Why I Want To Be Bad 20






Women with great boobs always think they can get away with anything as long as they know how to use it to spin men heads but that is not always the case.


Unlike most guys, I am immune to most of all these silly tricks females try on un-expecting guys and can even boast of turning down any girl advances at will… Well, almost any girl.


Mary-Anne was clearly not aware of this as she attempted to use sex to buy her way out of the pending question she knew I was definitely going to ask.


I played along for a while and I admit that I might have gone a little too far as I pulled her top and rendered her half naked but hey! Don’t judge me, I got carried away in the act. The softness of Mary-Anne’s lips had brought back old memories.


The Mary-Anne I had known a few weeks back used to be very shy. She used to cover her face with her palm anytime I complimented her and teased her about her pointed nose. We had to date for about two weeks before I finally got to taste the forbidden fruit and to be frank with you, I literally had to manipulate her into doing it with me. But fast forward to just few weeks later and she had learnt how to remove belts with not-human speed and was already attempting to pull of my trouser when I finally snapped back to reality.


“Babe slow down,” I had forced myself to say when in reality all I wanted was to slide into her.


She ignored me and pushed even harder so I had to raise my voice at her before she finally understood I was serious.


“Did I do something wrong?” She looked almost sincerely confused but I knew better.


“Yes, you did,” I replied, “what’s going on between you and Henry?”


She stared blankly at me as if I had just spoken in French and I was about to ask the question again when she finally spoke. “Are you freaking kidding me!?” She spat.


“Do I sound like I am joking here?” I asked totally unfazed by her tone.


“You had to wait till I was naked before you ask me such disgusting question?” She stood up from the bed and grabbed her top, putting it on in one quick movement. She folded sat on the table at the edge of her room.


“The question is pretty straight forward Anne,” I said, “the funny thing though is the more you avoid the question, the more you make me think there’s something going on that I’m not aware of.”


“What do you think is going on between me and Henry?” She asked, “What can possibly go on between the both of us?”


“If I knew, I wouldn’t be asking.”


“Maxwell, I don’t understand you anymore, if you are tired of me just tell me and stop trying to pick a fight with me!” She fired.


That was surprising reply. “The only person trying to start a fight here is you!” I thundered, “I only asked a question.”


“Which kind of dirty question is that? I know exactly what you are trying to say here and I refuse to play this game with you!” She returned.


At this point I had gotten all the answer I needed because I’m good at studying people. I put them in different situations and study how they react so when I need to get information from them, I know exactly how to get it and Mary-Anne had just given a lot more info than she had intended. I was devastated at this discovery but I refused to believe, I just had to confirm.


“Anne, I don’t want to argue with you over this matter,” I said. I decided to try another approach.


“Then don’t!” Her pitch was still on the higher side.


“Do you still love me?”


She was quiet for a bit, “yes, Maxwell, I still love you and I used to know you felt the same way back then but your attitude this evening has made me to start doubting that.”


“I’m sorry babe if that how I made you really do love you that’s why I am acting this way,” I said as I walked up to her and knelt on one knee before her. “Please, don’t make me look very foolish, tell me what’s going on here.” I looked up at her face from down below where I knelt as I said those words.


She unfolded her hands and pulled me up with them, she looked at me straight in the eyeballs in totally silence and after what felt like ages she finally bulged.


“Do you really what to know?” She asked.


“Yes baby, I do. I promise I won’t get mad at you, I just don’t like the fact that I look so foolish,” I urged her.


“You promise you would not get mad at me or even Henry?” She asked.


“You have my word.”


“Okay then, we need to sit for this,” she replied as she pulled me to the bed as we sat side by side.


“So baby, what is going on here?” I asked as I noticed she was losing her nerves.


You know how we at times ask questions we already know the answer to but out of disbelieve we still go ahead and ask? When the answer finally comes, it’s still hurts as much as you are only just finding out.


“I and Henry had sex once.” She said plainly, “I swear it was not intentional, and there’s nothing else going on between us!” She added, this time with a little more emotion.


A thousand thoughts ran through my mind on hearing this. I stared blankly at Mary-Anne, I was not quite sure of how I was supposed to react to such news, if I should be angry or sad. If Henry had screwed Amaka, my other girlfriend, that might have been more acceptable but I did not expect him to even come close to Mary-Anne, I did not expect Mary-Anne to let him touch her. I did not expect any of all this!


“Max, I’m sorry! I swear it would never happen again,” she promised.


“How did it happen? When did it happen?” I asked the questions simultaneously.


“Does that really matter right now?” She asked.


“Woman! Would you answer my f.ucking question?” I yelled, I was sure the neighbours mush have heard me.


She shrieked, “You promised you won’t get mad,” she reminded me, looking rather scared.


“Tell me how it happened,” I toned down my tune.


She was a bit reluctant but then went on to tell me the story of how a friend of her had died and Maxwell had come to her place to comfort her. Basically you know how they say a shoulder to cry on can easily become a d.ick to ride on? That’s exactly what happened.


That left one more question unanswered. “When did all this happen?” I was a bit calm now and not exactly mad at Mary-Anne anymore as I understood she used to be kind of naïve, but Henry and I were going to have a deep conversation.


“Few days before you and I first did it?” She replied and this totally changed my mood.


“You screwed Henry before we even got to do it?” I asked, I could not believe my ears.


“It’s not like I planned it or something,” she said, her eyes were starting to glitter as tears were formed.


“You made me think you were an innocent girl whereas you were a whore all along?” I asked, pulling my palm away from hers and standing up.


“I’m not a whore!” She yelled, “It was a mistake, I swear,” the first drop of tear flowed freely down her cheek and I watched as it dropped on the floor and splashed into several tiny molecules.


“How do you explain you act then? You slept with my roommate who does not even give a flying f.uck about you and then you tell me you are not a whore?” I rose my hand and waved it at her, “I can’t do this anymore! The mere sight of you disgusts me!”


I walked out of her room and slammed the door right behind me. I could hear her wail grow louder as I climbed down the staircase but I did not care anymore.


As far as I knew, that was the last time I was going to ever see her.






I was just about having breakfast when my phone started ringing. Ayo was nice enough to help pass the phone to me so I did not need to leave my appetising breakfast of toast bread and tea to go pick up phone from the wall socket where it was charging.


It had been a while anyone had called me on phone so I was a glad and a bit anxious to see who it was but a glance at the screen and the glad part was out of the picture, it was dad. I took a deep breath before I picked up the call.


“Good morning dad,” I flatly said.


“Morning Funmi, how are you?” he asked.


“Daddy I am fine.”


“How is school, I heard that some people are rioting in your school. I hope you are not among them oh?” I could spot the Yoruba accent western education had tried to almost wipe off from his tone.


I was a bit surprised about this, I had not heard about any riot since but then again that was probably because I had not been going to school much recently.


“No dad, I am not among,” I replied even though I was very sure he knew riot was not my kind of thing.


“I heard it’s over the sudden increment of your school fees, hope it would not affect us that have paid the former price earlier?” Dad was well to do so I knew that the school fees was not going to be a problem and so he was just calling to check on his me, his little princess, but just had to act like he had other things in mind. I decided to just engage him.


“I don’t think so. Besides the riot might just yield the requested results and the school fees be reduced back to normal,” I replied.


“Okay oh, if you say so. Keep me posted on the matter.”


“No problem dad.”


“You remember our agreement where you are supposed to come home every weekend, right?”


“Yes dad, I’ll come tomorrow,” I replied. It was Friday and frankly I had totally forgotten about the plan but I had been in school for just one week as so much drama had went down, I needed a break that I could get only by going home.


“Okay na, call me if you need anything,” he replied and hung up.


This call made me think a bit about my stay at school so far. I am probably the most unserious student in my department. I just gained admission and only just resumed but could count the amount of lectures I had attended on one hand. It is not like I always missed classes intentionally but well, let’s just say life has been happening


I knew if I did not go to school I would not have the basic knowledge required to pass my examinations so with that mind set I started preparing for school immediately I was done with the breakfast.


By exactly 9am, I was at school, just in time for the ECO 102 lecture and guess what? Ayo had decided staying at home all alone was going to be boring for her so she tagged along. We sat somewhere in the middle of the class as I hated sitting at the front and I knew the people at the back would not let me concentrate.


“Who can define Elasticity of Demand?” the lecturer had asked. We had done Demand and Supply in secondary school so I was a bit surprised to meet the topic here in the higher institution but that did not stop me from raising my hands to answer the question.


Among the four of us who raised our hands, the lecturer, a female in her early forties, who also happened to be the dean picked me to answer the question. I said a quiet toast to small victories in my heart as I stood up to answer the question.


“Elasticity of demand can be defined as…” I went on to give her the typical text book definition and sat down after she gave me three free marks with instructions on how to redeem it.


By the time I sat down, I looked at Ayo and noticed she already engaged in a small exchange of words with a random girl who sat beside her.

Apparently, the girl had been copying notes and crowded the table with her notes so Ayo thought this was wrong but instead of asking nicely for the books to be removed she closed the book forcefully and pushed away from her front.


“What was that for?” the girl asked calmly.


“Which kain stupid question is that?” Ayo fired unnecessarily.


The girl looked at Ayo intensely for a few seconds and then quietly brought out her phone from her hand bag and dialled a number.


“Skinny T, how far,” I heard her say.




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