Why I Want To Be Bad 21




See no see, tell no tell for the eyes that see today may not see tomorrow.


Amaka stared blankly into space as her hands vibrated uncontrollably. I understood what was going on with her so I was not really worried about that, I figured she would get over it in a few days or weeks top.

I had walked out of the room after I handed the machete to the executioner and went to the car to wait for my boys to finish what I had started. They were fully aware of what they had to do so I was not really bothered.

They had made sure Amaka left the scene with them and passed the emergency exit at the back of the hotel to avoid being seen by anyone at the front.

There was a pair of new clothes for everyone at the car, including Amaka, because blood is something that splashes easily from the body, especially when a cutlass is used.

“Don’t worry Amaka, I’m sure Agbaya won’t be a problem anymore to anyone again,” I finally said to Amaka, I had been very quiet lately. She looked at me to indicate she heard me but then turned her face back to the window, looking outside as we drove. She had been in that position for over ten minutes and I was starting to get worried. I felt the need to explain to her.

“Agbaya deserved what he got,” I started to say, “he has been on our radar for quite some time and we had warned him but the bastard could not just leave his dick in his pants.”

My explanation was welcomed with total silence.

“If it’s the police you are worried of, don’t worry, we cleared all our tracks. Naija police is not yet technologically advanced to check for finger prints and we convinced the receptionist and the security guards into believing Agbaya went to the room all alone,” I explained further. Again, I got silence in response.

At this point I decided to stop talking.

We got to her place few minutes later and dropped her off then we drove to a bar. After what just went down, we all needed a drink, or a couple of drinks.

The bar was a rather famous bar around Yaba-Tech, Cortiz bar was what it was called. People often joked that the name Cortiz was only chosen because it sounded like ‘cultist’ and this was because cultists were known to spend hours at the bar daily, drinking, gyrating and basically doing ‘other’ stuffs.

As I walked into the bar, everyone became quiet as it was expected that when someone of my calibre entered such settings everyone was to acknowledge my presence. The foot soldiers who were known to gather at the bar were the first to approach me.

“Aro Boogie Smallz! Rugged you!” One of them ‘capped’ out loud as he came over to anchor me. Anchor is just what we call our coded mode of hand shake.

Few of the others came over and basically repeated what the first one had done, anchoring me.

I approached a table and the former occupants immediately stood up and cleared it as I, Skinny T and the other two guys took our seat round the table.

“Madam Rose!” I yelled out loud for the owner of the bar. I used to be a regular at her bar some years back but stopped as things changed. So that explains why I knew her name.

“Boogie, how far na? You just forget us like that,” she said smiling as she came over to my table.

“Madam Rose, you wan start this evening. I no get your power abeg,” I replied.

“Na your way na,” she replied still smiling.

“Madam, I wan drink major today oh.”

“That one no be problem na, wetin you wan drink?” She asked, rather excitedly.

“The usual na. You get pepper soup shey?”

“E get the time wey you don find pepper soup come here wey I no get?” She teased.

“Things fit don change na,” I replied, “bring two bottles of star and one plate of pepper soup for me then give my boys dem anything wey dem want!” I declared. The boys went haywire with their praises as soon as they heard this.

“Rugged you!” Skinny T said as he anchored me. He sat closest to me.

Skinny T was a dark guy of around twenty-three years of age. He had spent a few years in prison but came eventually out, SARS things. He usually wore one of those armless top designed to promote an event or something of such nature with boot cut jeans to match. His black Ray Ban shades was always there to cover his eyes… The glasses were original though. He was known for ‘obtaining’ wristwatches. His only flaw. But apart from all these, he was brutal.

My bottles of star and the pepper soup came shortly afterwards before every other table in the bar got filled up too. At a point I started to think if I had made a wrong decision because the bill was not looking pocket friendly but the voice of Skinny T cut my thoughts short.

“Wida your control na?” He asked.

“Which control?” I asked in response, not quite sure what he was talking about.

“That fat barney na, Favour, abi wetin be that her name sef?” He asked.

I thought about this for a while, thinking of which Favour I knew that was fat and then it hit me… “Oh! You mean Faith?” I asked as I laughed.

“Enhen, na Faith be her name. You don knack am shey?”

“No o, no be my type,” I replied.

Faith had been one fat chick we both went to visit some weeks back. She was a Veron Queen. Veron Queen is what we call our female counterparts. The only time I had ‘knacked’ her was during her initiation and that was customary so I figured that did not count.

“Your own better o, you dey select p.ussy. Me, I never even seen woman pant not to talk of fuck for like one week now, my body dey do me like say my sperm go soon freeze,” he said and I bursted out loud into a laughter frenzy. That was the sickest thing I had heard all day.

“T, na you dey jonze na,” I replied when I had collected myself, “if you really wan fu.ck, you go fu.ck.” I was sure he understood what exactly I was talking about.

Anyway, we drank deep into the night until I decided it was time for me to go home.

I left the boys at the bar after I settled the bill which was surprisingly not even up to ten thousand naira and boarded a cab straight home.

Today had been quiet eventful and I would have loved to stay with my ‘people’ to gist and laugh over it but I needed to sleep.



I got home from Mary-Anne’s place all pissed. Actually, I was not even pissed, but disappointed. Disappointed about a lot of things.

Firstly, disappointed in Mary-Anne for opening her legs so easily. I am not totally against her screwing other guys, without me knowing or giving a fuck of course, but she just had to screw the one person I actually gave a fuck about.

Secondly, I was disappointed in myself for not figuring it out sooner. I mean, the signs were all there! She did not call me as often as she used to. Henry taking her accident matter so personal as far as going ahead to pay the bills was also a sign. I had dated quite a significant amount of girls and Henry had never even offered any of my girls the least water but suddenly he was settling the hospital bill that was clearly over ten thousand naira.

Most importantly, I was disappointed at Henry. When you live with someone for so long, you expect certain things from them and don’t expect certain things. You develop a certain shelter of trust in which you both stay in. We did not exactly have a conversation where we talked about not fucking one another’s girl except where authorized, but I did not think I needed to state the rule out loud. Henry had broken this rule, he had broken the trust and thus disregarded our code, the sacred bro’s code.

I had zeroed Mary-Anne out of my mind, she was literally dead to me and although I wished it was that easy to do the same to Henry, I was not. I needed to hear his part of the story.

I had gotten home around 10pm and decided to stay awake, waiting for Henry to come home, but after one hour of waiting and not seeing him, I decided to just go to be. I had a 7am lecture that I could not afford to miss… Hec! I am the course rep of my department! I can’t afford to miss any lecture.

The sweet aroma of cannabis, however, woke me up later on in the night. A look at the digital wall clock told me I had slept for four hours and with that I knew Henry was back. He had his own keys to the house so I was not bothered about how he had gotten in.

I felt the need to just close my eyes and go back to bed, leaving the matter that I could not get out of my head for some other time since I really needed the sleep but like I said, I could not get the matter out of my head.

I stood up from the bed grumbling to myself as I walked straight to the balcony. My boxer shorts, the only piece of clothing on my body, hung loosely round my waist.

Just as I had expected, Henry was at the balcony. His Beats headset was tightly fitted on his ears so he did not hear when I walked into the balcony and sat on one of the two empty seats.

“Nigga, how far,” I tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention.

“Hey! My Max! E don tay wey I see you last o,” he replied as he disconnected his headset from the phone. Pepenazi’s song, Illegal, was playing. It was one of my favourite songs at the moment.

“We no see this morning?” I asked as I clearly recalled we had both been at Funmi’s room earlier this morning, all scared over the police arresting us.

“Oh! That’s true. It sure doesn’t feel that way though.”

“I been see Tonia for school today oh,” I lied in an attempt to change the topic to one I could work with. I needed to find a way to bring up the matter that had been on my mind for a while.

He tapped his head as he seemed to have just remembered something, “I been suppose call the girl o, bit I forget,” he said. “She been look hot shey?” He asked grinning mischievously.

“Sure thing na,” I replied. “Err… Henry, I wan make we talk about something o,” I said as I noticed I had set the right mood.

“Wetin be that my man?” He asked as he took a rather long drag from his joint.

“What’s up between you and Mary-Anne!” I asked straight up. I figured we were both guys and there’s was really no need to beat around the bush due to our straight forward nature.

He took another drag before he replied me, “as in how?” His face showed no emotions, it had always been impossible to read Henry.

“Okay, make I rephrase. Is there anything going on between you and Mary-Anne that you think I should know?”

As I asked, I hoped he would not lie or further delay the question. At least that way, maybe I might be able to still trust him.

He was quiet for a long while. He seemed more interested in his joint than in the conversation I was trying to have with him as he took over ten drags before he finally asked, “You really wan know?”

“Tell me,” I replied.

“Alright then,” he said and took one long drag. “I fucked your bitch and I know how this sounds but it wasn’t exactly intentional. No vex.” He was so calm as he said this.

Normally one would expect I got really angry and engage him in a fight due to how he had opened up but that is not me. I had known Henry for years. I knew everything there was to know about him and obviously we had had lots of fights in the past but this was not just enough reason to pick a fight.

There was no way I was going to stoop so low as to fight any guy over a girl. Fact!

The fact that I could not fight and chose not to argue or get pissed out loud does not necessarily mean I was happy with all this and the thought of running his head over with a tractor did not cross my mind.

I decided it was best to just let it all go since it was all history and Henry had been truthful to me.

For the first time I took note of my environment. I was around 2am in the morning. The moon was nowhere to be found but the stars were doing a good job with lightening up the earth. The breeze flow was so soothing and everywhere seemed so peaceful. Only one thing seemed to be amiss.

I dragged the tray of weed, picked up the rizla and swiftly tapped a joint. I was surprised at how beautiful the joint looked as it had been a while I rolled.

I lit it up and leaned my back on the seat.

“So did you tits fu.ck her?” I asked.



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