Why I Want To Be Bad 26







I think I was going crazy. Should it be possible to think about someone this much? I mean if someone does not want to talk to you, and you try to make them see reason why they should not make such decision but they still do not want your presence, you should be able to get them of your mind and move on with your life.


I had actually been true myself and avoided calling Maxwell all morning even though that was the most difficult thing I had had to do all my life but I was at the verge of breaking down.


Crying was not exactly an option because I had tried that already but nothing had change so the thought of crying did not even cross my mind, but still what could I do to keep him out of my head now that Amaka had indirectly chased me out of her house.


Speaking of Amaka, I am pretty sure she has nowhere to go to but probably just want to be alone. You see the funny thing about this life? While I do not want to be alone to avoid thinking too much, someone else wants to be alone so she can think. What she has to think about that is so important she had to chase me out of her house baffles me though.


Back then, before I made a few friends and actually had reasons to leave my house, I used to depend on novels to keep me company. As a matter of fact, I am that kind of girl who would take a novel to a night club and actually succeed in reading it while other people get drunk and dance like ‘Cele’ church members during praise and worship.


With that in mind, I dug out one of my old novels which I never really got the chance to finish and started reading it. I had forced myself to read the first two chapters before I closed the book and threw it to the wall angrily. Who was I deceiving? The book was so boring or maybe that’s not what I wanted to do at the moment.


I needed to talk to Maxwell. I needed a chance to explain to him that whatever that might have happened between me and Henry was a huge mistake. I thought about calling him one more time but I already knew the outcome of that so I made up my mind to go to his place, at least that way I am guaranteed an audience.


Choosing which clothes to wear was easy, the goal was to dress so sexy that the mere sight of me would make him forget all that has happened in the past and just take me back… I could not bear the thought of having lost him forever. Once I was done dressing, I grabbed my purse and left the house heading for Maxwell’s place.


I got to his place about twenty minutes later and after banging the door for five minutes and getting no response I decided that there were two possibilities. Either he was in there and knowing it was me, refused to open the door or he was not home, whatever be the case I was going to wait till he opens the door to address me or comes back from wherever he went to.


Luckily I did not have to wait much as I saw him walk out of the staircase and down the hallway towards his door few minutes later. For a moment he looked like Daenerys Targaryen walking out of a burning temple of dosh khaleen  with her boobs all bare and I actually considered bowing down to him but that would have been awkward. I smiled at this thought and for a moment things seemed like they would be alright but that moment was short lived.

“What the fkuc are you doing here?!” He said immediately he got close to me.

I have never been known to someone who is good with words even though I actually know more words than most people my age, I mean at the age of 14 I represented my school at one major spelling bee competition and brought home the gold medal, the runner up was 17 years old. But constructing wit-cracking sentences to serve my purposes was not just my forte.


I had a dazed expression on my face. The way he had fired the question had left me dumbfounded. I just could not understand how someone who had confessed so much love for me just recently suddenly stopped loving me to the extent of asking what I was doing at his place as if to say I am not welcomed, he could not even at least let me in his house before asking such question.


“I asked you a bloody question!” He yelled at me once again as I had been mute. He seemed really angry about something and I was sure it was not all about me.


“I… I was..” I stuttered before deciding to reply from another approach, “you were not picking my calls and I desperately had to talk to you.”


“So avoiding your calls was not enough sign to let you know that I don’t want to talk to you?”


“Maxwell, please don’t do this to me, I can’t live without you,” I pleaded.


“Look at this whore o, so you did not know that one when you opened your legs anyhow shey?” He asked.


“You know me better than anyone else on this planet… You know I’m not a whore. I just don’t know what happened, I guess maybe Henry had drugged the Suya he brought that night or something because I don’t even know when he removed my clothes.”


“I don’t have energy for this kain talk this afternoon, excuse me let me enter my house. I need to sleep.” He said and made to push me out of the way but then I did something unexpected, I leaned over and kissed him.


Now, before you start to judge me and call me a desperate h0e, I want you to understand that I make really bad decisions when I am not emotionally stable and you can use the Henry incident as reference.


For a brief while, I think Maxwell actually kissed me back but then he started trying to pull out but I held on to him until I heard someone call his name. I was so stunned I had to let go.


He turned to look at the person who had just called his name and I saw his face grow pale right before my eyes. I could see the despair in his eyes as he turned to look at me and back at the girl who frankly looked really disappointed.


“Funmi, it’s not what it looks like,” he pleaded as he walked towards her.


She was quiet for a few seconds but then when she spoke, even I was surprised


“I really don’t care about what it looks like but I came to as you where I can get cannabis to buy.”






My date was going as perfect as I had imagined I to be. The viewing room was so cold that Tonia had to cuddle up with me to enhance the body heat and frankly I would not have had it any other way.


I am not one to be really engrossed in a movie let alone a romance movie but I must say that the movie   I had chosen turned out to be a lot more interesting than I had expected and for almost half of the movie I had forgotten about all my earlier mischievous thoughts but then my phone started ringing again and I was sure it was Amaka again.


I ignored the call as usual and I was sure Tonia was going to find that suspicious so I gave an answer for a question I was not asked; “That was Maxwell calling,” I lied.


“So why didn’t you pick the call?” She asked without any hint of suspicion in her tone.


“I’ll have to go out to pick the call and I don’t want you to freeze to death in my absence,” I teased with a warm smile.


“You are not serious,” she smiled and tapped me playfully on the arm before returning to her former cuddling position.


I looked around and observed our environment. I came to the conclusion that today was not going to be the lucky day where I have sex in a cinema as people were around us but no one was so close to see us do other fun things.


I placed one of my hands firmly around her and pulled her closer then kissed her on the forehead, then I went lower and pecked her cheeks and just as if she knew what I was thinking she raised her head to a point where our lips met and we kissed so passionately and started caressing her slowly. Finally! I had gotten her right where I wanted her and was already thinking of going for the mammalian glands when my phone started ringing again.


Left to me, i would have ignored the phone but Tonia pulled out and said, “I think you should get that.” She pulled out of my arm as well and sat up right on her seat, it was clear the moment was gone.


Damn you Amaka!


I reluctantly stood up and left the viewing room. On getting outside I saw a text message from Amaka had entered my phone.

If you don’t want me to go to the police and tell them everything I know, you had better call me in less than ten minutes. I am not joking here. The clock is ticking.


This girl never learns, and in as much as I wanted to cut of her big mouth, it is against my principles to lay a hand on a girl but that’s not Skinny’s principle.


I forwarded the text to him and then called him immediately to explain the situation to him. He laughed and told me to return back to my date, he would take care of the issue.


I walked back into the viewing room and tried to instigate the moment I had lost but all to no avail.


The movie that was so interesting not so long ago now seemed very uninteresting to me and I was so glad when it ended.


“That was a nice movie,” she said as we walked out of the viewing room.


“Yea, it was okay I guess,” I replied.


“So what next?” She asked.


What next? This girl wants to finish my money, I thought but then replied, “What do you want to do next?”


“Lets go window shopping as you suggested earlier,” she grinned at me.


“On one condition.”


“What’s that?”


“You will not ask me to buy anything for you,” I returned the grin this time.


“Which kind of boyfriend are you self that don’t want to buy thing for his girlfriend?” She asked grinning so wide, I figured she was just teasing me.


“Wait o, since when did you become my girlfriend?” I asked.


“Oh! You don’t want me to be your girlfriend shey?” She asked and pulled her arms out of my mine.


I just smiled and grabbed her hands, “I’m kind of hungry, let’s go and look for something to eat.”


She followed me as I led the way to the most expensive eatery in the mall. I wanted to prove that just because I did not want to shop for her does not mean I do not have the money spend.


The price of the things sold at the eatery was so expensive that a bottle of coke was twelve times the regular price but I was not complaining.


We ordered for our meal and went on to devour the meal in minutes barely talking all through. When we were done she ordered for a take-away package for her roommate, Jessica but still I was not moved by that.


Then the worse happened… The waiter brought the bill and even though I expected it to be expensive I did not expect it to be that much.


I sighed and reluctantly put my hand in my back pocket to bring out my wallet which I was sure was supposed to be thee but of course, it was no where to be found.




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