Why I Want To Be Bad 22




The girl who had called Skinny T for Ayo had made her phone call before she quietly packed her books and neatly arranged them in her bag. She then ended up paying total attention to the lecturer for the rest of the lecture period. A quick glance at one of her books and I saw the name Happiness written on it, I figured that was her name.

Having heard what she had said on phone, Ayo had made so nasty remarks to the girl, probably trying to get her to engage in physical combat but the Happiness had ignored Ayo and with that I knew this whole event would not end well for Ayo. I tried to caution her but my warnings fell on deaf ears as Ayo was in the zone so I zipped my mouth and waited for things to play out.

Immediately the lecture ended, Happiness spoke her first eleven words in a while, “If dem born you well, no run commot. Just wait small.” She challenged Ayo.

Ayo stood up in anger, “Me? Run from you?” she asked, tapping her chest continuously as she spoke.

“Good, then wait small.” Happiness replied, laughing.

I do not know what was wrong with Ayo that made her not to see the danger that was coming. I pleaded and urged her to leave now that she had the chance but she bluntly refused. She was bent on seeing what Happiness had in stock for her.

“If you like call police, I no dey go anywhere,” Ayo said as she went on grab the other girls shirt in an attempt to pull her up. I just could not understand how someone can be so troublesome even when there was absolutely no need to be.

Happiness could not take it anymore as Ayo handled her so roughly. She dropped raised her hands and dropped it on Ayo’s chick, letting out a thunderous sound and thus attracting more people to the former four man audience who were watching alongside me initially.

“Wetin dey happen here?” I overheard one of my course mate ask another.

“Guy I no know oh, I just dey wait make dia two start to naked themselves,” the other replied excitedly as he cheered Ayo who had just returned the slap.

In an attempt to stop things from elevating pass the level it was, I walked closer to Ayo and tried to beg her to let it all go but she was more interested in holding tight to the Happiness shirt as she tried to break free from Ayo’s grip. I shifted back from the two of them before the involved me and joined the crowd that had surrounded them at this point. I folded my hands as I watched in disgust. I made a mental note not to ever let her come to school with me again.

Things were starting to get interesting for the guys as Ayo had succeeded in removing one of Happiness button when I noticed someone made way through the crowd, walked up to the back of Ayo and slapped her. She immediately loosed her grip on Happiness.

In my life time as a Yoruba girl, I have seen so many people get slapped and received quite a few myself. I have seen people name different types on slaps based on the pressure applied and where it hits. Igbati, for example would make you correct your wrongs, Ifoti would make you confess your sins, Abara, which is usually administered on the back would literally make you pee in your panties and the list of different slaps goes on but the one Ayo received is one I have never seen before. It seemed a lot like Igbaju Oloyi as she showed the necessary effects from receiving that type of slap; losing balance and searching for where the slap came from but in addition to this she lost her ability to speak… and this was highly unusual as Ayo always had something to say.

If you be king for your area, leave am like that, you get mouth for your area, leave am like that, because if you no send me, I no go send you. That song by Suspect was the song that came to mind as I watched Ayo fall to the ground due to the stunning effect of Skinny T back hand slap.

“Why you dey embarrass yourself like this?” I heard the guy who I now believed to be Skinny T said to Happiness as he took her under his arm and walked away.

I waited patiently for Skinny T to go far beyond sight before I stared at Ayo as she was on the ground and busted out in laughter, not caring that she was still on the floor in pain. She had her hand on her ears like she was picking a phone call.

“Shebi I warned you?” I asked rhetorically as I helped her up. The crowd had reluctantly dispersed at this point as they saw the drama had ended.

“Who slapped me?” she asked. Her eyes were blinking continuously like an epileptic.

I could not hold back the laughter as I went into another laughing frenzy.

“Let’s go home jhur,” I said as I dragged her out of the classroom. She kept on asking me who slapped her and promised to come back for Happiness the next day. After receiving such slap, I knew deep within me that she would not, just trying to cover up for her wounded ego.


I have never really had much friends and I know exactly why; I do not know how to socialise. Going out to places where you meet fun people and starting all these petty talks that sometimes leads to great friendships is something I find very difficult to engage in. It is not like I am a loner or have not tried but it is not just my thing.

It is for this reason I have no single friend in my entire compound which houses over thirty-five people, well, except Amaka and we are not exactly close friends, except for the fact that I know she is friends with my boyfriend, or is it ex-boyfriend now?

Since he left my house with such a temper, I have been trying Maxwell’s phone number and he has been ignoring my calls as expected. I do not know what is wrong with me, it seems like I always find a way to chase the guys I really care about out of my house. First it was Henry when I told him I was pregnant and now Maxwell.

After trying Maxwell’s phone number all night, I woke up the next morning with one single goal; a promise not to call him again. I figured he needed a little space to think about what he really wanted and my incessant calling was clearly not helping matters but to do this I needed to get my mind off him.

I tried watching television but after staring blankly at the screen for twenty minutes, I figured I needed to do something different. After deep thoughts I decided to go to over to Amaka’s room…. Something I have never done before. We are just the ‘please give me Maggi and Pepper’ kind of neighbour.

I had no idea what we were going to talk about or what we were going do but I left for her room cladded in a black bump short and black top to match.

Her room was on the first floor so I had to make use of the staircase to climb down. I got to her room door and knocked lightly. I got no response then I knocked a second time, a little harder this time. Still no response so I went on to knock five more times before I decided to give up.

She is not home, I thought as I headed back to my room with the sole plan to go and try calling Maxwell once again. Who was I deceiving? I needed to hear from him, the silence was killing me, but just as I got to the stair way I heard someone struggle to open his door and then, “Maryanne!” followed shortly. Amaka had opened her door and called out my name.

Saved by the bell, I sighed as I walked back towards Amaka who had only half her body out of the door. She had only a wrapper tied loosely round her waist as if she had tied it in a rush.

“What’s up?” she asked me as I got back to her frontage.

“Nothing really, Sorry to bother you,” I replied. She did not look so good. Her mascara had washed down her face and dried on her cheeks which if it is anything to go by, she had been crying. I reasoned she might need to be alone so I decided to give her space.

“No… no. You are not bothering me,” she forced her lips to curve into a smile. “I could actually use some company if you don’t mind?”

Great! Just exactly what I need, I thought. “Well, if you insist.”

She used her hand to signal that I entered the room, I walked and a stood still, watching her bolt her door tightly.

Her room was a total mess. The T.V was on but the volume was totally reduced. The bed was filled with clothes, dirty and clean ones, pieces of damp tissue papers was littered all over, and the floor was so sandy I felt I had just walked into a beach. There was a blanket spread out on the floor and a pillow at one edge, looked like that was where she was lying before I knocked. She confirmed my deduction as she sat on the blanket and placed the pillow at her back, to ease the supposed discomfort leaning directly on the wall might have caused.

“I know the room is a mess, I haven’t had the room time,” she said as she noticed my eyes wander all over the room.

“Looks like the Second World War happened here,” I said, my weak excuse of a joke.
“Yea, I know. It’s not usually like this but I haven’t really been feeling too well,” she replied in regret, “speaking of health, I didn’t know you’ve been discharged from the hospital. I would have dropped by to check on you.” She maintained the regret tone.

“It’s no biggie, I was only discharged yesterday,” I replied.

“You are lucky oh. When I saw that car run into you I thought you would die immediately,” she said.

“It’s God’s grace,” I said with a smile.

A short silence followed and I got to observe the room once again. The clothes, I understood, the sand, I understood, but the damp tissue papers baffled me.

“Why is tissue paper littered all over your room,” I broke the short silence.

She looked at me, then turned her attention to the pieces that was littered all over the floor. “Well if you much know, I cried a little too much last night but please don’t ask me why.”

“You know that’s impossible na,” I stood up and walked over to join her on the blanket. “Someone as pretty as you shouldn’t be crying.” I said meaning every single word. I had found Amaka to be the perfect girl. Perfect ass, perfect boobs, pretty face, jovial character, easy to talk to and basically everything any guy would want from a girl.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not something I want to talk about,” she replied. “What I want to talk about is why Maxwell, your boyfriend, is not home with you?” she stressed on ‘your boyfriend’.

Perfect! Just exactly who I needed to be reminded of.

“We are having a small fight,” I said fondling my phone.

Do not call him… do not call him… do not call him, I repeated under my breath trying my humanly possible best to give him his space.

“Really? What happened na?” she asked looking like a curious puppy.

I was not quite sure if I should go on and tell her how I had slept with Henry and Maxwell found out so I decided to play her card, “It’s not something I want to talk about.”

She laughed, “Well played.”

I joined her in laughter but was cut short when certain images on the television screen caught my attention.

First I saw my school, Yaba-Tech, badge pop up on the screen and then the pictures of the senate building was showed. Then a picture of Professor Iyagba was shown.

“Turn up the volume,” I said and she picked up the remote and pressed a button. The audio came alive. The voice was that of a female.

“…following the brutal murder of one of its lecturer, in person of Mr Elijah Iyagba, the students and staffs of Yaba College of Technology are being advised to be cautious while participating in regular school activities. Although the case is still under investigation, it’s believed he was murdered by cultist. The I.G of Lagos Police has vowed to bring whoever was responsible to book and also stated that some people with valuable information had already stepped forward.”

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed as a blurred picture of his headless body flashed very briefly on the screen after a warning.

Amaka stood up and went to her bathroom immediately. I could sense something was amiss.



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