Why I Want To Be Bad 17b



When I was much younger I suffered a lot from bullies. I was typically one of those fat girls that the skinny girls always pushed around just for fun but amongst all the bullies there was one I dreaded the most, Tina was her name.

The strange thing about Tina was that she was literally the smallest girl in the class but was yet the most feared, even most boys did not dare cross her path… Thinking of it now, I can’t really recall why the sight of her was really so intimidating considering her size but point still remains she was a real pain in the ass.

I do not know why but Tina took the bullying thing to a whole new level when it came to me. She made me submit my fully loaded lunch box to her every single day and then went as far as dragging me by my hair round the hall every now and then all for no reason at all.

All this went on for over a year until one day I could not take it anymore and made the decision that we all have to eventually make if we want to be free from any form of captivity. I decided I had had enough.

So what did I do? I did not sleep for a whole night to map out a grand plan to take down Tina.

Firstly, I invited everyone I knew Tina bullied for a meeting which was held in the rest room during lunch break. The goal of the meeting was to canvass support for them as to join in the rebellion I intended on starting. I simply wanted us all to start fighting back every time Tina tried to bully rather than just subject ourselves to do her will and being the supposed leader of the little organization I promised to be the first to openly rebel against her.

This brought me to the second part of my plan. I came to school the next day early as a bride on her wedding day just as usual. Dad used to work at a bank so he usually dropped me off at school on his way to work and you know how early banker go to work right?

Anyway, I sat on my sit quietly and waited till the classroom was filled up and just as expected, Tina had walked up to me and grabbed my lunch box after slapping me for not submitting it to her as she had instructed. I wanted to sting her but decided to keep my cool and let my plan just play on.

We were not allowed to eat except during lunch breaks so when lunch finally came, I passed a message across to everyone who was present at the meeting to have their eyes on Tina as something interesting was about to happen.

Tina first ate her own food, she usually came to school with snacks rather than cooked food so she happened to eat it quickly and then turned to focus on my food.

The sight of the beans and plantain must have been a real delight to her as I noticed her grin widely as soon as she opened the food flask before going on to devour the whole meal.

While she ate I patiently waited for something… Anything to happen but nothing happened. Rather she ate the whole food and snapped her fingers at me to come and carry the flask. I was devastated. That was not how I had hoped the plan would go and a glance at some of the people who were also on the lookout for the “interesting thing” was enough to tell me they were all disappointed and back to square one.

It took almost forever for the closing bell to ring as all I really wanted to do was go back home to cry and perhaps think of something else I could do to fight back as I’m not one who gave up easily but the interesting thing finally happened just as the closing bell came alive and students rushed out of the classroom excitedly.

Tina packed her books into her school bag, and stood up as she made to leave the classroom but suddenly screamed, “My stomach!” As she placed her palm on it in hope to subdue the pain before she slumped and passed out.

She was rushed to the sick bay and was lucky to have survived such attack. The test results would later show that she was a victim of food poisoning as I had added rat poison to the menu earlier that morning when I got to school.

Before you judge me, just remember that I was a kid then. It’s not like I poisoned the food with the intent of killing Tina but my line of thought was that since rat poison were made to kill rats which were very small in comparison to human, it would not be effective enough to kill a human but might just cause significant damage.

To conclude this particular ‘bully’ story, when Tina finally returned to school after spending weeks at the hospital, she did not say a word to me till we both graduated for primary school and frankly I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Now, why did I tell that story? There’s a new Tina in my life and I’m fed up once again. Problem is in this case, I can’t exactly use rat poison to fight this time but I sure have a plan.



As Henry ran out of the room clearly in pursuit of this new girl in the picture, the room became strangely quiet. It was as if no one had anything to say, at least not until Maxwell finally spoke.

“So who’s your friend?” He asked.

“Just a friend,” I replied. I wasn’t quite sure on how else I could have answered the question.

“Can we talk privately?”

I thought about it for a bit and then nodded since I couldn’t think of anything that could go wrong for just talking. I suggested we went to the balcony to talk.

“So what did you want to talk about?” I asked as I shut the door of the balcony, I didn’t want Ayo eavesdropping.

“I just wanted to apologise,” he said vaguely.

“Apologise for what?”

“Everything! The cultist thing, the accident and now this. I don’t know why I keep on doing all the wrong things and the wrong moves whereas all I really want is to see you smile,” he said.

“Oh Max, you don’t need to apologise for anything,” I replied calmly. Yes, I know I was supposed to be pissed at him but after seeing the look he had on the other night at the church I knew he was a good guy who just attracts bad situations unknowingly, besides after being through so much with him in just few days, nothing really could surprise me anymore.

“I know I’ve killed all hope I might have had to win you over, yea?”

“Maxwell, we make horrible friends. Let’s not make matters worse,” I gave a witty reply.

“I understand. But we can still be friends, right?” He asked looking all sad.

“Yea, sure. As long as you don’t try to be spontaneous. You remember how that ended last time?”

“Done! No more surprises from me,” he replied and crossed his heart. I chuckled.

“If that’s all, can we go back into the room?” I asked and he gave an affirmative response.

By the time we got back into the room, Henry was back already and he and Maxwell left shortly afterwards leave just I and Ayo all alone in the room once again.

“So what did you want to tell me?” I asked Ayo as I recall she was about to tell me something important earlier on before Maxwell and co had interrupted.

“It’s a long story,” she replied.

“Well as you can see, I have all day so start talking.”

Ayo looked uncertain. It was as if she was considering if she should tell me or not.

“Madam, you can’t appear at my door so early in the morning all the way from Ghana and tell me you are in trouble only for you not to explain what kind of trouble you are in,” I said calmly. Keeping my cool is an act I seemed to have perfected.

Ayo thought about what I had just said and then finally started her story, “well, it all started when I first met Lumusi…”

Apparently Lumusi was a rich naïve Ghanian girl who got into school and of all the people she saw, decided to make friends with Ayo. Ayo had introduced her to the life of hard drugs, boys and what have we.

Problem is although Ayo is matured enough to take care of herself and know her limit, Lumusi went on to first get infected with a deadly STD caused by the Human Papillomavirus and at the discovery of this went on to attempt suicide probably viewing the STD as a death sentence. It was at this point her family got involved and Ayo discovered that Lumusi’s father held one high office in Ghana.

The thing now is the father of the girl has ordered soldiers to investigate the matter and arrest everyone that contributed in any way to spoiling his only daughter’s life. From the person that sold the drugs to all the boys she had as little as pecked on the cheek.

Ayo was indeed in deep s.hit.

“So what’s you plan now?” I asked when she was done narrating her story to me.

“I don’t know, I guess I’ll just chill here with you till the matter dies. I no wan go prison because one mumu no know say she suppose use protection if she wan spread her leg!” Ayo said coldly and then asked for the last thing I expected anyone in her situation to ask for, “I need to calm my nerves, do you have any w.eed here?”



It was about 2pm and my meeting with Agbaya was scheduled for 6pm and I still had no plans of going to sleep with a man that was old enough to be my father.

I like sex and I get a lot of it often but at least it’s my own personal decision, not someone forcing me. If Agbaya had been a bit younger maybe I would have considered him but he wasn’t and the thought of seeing him naked made me want to puke.

I picked up my phone and typed this text message; I need your help, meet me at Sizzlers by 3pm this afternoon. Remember I know a lot. Don’t be late.

I searched for the number I wanted to send the message to and on locating it, I closed my eyes and clicked on send then waited for the delivery note.

Few seconds later a note popped up on my screen, it read; Message delivered to Henry.



3 thoughts on “Why I Want To Be Bad 17b

  1. Babie Ghagha

    more updates needed and some corrections to be made…amaka’s moral needs to be upgraded…maryane should split some truth so as to cause some hatred between maxwell and henry…..I want to see who is stronger.

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