Why I Want To Be Bad 10













“Marijuana enhances our mind in a way that enables us to take a different perspective from ‘high up’, to see and evaluate our own lives and the lives of others in a privileged way. Maybe this euphoric and elevating feeling of the ability to step outside the box and to look at life’s patterns from this high perspective is the inspiration behind the slang term “high” itself” Sebastian Marinco
Having gotten home from the hospital I went straight to bed and pulled the blanket over my body. I hadn’t slept all night and the plan was simple – miss all lectures for the day and get some good rest. For all I cared, the lecturers could give their tests and share 100 free marks and I won’t still stand up from bed.

Maxwell on the other hand seemed to have a secret reservoir of energy that I didn’t know about as I weakly watched him strip and walk into the bathroom to have his bath. Under five minutes he was out and quickly dressed up, in a total of twenty minutes he was out of the house. Home alone at last.

I stood up from bed and went to the kitchen to grab a drink. Maxwell always made sure there was Vodka and Coca-Cola in the fridge since that was his favourite mixture so I was pretty sure today wasn’t going to be an exception.

I filled a disposable cup with the contents of the Magic Moments bottle and emptied the contents down my throat with a huge gulp. I don’t mix my drinks, men who mix their drinks aren’t men enough, but then again don’t take my word for it.

I refilled my cup and went to the balcony this time with the cup tightly held, I didn’t want to risk it slipping. I leaned on the railings and observed the area.

My apartment was at the back of the lodge and there was another storey building that was in such a position that no one could see me unless the person was actually looking for me but I could see everything and everyone on the street freely.

The street was quite scanty since over ninety percent of the buildings on it were filled with students and the occupants had most likely gone to school for their lectures but there was one person at the far end of the street that caught my attention.

He wore an under-sized singlet that couldn’t even be tucked into his over-sized baggy jeans because it was barely below his belle button. His Nike Air Max shoes made him look really funny as it was black but had a lemon coloured lace and it didn’t match at all with his dressing but his awful dressing had nothing to do with his mood as he looked really relaxed, something like he had no worries in his life.

At one glance, he looked like a jobless person dressed as a clown with a big headset dancing to the tune of whatever song he was listening to but I knew better. He was the person I was hoping to see from my balcony. Scanty was the name we called him, I still don’t know how he got the name.

I smiled and went back into my room. I grabbed a shirt and my wallet and headed out to meet Scanty.

As I approached him, he knew exactly what I wanted from him as I visited him quite regularly.

“How much own you want?” He asked me.

“Two H,” I replied as I brought out my wallet and handed him a two hundred naira note. He took it and crossed over to the small bush across the road. I watched him keenly as he picked up a black nylon bag that I had just noticed for the first time and after taking something from it, he returned and handed it over to me, I took it, shook his hand and walked back home quickly.

On getting home, I bolted the door behind me and went to the kitchen to take a saucer and a lighter. I brought out the thing I had bought from him and emptied the contents into the saucer.

I took my time to remove all the seeds from it as I heard the seeds caused cough and then delicately wrapped it into a sheet of rolling paper. I took my lighter and went to my balcony once more, taking the Magic Moments bottle with me this time.

I placed the blunt in between my lips and struck the lighter keenly and on the second strike, the bottom of the blunt came alive, turning blood red.

I sucked the edge of the blunt with all the energy I could summon, filling my mouth and lungs with white thick smoke, having inhaled the contents heartily, I exhaled slowly, expelling the smoke through my mouth and then my nose, savouring every moment.

The first drag is always the best so I try to enjoy it the best way I can, subsequent drags are usually just regular drags without much zeal.

By the seventh drag, my senses were already heightened, my brain started functioning twice as usual and my mind as expected, started wandering.

Thoughts of the events in the past few days crossed my mind.

I unintentionally had sex with my room-mate’s girlfriend, Mary-Anne. When I say unintentionally it’s not like I was walking on the road and fell into her “P” but you get my point.

Anyway, she thought she was pregnant and made me think the same too, only for me to find out she wasn’t after running a pregnancy test on her. That’s good news but the problem now is Amaka knows about it all.

Amaka confronted me about the issue in a way I didn’t think it was necessary to deny and strangely she didn’t blackmail me or even made any demand of any sorts… That’s what worried me.

I paused in my thoughts and took another long drag from the blunt accompanied with a gulp straight from the bottle, then continued thinking.

So what would I do about this Amaka girl? I can send some boys to threaten her a little but to what end? I can’t get rid of her as she’ll probably get pissed and tell Maxwell everything. But come to think of it, I can just man up and tell Maxwell myself, what’s worse that can happen? He gets pissed a little bit but that’s pretty much all that would happen.

“I’ll tell him,” I concluded out loud and speaking of the devil, the doorbell came alive, blaring like an ambulance on its way to save a stroke patient.

I startled and the Magic Moment bottle slipped from my hand, breaking instantly. I was glad that it was almost empty because it would have been such a sad waste.

My head was heavy, and limbs were jelly. I reluctantly staggered to door as the bell blared the second time, I made a mental note to break the bell as soon as I got the energy to do it. I unbolted the door and was welcomed by the sight of Maxwell, but he wasn’t alone. He had two girls with him and he led the way into the house smiling.

“Ladies, meet my roommate, Henry,” Maxwell said holding them both on their waists. “Henry, meet Jessica,” he said and I shook the girl on his right hand side before going on to exchange pleasantries “and meet Tonia,” he said referring to the girl on his left.

“We’ve met already,” Tonia said. “I gave him my phone number.”




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