Why I Want To Be Bad 19

I am sorry this is coming this late but I had to write and re-write this chapter just to make sure I get it right and I think I finally did just that. Please read, enjoy and drop your thoughts.




Fear, anxiety, pain and love. All these are feeling and emotions which make people do things they normally would not do. I am a psychology student so trust me, I know these stuffs.

Beads of perspiration stood out on my forehead as I stood at the front of Johnson Hotel and Suites. My palms were not left out as they were also damp thanks to the excessive amount of liquid which flowed out of my sweat pores in a rush. The funny thing about the state of my body at this point is although the sweat was supposed to signify heat, I was shivering more like I was right at the North Pole. In this mixed up state, I arrived at the hotel few minutes right before the hour of six in a cab and walked straight pass the gate.

Johnson Hotel and Suites, just like any five star hotel had almost everything someone could expect a hotel of such calibre to have. The swimming pool was almost Olympic standard, the luxurious rooms came in different sizes with exorbitant prices to match and the fountain right at the middle of the bush bar which was situated at the edge of the parking lot was simple a marvel.

As I stood right there in the compound, staring widely at the huge building, I realised I had been quite foolish as I did not know where I would find Agbaya and did not even have any means of communicating with him. The hotel looked too big to go around searching for him so after much thought I decided to go and wait for him at the bush bar, purposely selecting a sit where I could see the gate clearly. I hoped he had not arrived already.

While I waited, I ordered for a bottle of small stout and tried all my possible human best not to think about what was about to go down. For a long time, I had heard so much about a certain Boogie Smallz whose mere mention of his name instilled fear in people but I had only recently put a face to the name and to my greatest surprise, it turned out that Boogie Smallz who I had started to fear without even knowing, all thanks to the consistent rumours of his ‘doings’, was Henry… small henry that looked and acted like he could not hurt a fly.

I pinched myself just as I noticed I was already thinking of the matter a little too much and took in a huge gulp from my half empty glass of Guinness. Guinness has been my favourite brand of beer since the first day I decided to drink beer. Although the Orijin hype had nearly gotten to me and made me switch brand for a while, I had returned to my default settings just as the hype died. The chilled bitterness of each sip as it slid down my throat was one that I found very satisfying.

My hope was already at the other side of the diminishing return scale when Agbaya finally drove in in his all black 2015 Toyota Highlander. He was the third in a convoy which had a total of five cars and all cars looked rather familiar to me but I was not entirely sure until they stepped out of their cars in the same order they had driven in. It was as if they had rehearsed the whole thing. After the fifth and final person stepped out of the car, they all walked majestically through the front door, it was obvious they were heading to the main bar.

I sat patiently in my seat for over ten minutes downing my drink after their arrival in an attempt not to appear too eager. At exactly fifteen minutes of their arrival, it was about 6:30pm, I felt I had delayed beyond the point of appearing eager and so I gulped down the remaining contents of my drink and went through the same door they had passed in search of my nemesis.

On getting to the bar, spotting them was not difficult in anyway as they had joined two tables meant for six and sited in their midst were basically half naked girls of all colours, tribes and race. They were all drinking, talking loudly and laughing rather excessively. Although the girls were so young one would think they were the daughters of the men I was not new to these kind of settings so I was not even surprised about that, what surprised me however was that I saw Agbaya and he had no companion, well, that is if we choose to ignore the bottle of Legend extra stout that stood elegantly at his front.

I took a deep breath and walked up to the table. Before I got to the table, Agbaya spotted me from a distance and I noticed his lips curve into a smile as he said, “Aha! My little princess is here.” I said nothing to that and kept my face straight.

“Come… come my little princess and sit on daddy’s lap,” he said with a big grin which I found very disgusting.

“I’ll rather not, sir,” I replied as I pulled a sit from the nearby table and sat on it.

“What do you want to drink?” he offered.

“Nothing sir, I’m fine,” I replied coldly. If I was going to do this, I planned on giving him all the attitude I could summon.

“Baby, we aren’t in school or within school hours so you can drop the sir and call me by my name,” he said, “you do know my name right?”

“Yes sir, I know your name but I’ll prefer to stick to the sir.”

“That’s fine by me if you insist, but for this night I’ll call you my baby,” he placed his hands on my lap as he said this and started caressing it. I pushed the hand away almost immediately.

His smile faded. “You do know why you are here or do I need to spell it out Miss Okafor?” he asked sternly.

“I do sir and I’ll appreciate if we can be quick about it. I don’t like beating around the bush,” I replied and stood up. I had checked my time piece a bit earlier and noticed time was running really fast and knowing Henry was on standby I reasoned I had to hasten things up.

“Are you always these impatient?” he asked and I ignored his question once more. He got the cue and finally stood up from his seat reluctantly after excusing himself from the table, his friends were barely interested in his departure as they all seemed to have focused on their female companions. I noticed that his friends were regular faces from school.

We walked out of the bar, down to the reception to book a room and once it was done, I took note of the room number and led the way to the room. On getting to the room I got very nervous. I had no plan of actually giving him what he wanted so I had to find a way to stall until Henry does his magic. I still was not sure about what he had planned.

Agbaya started unbuttoning his shirt as soon as he had entered the room and had locked the door. He seemed to be the impatient one now that it seemed like he was about to get some sugar. I watched as he pulled the shirt and walk slowly to me where I stood still near the door.

He placed his hands on my waist and tried to kiss me on the lips but I turned my face just at the nick of time as his black lips fell on my cheek. I pulled myself out of his grab and walked to the bathroom, “I need to freshen up,” I said. I was fully aware his eyes were on my ass as I walked, I had made sure to add an extra swing.

I texted Henry the room number quickly and then went on to do some actual freshen up all in an attempt to stall.

“Are you counting beans in there?” I heard Agbaya ask.

“I’ll be out in a bit,” I replied as I poured some water on my face and tried to stop my hands from shaking. I was very nervous as the thought of Henry boycotting me crossed my mind.

I finally came out of the bathroom to find Agbaya on only his boxer’s shorts and his stomach which looked like he had stuffed a standard basketball right into it was all bare. The hair on his chest could host a million ticks but that’s not really what turned me off totally.

I am of the believe that if I can spend hours to make sure I am totally bald in the pubic region, then no one should be excused for having as much as a strand of hair, but Agbaya was apparently scared of the razor as I could spot massive chunks of hair protruding from his enclosed armpits and some strands from his lower region also found their way up to his navel. Oh God! I swear, I felt like throwing up.

“You are not going to stand there all day, would you?” he snapped me back to reality. I had been lost in my observation.

I slowly walked towards him, where he laid on the bed in response. “Ah! Come to daddy my little princess,” he said as he opened his arms out wide in a welcoming gesture but I found the gesture very repelling as the hair was now out in the open. I swallowed saliva and kept on walking.

I climbed on the bed still fully clothed and folded my hand confidently, I had just thought of the perfect excuse to stall and hope Henry walks in.

“Before we do anything, I need us to talk about something first,” I said.

“What’s that my little princess?” he asked impatiently as he crawled closer to me.

“How do I know that after I do this you won’t just totally deny me?”

“Is that what’s worrying you?” his question was accompanied with a dry laughter.

“I just need to know that I’m not wasting my time here,” I strongly replied.

“Don’t let that worry you my little princess,” he crossed his hand over my shoulder and pulled my head closer, “you have my word,” he added.

Normally that might have been enough reason to carry on but I needed to stall longer, “and how do I know you are a man of your word?” I pushed.

“Well, the truth is there’s only one way for you to find out and that’s letting things play out and then you watch and see,” he said and pulled his arms from over my shoulder. “If you are still in doubt, you are free to leave now but I promise you won’t like the consequence.”

That was it, I had nothing else to say. I actually considered leaving the room and dealing with the consequence later but something held me back and made me stay, hoping Henry would walk in any moment from now.

That thing must have been an angel as someone knocked on the door just as Agbaya was about to kiss me once again. He ignored the knock and went on to kiss me, I let him this time as I was pretty sure of who was at the door.

A second knock came shortly afterwards and I was forced to ask, “Won’t you at least check who is at the door?”

“It’s probably room service,” he replied, “ignore them.”

His hands started to wander and he had almost gotten to my boobs when the door was forced open with a big bang and four people walked right in, I spotted Henry in their midst.

What happened next is something you do not even get to see in the worst horror movies. I do not think I can adequately describe it as a matter of fact but basically, two of the guys walked up to where Agbaya was and pulled him out of the bed and laid him on the floor, holding his hands and legs firmly.

“What’s all this? What’s going on here?” Agbaya asked as he tried to break free from their grab but it was almost impossible as the two guys clearly over-powered him.

Henry then pulled out a machete from under his shirt and walked up to where the other two boys held down Agbaya firmly.

“Ple…please do…don’t kill me… please,” Agbaya begged, he seemed to have lost his ability to speak fluently.

Henry raised up the machete and dropped it with all his strength right on his shoulder, disconnecting his right hand from the socket immediately. The scream that followed pierced through my ears so sharply it hurt. I wanted to beg for Agbaya at this point as I was feeling pity for him but I was too shocked to say a word. I had to cover my wide open mouth with my hands.

I thought that was going to be all but Henry was far from done as he proceeded to repeat the same process on the left hand. The scream this time cannot be described so I’ll leave that to your imagination.

“Henry… please… please let him go, its okay,” I finally got the guts to say. I had left the bed at this point and squatted at one of the corners of the room, placing my jaw right on my knees. My hand refused to stay still and tears were flowing freely from my eyes. I had not cried in years.

Henry heard my plea as I watched him clean the blood on the machete on the boxers of Agbaya. He then pulled back from armless Agbaya and starred at him as he screamed uncontrollably, I could not even imagine the pain he was going through.

I started feeling maybe I had asked the wrong person for help. If someone had told me Henry could be like this some weeks back, I would have bet my life savings against it but here he was, cutting off someone’s arm like he was just slicing bread. He looked like the devil at this point. So many things were going through my mind as I was still trying to stop my hands from shaking.

I know Agbaya had been very wrong but it did not mean he deserved to lose his arms, his ear deafening screams did not allow me to think properly… not like the sight before me could let me think. All this was going through my mind and many more as I believed it was all over but Henry had other plans.

He handed the machete over to the fourth guy who had not participate in all the activities since. The guy was very skinny and had a goatee which he rolled into two parts. He took the cutlass from Henry and walked towards Agbaya. Without saying a word to them, the two guys holding Agbaya down, rose him up from the floor and forced him to kneel before pushing his head down in a bowing manner.

I knew exactly what was about to happen and my mouth grew open wider. “Henry please stop this… please don’t do this… please I beg you… okay I forgive him… please don’t…” I pleaded but my pleas fell on deaf ears. Agbaya had stopped screaming at this point as he saw what was about to happen and rather started to beg.

The skinny guys, rose the cutlass so high it nearly hit the ceiling fan in the process and then brought it down on Agbaya’s neck. Agbaya screamed so loud I could swear I heard a couple of glass cups break in the kitchen. The skinny guy seeing the first strike had not been so efficient, repeated the process continuously, blood splattered all over his face as he did. Agbaya voice faded out as life left his body.

I watched as his head fell from its body and rolled over to Henry’s leg. Henry stepped on it to stop it from rolling and walked out of the room. I knew that was a picture that would never leave my head.

He did not even say one word… not to me or anyone for that matter.



9 thoughts on “Why I Want To Be Bad 19

  1. Babie Ghagha

    really?I didn’t expect agbaya to die…henry should have just had his fingers,toes and tongue cut off….what’s going to happen new….I hope amaka’s problem has been solved….henry did a good job .Chistar excellent use of words.nice story line and write up

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