#MCLS: Episode 13 & 14



We both entered the house and was welcomed by the sight of Urch and Chisom who were doing more than kissing this time,

‘so this is the girl that used to disturb my life everyday to go to church?’ I thought, referring to churchy Chisom who Urch had already pushed on the couch and was busy squeezing her bo*bs like he and the bo*bs were enemies.

I and Ify both acted like we saw nothing and headed straight to the room

My room by the way isn’t really my room in the real sense. As stated earlier, I was squatting with Urch and Tayo, but i had plans of maybe leaving as soon as my foot is solid on the ground.

Also the house in question is a custom ‘1 room and palour’ , so the three of us basically shared the 1 room which was painted blue. While there was a big queen sized bed at the extreme end of the room in which Urch and Tayo slept on, I slept on a typical hostel sized bed which I had no idea what it was doing in the house, but I usually hid it behind a curtain during the day. The whole house was tiled so no need for a rug or carpet.

I considered offering Ify a chair but…

‘If she sits on the bed, there would be a higher chance for you to… You know’ my mischievous mind thought and I agreed with it.

So I pointed at bed and asked her to sit on it’ she obeyed without hesitation

‘what can I offer you’ I asked afterwards

‘just water would do, thanks’

‘Ok, a drum of water coming up in a minute’ I replied smiling, then left to bring the water.

‘Is this you?’ Ify asked when i got back with her water. She was pointing at a framed picture of me when i was really young which was placed on the drawer.

Why a picture of the 12 years old version of me was framed and taken with me to anywhere I went to, is a story for another day.

‘yea, that’s me, don’t laugh oh’ I replied

she giggled a little then said…

‘you look rather cute here, so what happened to you na?’she asking, obviously teasing me.

‘Ermm, what do you expect after I fought beside Ojukwu during the civil war?’ I asked, joking of course.

She busted out in laughter on hearing my silly reply, when she was done laughing she finally said
‘you? Ojukwu? War? If I hear!!’

‘Hehehe, you are the one that asked a jamb question nah, so I gave you a jamb reply’ I replied, then gave her the water and joined her on the bed…

‘so are we going to study today?’ she suddenly asked maybe not feeling too comfortable

‘yea, sure, do you have your text book and course outline with you?’

‘of course na, I even brought the two recommended text and I have a snapped picture of the outline because I could write it jhur’

‘hmmm, lazy girl’ I teased

she then brought out her two phones, dropped the bold 5 and after opening the picture of the outline, she gave me the phone

I had a quick view of the course outline expecting to see all those basic concepts of economic, scarcity, want, choice etc but rather I saw stuffs like revenue, taxation and all those really hard part of economic i didn’t know talk less of teach someone.

I gave a heavy sigh when i saw demand and supply in the outline.

‘Ok,these are really easy topics oh, but lets just start with the one the lecturer thought in class today’ i finally said to her quickly before she picked a topic that i didn’t know and fall my hand.

I picked up a pen and jotter from a table around opened the text book and started talking..

‘firstly, demand can be defined as…bla bla bla’ , i talked for 20 minutes straight before I was done with the summary of the whole demand concept, then i asked

‘hope you understood all the plenty things I just said oh, or do you have a question?’

‘Yes I understand but I have a question’

‘hmm,whats the question?’ I replied, already regretting why I asked her for a question,

‘this girl sha wan fall my hand’ I thought, but then I got the shocker question

‘I know this isn’t my business nor my concern, but do you have a girlfriend?’ she asked outta the blue.

‘if you know say hyn no concern you why you come dey ask?’ i thought

So I was in a crossroad, and had two options now. Either I deny Sandra and maybe i wont have wasted my money and time buying the alomo and condom or say the truth and loose my chance of getting into the promised land.

‘why are you asking’ i finally asked in an attempt to avoid the initial question, obviously acting like a typical Nigerian who answers a question with a question.

‘I dunno, I just want to know’ she replied

I found my eyes staring at her bo*obs that were half way outta her top by now..

‘shey dis girl wear bra so?’ I thought

then i looked down her laps and in between her legs, the shape of her clit was showing through the leggings

I had a quick thought and considered a lotta factors and things before she asked

‘Are you trying to think if you have a girlfriend or what?’

I concluded on my reply in my mind and then said

‘well, I…’


‘Ermm, well I don’t really know, its complicated’ I finally replied still trying to avoid the question

‘I guess you don’t want to tell me, anyway no P’ she replied

‘like seriously,why did you ask anyway?’

‘Ermm, nothing really, just that you are funny, cute, handsome, not to talk of your intelligence, I just wanted to know who the lucky girl is’ she replied obviously avoiding eye contact

‘hmmm, you are an expert in whining tho, I almost believed you’ I replied with a shy smile and could feel my head growing big

‘ok, I knew you won’t believe me, but I mean it’ she replied then waited for a response, but none came because I was just speechless.

‘So what about supply?’ she asked, moving on and changing the topic

‘ehh? Supply? What supply are you talking about?’ I asked, totally forgetting we were studying and since I was done with demand, supply was up next.

‘As in theory of supply na or where is your mind?’ she replied, reminding me.

‘oh, that?… Ok lets start with supply’ I replied then flipped the pages of the text book to where the supply topic starts;

‘Supply and demand are kinda interrelated, you can…’ I started teaching again, but this time I couldn’t concentrate anymore.

I kept staring at her bo*bs at intervals, and naturally my d*ck started reacting, there was a big bulge in btw my laps within seconds, I quickly grabbed a book in an attempt to hide the bulge but, I was a kinda late,

‘Don’t bother, I get that a lot’ she suddenly said while I was struggling between teaching her, staring at her bosoms and covering the bulge.

‘don’t bother what?’ I asked, acting like I didn’t know what she was talking about

‘Covering it, I’m used to it, most guys act that way around me’ she replied calmly, I actually believed her, because frankly speaking.

The way she dresses is just simply seductive. The tiny top she had on, could hardly cover anything talk less of her mercy Johnson kinda bosoms and lemme not talk about the leggings and her a*s.

‘hmmm, I don’t feel comfortable and I feel really embarrassed right now’ I finally opened up.

She laughed then replied;

‘you shouldn’t be , or haven’t a girl seen ‘it’ raw and not through your jean?’

‘hmm, so this girl want to talk dirty right?, ok na, lets play along’ my mischievous mind thought

‘Its not like no one haven’t seen it raw before, but it just that the person seeing it is usually naked too, so there is a difference’ I replied, obviously dirty talking.

She giggle a little then;

‘So if I remove my top, you would get comfortable and continue teaching right?’ she asked

‘Ermm, comfortable? Yes, its the continue teaching am not sure of, but we can try it  tho’ I replied no expecting her to grant my request , but…

‘ok then, lets experiment’ she replied and dropped the pen she held and to my greatest surprise she removed her top.

Ok, at this point I died for a moment and went to heaven or somewhere close, as in I nearly fainted, I would have loved to described how heavenly or hellfirely ( pardon my wrong grammar) this sight was but I dunno what words to use…

‘So are you comfortable now’ she asked snapping me out of my day dream

‘Err? I.. I… Ermmm… Yes’ I replied stuttering

‘Ok, good, now can we continue with what we were saying’

‘Yea, sure’ I replied, knowing that studying is the last thing we would do now but continued talking anyway just to be patient, and you know what they say about patient dogs and bones right? *winks*

‘Enhen, so as I was saying, there are many factors affecting supply ,they are…’ I continued still staring at her b*obs and finding it difficult to concentrate.

‘lets play a game’ I finally said when I was done with the whole topic.

‘ok, what game?’ she accepted

‘trust or dare, do you know it?’ I said hoping it would lead to another thing*clears throat*

‘yea, sure, who doesn’t know it self?’ she asked

‘alright, you start’ I said

‘ok, truth or dare?’

‘Dare’ I replied of course…lol

‘Ermm, I dare you to remove your shirt’ she said with a real ly wide smile her face.

I complied and I guess she liked what she saw from the way she reacted..*winks*

‘My turn, I dare you to remove your bra’ I dared her without even asking the usual ‘truth or dare’ question

‘are you serious?’ she asked acting surprised

‘yup, I am’

‘hmm, ok, but you must do what I ask you next’

‘ok’ I replied.

Just like clock work she removed the bra with just one quick movement and well I could feel the urge to hold them.

I dunno what came over me but I let the urge take control and I found myself grabbing her bosoms and squeezing it.

She didn’t slap me or something like that which I expected, but she pulled me closer and started kissing me…

Just then someone opened the door and entered the room without knocking, I assumed it was Tayo or maybe Urch but I was wrong, very wrong.

I turned and there she was, standing and staring with her mouth open outta shock. Her eyes were getting wet due to tears.

It was Sandra…



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  1. Bobby

    Hello chistar….I’m from NL.I got d link dere and I moved over here… The probs is that I can’t find many of the beginning chapters….only 7-16…I’v nt been able to find most of 1-6

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