Why I Want To Be Bad 12














Standing at the front of the lecture hall in his well fitted black suit with a green tie was Professor Iyagba.

“Stand up!” He had thundered. I knew if he had to repeat himself again or come over to pull me up I’ll be in a lot more trouble so I reluctantly stood up murmuring a silent prayer to my God.

“I’m so sorry sir…” I said once I had stood up leaning slightly on the desk at my front.

“Would you stand up right?” He thundered once more. He sounded a lot louder this time, I felt a cold shiver run down my spine.

I did as told.

“What’s your name?” He asked, finally reducing his tone by a notch.

“Amaka sir,” I replied, visibly shaking. “I’m so sorry sir, it would never hap…”

“Shut up! What do you mean by you are sorry?” He cut in.

I heard someone giggle at the front of the hall only for me to look and see one small silly boy that I refused to give my number some weeks back. He had approached me and had been so smooth that I almost gave him my phone number only for him to hand me a Blackberry Tour to type my number in. You can tell a lot about a person’s financial status by the phone he uses and since I don’t want broke boys in my life I snubbed him and rejected giving him my number… In summary, let’s just say our meeting didn’t end too well so him laughing now was understandable. I felt like removing his eyebrows but I fought the thought and gave him a scornful stare instead.

“I’ve been in the system for over twenty years!” Agbaya continued to say as he figured I had no reply for him. “How old are you self? Eighteen? Nineteen? Twenty? My youngest kid is married! You think I’m a fool?” He asked, leaving me wondering what sneaking into his class had to do with my age.

I kept quiet once more.

“The problem with most of you is you think you own the world because you are young and exist in a generation where there are lamps and generators, you don’t know what it takes to spend all night reading under the moon light or if you are lucky, with candle stick….”

“I’m so sorry sir. I swear, it would never happen again sir,” I said, saying sir for like the one millionth time.

“What’s did you say your name is again?”

“Amaka sir.”

“Your surname is ‘sir’?” He asked and the whole hall roared in laughter. I felt so embarrassed but tried to conceal it.

“No sir, my surname is Okafor sir…” I said then noticed I had just done the ‘sir’ thing again,

“Amaka Okafor,” I corrected.

“Amaka Okafor? Are you a carryover student?”

Me? Carry over? God forbid! I wish you the same! I said in my mind but then realised he was a lecturer and couldn’t get a carry over. I smiled at my foolishness.

“No sir,” I replied out loud.

“What’s your matric number?” He asked.

Now, the thing is when a lecturer ask for you matriculation number when you’ve clearly fucked up, just know shit just got real.

“Ah! Sir… I swear to God! I didn’t mean to sneak into your class, it would never….”

“Oh! Shut up! Is that the answer to my question?” He asked. I noticed the slight increment in his tone.

“Sir…” I said, thinking of a perfect reply.

“Miss Okafor, your matric number!” He thundered so loud I can swear the pillars in the hall vibrated.

“0632092.” I finally said directly of my head. As a student, matriculation number is one of those things you just have to know by heart.

“Good, see me at my office after the class,” he said, “sit down Miss Okafor,” he added and then continued with his lecture acting like nothing just happened.

Collecting my matriculation number and then asking I see him at his office? This is not good at all, I thought.

I’ve heard stories about Agbaya having ‘extreme’ affairs with female students but it was hard to believe since he didn’t look like the type considering the way he dresses, acts and of course, he has a wife.

It took like forever for his class to end but at last he said, “so that’s all we have for today, remember I’ll test you people on all we’ve learnt so far nothing more… So be prepared.”

He left the class soon afterwards and I went after him not sure about what to expect.

I should have just obeyed all his instructions and maybe I won’t have to see him at his office.
From frying pan to fire.



We all manage stress differently. Some people pray, some people drink, some people smoke, some people simply sleep, some find feminine distractions while other pray and find feminine distraction and that’s the category I fall into.

I’ll never admit this again but yes! I’m a playboy, a damn good one for that matter and I think the best way to clear your head from female problems and their wahala is look for fresh bloods.

It’s with this mentality I left the house after getting home prior leaving Mary-Anne in the hospital.

I had a 10am lecture and being a hard-core hustler and the course-rep of the department with the freshest, richest and laziest boys, I had to get to school early since the lecturer had given us an assignment and knowing they won’t do it, I had taken time out to do it for them all with the intention of selling it to them at ridiculously high prices. It’s just business.

Anyway, just as expected, they all hadn’t done it and as soon as I got to school, my phone started buzzing with text messages and calls, I calmly transacted my business with them all and before 10am when the lecturer arrived I had almost fifty thousand naira in my wallet and they had a B graded assignment in their possession…. Good business, don’t you think?

But that’s just how I run my business with the guys, the females business on the other hand comes in a whole new pattern.

The rich girls and those with rich boyfriends come and buy the assignment with money while others come and try to use other “things” to buy the assignment leaving me with a very interesting wide range of desperate females to pick from.

“Hi Max,” the first girl with no cash came over to my desk and said. I looked up and saw that I knew her well enough as we had quite an interesting history. She had a striped corporate packet shirt tucked into a black skinny pair of jeans. She had obviously intentionally unbuttoned enough buttons to show me just enough cleavage to turn any guy on. She sure made a regular corporate outfit look very sexy.

“Hi Becky,” I replied as I tried my best to avoid looking at her bo0bs.

“How was your night?” She asked and slid into the seat beside me with a wide smile, she knew exactly what she was doing to me and it was working.

I had a quick flash of how my night actually was with the whole Mary-Anne drama and meeting Funmi at the church, there was no way I was going to tell her all of that, “fine.” I replied plainly.

“So I have a tiny little problem,” she said seductive and sneaked her hand on my laps under the table. “And I think you can solve it.” She added.

“Really? What problem might that be?”

“I was so busy all week that I forgot to do the assignment and a little bird told me you have copies of the assignment,” she said.

“Oh! That problem? You know it’s not free right?” I asked as I pulled her hands away from my laps, she was already crossing her boundary.

“Yes, I know but I’m not so gallant financially right now, can’t you just do this for me free just this time?” She smiled.

“Eiyah, what happened to all the Alhaji and yahoo boys you’ve been screwing recently na? Are they affected by the naira devaluation too?” I smirked. She was a runs girl and we both knew it so she technically the question was valid.

“Things aren’t so good at the moment but you know me na, if I had I would have paid you twice the amount,” she replied. Truth is I actually knew Becky and she wasn’t joking when she said twice.

“Yea Becks,” I replied. “You know what?”


“I’ll give you this for free on one condition?” I said, thinking about her like a good friend and also wanting to torment her a little. “There’s this small fellowship meeting I’m to attend tomorrow and I’m meant to bring someone, I want you to go with me.” I smiled.

“Anhan! Maxwell! You know I’m not a church person,” she complained.

“That’s my deal, take it or leave it,” I replied and looked away.

“It’s not fair oh,” she lamented.

“Yea, I know, but you need Jesus in your life,” I replied, “so do we have a deal or not?”
She thought about it for a second and then accepted.

I really planned on taking Becky to church but who says you can’t mix religion with pleasure?

I gave her a copy of the assignment and watched her walk away with her big ass.


More females came with their different approaches and I turned most of them down until two new interesting faces I had never seen turned up at my desk. It was a combined class with the statistics department so I wasn’t really surprised.

They were both very beautiful and really complimented their selves as while one was dark skinned, had green eyes and a gigantic ass, the other was light skinned with two really impressive twins on her chest.

“Hello, you are the Computer Science course rep right?” The light skinned one said.

“Err… Yes, what’s up?”

“Okay, we would be very direct with you, “the other girl started to say, “we didn’t do the assignment and we know you are selling copies of it so how much is it?”

Straight to the point girls, my favourite and just the type of distraction I was looking for, I needed to play my cards well so I turned my game mode on.

“Who said I was selling copies?” I had an Emmy awards winning denial face on.

“A little bird told us,” they both replied. I need to find this little bird and cut its mouth pretty soon, I thought. When running something illegal, it’s not cool when one big mouthed fool keeps on spreading the word, it could get to the hearing of the lecturer and then the story would be very different.

“Well, I’m sure this little bird of yours told you the price too,” I replied.

“Yea, she did,” light skinned replied. She? So it’s a female, that narrows down my possibly list of suspects.

“So… What’s the issue? Why are we still speaking too much grammar?”

“Okay, that’s where we have a little problem,” the cuter one with green eyes replied.

“And what might that problem be?” I asked grinning. Obviously they couldn’t pay for the assignment meaning I was in total control of the transaction.

“We don’t have up to that on us right now, isn’t there anyway we could work things out?” Miss impressive boobs asked

“I don’t even know your beautiful names to start with.” I said, dropping my defences.

“I’m Jessica,” light skinned replied, “and my friend here is Antonia.”

“You both have really nice names, okay we could work something out,” I replied without having any idea on my mind.

“Alright, that would be really nice, what do you have in mind?” Jessica asked smiling. I noticed Antonia didn’t talk much.

I thought for a minute and then a light bulb lighted above my head.

“Do you ladies like to party?” I asked.

“Yes!” Jessica replied.

“No!” Antonia countered immediately.

“No? Yes? I’m lost here,” I replied.

“What are you doing?” Jessica spat at Antonia.

“You don’t know this guy and you want to go to a party with him just like that?” Antonia fired back.

“Err… Tonia, it’s okay. I can call you just Tonia right?” I asked.

“Yea… I guess,” she coldly replied.

“It’s just a small birthday bash, nothing too serious, you shouldn’t be scared,” I tried to sound sweet and caring.

“At where?” She asked.

“Here in Yaba, at a friend’s house.”

She calmed down a little at the mention of Yaba, I guess she was scared of going too far.

“Tonia, we need this assignment,” Jessica added convincingly.

“What time is this party?” Tonia asked.

“It’s starts by 8pm and is actually all night but we can leave anytime we want to,” I replied.

“Alright,” Tonia replied. “I’m doing this just for the assignment.”

“Then we have a deal?” I asked.

“Yea, sure.” Jessica replied. I handed them over two copies of the assignments and just when they were about to leave I called Jessica back, “I don’t know if you guys would be free after this class?”

“Why are you asking?”

“I can’t take two beautiful girls to a party on my own, I’ll like to take you girls to my house so we can meet the fourth wheel.” I said having Henry in mind, he was going to be really glad.

“Alright, we’ll be free but let me talk to Tonia first, you’ve seen how protective she is, such a kill joy.” She said.

I smiled, I was already liking this Jessica girl. I had a feeling tonight would be another very interesting night.




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