Why I Want To Be Bad 17a





Over the years, I have learnt some valuable lessons like one can’t really be too careful. I mean you can avoid boarding a plane just so you do not end up crashing but at the end still die if a plane crashes right into your home when you are asleep but this fact doesn’t necessarily mean one should not still at least try to be careful.


On entering Funmi’s room, I surveyed the entire area and made sure I stood near a quick exit just in case the police decided to feel funky and follow up such ‘minor’ case or at least that is what I kept on telling myself whereas in reality I knew the police were looking for me, personally.


I normally would not say this but just for better understanding let’s just say that maybe I am an Aromate and if you check the police wanted list, there are chances you’ll see a certain Aro Boogie Smallz; how I got that name is a story for another day but all I can say now is my running away from the police had a lot more to do with my personal issues that just them randomly gate crashing into a party. If I had been caught, I probably would have been telling this story from Kirikiri maximum security prison.


“Henry!” Tonia screamed my name for like the umpteenth time.


“Yea?” I finally replied.


“Are you okay? I’ve been calling you since,” she said. I had been so lost in my thoughts that I hadn’t heard her earlier.


“I’m okay. What’s up?”


“Well, we were just debating on how long we might need to stay here and you haven’t made your contribution.”


I thought about it for a while before replying, “well that depends on either the police are taking this matter up or not.”


“How are we to find out?” Maxwell asked.


“Simple. We call Jessica, Ray J and any other person we know was at the party to ask for an update.” I suggested and then turned to Tonia, “you do have Jessica’s number right?”


“Yea, well… Call her right away and put the call on loud speaker.” I replied. She accepted and immediately dialled Tonia’s number.


“Tonia where the hell are you?!” Jessica said from the other end of the line. She picked on the second ring.


“I’m fine,” she replied. “Where are you?”


“I’m at home, I’ve been worried sick about you. I’m so sorry I made you go to that party, can you believe those sons of b.itches actually left me at the party and ran away?” She cursed.


On hearing what Jessica had just called us, I glanced at Maxwell and let my lips curved into a slight smile I was sure only he would see. Maxwell returned a blank look.


“Ask her for what later happened,” I whispered to Tonia.


“Jessy give me gist na, what later happened at the party after the police stormed in?” She asked.


“I’ll love to gist you but you still haven’t told me where you are na. When did you live the party?”


Tonia gave me an inquiring look and I shook my head in disapproval. She was probably asking me if she should expose her location and we were quite sure if we could trust Jessica with such information just yet.


“I’m somewhere safe,” Tonia finally replied. “Just tell me what later on happened at the party,” she pushed.


“Hmm… Antonia, are you sure you are safe?” Jessica asked, she was clearly in doubt.


“Jessy, don’t worry about me. I’m safe, just answer my question please.”


“Okay. Well, the police raided the party as you probably already know and some people were fortunate to run away but for the rest of us, they rounded us up…” Jessica started to say. She then went on to tell us how the police had separated the boys from the girls firstly before asking everyone to identify their selves. Those that were with their school I.D cards were released immediately and after lots of pleading and paying a little bribe, the girls were released. That was when Jessica was released and from her story she had no further knowledge of what happened next as she ran home afterwards.


“Alright, thanks. I’ll call you later,” Tonia replied when Jessica was through with her story.


“When are you coming home?” Jessica asked.


“Don’t worry about me, I’ll call you when I’m on my way.” Tonia replied and hung up.


“Well, at least we know that you are safe,” Maxwell said to Tonia.


“We still need to get the full gist and only Ray J can tell us what happened as it was his party,” I suggested.


“Make I call am now?” Maxwell offered.


“Yes, go ahead,” I replied. They seemed to have elected me as the leader and I could not recall any time when we ran an election and wanted to state my observations but I decided to keep that to myself.


Maxwell brought out his phone from his pocket and after scrolling through his contact list he located Ray J’s number and dialled it.


It took a while for Ray J to pick and Maxwell had to redial his number four times but when he did he sounded a lot more excited than he should.


“Mr Max! How far na?” Ray J said as soon as he picked up the call. “Abeg no vex say I no pick since, I been dey charge my phone for parlour and I been dey kitchen,” he further explained.


“No wahala. What’s up you na, how your bash later end?” Maxwell asked.


Ray J hissed before he replied, “no mind those b.astards, them been just dey find small small chopings, you know say December don dey reach so their eye dey red this period.”


“So dem been no arrest dem boys?”


“No oh, we raise small 20k give dem make dem free us. The party continue after dem commot. I been dey find una up and down sef. I just reason say una follow those people wey first run commot,” Ray J explained and I could see everybody was significantly relieved.


“Okay na, no p. I been just wan check on you make we know either na to dey find money come bail our man we go dey on now,” Maxwell joked.


“You no serious,” he replied in between laughs. “Mr Max no vex o but I been dey kind of busy before you call o.”


“Okay na, no wahala. I go holla you later.”


“Alright man, later then,” Ray J said and was about to hang up when Maxwell suddenly recalled something.


“Enhen, how far that blonde chick wey just dey gum you throughout the party na?” he asked.


“That one? Na whore she be. Na my babe before o but I later catch am dey kiss one guy like that for the party. After if I say all these girls are all b.tches they will say I don’t know what I’m talking about,” Ray J lamented.


“Tah! No talk dat kain thing for here o,” Ayo who had been quiet all along voiced out. She wasn’t exactly supposed to say anything as Ray J was no supposed to know the call was on loud speaker.


“Who be that wey talk so?” Ray J asked, sounding a little surprised.


“Na just one babe like that, no worry yourself,” Maxwell replied. “Make I no too waste your time, we go talk later.”


“No p, but wait o, why you dey ask about that b.itch?” Ray J asked.


Maxwell at this point clearly didn’t have a clear answer to that question so he did something funny. He quickly grabbed a nylon bag that was nearby and started squeezing it as he said saying some gibberish before he hung up. From the other end of the line it was supposed to seem like a network problem.


“Ashewo, na woman go kill you,” I said as I didn’t need to be told what just happened. Maxwell clearly had something to do with the blonde girl, something that if he had told Ray J it probably wouldn’t have ended well.


“Na you know wetin you dey talk about.” He replied with a smirk on his face.


“Guys lets be serious here please,” Tonia said. “Are we all free to go home now without any need to watch over our shoulder?”


“Sure na, abi didn’t you hear what Raymond just said about settling the case?”


“Alright then, in that case I’m out of here,” Tonia said as she grabbed her purse and walked out of the room.


I glanced at Maxwell and the look he gave me indicated I should run after her. I had never really be one who understood females or tried to at all so in most cases Maxwell was my coach, he gave me relationship advice and all of that. I ran after her.


On getting out of the room, I didn’t spot Tonia and I had to run down the staircase and out of the gate before I finally spotted her at the end of the road. I briefly wondered if she was a witch with teleporting power for her to cover so much ground in such little time before I screamed her name.


She turned and stopped.


“What’s up with you na? You didn’t even say as much as a goodbye to me and to think that I thought we had such a special bond already,” I said with the warmest smile I could conjure.


“You seem like much trouble and drama,” she replied. “I don’t need any of that in my life right now.”


“Oh c’mon! Don’t judge a book by its cover. What happened last night is something that happens once in a blue moon. I’m sorry if I hurt you or something and I’ll be really sad if you don’t give me the chance to take you to a proper date, I owe you that much” I replied smoothly, even I was surprised by how smooth I sounded, maybe all Maxwell lectures were finally paying off.


“Henry, you are a nice guy but just let me be,” she replied and turned to keep on moving but I did something I wouldn’t have thought I could have the balls to ever do.


I grabbed her hands and pulled her closer to me and without thinking of the consequence I leaned over and kissed her… surprisingly she kissed me back.


You know how people talk about feeling butterflies in your stomach? I felt about a hundred of those flapping their wings happily and singing love songs right there in my stomach. As we kissed it felt like the earth had stopped spinning, nothing else seemed to matter.


Suddenly she stopped kissed and pulled out. “What was that for?” she asked.


“I… I… don’t know,” I stuttered. “It just felt like the right moment. I’m sorry,” I apologised with my face down. The butterflies were nowhere to be found now.


She giggled at my apology, “maybe your kind of drama is the good type,” she said, still giggling.


My face brightened up, “do that mean that you’ll go on a date with me?”


“Maybe.” She said and walked away without giving me a definite reply and frankly I didn’t need one.


As I walked back to Funmi’s room I thought about what just happened. I knew I had just gotten myself a girlfriend that I really had true feelings for. That only meant one thing; things were going to be different henceforth.




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