselves.’


I thought this was a great
opportunity to scope girls so I put
on my gucci shades so no one would
know what I was looking at and
leaned back comfortably ready to
analyze the analyzable.

Wizzy who was quite tall and looked
really handsome, with a well built
body, wore a black police brand top
that gripped his arms well and a
dark blue pencil jeans with a pair
of the popular but never out of fashion
‘All stars’ footwear then started the
official introduction by saying;

‘as you all know I am Wizdom,
Wizdom Akpan to be precise, I’m from
Akwa ibom and I’m the acting course rep’

He then went ahead to point at a girl who sat at the extreme end of the front roll and politely asked her to
introduce herself.

She stood up and said;

‘Hello class, I’m Evelyn Nwosu and
am from Imo state’ the way she
pronounced the Evelyn sounded like
evening because of her obvious
attempt to imitate British English,
a mischievous naughty boy who
caught what she was trying to do,
teased her, saying;

‘Hello evening I’m afternoon, nice
to meet you’ and the whole class
laughed even evening.. Oppz, pardon me, I meant Evelyn *laughs*.

Up next was a really young looking
petite girl, she was really fair and
could be mistaken for an albino, she
had nice eyes or maybe she wore a
lens, anyway she stood up and said;

‘good afternoon class, my name is
Zainab Adewale, am from Ogun state’
she also had a very thin voice.

Everybody stood up and introduced
themselves without anything to
laugh or comment about, until it
was my turn.

I stood up and said;

‘The name is Mike, Delta’ and I sat
then, then a girl who wanted to feel funny said;

‘Hi Mike delta, you’ve got a nice surname’
Strangely no one laughed, rather a couple of girls defended
me saying stuffs like;

‘leave the guy alone nah’
‘are you an illiterate?’
‘must he break it down before you
understand what he meant’ at this point I was feeling most definitely feeling so ‘fly’, as in celebrity in the
making! *winks*.

Finally, Wizzy intervened in the
situation before the other girl replied and the whole scene turns
to another thing.

After the whole introduction thing
I came to the conclusion that
members of my department weren’t
that bad, and am in for a fun
filled 4years.

We all stayed in the hall just
gisting and waiting patiently for the next
lecture which was in about 30 mins
time and same venue to commence but
since I knew no one I simply plugged
in my ear piece and started
listening to Burna boy’s ‘smoke
some weed’ track but my music was
Suddenly cut short by a call, I looked at my
phone screen and i saw ‘SANDRA’, I
smiled then picked the call.

‘hello stranger’ I said in a
mocking tone to show I was just

she giggled and said;

‘hi stranger lover’

I laughed and replied
‘so whatsup, how are you na?’

‘am cool just had my first lecture,
and was missing you so thought I
should just hear your voice’

‘hmm, same here, missing you like
crazy too’ I replied blushing

‘alright, where exactly are you
now?’ she asked

‘am at ULCH’

‘wow, cool then, we could see now,
am at ULCH 3, how about you?’

‘am at ‘6’, can come up right now?’

‘yea, sure am already on the
staircase self’

‘wow, ok nice then, am waiting’

‘alright dear’ she said and hung

Few minutes later my phone rang
again, it was Sandra;

‘am at the front of the hall but I
can’t see you yet’ she said

I turned, saw her at the door and
waved at her, this time she saw me
and walked towards my direction.
When she got to where I was, she
sat on my laps and gave me a peck.
I wasn’t quite comfortable with this
public show of love that she was
putting on but which other option
did I have?.

We got talking about our first
lectures, ironically, while I had a
borrowed course of her department,
Which was ‘ECO 102′, she
had MGT 150 , which is a borrowed course from my department.

She also told me of a guy who tried
getting her number in the cab she
entered to school but had a very
poor game, she was like, the guy

‘Hi, am George’

‘hi’ she replied

‘You are a fresher right?’ George

‘yea, how did you know?’

‘errm, you freshers have a certain
way you act and look’ he said

‘ok’ she replied, and turned away
finding the conversation boring, but boring George tried again

‘you look beautiful o’


‘Don’t mention, so can I have your
number so I can show you around?’
George asked.

‘no you can’t, I did certificate so I know my way around’

NB – Certificate is sorta like a direct entry program.

At this point  I bursted into
laughter because I couldn’t imagine
how of all the pick up lines George
had to pick the ‘show you around’

While I was laughing Sandra kept on
lamenting on how boring the dude
was, how his breath stunk and how
he looked tattered.

While we were talking Wizzy passed
an information saying the next
lecture won’t hold because the
lecturer couldn’t make it.

Sandra didn’t have any lecture until
later in the day so we both headed
home with plans she would come back
later, little did we know that fate
as usual had a different plan…



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