Why I Want To Be Bad 18




In recent times, I have become a huge fan of Nigerian music. The significant growth of the music industry in recent times can’t be over looked. The likes of Wande Coal, Davido, Olamide and many more have totally changed the game as they seem to sing more songs with reasonable lyrical content, better mastering and awesome videos. That was the kind of stuffs that was going through my mind as I watched MTV’s Naija Top 10 countdown show.


Over the past few days my life had been very interesting. More interesting than usual as a lot of things had been happening and I hadn’t even had the time to relax and watch TV, which of course we paid hard currency to subscribe the cable monthly.


So on getting home Maxwell had showered and left for school as usual, he was the course rep for his department so I couldn’t blame him. Me, on the other hand had declared the entire day school free day and had showered, changed into my very expensive Balmain Sweatpants and sat at the front of the TV with a bottle of Vodka.


The plan was to watch TV all day and it actually worked for a while but just when I was thinking just maybe I might be able to really pull it off, the whole plan fell apart and it all happened because I had a phone.


I was watching the famous Friends, the comedy show that brought Jennifer Aniston to the spot light when I received a text message from Amaka; I need your help, meet me at sizzlers by 3pm this afternoon. Remember I know a lot. Don’t be late.


As I read the text, I clicked on the Phone Lock button and returned my attention back to the TV show but after a while it hit my subconscious that the text could not be ignored. I picked up my phone and read the text one more time.


I glanced at the time on my phone and saw it was almost 2:45pm. Without thinking much of it, I went to the bed room, grabbed a t-shirt and just as I was about to leave the house, my phone rang once again and it was someone that had not even crossed my mind in a while.


“Are you not going to come and pick me again?” Mary-Anne said immediately I picked up the phone. I had totally forgotten I was supposed to pick Maryanne up from the hospital.


“Have you been discharged?” I asked hoping she would reply in reply in the negative so I could at least have a reason to delay her.


“Yes, I was just discharged and now I’m stuck in the reception as my supposed ride isn’t here yet,” she said in disgust.


“You should have called me earlier na,” I complained.


She sighed, “Henry just come and pick me.”


“I am a bit busy I’ll try and call Maxwell now to come instead, would that work?” I replied flatly.


“Anybody can come for all I care, but let him not delay o, if I inhale any more of this stale hospital air, I’ll just puke.


“Yea, whatever,” I hung up.


I called Maxwell afterwards and he was a bit reluctant but I guess being a boyfriend came with many sacrifices and commitments and that made be a little bit scared as Tonia’s green eyes and cute smile popped up in my head at the thought of it.


It’s always important to know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play. I pushed thoughts of Tonia to the back of my mind and focused on the matter at hand; my meeting with Amaka.






The invention of telephone brought about a quicker and more efficient means of transferring information. This very important invention has had and still have both positive and negative effects on individual, countries and even the entire earth at large. Sadly I just became a victim of the negative effect as the conversation I just had with Henry brought back memories that I would have rather left forgotten, plus it meant I was going to have to skip the one remaining lecture for the day and being the course rep made that a lot more complicated than it sounded.


In my absence, its believed that my assistant, Joy, would take over all my duties but as it turned out, Joy was the laziest creature I knew and only ended up being my assistant because it had to be a female and the more reasonable candidates had lost because the boys had voted based on the candidates ass sizes in which Joy enjoyed a landslide victory. She supposedly had contested just for the fun of it.


I clearly couldn’t leave the faith of the entire department in such hands so I was forced to look for an alternative. I had a few people I usually ran to in such times and after lots of begging and a little ‘settlement’ I found someone to cover up for me and with that I left school for the hospital.


On getting to the hospital spotting Maryanne was not difficult thankfully. She sat at the reception looking all lean, she seemed to have lost significant weight, her eyes were literally bulging.


“How are you feeling?” I asked as I helped her up and allowed her put her arms over my shoulder for support.


“My feet are a bit numb but other than that, I think I’m fine.”


“The feet are probably numb because you’ve been on bed rest for a while and haven’t had to use them for a while.” I replied.


“Yea, that’s true,” she replied and paused for a bit before adding, “so what was Henry doing that was so important than coming to pick me up from the hospital himself?”


On hearing this question I paused and glared at Maryanne. This was the first time I was alone with her in over a week and she was asking about some other guy, I don’t care even if it was Henry and wanted to voice out my thoughts but decided not to as I reasoned it would bring about an argument and that was the last thing I needed at the moment.


“I don’t know,” I flatly said, “have all the bills been settled?” I added.


“I guess so. The doctor wouldn’t have discharged me if it wasn’t settled. You know how these private hospitals are.”


“How much was the bill?”



‘Fifty thousand naira,” she replied.


“50k?” I exclaimed in true shock.


“More like forty-five or there about sha,” she replied and it got me thinking.


Henry and Mary-Anne were not exactly that close for Henry to just drop fifty thousand just like that. It’s not like he was her boyfriend or have been best of friends since but he’s heightened interest in her matter was something that rose eyebrows.


I kept my thoughts to myself and quietly helped Maryanne out of the hospital to where we boarded a cab to her place.


Mary-Anne must give me a reasonable explanation when we get home, I concluded





I got to Sizzlers fifteen minutes earlier than the projected time for my meeting with Henry. I had sent Henry that text message not because I just wanted to send it to any random guy and Henry just happened to owe me but I had been in Yaba-Tech for more than two years so it would be a shame if I claimed not to know who Henry was. I cannot exactly say if he’s the leader of his cult group but I do know he is someone with a very high rank and of undeniable importance to the fraternity.


I spotted a cosy spot at one of the corners of the eatery where I assumed it would be safe to have the kind of conversation I wanted to with Henry without anyone eavesdropping and I went to sit on it. I ordered for a plate of chocolate ice-cream and while I devoured it, I got busy with my phone as I launched the twitter application and started scrolling and judging people, that’s pretty much all I do whenever I am online.


I was already really engaged in one of the classic Twitter Ng drama when Henry walked up to my table and had to clear his throat to alert me of his presence. The drama had been so juicy that it took an extra effort for me close the application. The drama was something about a guy who had traveled for over eighteen hours all across the country just to see a girl and on getting there he spent more as he took her out to see a movie only for the girl to give him a hug, ask for permission to go to the restroom and then disappeared, she didn’t even tell the guy goodbye. While some Tweeps blamed the guy for being foolish, others cheered the girl for being so smart but I just scrolled and judged as usual.


“I don’t know who you think you are or what you think you know but if you ever send me such text or try to blackmail me again, I’ll make sure you don’t have a hand to type any other message again,” Henry said coldly and then turned to storm out of the eatery.



I sure did not anticipate that reaction. I sat, apparently frozen on my sit for a few seconds before I ran after him.


“Henry wait up,” I said as I got within arm’s length. He ignored me and kept on moving and I had to grab his hand to pull him to a halt. “Okay, I’m sorry I sounded that way but I really do need your help and wanted to make sure you came.


“So you thought the best way to go about that was to threaten me?” he turned to look at me, “do you know who I am?” he asked.


I saw this as an opportunity to lay my claim. “Actually, I do know who you are and that’s why I felt that no other person would have been more than capable to handle this case,” I said and it had the expected effect.


“Which case?” he asked.


“Agbaya,” I replied.


“That bastard again?” Henry sparked up and walked back to the seat I had initially chosen. He sat down and waited for me to join him before he asked, “he wants to screw you right?”


“Don’t you want to at least drink something?” I offered. I figured if I was going to get help from Henry that was the least I could do.


“Answer my question woman!” Henry yelled. His tone indicated he was far beyond angry.


“Yes, he wants to,” I shrugged.


“How? When? In fact tell me all that happened.”


I went on to give him the shortest version of the story I could think of, telling him the time and showed him the card Agbaya had given me. He took the card, stood up and said, “Go to the hotel, meet with him and when you book a room, text me the room number and then leave the rest to me.”


“What do you plan on doing?” I asked.


“Let me worry about that,” he replied and walked out of the eatery swiftly, I didn’t even get a chance to ask what I was supposed to be doing in the room before Henry took care of ‘it’.


Remember when I said this case would end today? I was not kidding.






People always misunderstand fraternities. They hear the word cultist and they shiver or start to judge blindly. Frats are just basically a group of people with one solid goal, and that’s to fight injustice. I agree that our methods are not exactly orthodox but it sure is effective. We are the ones who give the weak a voice.


People who understand how the system works knows that they can bring problems and issues for us to solve and we always get the job done as far as it’s for the greater good. The only problem is that as every society have the good, the bad and the ugly, so does frats have and humans feast on the bad and ugly just as it is typical of human nature.


About a year back, we had an issue that was reported to us about a lecturer who literally coerced students into having sex with him just to pass his course and we had broken all his car windows and busted the tyres as well, then left a note in which he was sternly warned to desist from any act of such nature again. The threat had worked for a while as he stopped or at least we got no info of him partaking in such activities again but my meeting with Amaka just changed that. The lecturer was Agbaya.


I had thought about Amaka text as I sat on the passenger seat of the cab that was supposed to drop me off at Sizzlers for the meeting.


I and Amaka had never crossed paths. All I knew was she was Maxwell’s side chick who he never talked about and here she was, putting her hands in matters that barely concerned her and to worsen the issue she chose to use the dirt she found to threaten me. I was the National K2 and one little b.itch wanted to blackmail me? I could not have that.


I wanted to deal with her and could have done that easily if not for the fact that she was a friend to Maxwell and I tried to respect him. So my conclusion was to go in there, warn her and leave. Hopefully she is smarter that she looks and will back off, otherwise, I might have to take the matter up.


I got to the venue, walked in and warned her just as I had planned but she turned out to know a lot more than I had thought she knew. She seemed to know exactly who I was and she knew the name Agbaya would catch my attention.


We have a saying which so that I don’t give out too much information I would not quote but I can tell you it has to do with us never granting mercy to offenders and Agbaya just became an offender. He needed to be punished.


As soon as I left the eatery I called Skinny T, my right hand man, and ordered him to arrange the boys. We were going to teach Agbaya a lesson he would never forget.






My room looked a lot different than I remembered. I never really took time to really take inventory of where things were or even the colour so I could not quite spot what was changed but I just knew something was different. I had just moved in a few months back and was not the one who furnished it so do not blame me.


“Can I get you anything?” Maxwell asked as he headed to her freezer, he knew I always stocked it up but as it turned out, it’s hard to stock a freezer when you are admitted into a hospital.


“There’s nothing in there but water,” I replied.


“Well, can I get you some water then?” Maxwell asked, he did not look too surprised.


“Nah, I’m fine,” I sat down on one chair I had in my house.


Maxwell went on to drink a glass of water in two quick gulps and after he returned the cup he came over to my side of the room and sat on the bed directly at my front. He grabbed my feet and pulled it up to his laps and started massaging them very delicately. I had to turn in other to be comfortable.


“If you continue to do that as good as you’re currently doing, I might just cum right now and right here,” I teased. He was doing such a good job though.


“That would be a welcomed sight. It’s been a while I made you cum,” he replied as he slowly moved his hand up my legs, massaging every spot in the process.


“That’s because you have not been such a good boyfriend as you used to be,” I moaned as his hands had somehow gotten to my b.oobs.


“Well, let me rectify that now,” he replied as he leaned over to kiss me.


The kiss brought back old memories of how we had met at a night club. It had been my first time in such a settings as my friends had insisted I joined them that night. I was not quite comfortable and found the place so sinister but Maxwell had somehow found me, got me talking and by the end of the night I was so drunk I don’t even recall how I got home. However I do vaguely recall giving almost everyone in the club a lap dance for free. Basically Maxwell had brought out a part of me I didn’t even know was there. Falling in love with him was easy.


We kissed deeply for several seconds before his hands started wandering. He went under my shirts and grabbed my b.oobs then squeezed them so hard it hurt. Pain of such form was highly welcomed. It had been a while anyone made me felt like a real woman.


He pulled his hands from below my shirt and then used them to pull me towards him as he laid back and I fell right on top of him, he pulled of his shirt in one swift movement and then went on to remove mine. I had no bra on as I had exhausted all my clean bras while in the hospital so my b.oobs were all bare, right at the front of his face. His smile widened.


I felt a bit shy as he starred at my b,oobs so intensely so I decided to lean over and kiss him on the neck putting my boobs fairly out of sight. He once told me that kisses on his neck turned him on and with that in mind I proceed to kissing even nook and cranny of his neck and then slowly went down to his chest and then back up to his lips. I was supposed to go for the small man between his legs but decided a little teasing can’t hurt.


As we kissed he placed his hands on my waist and gently pushed me over and then came on me this time, taking charge. He leaned over and put one of my ni.pple in his mouth with his hand fondling the other. I was literally in paradise, savouring every moment as I patiently anticipated the point where he would finally slide into me.


He went on with playing with my boobs for several minutes until I figured I couldn’t take it anymore, I went for his rod.


You know how innocent looking guys are always good at removing bras quickly that it surprises us? Well, I’m good like that with a belt. The speed Maxwell’s belt came out was rather impressive as Maxwell had to hold my hands, “babe, slow down,” he said laughing.


I ignored him and tried to pull his trousers down but he held my hands and repeated himself again, sounding a lot more sternly this time. I was shocked.


“Did I do something wrong?” I asked.


“Yes, you did.” He replied. “What’s going on between you and Henry?” He asked.


I was half naked with my b.oobs all over his face and yet that didn’t stop him from asking the question I dreaded the most.






Skinny T looks exactly just as his name entails, he was skinny… very skinny. But he is the case study of the phrase, Looks Can be Deceiving. Skinny T was an executioner and over the years had earn his place at my right hand man as I always trusted him to deliver.


It was 5pm and Skinny T had appeared at my doorstep with two other menacing looking guys and I had ushered them in. I went on to brief them on what had made me howl for their presence and we didn’t need to actually voice out what was about to go down before we knew exactly what to do.


To set the mood right, I called Scanty, my dealer to bring enough w.eed and he had turned up at my house few minutes later with the package. I paid up and returned to the room and offered it to my guests who were more than happy at the sight of it.


In matter of seconds the first blunt was lighted and we went on to smoke and started gingering ourselves towards the tasks at hand. As we smoked on, I decided to add a little alcohol to the picture but as I didn’t have any in the house I went to buy a bottle of Squadron. We were not known for drinking Squadron but that was the only alcohol I could find so we just had to manage.


As we smoked more and drank, we sang songs of gyration. Somewhere along the line, cutlasses and guns started popping out from nowhere and we brandished it among ourselves. We were getting a bit loud as we gyrated and the occasional slashing of the cutlasses on the floor but we were in our home base, nothing could go wrong.


And at the due time, almost 7pm, Amaka sent the long awaited text message with the hotel room number in it.


“It is time,” I announced and the gyrations grew louder as we all walked out of the room.




14 thoughts on “Why I Want To Be Bad 18

  1. ayeesha

    nice! nice! nice! kudos to da boss…Maryann hmmmm abeg tell maxwell the truth Jhor…….agbaya go die today shebi him wan fuck ni…..still waiting for more update

    1. Cell 6 is paused. if you noticed i only just started writing again, so just hang in there, i’ll continue it in a bit. but for now just enjoy Why I Want to be Bad and other short stories i’ll share from time to time.

  2. I need to speak my mind. I finished thorns in my boot and not am on y I want to be bad. Çhistar, u r causing me a lot of dustraxtion . my girl is complaining real bad as I have shifted attention from her to u. U know how to profile a character and achieve ur desired intent. Let me ask you, have u been writing adult movies bcus d way u describe an about or sex scene turns me on badly. More grease to ur elbows.

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